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Classic Eyelash Extension FM031


Type: Lightweight 
Color: Deep rich black
Material: 100% synthetic PBT fiber
Thickness: 0.1mm – 0.25mm
Curls available: B, C, CC, D, J, J+, U
Pack type: Single length, Mix lengths
Lengths: 7mm – 20mm
Ingredients: Latex-free

Heighten your lash brand with Classic Eyelash Extension FM031. Offer clients the timeless beauty of classic lash options. Get FM031 for stunning results today!

Product information about Classic Eyelash Extension FM031

Our Classic Eyelash Extension FM031 is perfect for anyone who wants to wake up looking effortlessly glamorous. Whether you have sparse, short lashes or simply want to enhance your natural beauty, our eyelash extensions will leave you feeling confident and radiant.

Benefits of Classic Eyelash Extension FM031

Classic Eyelash Extensions offer a range of benefits that can leave you with long and luscious lashes. Whether it’s for special occasions or everyday wear, these extensions are the perfect way to create an eye-catching look.

  • The first benefit is extended length and volume for your natural lashes. These Classic Eyelash Extension FM031 come in many lengths and thicknesses so you can choose ones that best suit your individual needs without ever having to worry about clumps or gaps between them. This means they’ll be more evenly distributed across your lash line, creating a fuller-looking finish while still appearing natural on the eyes.
  • Another great benefit is strong adhesion that gives you peace of mind knowing your new set will stay put throughout the day – no matter how much activity may take place!
  • Many modern products don’t provide enough glue strength which leads to breakage after just a few hours but this won’t be a problem when wearing Classic Eyelash Extension FM031 as their adhesive has been formulated for long-lasting wear up until removal time when applied correctly before use by an experienced technician certified in its application process.
  • Finally, many traditional sets offer greater flexibility than synthetic materials giving them an edge over artificial options available on today’s market as well as made from cruelty-free materials making them suitable even for those conscious about animal welfare issues too!

Finish of Classic Eyelash Extension on Model’s Eyes

Who should buy Classic Eyelash Extension FM031

Classic Eyelash Extension from is suitable for customers who want:

  • A more natural look than overdramatic effects. When it comes to Classic Eyelash Extension, most consumers prefer a natural look versus an overly dramatic one.
  • Minimal/no lash damage post-application is desired. Most customers agree that there should be minimal or no visible damage done to existing lashes after application of Classic Eyelash Extension FM031; instead, they would rather have visibly fuller-looking lashes with less noticeable gaps between them overall.
  • Lashes must remain soft while also movable. Many people feel that the eyelashes should still move naturally even after being extended – so as not to make them appear too stiff and artificial looking at times of blinking or other facial expressions changed by our eye’s movement.
  • Longer-lasting products over short-wearing ones. Consumers tend to seek out longer-lasting products over those showing signs of wear during sweat activities such as swimming or working out — meaning higher quality materials are preferred if available on a budget-friendly basis as well!
  • Higher quality materials are sought when found on a budget.

How to use Classic Eyelash Extension FM031

  1. Pull the desired number of lashes from the strip, then apply them on your lash tile.
  2. With volume lash tweezers or simple fan tweezers, pinch the lashes together to form a fan.
  3. Apply the lash adhesive to the tip.
  4. attach to the natural lash

Guide on choosing the right specifications for Classic Eyelash Extension FM031:

There are different classic eyelash extensions curl, thickness, and length types, defined by a letter or number representing the look of the eyelash extension.

  • Classic Eyelash Extension FM031 Length
    • Short – 5mm to 8mm – stick to the eye’s inner corners
    • Medium – 9mm to 12mm – people who desire a more dramatic impact 
    • Long natural lashes, use long – 13 to 14 mm
    • Extra-long lashes, typically combined with others for hybrid lashes, are at least 15mm long.
  • Classic Eyelash Extension FM031 Curl
    • I curl – nearly straight lash extensions, usually preferred by male clientele;
    • J curl – slightly curled, preferred by those who want their straight lashes to look elevated;
    • B curl – utilized most to attach to the inner corners and seem not only natural but provide an eyelash curler impression;
    • C curl – the most well-liked, raised lash style that opens the eyes 
    • D-curl – gorgeous and striking
    • L-curl – sharply upward curl, suitable for hooded eyes.
  • Classic Eyelash Extension FM031 Thickness
    • The most common thickness of extensions is 0.15mm, to create a natural look. 
    • For a more glamorous and bold look, choose 0.20mm Classic Eyelash Extension FM031. 
    • Everything thicker than 0.15mm is recommended only for people who have really strong and healthy natural lasháhe

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Notes about Classic Eyelash Extension FM031

  • Choosing the right length of Classic Eyelash Extension FM031 is very important
  • For professional use only
  • 100% synthetic PBT fiber
  • Not tested on animals
  • The rule is that the extensions shouldn’t be longer than 20% of the length of your natural lashes.

Conclusion of Classic Eyelash Extension FM031

Classic Eyelash Extension is one of the most popular beauty treatments available today. Its ability to give your eyes a fuller and more glamorous look has earned it the title of being the gold standard in the lash extensions industry. Classic Eyelash Extension FM031 offer an ideal solution that can help consumers achieve richer, fuller, and longer-looking eyelashes. As consumer preferences shift from false lashes to more natural looks, the demand for this product is expected to continue increasing over time. Therefore, finding trustworthy eyelash extension suppliers for your eyelash business is a crucial practice, why not take a look at the topic now!


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