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Top 10 Eyelash Extension Manufacturer Australia

Explore top 10 eyelash extension manufacturer Australia, gain market insights, and learn key selection factors to select best ones for your brands and spas.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a shortlist of top 10 eyelash extension manufacturer Australia for sourcing wholesale lash extensions at affordable prices. We’ll also unveil Australian lash extension market trends and insights, together with key factors to consider when selecting a partner and cautions while sourcing lash extensions in bulk.

An Overview Of Eyelash Extension Market In Australia

Understanding the Australian lash extension market is essential to grow a successful lash business in Australia. Hence, in this first section, we’ll provide quick insights on the eyelash extension market in Australia.


Quick insights on the lash extension market in Australia

  • The Australian eyelash extension market is expanding constantly and is forecasted to reach a value of 150 million by 2025, according to LasJoy. Furthermore, the regular “lash-refill” requirements enable lash businesses to build steady income streams.
  • The main driving factor is that more and more celebrities and beauty influencers have showcased lash transformation on social media platforms. This fuels the demand for lash extensions among audiences. Another factor is the evolving beauty standards in Australia. Customers are likely to prioritize natural and personalized appearances, and thus, contributing to the need for eyelash extensions – a means of effortless enhancement.
  • Many eyelash extension manufacturer Australia are investing in developing eco-friendly products since lash extension customers are becoming increasingly conscious of ethical and environmentally-friendly practices.

Above are the key points about the eyelash extension market in Australia that you should factor into developing your lash salon or lash spa.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Assessing Eyelash Extension Manufacturer Australia

One of the cornerstones of a fruitful Australian lash business is collaborating with a reliable eyelash factory Australia. That’s why we’ll provide you with the most important factors for consideration while evaluating potential lash suppliers.


Factors to keep in mind when evaluating a lash factory

  • Online reviews from other Australian lash businesses: The first step is to search online for reviews and testimonials from Australian businesses that have used the manufacturer. Look for industry awards or recognition as indicators of quality and reputation.
  • Adherence to Australian Consumer Law (ACL): It would be best to go through the Australian Consumer Law and ensure the eyelash extensions you source meet ACL. For instance, the label of the lash items must be accurate and in English, specifying ingredients and any potential allergens.
  • Quality certifications: Verify if the eyelash extension manufacturer Australia holds relevant certifications like ISO 14001, ISO 9001, MSDS and SGS certifications. These certifications show that their eyelash extension products meet safety standards and can be used in your lash services.
  • Minimum order quantities (MOQs): Carefully inquire about MOQs for the standard lash items and the customized solutions. This information will help you decide the right eyelash manufacturer Australia based on your business size, your budget, and your desired products.
  • Lash item pricing: Compare pricing across different eyelash extensions manufacturers. The foreign suppliers often offer lower pricing due to the lower labor cost. However, be wary of unrealistically low prices, as they might indicate inferior quality materials. Also, consider any additional costs related to your purchases, such as insurance costs.
  • Customized lash solution: It is advisable to work with an eyelash extension factory Australia with customization services, since these services enable you to develop the most suitable lash items for your target customers in Australia. They also help enhance your branding and increase brand recognition.
  • Eyelash extension samples: Always request samples before placing a large order. This allows you to assess the quality, curl, thickness, and suitability of the lashes for your target market.

Overall, above are the key considerations while evaluating potential lash suppliers for your Australian lash business. Go through these factors, and you will find your suitable lash partner within the shortest time.

Top 10 Eyelash Extension Manufacturer Australia

In this section, we’ll bring you a shortlist of the top 10 lash extension manufacturers for sourcing lash items and growing your Australian business.


Let’s start with a leading player in the global eyelash extension industry – Vinlash Vietnam. This Vietnamese factory has earned its solid reputation for providing excellent finished lashes, comprehensive private-label solutions, and robust customer support at the most competitive prices.



  • Vinlash offers a broad collection of eyelash extensions, such as classic lash extensions, camellia eyelash extensions, flat lashes, wide premade fans, narrow premade fans, super narrow premade fans, wispy pre-made fans, and diamond lashes. The great variety of lash items ensures you can easily meet your target customers’ demands.
  • Moreover, Vinlash offers multiple selections for lash materials. These selections include Korea PBT fibers, faux mink lash, each meticulously crafted to enhance the natural allure of your clients’ eyes without compromising the comfort.
  • As an experienced factory, Vinlash provides multiple customization services for lash businesses. For instance, you can collaborate with them to make your lash packaging design come true, which helps enhance your unique beauty brand.
  • Another feature making Vinlash a top-notch eyelash extension manufacturer Australia is their low MOQs for OEM and private-labeling services. You only need to place 50 items to have the lash items packaged in your brand name.

Contact information:

Vinlash stands as an excellent choice for collaboration due to their wide range of lash items, their quality customer support, their customization services, and low MOQs for customized packaging orders.

The Lash Store HQ

If your business is in Southern Sydney, you can come across The Lash Store HQ located at 112a Chapel St. Kingsgrove 2208 Australia. The Lash Store HQ has been a familiar brand name for lash salons and spas in Australia and New Zealand since they have been delivering quality lash items for over 8 years.


The Lash Store HQ

  • The Lash Store HQ offers multiple eyelash extension types made from quality Korean polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). However, they don’t offer any customization services.
  • As a local business, they can deliver your online orders within 1-5 business days once your orders are confirmed. Besides, they also offer a free standard shipping policy for orders over $161+.
  • The biggest downside of this eyelash extension manufacturer Australia is that they have no discount on wholesale orders regardless of the order value.

Contact Information

  • Phone: (02) 8021 5588 or 0416 106 777
  • Website:

Overall, The Lash Store HQ would be an ideal option for lash businesses looking for standard lash options and speedy delivery. This Australian supplier would not be suitable for those looking for a large manufacturer with low pricing and lash customization services.

Lash Jungle

Lash Jungle is a leading Australian lash extension supplier located in Melbourne since it offers a wide range of lash products, ranging from premium lash adhesives to eyelash extensions and volume fans.


Lash Jungle

  • This local eyelash extension manufacturer Australia offers multiple discounts on wholesale orders. You will get a 15% discount on orders over $1,000, and a 20% discount on orders over $2,000. If your place orders with value over $2,000, you can reach out to Lash Jungle for higher discount options.
  • For businesses that are short on cash, Lash Jungle allows them to split the purchases into 4 payments with Afterpay, Zip, and Klarna.
  • Furthermore, as a local lash supplier, Lash Jungle can deliver your orders within 1-3 business days at pretty low shipping costs.

Contact Information

These distinctive characteristics make Lash Jungle a reliable eyelash extension supplier for developing long-term collaboration.


If you are in the search for an all-in-one eyelash extension supplier in Australia, then Lashious is an ideal option for consideration.



  • This eyelash extension manufacturer Australia supplies everything you need to operate your eyelash extensions from lashes and volume fans to accessories, tools, and care products.
  • Since Lashious is a Australia-based supplier, you can receive your orders within 2 business days once your payment is confirmed. They also ship your order for free within Australia if its value is over $180.
  • However, Lashious doesn’t have any physical store for you to come by such as The Lash Store HQ.

Contact Information

Lashious is an excellent all-in-one lash supplier with speedy product delivery. However, they lack customizations services as well as physical stores for you to come by.

Lash by Lash

Lash by Lash is an Australia-based supplier, providing a broad collection of excellent eyelash extensions, tools, and accessories to businesses at all levels.


Lash by Lash

  • One of the unique points of Lash by Lash is that their lash items undergo a strict daily salon test, ensuring their products all come with exceptional quality, usability, and longevity.
  • Along with a comprehensive eyelash extension collection, this eyelash extension manufacturer Australia offers extensive online and face-to-face training courses. These programs aim to equip amateur lash technicians to master the foundational knowledge and skills for their lash careers.
  • Similar to Lash Jungle, Lash by Lash also offers a buy now pay later option of payment for businesses lacking cash.

Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Phone: 1300 660 282

Lash by Lash is a great choice for sourcing lash extensions due to their broad collection of eyelash extensions and supplies, their comprehensive training programs, and their “buy now, pay later” option.

Focus Lashes

Focus Lashes with over 11 years of lash-extension-production is famous for its broad range of trendy lash items and accessories.


Focus Lashes

  • Focus Lashes provides a lot of innovative lash solutions aside from regular lashes, such as ellipse flat lashes, cashmere flat lashes, easy fan lashes, color lashes, and spike lashes.
  • This China-based manufacturer also offers private label items based on your request with medium MOQ requirements – 100 trays (each size >= 10 trays). In terms of label customizations, you can customize features like lash material, logo, and lash boxes.
  • Moreover, this eyelash extension manufacturer Australia provides lash products at factory-directing prices, making them ideal for small businesses with tight budgets.
  • Focus Lashes is also famous for other lash supplies. For instance, they innovated premium 0.5s fast-drying glues which are ideal for professional lash artists to isolate and apply volume lashes.

Contact information

For lash brands seeking an excellent all-in-one lash supplier, Focus Lashes stands as a great option for considering.

JoMay Beauty

Founded in 2016, JoMay Beauty has been growing quickly to become a global eyelash extension factory, supplying lash products to 56 countries and serving thousands of customers.


JoMay Beauty

  • Through years of evolution, this China-based factory only delivered high-quality false eyelashes but also expanded their product line to encompass nail products, eyelash adhesives, tweezers, and lash tools.
  • Furthermore, this eyelash extension manufacturer Australia is famous for their private labeling service and has helped 2,600 businesses to build their lash brands. The MOQs for the customized packaging orders are more than 100 trays.

Contact Information

Overall, JoMay Beauty has geared its reputation for providing quality lash extensions and excellent private labeling services at affordable costs.

Locks Lash

Founded in 2010 in Melbourne, Locks Lash was one of the pioneers of eyelash extension in Australia. This wholesale vendor has supplied quality lash extensions to thousands of lash technicians and lash businesses across Australia.


Locks Lash

  • Locks Lash offers multiple black classic lashes and black volume lashes. They also offer multiple high-quality handmade lash fans.
  • You can come and visit their offline store in Melbourne to test the lash quality before placing bulk orders. You can also place online orders. The shipping fees for less-than-$200 orders are $12 (AusPost Expres) and $8 (AusPost Standard). For orders over $200, you can get a free shipping service.
  • Aside from quality black lashes, this lash extension manufacturer Australia provides 19 training courses, such as beginner lash courses and marketing and business courses. There are over 15,000 students who have participated in these programs.

Contact Information

Overall, Locks Lash is a good option for those looking for a local partner to purchase black lashes and volume fans. However, if you prefer more trendy lash extensions, such as glitter lashes or multi-colored lashes, Locks Lash might not be suitable.

BL Lashes

BL Lashes is a well-known Korean eyelash extension manufacturer Australia. This Korean-based factory offers over 20,000 Eyelash extension supplies like lashes, lash glues, aftercare products, and accessories to over thousands of customers worldwide.


BL Lashes

  • BL Lashes is committed to developing innovative, excellent products. Some of their best-selling items are laser mink lash, super flat lash, ultra plus glue, and black diamond coating sealant.
  • This Korean eyelash supplier also has a great reputation for their eco-friendly practices, including using eco-friendly materials and deploying sustainable production practices to minimize production waste.
  • Another plus point of BL Lashes is their discount programs for wholesale orders. For example, if you become a member of the VIP Program by sending them your business license/ lash certificate or salon picture and follow BL Lashes on Instagram, you can receive a 20% discount on all orders.
  • Furthermore, BL Lashes provides educational resources designed to equip lash technicians with the skills and knowledge necessary for growing their lash careers.

Contact Information:

For the above characteristics, BL Lashes would be an ideal option if you are searching for an environmentally friendly manufacturer with high-quality and diverse lash products.

Jennifer Lay Lash Supplies

Jennifer Lay Lash Supplies is a young eyelash supplier founded in 2019. Despite its young age, it is one of the largest suppliers of eyelash extensions in Australia.


Jennifer Lay Lash Supplies

  • Jennifer Lay Lash Supplies provides a broad range of lashes and fans as well as other supplies, such as acrylic storage, adhesive and tweezers.
  • However, this eyelash extension manufacturer Australia does not offer customization services for lash items. They only offer custom products for lash trainer kits.
  • Jennifer Lay Lash Supplies comes with robust customer support with speedy response to customer inquiries. They also support their customers with multiple discounts on bulk orders. For instance, if you spend $3000 or more on one order, you can get a 30% discount

Contact Information

Jennifer Lay Lash Supplies would be a great partner if you want speed support and fast delivery for your bulk orders.

Cautions When Sourcing From Eyelash Extension Manufacturer Australia

Aside from the above elements, you also need to factor these cautions when purchasing eyelash extensions in bulk.


Cautions when sourcing lash extensions from an eyelash extension manufacturer Australia

  • First, it’s a must to ensure that the eyelash extension manufacturer Australia complies with Australian regulations for cosmetic products set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).
  • Besides, inquire about the materials used in the lash extensions. You should stay away from factories using harmful ingredients, such as formaldehyde and latex – which could cause allergic reactions.
  • Furthermore, understand lead times for lash production and shipping, especially when considering seasonal demands and ordering customized products from foreign suppliers. Factor in potential delays due to customs clearance.
  • In terms of packaging requirements, you need to ensure your lash extensions comply with Australian labeling requirements. This typically includes information about the manufacturer, ingredients, warnings, and batch numbers.
  • In case you import wholesale lash extensions containing animal-derived materials, you might need an import permit from the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE).
  • You also need to discuss with the lash manufacturer Australia about product insurance for your shipment to protect against potential damage or loss during transit.

Pay attention to these cautions, and you can work more effectively with the lash extension factory Australia, and thus, sourcing your preferred products at the most affordable cost.


The eyelash extension in Australia is growing rapidly, opening a valuable opportunity for lash businesses to grow their services and gain higher profits in return. Collaborating with a reliable eyelash extension manufacturer Australia is the first step on your journey to success. Thus, you can follow our above tips and go through our curated shortlist of top lash factories for Australian business to find the best partner and develop long-term partnership.

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