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Top 10 Eyelash Manufacturer Canada In 2024

Discover top 10 Eyelash Manufacturer Canada, together with valuable Canadian lash extension market insights and considerations for choosing the right ones.

If you are searching for the finest eyelash manufacturer Canada, you have landed in the right spot! Our article is here to assist your journey with a list of the top 10 lash extension manufacturer Canada, valuable Canadian lash extension market insights and top considerations when evaluating the potential manufacturers.

Quick Insights On Eyelash Extension Market In Canada

The lash extension market in Canada is part of the larger thriving North American market. According to the report of Verified Market Research, the value of the North American lash market was 1,893.65 Million USD in 2022. This eyelash extension market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 7.18% from 2024 to 2030, and will have reached the value of 3.33 billion USA by 2030. Here’re the key insights on this thriving market.


Discover insights eyelash extension market in Canada

  • The first driving factor of the North American market in general and Canadian market in specific is the rising beauty consciousness of consumers. More and more clients are looking for new methods to improve their looks and boost their self-confidence. And lash extensions appear as affordable and convenient solutions by providing long, voluminous, and glossy lashes without daily mascara application.
  • Besides, celebrities and social media influencers using lash extensions have worn lash extensions more frequently to show up alluring where they go. Hence, their fans usually mimic this action, leading to the demand of customized lash sets.
  • Moreover, innovations in lash application techniques have driven the growth of the lash extension market in Canada. For instance, Canadian lash artists have deployed multiple new techniques, such as the hybrid technique and the lash spike styling technique. This enables them to create diverse customized and dramatic lash extensions for their clients.
  • The eyelash manufacturer Canada offers more innovative lash products and advanced procedures. This factor is a driving element in the expansion and development of the Canadian eyelash extension business.

In conclusion, the lash extension market in Canada is rising constantly, driven by multiple factors, such as ongoing innovative lash products by the eyelash factory Canada, and increased customer consciousness for lash extensions.

Top Considerations For An Evaluation Of Eyelash Manufacturer Canada

Collaborating with a reputable eyelash manufacturer Canada is the foundation to source quality products and develop quality lash services. Thus, we’re here to provide several key considerations when assessing eyelash manufacturers, ensuring a successful partnership.


Discover top considerations assessing lash extension factories Canada

  • Manufacturer review: The first thing to do is to search online directories, such as “Canadian Beauty Wholesalers Association” or “Canadian Professional Beauty”. Carefully going through the reviews helps find potential manufacturers more quickly.
  • Ingredient requirement: It would be best to review the Health Canada’s Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist to understand the ingredients you must not have in the lash products since they have raised safety concerns. If the lash extension manufacturers include these ingredients in their products, you should avoid collaborating with them.
  • Certifications: Look for eyelash manufacturer Canada with quality certifications beyond Health Canada compliance. Some certifications you should check are ISO 9001 or ISO 14001.
  • Lash product variety: Along with product quality, it’s a must to check if the lash manufacturer has various lash products and customizations services. This ensures you can have the right products catering to different client preferences.
  • Clear labeling: If you source for foreign eyelash manufacturer Canada, ensure that they follow the regulations of Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act (CPLA). For instance, the lash labels must provide product details, such as name, function, country of origin, or directions for use in English and French.
  • Environment sustainability: If your lash business is developing the brand image of an environmentally responsible business, it is important to choose a lash manufacturer who sources cruelty-free materials and offers eco-friendly packaging.
  • Minimum order quantities (MOQs): Last but not least, consider minimum quantities required for your lash orders carefully. It’s advisable to choose a eyelash manufacturer Canada with lower MOQs or explore options like premade lash fans to minimize initial investment.

Follow these considerations, and you can find the right lash extension manufacturer for your business demands, contributing to a fruitful partnership.

Explore Top 10 Eyelash Manufacturer Canada

Go through the glittering world of eyelash extensions as we bring you the top 10 reputable eyelash manufacturer Canada. From global giants to Canadian gems, each factory offers different advantages for your business to develop your lash services and increase customer satisfaction.


The first name on the list is a leading player in the global eyelash extension industry – Vinlash. This Asian manufacturer has been known for providing quality wholesale eyelash extensions across the globe.



  • Wide selection of lash products: Vinlash provides a wide range of lash items, such as classic lash trays, colored lash extensions, pre-made fans, and glitter lashes. The great variety of products ensures you can cater different demands and tastes of your target clients.
  • Premium PBT fiber: Vinlash deploys quality Korea PBT fibers, ensuring their lashes are soft, flexible, and comfortable to wear.
  • Education resources for lash technicians: This reputable eyelash manufacturer Canada also offers tutorials and training materials that support lash artists, especially the amateurs to develop their skills and deliver better lash extension services for their clients.
  • Private labeling for lash products: Vinlash manufacturer focuses on producing private labels, enabling lash businesses to establish their own unique brand identities. They facilitate easy and effective brand branding with everything from personalized assistance to creative packaging design.

Contact information:

Vinlash stands as a top-notch manufacturer for lash businesses in Canada who want to source wholesale lash products at affordable prices. Their great variety of lash options and commitment to customization and branding services make them an excellent choice for lash brands, spas, and lash technicians alike.

LashboxLA Canada

LashboxLA Canada (LBLA Canada) stands out as the top-notch lash extensions manufacturers Canada, focusing on luxury eyelash extension training and supplies. They boast a broad range of high-quality lash products and innovative lash supplies.


LashboxLA Canada

  • Trendy lash extensions: LashboxLA Canada is known for delivering stylish lashes that are ahead of the lash trends. For instance, this eyelash manufacturer Canada offers Art Series Cashmere with multiple vibrant colors in different thickness and lengths.
  • Training courses: LBLA Canada offers in-person and online courses about beginner lash techniques, volume and mega volume lash training. These training courses will help lash technicians upgrade their skills, leading to increased customer satisfaction for their services.
  • Discount for subscribers: You’ll save 15% discount on any adhesive item if you join the subscription program of LBLA Canada. Your subscription order will also be eligible for free shipping if your order only contains the subscription item.

Contact information:

If you are in the search of a trustworthy Canada-based factory, then LashboxLA Canada is surely on the top list owing to their experiences in producing lash extensions for the lash market in Canada.


Starseed is a China-based manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in producing alluring, comfortable lash extensions, customized packaging, and fast shipping time.



  • Quality lash extensions: Starseed has produced and delivered numerous lash extensions to clients across the globe. Their products include classic eyelash extensions, hybrid eyelash extensions , volume eyelash extensions, and ellipse/flat eyelash extensions. However, this factory lacks the diversity since they don’t offer color lashes or glitter lashes.
  • Pre-designed packaging and low MOQ services: Starseed enables lash business to place orders with low MOQs owing to its countless pre-designed lash items and trendy packaging. The factory also offers branding services at affordable costs, removing the barrier to new small lash businesses to enter the industry.
  • Speedy shipping time: Even if you place instant stock orders, Starseed can deliver your desired products within one day because they keep a quite large quantity of stock on hand. Besides, this eyelash manufacturer Canada also partners with DHL and FedEx, ensuring you will get your custom orders 7-15 days.

Contact information:

Starseed can be your trusted manufacturer to source wholesale lash extensions for your lash business in Canada. Their dedication to producing quality natural-looking goods and stunning customization services surely help enhance your lash services.


Another leading manufacturer in the eyelash market is NovaLash Canada with a solid reputation for producing excellent lash extensions and lash supplies.



  • Diverse lash items: NovaLash eyelash extension manufacturer Canada provides several premium lash options, including NovaMinx, American Volume, London Volume, and Candied.
  • Premium lash supplies: Asides from lash items, NovaLash also develops and produces high-quality lash supplies and aftercare solutions to improve the longevity of the lash sets. Some of their remarkable products are Platinum Bond® Lash Adhesive and NovaLash Aftercare Kit.
  • Robust industry partnership: NovaLash has cooperated with many industry organizations, educators, and influencers. These solid partnerships enable the factory to keep up with the latest trends and produce suitable products for clients’ new demands.

Contact information

  • Phone: +1(713)520-5848
  • Website:

All these features make NovaLash a trustworthy manufacturer for you to source the lash products and supplies at one place.

BL Lashes

BL Lashes is a well-known Korean-based eyelash factory that has currently delivered their products to 77 countries across the globe.


BL Lashes

  • Advanced technology for producing eco-friendly lash products: BL Lashes has continuously developed their manufacturing technology and applied sustainable practices in the manufacturing process. This way, they produce lash items that come with finest quality while minimizing the negative impacts on the environment.
  • Broad array of lash items: BL Lashes f is also famous for its extensive collection of 20,000 lash extension products and supplies. Some of their best-selling items are Laser Mink Lash, Super Flat Lash, Ultra Plus Glue, and Lash Primer.
  • Discount on wholesale orders: BL Lashes eyelash manufacturer Canada also offers multiple discounts on the wholesale orders. If you join the VIP Program by sending them your business license/ lash certificate or salon picture and follow the company on Instagram, you can get a 20% discount on all lash item orders.

Contact information:

BL Lashes will be an ideal factory for collaboration if your business is searching for a global manufacturer with an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process and diverse lash products.

OutLash Extensions Pro

OutLash Extensions Pro is a reputable eyelash manufacturer Canada that earned a great reputation for providing premium lash solutions and quality training courses.


OutLash Extensions Pro

  • Premium lash solutions: OutLash Extensions Pro is famous for their premium silk lash extensions and cashmere lash extensions. These lash items are lightweight, durable and comfortable to wear.
  • Training courses: OutLash Extensions Pro offers a range of classes for both amateurs and experienced lash technicians. Their courses cover topics, such as classic and volume lash training, as well as specialized topics like lash lift and brow lamination. They also offer online courses for lash technicians who want to learn in their own space.
  • Shipping policy: OutLash Extensions Pro offers $10 shipping on orders over $150 and free shipping for orders valued at least $250 anywhere in Canada. Besides, you can quickly get your orders within 1-2 business days.

Contact information

  • Website:

OutLash Extensions Pro is an ideal option for those looking for a reliable manufacturer with premium lash items. Their fast and affordable shipping service is a big plus for considering them.


Jemenow is a reputable eyelash extension factory in China, with 9 years of experience. They offer a broad array of lash extensions to over 1,800 lash technicians, and lash businesses worldwide.



  • Multiple lash products: Jemenow manufacturer provides premium lash extensions, easy fan lash extensions, colored lash extensions, ellipse flat lash extensions, and premade volume fan lashes in various types. Besides, all lash products produced by Jemenow are 100% vegan.
  • OEM and ODM services: This eyelash manufacturer Canada also offers OEM and ODM services to help to develop your desired lash products with ease.
  • Product delivery time: Jemenow can send you samples within 24 hours. In case you place bulk orders, you can receive them within 15-20 days depending on the order quantity.
  • MOQ of wholesale eyelash extensions is 100 trays.

Contact information:

In short, Jemenow is an ideal choice for sourcing wholesale lash orders if you plan to buy quality lash items, such as ellipse flat lash extensions or easy fan lash extensions. You’ll also love their reliable shipping service and their affordable product customization services.

Babil Eyelash Extensions Factory

Another reliable factory from China is Babil Eyelash Extensions Factory, which specializes in producing silk/mink eyelash extensions.


Babil Eyelash Extensions Factory

  • High-quality lash extensions: Babil lash manufacturer Canada is known for their premium silk and mink lash extensions. They also offer camellia eyelash extensions, flat eyelash extensions, colored eyelash extensions and volume lashes.
  • Private labeling services: Along with quality products, they also enable their clients to sell lash items under clients’ brand names with the affordable private labeling services.
  • MOQs of wholesale eyelash extensions: Compared to other manufacturers like Vinlash, Babil requires a quite high number of MOQs – 200 trays. This creates a barrier for newcomers with tight budgets.

Contact information

If you plan to source silk/mink eyelash extensions in bulk orders from a reliable factory, then Babil Eyelash Extensions Factory is a good choice.

Focus Lashes

Focus Lashes is a trustworthy lash factory Canada with over 11 years in the industry. This China-based factory is famous for its broad array of innovative lash items and accessories.


Focus Lashes

  • Quality premade fans: One of the best selling items of Focus Lashes is premade fans. The volume range of premade fans is from 2D to 20D. This eyelash manufacturer Canada also offers fans with mixed-lengths from 9 to 15 mm. These fans will help technicians to create fuller, more voluminous lash sets in less time.
  • Spike lashes and colored lashes: Focus Lashes is also known for colored lashes and spike lashes. These lashes allow lash technicians to add a unique touch of personality to the clients’ lash looks with little effort.
  • Lash accessories: Along with lash products, Focus Lashes offer innovative lash accessories which make the lashing journey much easier. Some of their products are fanning cups, electric mini blowers, lash and glue holder pallets, and cleansing brushes.

Contact information

Overall, if you are a lash business looking for a manufacturer that offers diverse innovative lash products and accessories , Focus Lashes is the perfect choice for you.

Kimi Lashes Factory

Founded in 2015, Kimi Lashes Factory is a famous eyelash manufacturer in Vietnam with over 5 years of lash-extension-manufacturing experience.


Kimi Lashes Factory

  • Low MOQs: For wholesale orders, the MOQs requirements of Kimi Lashes Factory are 100 trays. In case you prefer branding services for the lash items, the MOQs are at least 1000 trays.
  • Lash materials: This Vietnamese manufacturer offers lash extensions made from Korean PBT yarn for good flexibility, excellent elongation, and good durability. The Vietnamese factory also has premium lashes made from silk or mink for luxurious feels and more natural-looking appearance.
  • Speedy delivery: All your lash orders can be completed within 5-7 businesses. Then, they will be transferred to the shipping companies and expected to reach you within 4-7 days.

Contact information

If you are looking for a reliable lash extension factory Canada with quality lash items, low MOQs and speedy shipping services, then Kimi Lashes Factory is a good option for consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eyelash Extension Factory Canada

In this section, we’ll help solve some prevalent questions that lash technicians often have when choosing an eyelash manufacturer Canada.


Prevalent questions about eyelash extension factory Canada

  • Are there any regulations I should follow when importing lash extensions to Canada?

If you plan to import lash extensions to Canada, keep these general regulations in mind. First, you need to comply with the Canadian Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) requirements for importing goods. This includes proper labeling, documentation (invoices, commercial invoices, and potentially paying duties or taxes. You also need to ensure the lash glue meets the safety standards of Health Canada.

  • How to test the quality of lash extensions sourced from an eyelash manufacturer Canada?

Here are some common ways to evaluate the quality of lash items before ordering in bulk. First, you can gently bend a lash extension with your fingers. If it has a slight flex and returns to its original shape without breaking or becoming permanently bent, then it might come with good flexibility and strength. Second, apply lash extensions on a mannequin head to assess the adhesive bond and overall performance of lash extensions.

  • What are common issues when using OEM services?

The first common issue is the level of design control you have over the lash items. There’s always a risk, particularly with overseas eyelash manufacturer Canada, that your design concepts could be copied or used without your permission. Thus, it is a must to have a clear non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in your contracts. Besides, unexpected costs related to materials or labor might arise during the manufacturing process.

Hopefully these answers will help you find the right manufacturers that are safe, high-quality, and meet your expectations


Finding the right eyelash manufacturer Canada for sourcing wholesale lash extensions is a rewarding obstacle. You can follow our considerations for assessing potential factories and go through our shortlist to determine the most suitable partner for your business. We wish you all the luck on your journey.

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