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Top 10 Best Eyelash Manufacturer UK In 2024

Discover the top eyelash manufacturer UK in 2024, including Vinlash. Learn about market overview, essential tips to choose and work with lash manufacturers UK.

Discover the latest trends in the thriving UK’s eyelash extension market and delve into the top 10 best eyelash manufacturers in this country. Gain valuable UK lash extension market insights and success tips on choosing and working with leading eyelash manufacturer UK.

A Glance At The Thriving Eyelash Extension Market In The UK

The UK’s lash extension market has recently noticed flourishing growth. Below are some latest trends in the thriving eyelash extension market in the UK.

  • Voluminous Lashes: Fluffy, voluminous lashes are becoming a trend in lash manufacturers UK. Lash application techniques like “volume” and “mega volume” using super-fine extensions are widely popular among lash salons.
  • Natural Allure: According to the “Lash Extension Market Size & Share, Forecasts Report 2032” of GMI, there’s a shift towards high-quality, natural-looking eyelashes in the UK’s lash consumer world. Human hair extensions are gaining traction among beauty enthusiasts as they closely resemble real human lashes.
  • Online Education With Accreditation: The rise of online lash training courses makes entering the field easier while propelling market growth. Unlike other countries, the UK has stricter regulations around individuals who can perform lash extensions. You must have accredited qualifications to legally work as a lash professional in the UK, like the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) or equivalent accreditations.

A Glance At The Thriving Eyelash Extension Market In The UK

There have been trends toward voluminous lashes and natural lashes in the lash extension industry in the UK. Accordingly, lash brand owners and lash spa owners in this country must legally have trustworthy accreditations to work in lash artistry. By acknowledging these trends, lash salons and lash brand owners can have more clues in choosing wholesale eyelash manufacturers that best match the company’s business goals, target audiences, and budgets.

Top Eyelash Manufacturer UK That Lash Business Owners should know

Discover the essential eyelash manufacturers in the UK catering to varied business goals, target audiences, and budgets of lash salons and lash brand owners. Explore every lash extension manufacturer in the UK, like Vinlash, London Lash Pro, Lash Perfect, and more, for top-quality products and services.


Vinlash is a reputable Vietnamese eyelash factory UK for top lash salons in the UK, US, Canada, and other countries worldwide. Based in Vietnam, the emerging global manufacturing hub for eyelashes, this lash supplier has some advantages that are alluring for UK businesses:

  • Premium Korean PBT Fiber: Most eyelash extensions from Vinlash are made of Korean PBT fibers. This material makes the lashes soft and flexible like natural lashes and easy to wear for various occasions.
  • Private-Labeling Service: Beyond ready-made products, this eyelash manufacturer UK also provides private-labeling services for its wholesale clients, with high consistency in branding, product design, and packaging. This eyelash extension factory UK provides product customizations in material, lash specifications, tool design elements, and lash adhesive formulation.
  • International Shipping Difficulty: Vinlash doesn’t have its headquarters or a branch in the UK. Thus, the shipping time from this eyelash factory UK from Vietnam to the UK might be slower with higher shipping fees than UK-based ones.

Vinlash Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Address: No.07, Lot 15A Trung Yen New Urban Area, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi 100000
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: +84 898 462 990

Vinlash is a reputable Vietnamese eyelash factory UK for top lash salons in the UK

Vinlash is an affordable, versatile choice for lash businesses in the UK or overseas in lash production and distribution. This wholesale provider suits partners of all sizes and business stages, especially the newly-created ones, thanks to its high product material quality and flexible private labeling.

London Lash Pro

London Lash Pro is another trustful UK lash manufacturer that lash businesses can count on in your journey. Ot was founded in 2014 by Hanna Putjato, a KOL on social media platforms. London Lash Pro has become a giant manufacturer with 40 staff and 50 partners. The sales volume of this manufacturer has dramatically increased from 196,000 pounds to 1.8 million in the past three years.

  • Diverse Lash Extensions: London Lash Pro boasts a diverse array of lash types in various thicknesses, from mink, faux mink, and silk to flat lashes. This supplier also has a lot of lash-related products like lash lifts and adhesives for lash businesses.
  • Premium Quality Assurance: With 10 years in the industry, London Lash Pro poses the highest standard for lash extensions and services in London. This leading eyelash manufacturer UK has received a lot of good praise for the quality, consistency, and visual allure of its lash extensions. All lashes are made by lash artists and for lash business owners.
  • Potentially Higher Costs: Compared to some competitors, London Lash Pro’s lash products might fall into a higher price range. Thus, this eyelash manufacturer UK might not be suitable for businesses on a tight budget.

London Lash Pro Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Address: Unit 5 Wingates Industrial Estate, Barrs Fold Close, Bolton, United Kingdom
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel (Whatsapp): +447940-149-313

London Lash Pro is another trustful UK lash manufacturer that lash businesses can count on in your journey

Overall, London Lash Pro is a strong contender for lash business owners seeking premium-quality lash extensions, educational resources, and brand recognition. However, this wholesale provider might not be appropriate for businesses on a tight budget or prioritizing complete transparency and cruelty-free materials.

Lash Perfect

Lash Perfect is a brand by the Eyelash Design Company by Beverly Piper. This international company, with our brands distributed in over 35 countries worldwide. Below are some pros and cons of Lash Perfect that lash brands and lash salons should know when partnering with this provider.

  • Wide Selection Of Lashes And Lash-Related Products: Lash Perfect offers varied product collections on eyelash extensions and related products for lash applications in salons. Some highlighted ones from this eyelash manufacturer UK are pre-made lash fans, individual lashes, lash trays, lash glue, and lash care accessories.
  • Extensive Training Courses For Lash Professionals: This lash extension factory UK also provides advanced training courses for lash salon owners and lash brands on trendy topics, like classic, volume, or hybrid lashes.
  • Cruelty-Free Production: Lash Perfect has imported lash ingredients from trusted suppliers with no animal testing and no material derived from animals since its launch in 2006. These ingredients from this lash factory UK also match the high standards of European regulations. It mainly uses sustainable ones like beeswax, honey, lanolin, keratin products from sheep fleece, and silk from discarded silkworm chrysalis.
  • Lack Of Flexibility: Its product selection might cater more towards pre-made fans, with less flexibility for those who prefer creating custom lash clusters from individual lashes. You should notice this information if you want to import eyelashes from this supplier.

Lash Perfect Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Address: 38D Chigwell Lane | Loughton, IG10 3NY | United Kingdom
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: 020 8500 9028

Lash Perfect is a brand by the Eyelash Design Company by Beverly Piper

Lash Perfect is widely recognized in the UK for its wide lash product selection, extensive training activities for lash professionals, and cruelty-free production. However, this UK lash factory leads more towards pre-made fans, which are less flexible for lash businesses who prefer personalization in eyelash applications.

Eyelash Emporium

Eyelash Emporium is a reliable choice for eyelash extensions for personal and professional usage. The wholesale manufacturer promises to deliver bespoke lashes that are long-lasting and high-performing yet at an affordable price that is reachable for everyone.

Some reasons make Eyelash Emporium a first-in-mind choice for lash spa owners, makeup artists, and beauty enthusiasts.

  • Cruelty-free Extensions: Eyelash Emporium focuses on cruelty-free, high-quality lashes. Its popular products are faux mink lashes and pre-made lash fans. These lashes are more durable than wild animal ones yet do no harm to the environment.
  • Various Training Options For Lash Professionals: Eyelash Emporium is not only a wholesale eyelash manufacturer UK, but also a reputable training center for lash professionals (for example, lash brand owners or lash spa owners). The supplier opens a lot of training courses on lash applications, including live training, online training, and training for specific lash types (for instance, classic lashes, volume lashes, individual lashes).
  • Limited Product Selection: Eyelash Emporium’s product selection might be smaller than that of some large-scale competitors. Its website also has limited information on material sourcing and manufacturing locations.

Eyelash Emporium Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Address: 301 Relay Business Park, Tamworth, B77 5PT
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: (+44)1753 650656

Eyelash Emporium is a reliable choice for eyelash extensions for personal and professional usage

Eyelash Emporium is a reliable wholesale lash supplier for lash businesses based in the UK. The brand focuses on cruelty-free synthetic lash extensions, which are trendy in the UK market. If your business has its headquarters in the UK or aims to provide lash services within this country, Eyelash Emporium should be included in your supplier shortlist.

Lash Affair

Although Lash Affair is not based in the UK, it is still highly praised as one of the reputable lash suppliers for the UK lash market. The supplier is listed as the best lash expert in Dorset, offering lashes and related products for all levels.

  • Wide Range Of Products For All Levels: They offer a range of lashes, adhesives, and accessories that are perfect for beginners and experienced professionals. Notably, it has individual eyelash extensions, which are flexible for advanced lash spa owners to achieve customized lash looks for their clients.
  • High-quality Synthetic Fibers: When importing lashes from a well-known eyelash manufacturer UK like Lash Affair, you don’t have to worry about its product quality. Most of its lash extensions are made from sterilized PBT material, which is durable, flexible, and versatile for various lash looks.
  • Limited Brand Awareness: Compared to some established competitors in the UK, Lash Affair might have a less extensive online presence and fewer user reviews. You should search for more actual reviews in your professional networks to learn more about this supplier.

Lash Affair Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Address: 11 Robin Gardens, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 2DT., USA
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: 01202 496 269

Lash Affair

Lash Affair is an appropriate eyelash manufacturer UK for lash businesses in the UK. The supplier provides a high flexibility in product choice while maintaining its high material standards. Contact Lash Affair today to get samples or make your first bulk purchase.


LashArt, founded in 2007, is an innovator in eyelash extensions and brows in the UK. The supplier started as a small team of lash enthusiasts and craftsmen, then broadened its reach to become one of the market leaders in the UK lash industry. The word ‘art’ in LashArt means that its lash products are craft, which means they are beautiful yet easy to use and time-saving for effective eye enhancement.

  • Focus On Product Innovations: LashArt doesn’t just market lash products. It invented them with insightful knowledge and understanding of the lash industry, from the manufacturing process and product R&D. The eyelash manufacturer UK has been a trusted partner with leading companies in the industry, from polymer laboratories, molding specialists, or material suppliers to improve its products constantly.
  • Unique Collections For The Thriving UK Market: Lash Art. Has released a lot of collections for the thriving UK lash market. In 2023, it launched the ‘Antibacterial Series,’ in which all synthetic fibers suppress bacteria growth. Also this year, the supplier relaunched the EyeEnvy brand, including cluster lashes and strip lashes. It also released new adhesives that respond better to different environments and harsh tests of elasticity, retention, and curing time.
  • Limited Product Selection: The product collections of LashArt are limited. Thus, this eyelash manufacturer UK might not be appropriate for lash businesses aiming to broaden their clientele base.

LashArt Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Address: TPC BEAUTY LTD, Unit 1, Saltmeadows Trade Park, Neilson Road, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear NE10 0EQ, United Kingdom
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel (Whatsapp only): +44 7555 341501

LashArt, founded in 2007, is an innovator in eyelash extensions and brows in the UK

LashArt is a trusted supplier for lash businesses that are seeking a long-term partnership for eyelash extensions in the UK. Although the supplier has a limited product portfolio, it can provide a high level of quality in product innovations and unique collections, especially for the thriving UK market.

Lash Base

LashBase Inc. is a family-run business headquartered in Horndean, United Kingdom. This wholesale supplier boasts a wide product selection that every lash salon needs, like lash trays, tweezers, or lash removers. With 10 years of experience in the lash industry, Lash Base offers innovative products and lash education.

  • Various Lash Styles: Lash Base offers various lash styles, including single length, mixed length, pre-made fans, mega volume lashes, short lashes, natural lashes, matte lashes, flat lashes, color lashes, etc. Its product variety makes Lash Base regularly appear in many supplier top lists as a flexible eyelash manufacturer in the UK for businesses of all sizes and business stages.
  • Free Shipping: Lash Base offers free shipping for orders over 50 pounds within the UK. This is a notable advantage among wholesale eyelash suppliers in the UK or abroad.
  • Limited Information Available: Limited information is available on lash origin and good manufacturing of Lash Base. You should directly ask the eyelash manufacturer UK if you seek more information on its product origin.

Lash Base Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Address: Unit M4, Hazel Interchange, Lakesmere Road, Horndean, United Kingdom
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: +44 (0)1924 481844

LashBase Inc. is a family-run business headquartered in Horndean, United Kingdom

Lash Base is a safe choice for businesses of all sizes and stages, especially newly created ones, thanks to its free shipping policy and product variety. Contact Lash Base for more about its MOQ, or get samples to evaluate its lash quality today!

Focus Lashes

Focus Lashes specializes in wholesale private-labeling solutions, providing factory-direct prices for businesses that want to build their own lash brands or enhance their branding identity among their target audiences. How can Focus Lashes do that?

  • Specialize In Private-Labeling: Focus Lashes can handle OEM/ODM orders of all sizes, even Amazon FBA orders. Partnering with this private-label eyelash manufacturer UK allows your business to build your own lash brand without spending too much upfront costs on production facilities.
  • Factory-Direct Price: Since Focus Lashes is based in China, it can provide wholesale lash orders with affordable price quotes and low MOQ (5 trays per size). Lashes from Focus Lashes are made by over 100 experienced employees, with a monthly capacity of 300,000 units.
  • Vegan-Friendly: Lashes by Focus Lashes are 100% vegan with PETA approval. This advantage makes Focus Lashes among the top choices among new lash businesses in the UK.
  • Limited Confirmation On Ethicality: Without more details about Focus Lashes, it’s difficult to assess their manufacturing practices, lash origin, or adherence to ethical sourcing.

Focus Lashes Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Address: Plage Mansion, Qingdao, China
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: +1 (347) 627-0017

Focus Lashes specializes in wholesale private-labeling solutions

Although Focus Lashes is not based in the UK, it can provide affordable private-labeling service at a factory-direct price for businesses of all sizes, especially new or SMEs. If you are searching for partners providing PETA-approved lashes, Focus Lashes should be the first name on your list.

House Of Lashes

House Of Lashes is an active member of various NGOs, like Women Lead, Keep A Breast, GOBY, The Be Rare Foundation, etc. This makes this wholesale supplier a sustainable choice among UK businesses aiming for sustainability and ethics in lash production.

What’s more to mention about this wholesale eyelash supplier?

  • Over 36 Lash Styles: Over 36 lash extension styles are displayed on House Of Lashes’s website and are applicable for various popular eye shapes (for example, hooded or almond eyes), eyelash styles (wispy, natural, soft, full, etc.), and occasions (night events, special occasions, everyday makeup, etc.). Nonetheless, this eyelash manufacturer UK boasts a wide range of curls, including C-Curl, CC-Curl, D-Curl, and C-Curl.
  • Convenient Online Guide For Lash Selection: Whether your business is headquartered in the UK or abroad, House Of Lashes provides a high convenience for product research and selection. Some lash consultation methods can be virtual consultations, lash quizzes, and eye shape online guides.
  • User-Friendly: User-friendliness is a notable advantage of House Of Lashes. Many lashes from this wholesale provider come pre-cut on a band for easier lash application, even for beginners.
  • Limited Customization: House Of Lashes primarily offers pre-made styles, with less flexibility for those who prefer individual lashes or custom clusters.

House Of Lashes Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Address: Yorkshire House, 7 South Lane, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, HD9 1HN
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: +1 (877) 228-1566

House Of Lashes is an active member of various NGOs, like Women Lead, Keep A Breast, GOBY, The Be Rare Foundation, etc

House Of Lashes is a convenient choice for beauty businesses within the UK or abroad. Beyond its 36 lash styles, the supplier provides a high convenience in product browsing and usage, even for beginners. Yet, this supplier might not be ideal for professionals who want more flexibility in lash applications.


Kalentin has 60 years of experience in cosmetic production, especially in lashes and brows. The supplier launched its eyelash extensions in 2013, marking a heritage in the UK lash industry with Italian quality benchmarks.

  • Made In Italy: 100% lashes of Kalentin are made in Italy by a team of skillful chemists in an Italian laboratory. These products have the Made In Italy IT01 certification.
  • Meet Strict European Quality Standards: Beyond their Italian origin, Kalentin lashes meet strict European quality standards, including PETA Cruelty-Free, Ophthalmologically-tested products, Eco-reduced plastic waste, and Cosmetic formulations registered (CPNP). The eyelash manufacturer UK from Italy has also released its vegan collections to the market trends in the UK lash industry.
  • Global Distribution: Kalentin delivers all lash products to most countries worldwide via its website. It also has direct distributors across the UK, most European countries, Canada, and India.
  • Higher Price Point: Its focus on high-quality, Italian-made products might translate to a higher price point than some drugstore or budget-friendly eyebrow products.

Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Address: 164 Boundary Road, St. Helens WA10 2LS
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: +44 01744 302121

Kalentin has 60 years of experience in cosmetic production, especially in lashes and brows

Kalentin poses the Italian standards for eyelash extensions in the UK market. The supplier broadly distributes its product to many countries worldwide, including the UK. However, the product pricing and fees of this supplier are relatively high, which might not be appropriate for small businesses with a tight budget.

Quality Beauty Store

Quality Beauty Store is a trusted distributor of many eyelash brands in the UK. It tests its new products at its salon “QBS Beauty Lounge” first before widely distributing them to the mass market.

  • Various Eyelash Brands: Quality Beauty Store distributes lash extensions and related products for various famous eyelash brands, including Lash Esthetics, BL Lashes, and Eyelash Maker. Businesses can choose one of the various brands based on their target audience, budget, and business direction.
  • 30-day Free Return Policy: Quality Beauty Store offers free returns for all bulk orders within 30 days of purchase. This advantage of this eyelash manufacturer UK is alluring for beauty businesses that emphasize product quality first.
  • Uncertain Quality Assurance: Since Quality Beauty Store isn’t the manufacturer of these eyelash brands, it might be challenging to ensure the quality of all products.

Quality Beauty Store Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Address: Leeds, LS8 4HT, United Kingdom
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: +44 7780 870708

Quality Beauty Store is a trusted distributor of many eyelash brands in the UK

If your business wants to have a one-stop for everything related to lashes from various brands, Quality Beauty Store should be an ideal choice. However, since it is a wholesale distributor with no duty in the manufacturing process or material sourcing of these lash products, you might spend a lot of effort on collecting and claiming product quality on your business’s communication channels.

Success Tips In Choosing And Working With Lash Manufacturers In The UK

Now you have brief information on the most reputable wholesale lash manufacturers in the UK. Let’s explore some factors to evaluate lash suppliers and some important notices when working with an eyelash manufacturer UK. This guideline will help you find and work effectively with your lash supplier to reach your business goals.

Factors To Evaluate Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers In The UK

Browsing for a suitable wholesale eyelash supplier in the UK might be challenging for some businesses, especially the ones that have just entered this competitive market. This section highlights clear evaluation factors every lash business should know when choosing a trustworthy partner for lash production in this country.

  • Compliance with UK Labeling: Ensure the eyelash manufacturer UK can design and produce product packaging that complies with UK labeling regulations, including information in English and any mandatory warnings for lash usage. This is crucial for selling compliant products in the UK, including eyelash extensions.
  • Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs): Many UK manufacturers have MOQs to make production cost-effective. Thus, be ready to order a certain volume of lashes, especially if you’re new to the field. Understanding MOQs helps you plan your inventory and budget accordingly.
  • Delivery And Custom Fees: Some manufacturers, like Vinlash, might be located outside the UK. Consider international delivery options and potential customs fees impacting your overall costs. This extra consideration is important for UK-based businesses to factor into pricing strategies.
  • Focus on Aftercare: The UK lash extension market strongly emphasizes lash health and aftercare. Thus, prioritize manufacturers who offer aftercare products like lash cleansers or brushes to complement their lash extensions. This demonstrates their understanding of the UK market and its specific needs.

Factors To Evaluate Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers In The UK

By understanding these important factors, lash businesses can filter and choose a lash manufacturer UK that best aligns with the company’s business goals, budgets, and conditions.

Important Notices When Working With A Lash Provider In The UK

Besides understanding supplier evaluation factors, lash businesses should also check these important notices to work with a lash provider in the UK effectively.

  • UK Regulations: Lash businesses must familiarize themselves with UK regulations concerning eyelash extensions. These regulations include the Cosmetic Products Regulation (CPR), which outlines safety and labeling requirements. You can find information on the UK government website at
  • UK Lash Qualifications: Be aware of the UK regulations concerning lashqualifications. Ensure your lash training program aligns with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) or equivalent accreditations.
  • Ethical Sourcing: If sustainability and ethical sourcing are important for your business, research the eyelash manufacturer UK’s sustainability practices. Consider some related certifications on this topic, like Cruelty-Free International or PETA, to confirm ethically sourced materials.
  • Focus on Aftercare: The UK market emphasizes lash health and aftercare. Consider partnering with a manufacturer offering aftercare products like lash cleansers or brushes to complement your extensions.

Important Notices When Working With A Lash Provider In The UK

Working with a wholesale lash supplier in the UK requires considering UK regulations, lash application qualifications, ethical sourcing certifications, and aftercare products. By applying these notices when working with wholesale lash suppliers in the UK, your lash business can achieve business goals with a desired predefined budget.

FAQs on Eyelash Manufacturer UK

  • Do I need any qualifications to work with a lash manufacturer in the UK

You don’t necessarily need qualifications to work with a manufacturer. Yet, you do need qualifications to apply lash extensions in the UK. Look into accredited training centers for professional lash applications like the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH).

  • How do I find reputable eyelash extension manufacturers in the UK

Search online directories, attend industry trade shows, or ask established lash professionals for recommendations on eyelash manufacturer UK. Look for lash manufacturers with a strong presence in the UK market and positive customer reviews.

  • What are the considerations for importing lashes from outside the UK

When importing lashes from overseas suppliers in the UK, discuss the delivery options and any potential customs fees your company might incur in bulk orders. Include these costs in your pricing strategy. You’ll also need to ensure the lashes comply with this country’s regulations and labeling requirements.

  • What resources are available to help me learn more about the UK lash extension market

Industry publications, online forums for lash workers, and websites of relevant trade associations like the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC) can be valuable resources to help you learn more about the UK lash extension market. For offline resources, you can attend industry events or connect with established lash business owners for market insights.


In conclusion, the article highlights the top 10 best eyelash manufacturers in the UK in 2024, offering insights into leading entities like Vinlash, London Lash Pro, and Lash Perfect. These eyelash manufacturer UK entities provide premier products for lash brands, lash salons, or beauty businesses of all sizes within the UK.

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