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Finding the most affordable wholesale eyelash extension supplies

This article will provide tips on finding the most affordable wholesale eyelash extension supplies, which include identifying various cheap eyelash extension supplies and finding and getting the best deals from reliable vendors.


Different types of affordable wholesale eyelash extension supplies that you should purchase

The eyelash industry has experienced rapid growth and has room to grow even more. Lash business owners who operate independently and without many employees can make $47,396 annually. Entrepreneurs in the lash industry can make up to $73,000 annually as their companies expand.


As the eyelash market is growing, there is a lot of potential for wholesale eyelash extension supplies.

With this prospect, eyelash extension supplies have a lot of potentials; therefore, you can benefit from buying them in bulk from reliable suppliers. There are some common wholesale eyelash extension supplies you can consider buying in advance, namely: buy eyelash extension trays, lash adhesive, under-eye pads & tape, pre-treatment & primer, buy lash shampoo wholesale, as well as other aftercare lash supplies, tweezers, and many more… Purchasing these items wholesale, including lash shampoo, can help you cut down on total cost and operate more efficiently. Each type of wholesale eyelash extension supplies can be classified based on their features or effects. As a result, you might need consultation from suppliers to find out the right eyelash extension supplies for your business. Purchasing these wholesale items can help you cut down on total cost and operate more efficiently.

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Wholesale eyelash extension supplies that are eyelash extension trays

The essential product you need is different types of eyelash extensions. The most popular products on the market are lash extension trays with combined lengths, curls, volume fans, etc. You can refer to a more detailed guide on which types of lash extensions you should pick below:

  • Based on the material of eyelash extensions: Most eyelash extensions are made of Mink, Faux Mink, Silk, or Silk PBT. PBT is widely regarded as the market’s best product. It is a premium Korean product. As a result, Korean PBT lash extensions are most likely the best option for you.
  • Based on the color of eyelash extensions: colored lash extensions are expected to be popular in the coming years. As a result, you may want to offer colored lash extensions, ombre lash extensions, and glitter lash extensions in addition to pure black lash extensions. Popular colors include brown, red, violet, pink, and green.
  • Based on the number of strands included in a fan: You may need 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D volume fans for both Russian volume lash extensions and wispy lash extensions forecasted hot trends in the upcoming year.
  • Based on the curl: J, B, C, D, and L are the curl letters, from most minor to the most coil. J and B curls are more subdued, whereas C and D curls are sharper and more noticeable. Many prefer the sweet spot at C because it is neither too high nor too low, looks natural, and can brighten and widen the eyes.
  • Based on the thickness: Lashes are available in a range of diameters and thicknesses. This refers to how heavy and thick each strand is. The lighter the weight, color, and thickness, the lower the number. Lash technicians typically use the minor fans (0.03) because they need such a thin strand to create 10D to 20D fans. Since only one lash extension is attached to each natural lash when using classic lash extensions, you’ll need to choose ones with a larger diameter (0.10mm, 0.15mm). Three sizes of pre-made fans are typically offered. 0.05, 0.07, and 0.10 millimeters. The most typical is 0.07mm.
  • Based on the length: Lash lengths range from 8mm to 16mm. Choose your lash length based on the look your clients want: shorter for a more natural, everyday look, longer for a more dramatic, glammed-up look.

Choosing the right lash extension is important when buying wholesale eyelash extension supplies

There are various types of lash extensions available in the market. It would be best to consider which extension styles most of your clients prefer, then find lash extensions of the proper lengths, curls, and thicknesses accordingly. You can find both single-length trays and custom mixed trays from lash factories like Vinlash – which also provide private-label solutions for your brands.

Wholesale eyelash extension supplies that are lash adhesive

Getting the glue you use right is critical because it will affect both the quality of your lash application and the results your clients receive. The ideal adhesive for your task will rely on your preferences, level of expertise, and the setting in the office or salon. Below are two factors to consider when choosing a suitable lash adhesive:

  • Clear or Black Eyelash Extension Glue: Carbon black is almost always listed as an ingredient in lash adhesive ingredient lists, giving the glue its black color. A black adhesive goes excellent with black eyelash extensions, which most clients will get. Clear eyelash glue is the best option for customers who want colored or brown eyelash extensions. A seamless bond between the natural lash and the extension is possible with clear eyelash extension adhesive. Additionally, the carbon black in the black lash adhesive might be the cause of any allergic reaction your client had to it. Clear eyelash adhesive may be the best choice for all-black lash adhesives because it doesn’t contain carbon black.
  • Drying Time of Lash Adhesive: The best glue for you also depends on your level of expertise and how quickly you work. If you don’t (or are unable to) work quickly enough, some adhesives will dry in one or two seconds, frustrating your efforts and slowing down the entire process. On the other hand, your working time will also be longer than necessary if your drying time is three or four seconds, and you can work more quickly than that.

Adhesive is an important type of wholesale eyelash extension supplies

As the lash adhesive is a vital eyelash supply that affects the performance of lash extension service and clients’ experiences, we suggest you find the right type to buy in bulk.

Wholesale eyelash extension supplies that are pre-treatment & primer

Healthy natural lashes require gentle before-and-after care. To achieve long-lasting lash extensions, you might need the following eyelash extension supplies:

  • Pre-Primer: When you’re ready to apply for the extensions, a pre-primer cleans off all cosmetic residue from the client’s lashes to encourage the best adherence possible. As a result, it aids in overall retention, considerably raising customer satisfaction. Refer to our Pure eyelash extensions primer PM045 as a creative solution.
  • Lash Sealant and Serum: After you’ve finished applying for the extensions, treating the client’s new lash extensions with a lash sealer and serum aids retention and supplies crucial vitamins and amino acids to lengthen and strengthen the client’s natural lashes. Using these remedies after your session might persuade your client to buy them for their aftercare routine.

Wholesale eyelash extension supplies that are pre-treatment and primer

Pre-treatment before performing lash extensions is crucial as it affects the lash health of your clients and the overall result of lash extension service. Therefore, you should choose the high-quality pre-primer to buy in large quantities.

Wholesale eyelash extension supplies that are Eyelash Adhesive Remover

Naturally, an adhesive remover should be included on every lash technician’s list of stores for eyelash extensions. Still, it should only be utilized by qualified specialists due to its potential for harming the eyes if misapplied. There are three different sorts of removers, each with unique advantages and favored uses:

  • Gel Adhesive Remover: Excellent for eliminating partial extensions; has a strong viscosity that makes it simple to manipulate and apply.
  • A complete set of lashes can be quickly and easily removed with a cream remover.
  • Liquid remover: light and gentle, but less practical to use than gel or cream

Wholesale eyelash extension supplies that are under-eye pads & tape

Our under-eye skin is the most delicate part of our bodies, and eye patches protect it during application. Eye pads, videos, and gel pads are required every time you perform eyelash extensions.

  • Eye Pads: These protect the under-eye area and the lower lashes.
  • Tape: Skin-safe professional-grade lash tape for manipulating the eyelid and covering lower lashes.
  • Eyelash Extension Gel Pads: Eyelash gel pads hold the lower lashes in place tightly, allowing for a clean and efficient application.

Under eye-pad is an important type of wholesale eyelash extension supplies

Under eye-pad can help protect your clients’ health and ensure their safety throughout the lash extension process. So, you should invest in the wholesale purchase of this item because it shows you always have available stocks to serve your clients.

Wholesale eyelash extension supplies that are tweezers

High-quality tweezers are an essential tool for every semi-permanent eyelash extension treatment. You should consider these three types:

  • Straight Tweezers: The majority of artists begin with the straight type of tweezers. Straight eyelash tweezers have fine, consecutive tips that let the artist pick up and place individual lashes on each isolated natural eyelash. Such tweezers are typically used for traditional techniques and isolation techniques.
  • Isolating Tweezers are curved and are chosen for separating natural eyelashes and performing eyelash extensions.
  • S-shaped volume tweezers: The tip’s S-shape curvature lets the artists pick up and grip multiple eyelash extensions simultaneously, making it ideal for volume style. They create an eyelash fan and manipulate various eyelash extensions. 

You should buy suitable wholesale eyelash extension supplies that are tweezers

As tweezers are important eyelash extension supplies, it is best that you select the right tweezers for your beauty business to buy in bulk.

Other nice-to-have wholesale eyelash extension supplies

Besides the necessary tools mentioned above, you might consider buying the following nice-to-have wholesale eyelash extension supplies:

  • Disposable spoolie (mascara) for maintaining lashes and brows
  • To keep your glue cold and stop it from drying out too rapidly, use a jade stone.
  • Nano mister to aid in the adhesive’s post-application cure
  • Tape-cutting and trimming scissors

Nice-to-have wholesale eyelash extension supplies

Although they are not compulsory for lash extensions, having these items can increase the quality of lash extension service. You should consider your lash supplies budget and decide which items benefit your business.

Cutting down the cost when buying wholesale eyelash extension supplies

Finding the right eyelash extension supply vendors is crucial to your business’s success as it helps cut down your wasted time and total expenditure. Some tips for finding the best vendors are acknowledging that there are many different types of vendors, the best channels to search for them, and the criteria to evaluate their credibility.

Identifying different vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies and their characteristics

Individuals or businesses that offer eyelash extension supplies to retailers, beauty salons, or lash technicians like you are eyelash extension vendors. As a result, it is critical to understand the various types of lash vendors and their characteristics.

Eyelash factories/manufacturers – who they are and their characteristics

Eyelash factories have manufacturing facilities that mass produce and sell wholesale eyelash extension supplies. They are frequently located near raw material areas and can handle production from raw materials to finished eyelash extensions, which gives them significant advantages:

  • Low price: Because factories handle the entire manufacturing process, they can provide wholesale eyelash extensions at the lowest cost. Furthermore, they are located near raw material areas and use technology to mass produce wholesale eyelash extensions, giving them significant advantages in total cost reduction.
  • Large capacity and in-depth production knowledge: With a large workforce and cutting-edge technology, factories that supply wholesale eyelash extension supplies can handle large orders while maintaining strict quality control. They have extensive knowledge of the materials and technology they use.
  • OEM/ODM service: Because of their manufacturing capabilities, factories can produce eyelash extensions based on customer designs, commonly called OEM. Most factories have an in-house R&D team, making it possible to design a new eyelash extension product (known as ODM) or customize the designs.
  • MOQ: One minor disadvantage of factories is that many are unwilling to accept small orders, which presents a significant challenge for small retailers looking to begin purchasing wholesale eyelash extension supplies.

Working with a wholesale eyelash extension supplies factory like Vinlash can benefit your business a lot

To conclude, with their capacity and industry expert knowledge, eyelash factories are trustworthy suppliers for small and large beauty businesses.

Traders and wholesalers – who they are and their characteristics

Traders and wholesalers, unlike factories, do not have production facilities. They buy various items, such as wholesale eyelash extension supplies, then sell them to retailers. They are both middlemen, but there is one significant difference between them: Traders do not have warehouses and only work on orders after receiving them, whereas wholesalers have warehouses and distribute available eyelash extensions to retailers. Working with them can provide you with both benefits and drawbacks, as illustrated below:

  • Wide product range: Their main advantage is their diverse range of eyelash extension supplies. A reliable trading company will hunt down unique eyelashes from hard-to-find factories. They are also capable of performing some level of quality control.
  • Good customer service: Because wholesalers and traders do not have manufacturing facilities, they concentrate on improving customer experience as a competitive advantage. They can respond quickly, and most wholesalers have beautiful websites where customers can easily select various eyelash extensions that suit their preferences.
  • Flexible MOQ: As wholesalers and traders buy wholesale eyelash extension supplies from manufacturers and then distribute them to retailers, they do not require a high MOQ. Wholesalers can even sell eyelash extensions to retailers with no minimum order quantity, benefiting small retailers with limited resources.
  • Higher price of eyelash extension supplies: Because wholesalers and traders are middlemen, their prices are typically higher than factories. Furthermore, you will have less say over how your eyelash extensions are created.

Trading companies can help locate unique wholesale eyelash extension supplies

As traders and wholesalers are intermediaries, they can buy lash extensions in bulk and then distribute them to spas and retailers with an extra cost added. Their services and extensive lash supplies portfolio are their strengths.

Professional eyelash extension brands – who they are and their characteristics

Eyelash extension brands can manufacture and brand their wholesale eyelash extension supplies. Industry experts recommend them for their innovative and high-quality eyelash extension supplies. They are also known for their expertise in beauty treatments. As a result, there are numerous advantages to working with them:

  • Lash extensions expert advice: While manufacturers have in-depth knowledge about the material and production of wholesale eyelash extension supplies, professional eyelash extensions brands have the know-how and profound consumer insight. Most beauty treatment professionals can provide intensive lash extension training courses for lash technicians and beauty spas.
  • High-quality, innovative products: There is no doubt that with their market knowledge, they can provide high-quality eyelash extension supplies that lash technicians and other industry experts highly recommend. It also means that you can be confident that the wholesale eyelash extension supplies they offer have a high volume sales potential.
  • Professional customer service: You don’t have to worry about fraud when you work with them because their professional teams can provide good customer service and expert advice to help you make the most of your wholesale eyelash extension supplies purchase.
  • High price: Regarding branded and innovative products, you may have to pay a premium for eyelash extension supplies. You may need to measure and work with your budget more closely to reduce costs and earn a profit from selling their products.

Distributors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies can offer a large portfolio of products to choose from

As there are various types of suppliers providing eyelash extensions and other supplies, it is difficult to say which ones are the best for you. It is best that you clarify your requirements and expectations you seek in lash extension suppliers. When choosing lash extension suppliers, it’s important to consider factors such as product quality, pricing, reliability, and customer support. You can ensure consistent access to high-quality products, competitive pricing, and efficient delivery by working directly with reliable lash extension suppliers. Moreover, establishing a direct relationship with lash extension suppliers can also allow you to collaborate on custom product development and stay updated with the latest industry trends. Don’t hesitate to reach out to different lash extension suppliers and evaluate their offerings to find the best lash extension suppliers. Most lash technicians and beauty spas prefer to work directly with factories because it allows them to reduce overall costs.

We, Vinlash, as a factory, provide high-quality wholesale eyelash extension supplies at low MOQ and reasonable prices. We work hard to bring the best service and an easy experience to our website so you can proceed quickly and have the best-finished eyelashes.

Cost-effective channels to find vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies

There are numerous methods for locating potential vendors offering eyelash extension supplies. You can benefit from offline and online sources (via Google, Alibaba, social media, and Youtube). Following the research, you can compile all the names into a list, serving as a supplier database for your long-term qualification process.

You can find vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies through offline sources

Finding eyelash vendors through offline sources is a time-honored but effective method. You can look for potential vendors through various channels, including intermediaries, government agencies, and tradeshows. 

  • Intermediaries: You can locate reliable vendors by contacting intermediaries. They are also known as commission agents. They are compensated for introducing and facilitating a transaction between a buyer and a supplier.
  • Government agencies (Embassy & Ministry of industry and trade): You can ask them to recommend reputable vendors for wholesale eyelash extension supplies because they can access local news and all vendors in the regions. On your behalf, they can contact the vendors directly and provide you with details about them. Nevertheless, it should be noted that they don’t take responsibility for performing due diligence on the seller’s credibility.
  • Trade shows and conferences are excellent places to learn about various vendors of eyelash extension supplies. When attending tradeshows, you can see fake eyelashes, meet the vendor in person, and ask any questions you have. You will also be updated with the latest industry news and fake eyelash styles. You can find valuable information related to tradeshows through Google search or other reliable industry sources such as ReferenceUSA,, and WorldWide Brands.

You can find vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies through offline networks

All mentioned offline methods will cost you considerable money (especially if you find intermediaries or attend tradeshows). Its advantage is that you can locate reliable vendors active in the eyelash industry for years but have not established their online presence. As digitalization is becoming a global trend, more and more eyelash vendors are strengthening their online presence. We suggest you expand your research to online platforms, which will be described below.

You can find vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies through online channels

As more and more vendors offering eyelash extension supplies establish an online presence, you can find them on various platforms, the most popular of which are Google, e-commerce sites (Alibaba), and social media channels. It’s also worth noting that searching online will cost you less (or even free if you avoid sources that charge additional fees) than finding vendors through offline sources.

  • Google search is an excellent place to start as more and more vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies have built their websites and focused on improving customer experience there. You can begin your search with a general phrase like “wholesale eyelash extension supplies” and look through the list of vendors in the search results. Suppose you have in mind a specific product range (for example, colored eyelash extensions) or types of vendors you are searching for (for example, eyelash factory). In that case, you can put that on Google search (a combined phrase from the models will be “colored eyelash extensions factory”) and get the more concise result you seek. By specifically searching for an eyelash factory , you can directly connect with manufacturers and potentially get better pricing and more customization options. It’s worth exploring different keywords and search phrases to find the right eyelash factory that can meet your specific needs.
  • B2B marketplace platforms such as Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made-in-China are great places to find all kinds of products for your business. Because their strategy is to support the growth of small businesses, you can find a wide variety of wholesale eyelash extension supplies there. Start by typing your keyword phrase, such as “eyelash extensions” or “pre-made fans,” into the search bar, and you will see pictures, prices, and other information about the vendors and their products in the search results.
  • Social media channels: You can search for the relevant keyword phrase on Facebook or join eyelash-related groups. The best way to find vendors on Instagram is to use hashtags (for example, #eyelashextensionvendor). YouTube works similarly, but you have the added benefit of getting relevant videos that can showcase eyelashes more effectively than words or photos. LinkedIn is also searchable, and because the platform focuses on business, it’s simple to find wholesalers, distributors, and B2B companies.

There are various online channels for you to find wholesale eyelash extension supplies

With an increasing numbers of suppliers building their online presence, there are a lot of opportunities that you can find reliable lash suppliers via online channels such as Google, Alibaba, etc. As most of them are free resources, it is best that you utilize them to build up a list of potential suppliers then update it on a frequent basis.

Criteria to evaluate vendors that offer wholesale eyelash extension supplies

When working with vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies, there are several things that you should keep in mind so that you can receive good quality eyelash extension supplies at competitive prices and cut down on the expense of working with the wrong vendors.

  • The legitimacy of wholesale eyelash extension supplies vendors: The first and most important consideration should be whether or not the vendors are legitimate. Working with unqualified vendors could cost you much time and money. You can look into their business license (which includes their name, location, primary product, and type of partnership), online presence (which should clarify who they are, the product types they offer, and their wholesale terms & conditions, etc.), and clear contact information. You can contact vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies directly to verify the necessary information.
  • The reputation of wholesale eyelash extension supplies vendors: The reputation of wholesale eyelash extension supplies vendors, especially eyelash extensions vendors, plays a crucial role in choosing the right partner for your business. Wholesale eyelash extensions vendors with a strong reputation can be dependable and stable strategic partners for your business in the long run. You can scan through their established year (a reliable supplier should have been active for a few years in the industry), customer reviews and ratings available on online platforms, some prestigious customers they have worked with, and whether they are listed in a reliable online source to evaluate their reputation. Building a strong partnership with reputable eyelash extensions vendors can ensure consistent quality, reliable supply, and excellent customer support for your eyelash business. If they are not available on online channels, don’t hesitate to contact them directly for more information.
  •  The products and services offered by wholesale eyelash extension supplies vendors: The best vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies to work with are those who can provide you with a wide selection of products, OEM and ODM services, design customization, and private label packaging. Regarding the product range, they should be able to provide you with various eyelash extension supplies for testing the market and increasing sales. Competent vendors should also be able to customize the lengths, curls, and thicknesses of eyelash extensions may necessarily involve the assistance of vendors. And you might want to work with vendors who could offer you various types of eyelash extension supplies necessary for your business, such as eyelash glue, tweezers, remover, etc.
  • Whether the products offered by wholesale eyelash extension supplies vendors have quality ingredients: Clients seeking eyelash extension services are concerned not only with their final appearance but also with the ingredients used in their beauty products. Because eyelash extensions are attached to their natural lashes, they prefer extensions made of high-quality materials that are entirely safe and mimic their lashes. Ensure you understand the ingredients in your products and where they come from. This information should be available from credible eyelash extension vendors. It is important to note that high-quality eyelash extensions are typically made from Korean PBT and Faux Mink. As a result, you should inquire about these items with wholesale eyelash extension vendors.
  • The customer service of wholesale eyelash extension supplies vendors: Customer service is a significant consideration when evaluating and selecting vendors. They can guide you through a lengthy and complex sales cycle, from your initial contact to when you receive the finished eyelash extensions in bulk. A good and dependable supplier should respond quickly and clearly to your questions, show goodwill to establish long-term partnerships and be ready to take responsibility for the damaged goods. 

It would be best if you had some criteria to qualify vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies.

Qualifying eyelash suppliers is a meticulous endeavor, demanding careful consideration and adherence to a well-defined set of criteria. Beyond assessing factors like product quality, consistency, and pricing competitiveness, it’s imperative to gauge their reliability, communication skills, and customer service responsiveness. By diligently scrutinizing these aspects, you can pinpoint trustworthy eyelash suppliers who meet your immediate needs and demonstrate the potential for fruitful long-term collaborations in the ever-evolving world of eyelash business. In this industry, the right eyelash supplier can truly be the key to sustained success.

Get the best deal from vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies

To receive reasonable offers and work with qualified vendors, you can follow a step-by-step process of making a deal for wholesale eyelash extension supplies. First, you start searching for potential vendors, then contacting and negotiating prices, ordering a sample for quality check, and signing the contract.

Search for potential wholesale eyelash extension supplies vendors

You can use both online and offline sources to search for potential vendors. After that, we recommend you put all the names you found on a list. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do that:

  • As mentioned above, there are many ways to find potential wholesale eyelash extension supplies vendors. You can ask intermediaries or government agencies such as the Embassy & Ministry of industry and trade to find the vendors on your behalf. You can also research online via Google, Alibaba, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc., as more and more vendors establish their online presence.
  • After your research, you should develop a list of potential vendors. It would be best to list those with an online presence or verified contact information to avoid scams. The list can become your supplier database. Once a supplier does not pass your qualification process, you can come back and check on another one.

Searching for potential suppliers should be an on-going cycle, and the result should be an updated list of reliable ones. You can use both offline and online channels to your advantage.

Send inquiries to wholesale eyelash extension supplies vendors

After you have a list of potential vendors, you can contact them directly to gather the necessary information. Below is the guideline on how and which data to collect:

  • How to send inquiries: You can contact vendors via WhatsApp, email, or directly on the websites. You can also list your questions in an RFI (request for information) form and then ask vendors to fill out the form for you. You should also request a Catalogue and price list to see their offerings. If you have found potential items, you can ask for a quote.
  • Information you should gather after contacting vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies: You should know which types of fake eyelashes they offer, the MOQ, and their price range. Information regarding their terms and policy, ability to handle OEM/ODM and private label orders, capacity, and lead time should also be collected for a long-term relationship.

Compare prices & terms among multiple vendors

To get the best deal possible from eyelash vendors, compare offers among several vendors and proceed with the most competitive one. Below are essential criteria to base your comparison on:

  • MOQ, lead time, prices, and delivery: After receiving quotes and other information about their terms and policy, MOQ, and lead time, you should calculate all the expenses and time it takes to buy wholesale eyelash extension supplies, from placing an order to receiving actual products. Comparing these prices, time, and terms among multiple vendors to determine which offers you the most favorable solution.
  • Communication: During the process, you should observe the following factors: their prompt response, their ability to answer your questions, willingness to develop the partnership to consider who is the most suitable supplier for you to buy wholesale eyelash extension supplies from.

Comparing quotes, terms, and lead time among vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies is essential.

It is crucial that you compare the offerings among multiple lash supplies vendors to proceed with who can give you the sharpest competitive edges. You should calculate all the expenses and time it cost when evaluating the solutions offered by suppliers.

Order a sample from shortlisted vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies

Sampling is a determinant step in negotiating and making a deal with vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies. Before the sample-making starts, we recommend you double-check this information:

  • Product specifications and other requirements: Remember to state your needs clearly and clarify all the specifications and details of fake eyelash samples. 
  • You should double-check the total cost you pay for the sample (full sample cost = sample fee + shipping cost) and the time you receive the piece (time to receive sample = lead time + delivery time) before proceeding.
  • Payment method: Do not accept unreliable payment methods when verifying their payment terms. After they send samples, you can ask them to send you a tracking code to see if they can ship a piece.

Sampling is one of the most important step during the whole order process. As a result, you should double-check all the information carefully, especially the sample details before proceeding.

Check the sample quality you receive from vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies

Sample quality is a critical factor in evaluating whether the vendors are credible and capable of handling bulk orders. When receiving samples, we suggest you examine the following elements:

  • When receiving samples, check whether they send you the right eyelash extension supplies you request. You should carefully open the package and check if the products are undamaged. You can also test or touch the extensions and other supplies to ensure they are good quality and are made from the suitable materials you have approved. 
  • If the samples are intact, have good quality, and are delivered on time, the vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies are likely credible, and you can consider proceeding to finalize the terms and price with them.

Carefully open the package and investigate the quality of wholesale eyelash extension supplies sample

Sample quality is of utmost important criteria to evaluate the reliability and competences of eyelash suppliers. Carefully investigating the quality of eyelash extension supplies can help you form a concise assessment.

Sign the contract with the selected vendor of wholesale eyelash extension supplies

After the sample is delivered and passes your qualification, you can finalize the price and other terms with the selected supplier. Below are some essential factors you should pay attention to:

  • Terms & policy: During the process, you can negotiate favorable terms, including payment terms, shipping terms, and return or refund policy. Do not forget to double-check the payment terms (the most common ones are deposit or TT at sight).
  • Bulk order discount: You can renegotiate the prices based on the sample quality. If you have plans for the following order, you can ask your selected vendor to give you a discount for a promising fruitful partnership. It may be hard for the first order as building trust between both sides takes time. But if things go well, you can ask for a discount for your next order of wholesale eyelash extension supplies. 
  • The legitimacy of the contract: You should sign a formal agreement with your supplier as it protects the right of both parties. You can ask a lawyer to look into the agreement if necessary.
  • Production risks: Before mass production starts, you can ask the supplier to notify you of any foreseen risks concerning the eyelash quality or lead time so that you can plan accordingly.

To conclude, negotiating and ordering from eyelash extension supplies vendor can be a long process. If you follow this step-by-step guide, you can make the most out of your time and money invested in the purchase of eyelash extensions supplies in bulk.

Top vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies in the market

There are numerous potential vendors of wholesale eyelash extension supplies you can find in the market. They can be factories that have facilities to manufacture fake eyelashes or wholesalers selling fake eyelashes in small MOQs to retailers. In whichever type, they should offer good quality eyelashes at competitive prices and be dependable in the long run. Below are our recommendations for the top 5 vendors:

Vinlash – a reliable manufacturer of wholesale eyelash extension supplies from Vietnam

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Product range: Eyelash Extensions (Easy fans, pro-made fans, individual lash) & fake eyelashes (human hair lashes, mink lashes, synthetic lashes)

Why work with Vinlash: Whether you are a lash technician or a salon owner, partnering with Vinlash Vietnam can provide you with the necessary wholesale eyelash extension supplies to create stunning lash looks and meet the demands of your clients. Working with Vinlash Vietnam as a reputable manufacturer of wholesale eyelash extension supplies, we understand the importance of providing you with a positive experience, first-rate services, and high-quality goods at competitive prices. With Vinlash, you can find a wide selection of eyelash extensions, adhesives, tools, and other essential supplies to enhance your business operations. As the best lash vendors Vietnam, Vinlash is a reputable manufacturer dedicated to providing a positive experience, top-notch services, and high-quality goods at competitive prices. Whether you’re a lash technician or a salon owner, partnering with Vinlash, the best lash vendors Vietnam, ensures access to essential wholesale eyelash extension supplies. We take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional service and ensuring a seamless experience for our customers.


Vinlash is a reputable wholesale eyelash extension supplies factory from Vietnam

It is worth noting that we have a large portfolio of eyelash extensions supplies for you to choose from. We are specialized in producing high-quality lash supplies at competitive prices. You can entrust us with comprehensive private-label solutions and professional customer support.

Qingdao Hongkong from China

Location: Qingdao, China

Product range: They have a strong product portfolio of mink lashes, faux mink lashes, magnetic lashes, eyelash extensions, and lash boxes.

Why work with themWith 15 years of experience, they are expert and specialized eyelash manufacturers who offer a wide range of innovative products. They have an average monthly capacity of 100,000 pieces of hair weaving and 300,000 pairs of eyelashes.

Bio Takara from Indonesia

Location: Central Java, Indonesia

Product range: They provide handcrafted custom-designed original fake eyelashes and personalized white-label packaging services.

Why work with them: They have a strong reputation as a leading manufacturer of wholesale eyelash extension supplies in Indonesia. They provide exceptional customer service and premium quality products. 

Ardell from the United States

Location: United States

Product range: They provided a wide range of wholesale eyelash extension supplies in various styles made from different materials such as faux mink, eco fibers, magnetics, etc.

Why work with them: They have a considerably large selection of fake eyelashes on their websites. They also offer free standard shipping and have a lot of offline locations where you can shop and buy small quantities directly. They distributed fake eyelashes to Target, Walmart, and Kmart, so you do not need to worry about their reliability.

Pinkiss Korea from Korea

Location: Seoul, Korea

Product range: They focus on eyelash extension supplies, including individual lashes and other eyelash glue, application, and removal tools.

Why work with them: With ten years of experience, they exported a variety of fake eyelashes to countries like Japan, Europe, the United States of America, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, and others with high quality and reasonable prices. They are confident that they can meet the needs of their customers thanks to their advanced technology and wealth of highly qualified experience.


Buying wholesale eyelash extension supplies is essential to any spa and beauty salons performing lash extension services. As the result, it is important to acknowledge various eyelash extension supplies available and how to buy high-quality products in bulk from trustworthy suppliers. Hope you can find valuable information throughout this guide.

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Anh Nguyen Hoang

Anh Nguyen Hoang

As a Eyelashes Expert and Blogger with more than 7 years of intensive work experience in the Eyelashes industry, I hope my knowledge and experience will help and bring a lot of value to lash businesses around the world.

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