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How To Become A Lash Tech In Texas

Unlock the secrets of how to become a lash tech in Texas! From license to skills, start your journey to mastering lash extensions today!

Unlock the secrets of how to become a lash tech in Texas, delving into license requirements and essential skills. Navigate the journey from training to licensure, mastering the art of lash extensions in the Lone Star State.

Overview Of Becoming A Lash Tech In Texas

Discover the journey of how to become a lash tech in Texas, from understanding state requirements, official training, and examination, to how to get eyelash extension license in Texas. Navigate through the process to mastering your essential knowledge and skills in this promising industry.

How Much A Licensed Eyelash Tech Can Earn In Texas

Thanks to the booming lash tech business in the United States, especially in Texas, skillful lash technicians can earn six figures per year by learning and starting their business in this industry, especially when holding an official license. Below is some useful information on the earnings of a licensed lash tech in Texas, according to the 2023 statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:


How Much A Licensed Eyelash Tech Can Earn In Texas

  • High Annual Earning: The annual average salary for lash specialists (including lash technicians) in Texas state is $45,101. This earning is alluring for young talents in the lash industry. Thus, more people dream of becoming a lash tech in Texas.
  • Salary Is Varied By Some Factors: This earning also varies by some factors, like lash tech’s experience in the field, working environment, and additional cosmetology training, licenses, and certifications. In other words, the more certifications and experience a lash tech has, the more money she can earn from her career.
  • Win Extra Earnings: Some experienced, smart lash techs can also earn more money by using certain application methods or using specialized lash supplies. Therefore, more people want to know how to become a lash tech in Texas.

In sum, lash tech is a trendy career within the beauty industry in Texas. Becoming a lash tech gives you a boost in your earnings, especially when you have official licenses or certifications, years of experience, and some unique selling points (USPs) in your lash service. In the next section, we will discover the eyelash extension requirements in Texas, which can be beneficial for newbies in this competitive field.

Texas Eyelash Extension Certification Requirements

Do you need a license for lash extensions in Texas? Absolutely YES! Having a certification or license as a lash tech in this state opens up new opportunities to boost your earnings, broaden your brand recognition, or earn new clients.

Let’s discover the requirements for gaining a lash tech certification or license in Texas.

  • You must be over 17 years old;
  • You have a high-school diploma or GED;
  • You have completed at least 320 hours of training for an eyelash extension certification Texas from approved programs;
  • If you have been convicted of any criminal offense in any state in the United States or out of Texas, you must provide a completed Criminal History Questionnaire with your application package for background check. w/application package for background check;

Texas Eyelash Extension Certification Requirements

By following these Texas requirements to do eyelash extensions, you can easily check if you are eligible for the application process or have some clues to start your application package. If you are outside of Texas state, you should check with your local government office for detailed requirements for lash tech in your state.

Skills And Qualifications To Become A Lash Tech In Texas

After understanding the Texas eyelash extension certification requirements, you need to have a checklist of skills and qualifications for becoming a professional lash tech in this state. Let’s have a glance at the professional requirements and related knowledge to start your career in this competitive industry.

  • In-depth Industry Knowledge: The first requirement of how to become a lash tech in Texas is that you must have an extended knowledge base of everything related to lash extensions, including lash materials, the lash application process, and technical aspects related to lashes.
  • Great Attention To Detail: You should focus on the smallest details in lashes. You must provide accurate, pleasing lash service results with little to no inconsistencies.
  • Excellent Interpersonal Communication: You should be a great communicator beyond your Texas eyelash extension license and your experience. You are confident to interact with your clients to understand their desired outcomes, give them thoughtful consultation on your service, or give them advice on lash aftercare and at-home maintenance. You can also communicate well with your colleagues for successful services.
  • Time Management Skill: You must possess excellent time management skills to schedule appointments with your clients, clean the workspace between appointments, and prepare for each application session. This soft skill helps you prevent overbooking while ensuring that you can perfectly take care of your clients.

Skills And Qualifications To Become A Lash Tech In Texas

Beyond eyelash extension certification requirements, an individual must reflect his excellence in communication and work skills to gain success in the lash and beauty industry. This checklist will help you have guidelines to improve yourself or fix the imperfections in your service for better earnings and branding positions in the field.

The Differences Of License vs Certification In Lash Tech

Now, you have understood the importance of a lash tech certification in Texas. Yet, what are the differences between a license and a certification in lash tech? Can you do lashes with just a certificate in Texas? Let’s compare the differences between licensed vs certified lash tech Texas to choose a preferable option for your career.

  • A License In Lash Tech: A Texas eyelash extension license is issued by the state of Texas to perform lash extension services. In Texas, this license is provided by the Texas Department Of Licensing And Regulation (TDLR).
  • A Certification In Lash Tech: A certification in the lash industry in Texas is issued by a private beauty school or an independent program. Unlike a license, a Texas eyelash extensions certification online is issued by the school or the program that you apply for or take the exam.

The Differences Of License vs Certification In Lash Tech

In sum, a cosmetology and esthetician license is required to work legally as a professional lash technician in Texas state. In some cases, you need to take an additional lash extension certification as an add-on to leverage your service rating or to earn new clients.

How To Become A Licensed Lash Tech In Texas

Embark on the journey to understand how to become a lash tech in Texas. From enrolling in a beauty school, practicing your skills on models, taking your exams, to obtaining your license. In this section, Vinlash Vietnam will give you details on how to become lash technician in Texas.

Join A Training Course From Beauty School Or Academies

The most efficient way to start your education in lash extensions is to take part in an official training course from a beauty school or private academy. These education centers have intensive training programs to help you gain basic knowledge and skills in the field. After finishing this course, you can take the Texas exams to gain your license as an official lash tech in the state.

What You Can Expect From A Training Course From A Beauty School/Academy:

  • Gain new lash bridge techniques or knowledge of popular lash materials;
  • Have free access to resources in the lash and beauty industry;
  • Meet lash experts or potential colleagues or partners in the field for long-term connections;
  • Know how to set up your lash business for success properly;
  • Learn how to financially prepare and set up your business;
  • Know how to display your service presence on digital platforms;

Some Best Reputable Training Programs For Lash Techs In Texas

  • DFW Lash University: The online training programs for lash techs from DFW Lash Univeristy allow you to gain initial knowledge of how to become a lash tech in Texas from talented lash artists in the industry. 100% of its students have passed the Texas state exams and gained success in their career path. Beyond training, you will get free access to its professional network of industry experts.
  • Houston Training Schools: Houston Training Schools offer flexible schedules and great career opportunities for talented lash techs in Texas. The school provides extensive eyelash training to jump-start your career and enter one of the most competitive industries in the state.

Some Best Reputable Training Programs For Lash Techs In Texas

A beauty school or academy provides more than knowledge of lash extensions. It gives you free resources for further research, new connections with your potential colleagues or partners in the field, and helpful knowledge to start your lash business properly.

Find Models To Practise Your Lash Skills

After finishing the course on lash extensions, you should find chances to improve your skills in the field by practicing lash application services on models.

  • Friends And Family Members: Your best friends and family members are the ones who are most encouraging your life-long career as a professional lash tech. Reach out to them if they can be a volunteer for your first lash service.
  • Volunteers On Social Media: Beyond your connections, you can find individuals who need to do lash applications for free on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Mannequins: If you have difficulties practicing lash service on real people, mannequins are your best alternatives in the journey of learning how to become a lash tech in Texas. Choose the ones that you can be most confident about to learn your lash application trial.

Find Models To Practise Your Lash Skills

On-job training is a must-have for every new lash tech. By frequently practicing lash application either on real people like your friends, family members, or volunteers, or on mannequins, you can be more confident to take the Texas state exams and start your career as a professional lash artist.

Take The Texas State Exam And Apply For Your License

The most important step on how to get eyelash extension license in Texas is to take the official examination from the state and apply for your state license. Ensure that you have completed your official training course before taking this exam.

Below is some of the most important information on this exam that every future lash tech must know.

  • Fee For The Texas State Exam: The fee for the exam is $55 for the written part and $76 for the practical part. This fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. If you haven’t taken the exam within 01 year after fee payment, your examination fee will be fortified.
  • In-charge Department For The State Exam: The PSI (third-party vendor of the TDLR) will take care of your exam application, from instructions via email to scheduling an appointment to take the exam.
  • Parts Of The Exam: The official lash tech exam of how to become a lash tech in Texas is in two parts (equalling two formats) – written and practical parts. You must pass the written part to take the practical part.

Take The Texas State Exam And Apply For Your License

Beyond your proper preparation in knowledge and skills, ensure that you have fully understood the most updated information on the TDLR on your state exam. Thus, you will save precious time for your examination and reduce the risk of wasting money and effort on wrong or outdated information. Visit the TDLR’s website for the latest information and changes to this exam.

Become A Licensed Lash Tech In Texas

Congratulations on your application. Now, you have officially become a licensed lash tech in Texas. Learning how to become a lash tech in Texas is more than an examination. After gaining your license, you should continue your education to enhance your knowledge and upgrade your service for branding image and income boost.

  • Invest In High-quality Equipment And Tools: The more updated your salon equipment and tools are, the more chance your clients will prioritize your services out of your rivals. Thus, continuously invest in your salon after finishing your training on how to become a lash tech in Texas to gain a better reputation and earnings on your services.
  • Create An Online Presence: Reach out to potential clients (and maybe your partners) via online platforms. Some ideal online places for lash technicians are social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), forums for lash techs and beauty enthusiasts, etc., and your salon’s website and social channels.
  • Renew Your License: The eyelash extension specialist licenses are valid for two years from the date of issue. Ensure that you can complete your education requirements to renew your license before the expiry date to avoid delays.

Become A Licensed Lash Tech In Texas

Remember that a lash tech career needs life-long learning. After obtaining your official license in your career, you should continuously upgrade your salon’s infrastructure and knowledge, as well as market your service on online channels. This hard work will help you elevate your service presence and quality while boosting your annual earnings and differentiating your lash services from your competitors.

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In conclusion, mastering how to become a lash tech in Texas involves training, practical experience, exams, certification, and examination. Whether you are a starter in the field or an experienced lash artist who wants to take a turning point in your career path, this intensive guideline will give you some clues for remarkable changes. Start your journey now to excel in the lash industry.

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