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How to make spikes lashes: A comprehensive guide

This guide offers a complete overview of how to make spikes lashes along with advice on selecting extensions and global sourcing for lash technicians.

Spike eyelashes are a trending style in the beauty industry, known for their dramatic and bold appearance. This guide offers insights into how to make spikes lashes, along with tips on selecting the right types and sourcing them effectively.

What are spikes lashes?

Spike lash extensions are a bold beauty trend that transform your eyelash game by incorporating spiky, uneven patterns into your look. This technique involves varying the lengths and thicknesses of lashes to create a dramatic effect, popular among those seeking a standout style.


What are spikes lashes?

  • Creating Spike Lashes: How to make spikes lashes? To make lash extension spikes, technicians apply lashes in uneven lengths and thicknesses, achieving the spiky effect. This requires precision in how to make lash spikes or how to integrate spikes for lash extensions, blending classic lashes with spikes for added drama.
  • Popularity and Style: Spike lash extensions, also known as spiky eyelash extensions or eyelash extensions spikes, cater to a younger, fashion-forward audience. They’re a statement piece, ideal for special events rather than everyday wear.
  • Maintenance: Maintaining spike eyelash extensions involves regular upkeep and careful cleaning to preserve their distinctive look. The longevity of the lashes depends on the quality of application and materials used.

Spike lash extensions offer a customizable and striking option for those looking to make a statement. Whether you’re interested in how to make lash extension spikes or choosing between classic lashes with spikes and full spiky lash extensions, it’s essential to consult with a professional for the best results and to ensure suitability for your eye health.

2 Techniques of How to make Spikes Lashes

Creating spike lashes is an intricate art that elevates the overall look of lash extensions, offering a dramatic and bold flair. There are various techniques to achieve this effect, each with its unique process and finish. In this guide, we’ll explore two popular methods: the Tweezer Pinching Method and the Primer Method.

Dipping Method

The Tweezer Pinching Method is a refined technique for creating detailed spike lash extensions, offering an innovative approach to achieving a dramatic and distinctive spikey lash look. This method is designed for lash technicians aiming to add precision and flair to their lash extension applications, especially when crafting spikes lashes or integrating spikes into volume or hybrid lash sets.


The Tweezer Pinching Method is a refined technique for creating detailed spike lash extensions

  • Organizing for Spike Creation: Wondering how to make spikes lashes? Start by arranging your tools and materials, including tweezers, lash adhesive, and lashes. Use the tweezers to carefully select the lashes for each spike, angling the tweezers slightly to grip and secure them effectively.
  • Lash Selection and Removal: With the lashes securely gripped, gently remove them from the lash strip, ensuring the cluster remains intact. This careful removal is crucial for preserving the structure of your spike lashes.
  • Adhesive Application: Dip the base of your lash cluster into the adhesive, then lightly drag it along the edge of the adhesive dispenser. This technique helps bond the lashes at the base, forming a sturdy spike that maintains its shape.
  • Creating Multiple Spikes: Continue the process to produce the desired number of lash extension spikes, typically ranging from 8 to 14 spikes per eye depending on the desired lash extension style, whether it be spiked lash extensions, eyelash extensions with spikes, or classic lash extensions with spikes.
  • Application and Storage: Once crafted, these spike lash extensions are ready for immediate application or can be stored for future use. This flexibility is ideal for lash artists looking to prepare in advance or customize their lash designs on the spot.

By mastering how to make spikes for lash extensions using the Tweezer Pinching Method, technicians can offer clients a variety of dramatic looks, from spikey lash extensions to volume lashes with spikes. This technique not only enhances the lash extension service menu but also ensures that each application of lash extensions spikes or spiked eyelash extensions is executed with unparalleled precision and beauty.

Primer Method

The Primer Method serves as a straightforward and beginner-friendly technique for crafting eyelash spikes, making it an ideal choice for those new to the art of lash extensions. This method simplifies the process, allowing newcomers to gain confidence and skill in applying various lash styles, such as spiked lashes or spiky volume lashes.


The Primer Method serves as a straightforward and beginner-friendly technique for crafting eyelash spikes

  • Lash Preparation with Primer: Start by assembling your essentials: lash extensions, a lint-free applicator, lash primer, tweezers, and lash adhesive. The first step involves applying the primer to the lash tips using the applicator. This primes the lashes, encouraging them to adhere together and forming the foundation for your eyelash spikes.
  • Lash Selection and Separation: Use the tweezers to select and gently detach a small group of lashes from the strip. It’s crucial during this phase to ensure the lashes stay bundled, preventing any unwanted fanning and keeping them aligned for the spike effect.
  • Applying Adhesive: Dip the base of your chosen lash group into the adhesive, then lightly remove excess by dragging it along the edge of the adhesive container. This action guarantees anyone learning how to make spikes lashes a clean, cohesive base, essential for maintaining the integrity of your spikes lash extensions.
  • Ready for Use or Storage: The prepared lash spikes are now ready for either immediate application or future use. Whether aiming for a spikey hybrid lashes look, spiked eyelashes, or spike volume lashes, this method allows for versatile design implementation, catering to various aesthetic preferences.

The Primer Method, with its user-friendly steps, lays a solid groundwork for creating eye-catching and bold lash extensions, such as spiky volume lashes or spikey lashes. It offers a great starting point for those looking to expand their lash styling skills, providing a gateway to more complex techniques and ensuring a beautiful outcome, whether for special events or enhancing everyday eyelash appeal.

Choosing the right lash extensions for a spike look

Choosing the right lash extensions is key to achieving this style, and sourcing them wisely is crucial for cost-effectiveness and quality.

Type of lash extensions

Selecting the appropriate lash extensions is crucial for mastering the spiked lash look, blending both aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness. The ideal choice of lash extensions is essential for crafting spikes eyelash extensions that stand out.


Selecting the appropriate lash extensions is crucial for mastering the spiked lash look

  • Combining Lengths for Spikes: Achieving the perfect spiky effect involves using a mix of lash lengths. Incorporating shorter lashes (7mm to 9mm) for a subtle base and longer lashes (12mm to 15mm) for dramatic spikes can create the desired contrast and intensity in the look.
  • Thickness Variety: To sculpt the ideal spiked appearance, utilizing lashes of varying thickness is key. Opt for thicker lashes (0.15mm to 0.18mm) to define the spikes, while integrating thinner lashes (0.07mm to 0.12mm) along the lash line fills in gaps, offering a balanced and cohesive aesthetic.
  • Curl Types for Dramatic Spikes: Stronger curls, specifically C and D types, are favored for their ability to enhance the spiky effect, adding a dramatic flair to the eyelash extension spikes. L curls can be strategically placed at the outer edges to further emphasize the spiky, lifted look, perfect for spiky hybrid lashes or hybrid lashes with spikes.
  • Material Choices: When it comes to materials, synthetic, silk, and mink options are available. Synthetic lashes, in particular, are recommended for those experimenting with how to make spikes lashes due to their boldness and dramatic effect, making them a suitable choice for a striking spiky lash extension look.

Understanding the types of lash extensions and how they contribute to creating the desired spiky effect is fundamental. Whether opting for a subtle enhancement with hybrid lashes with spikes or a more pronounced look with spiky hybrid lashes, the right combination of length, thickness, curl, and material will dictate the success of what are spike lash extensions.

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Sourcing for bulk buying

To buy bulk eyelashes from wholesalers can be beneficial in terms of cost-efficiency and quality management. The eyelash extension industry varies significantly across different countries, each with its unique approach to style, quality, and sourcing from eyelash suppliers.


Purchasing eyelash extensions in bulk from wholesalers can be beneficial in terms of cost-efficiency and quality management

  • United States: Known for its diverse and innovative eyelash extension styles, emphasizing ideal quality for lash technicians who are learning how to make spikes lashes
  • South Korea: A leader in beauty and cosmetics, offering high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing in eyelash extensions.
  • United Kingdom: Specializes in bespoke eyelash styles, catering to specific aesthetic preferences.
  • China: Offers a wide variety of eyelash extensions at competitive prices, known for scalability and diverse product range.
  • Canada: Focuses on environmentally conscious, quality-focused eyelash products, with an emphasis on ethical sourcing.
  • Vietnam: Provides affordable and diverse options, with Vinlash Company being a notable brand in the market.
  • Australia: Known for innovative styles and ethical sourcing in eyelash extensions, with a focus on sustainability.
  • Germany: Recognized for precision-engineered and durable lash products, maintaining high-quality manufacturing standards.

Each of these countries contributes uniquely to the global eyelash extension market, offering a range of styles, quality standards, and manufacturing practices.

Understanding the characteristics of lash extensions and global market trends helps in making informed decisions for both aesthetic appeal and practicality in the eyelash extension domain.

Mastering how to make spikes lashes can significantly elevate your makeup skills, adding a unique touch to any look. By carefully selecting and applying the lashes and understanding global sourcing trends, you can create a striking spiky lash look that combines both beauty and style.

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