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3d Lashes Wholesale

Purchase Vinlash’s 3D lashes wholesale to get beautiful, symmetrical lashes with pointy and heat-secured bases, soft and long-lasting lashes at the best prices.

Buying 3D lashes wholesale is one way to help you save costs as you’re buying in bulk, especially when purchasing from a lash manufacturer like Vinlash. However, it requires extra care as you buy in large quantities. This article will provide you with insights into 3D lashes and guide you in choosing the suitable 3D lashes to buy wholesale, as there are many types available and not all types are optimal.

What are 3D lashes wholesale?

3D lashes wholesale are actually lash extensions with 3 lash strands forming them. Sometimes they are called 3D eyelash extensions or 3D volume eyelash extensions.

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3D lashes are just the general name for different kinds of eyelash extensions formed by 3 individual lash strands. Therefore, they can be 3D premade fans or W lashes. At Vinlash Factory, in addition to these 2 basic 3D lashes, we also offer 3d options in these types of lashes:

Notable qualities of 3D lashes wholesale from Vinlash

Wholesale 3D lashes from Vinlash are among our core products. They are highly sought after by our customers. Let’s explore what you can expect from our wholesale 3D lashes:

  • – Beautiful finish: Vinlash’s wholesale 3D lashes have a beautiful finish that strikes a balance between matte and subtle shine, creating a natural-looking fan.
  • – Symmetrical fans: Our wholesale 3D lashes feature symmetrical fans evenly spaced, forming vivid, balanced V shapes.
  • – Pointy & secure base: Our wholesale 3D lashes are pinched to ensure their fan bases are super pointy and securely attached.
  • – Uniform length and width: Vinlash’s 3D lashes wholesale maintain uniform length and width throughout orders. With our meticulous expertise, we ensure fans have consistent specifications, with no variation in length or width within a set.
  • – Heat-bonded root: Our wholesale 3D lashes feature a heat-bonded root, crafted with advanced heat treatment technology, ensuring the root is slim, tight, and resistant to tearing.
  • – Long-lasting shape: Vinlash’s wholesale 3D lashes maintain their shape and curl for an extended period, remaining symmetrical without bending over time.
  • – Soft and lightweight: Crafted from super soft and lightweight Korean PBT, our wholesale 3D lashes are comfortable for customers to wear.

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In conclusion, Vinlash’s wholesale 3D lashes offer a combination of beauty, symmetry, durability, and comfort with their beautiful finish, symmetrical fans, secure base, uniform specifications, heat-bonded root, long-lasting shape, and soft lightweight material. If you’re looking for high-quality 3D lashes for your business, look no further than Vinlash.

3D lashes wholesale and the suitable volume lash chart

As one of the best wholesale eyelash vendors vietnam, Vinlash can offer wholesale 3D lashes in every length, thickness, and curl. But in the case of 3D lashes (characterized by 3-lash-strand fans), there is an optimal range of specifications for them to cater to the best use and demand. Here is the suitable volume lash chart for wholesale 3D lashes:

  • – Length: 8-15mm length as this is the most popular length required by most lash artists as well as clients.
  • – Thickness: 0.05-0.07mm as this thickness range ensures the weight of 3D lashes wholesale doesn’t cause any harm or discomfort to natural lashes.
  • – Curl: C and D curl as these are the most high-in-demand curls in the market and also the most used curls in eyelash extensions, also the option that most beginner lash businesses look for in their first purchases.

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With optimal lengths, thicknesses, and curls, our 3D lashes ensure both beauty and comfort. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your lash business, Vinlash is your trusted partner for high-quality lash extensions.


We hope you have found valuable insights into purchasing 3D lashes wholesale by reaching this point. With Vinlash’s expertise and wide range of options, you can confidently procure high-quality bulk eyelashes at minimal costs, catering to both your needs and those of your clients.