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6d Lashes Wholesale

Discover Vinlash’s wholesale 6D lashes for lash brands. Bulk order premium 6D fan lashes, perfect for businesses looking to supply top-quality lash extensions.

What are 6D fan lashes?

6D fan lashes are often used to achieve a voluminous or “Russian Volume” style, characterized by their dense and fluffy appearance. “6D” means each fan has six lashes attached together and is applied to one natural eyelash for extra fullness.

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Vinlash’s 6D fan lashes provide high-quality, easy-to-use extensions for a full and lasting look. Crafted from superior PBT fibers, they are soft, light, and have long retention for up to 6 weeks, ensuring comfortable wear.

Key features of wholesale 6d lashes offered by Vinlash

Vinlash’s wholesale 6D lashes are crafted with attention to detail and quality. Each feature is designed to enhance the application process and the wearing experience:

  • – Premium Quality PBT Fibers: The lashes are made from high-grade PBT, a synthetic fiber that is known for its durability, consistency, and natural appearance. PBT fibers create lashes that are soft, flexible, and hold their curl exceptionally well.
  • – Good Adhesive Quality: The base of each 6D fan is designed to adhere securely to the natural lash. This strong bond is crucial for the longevity of the lash extension and ensures that the fans stay intact.
  • – Fan Symmetry: Each fan in wholesale 6d lashes order is crafted to have uniform symmetry, meaning that all six lashes are evenly spaced and spread out to create a perfect fan.
  • – Pointy Base: The fans have a sharp, pointy base that allows for a smooth and close application to the natural lash line.
  • – Lightweight: Although they create a voluminous effect, the lashes are incredibly lightweight. This means that they do not place excess weight on natural lashes, helping to maintain lash health and comfort for the wearer throughout the duration of their lash extension life cycle.
  • – Long Retention: 6D lashes made by Vinlash – one of the best lash vendors Vietnam are crafted for long-lasting use, maintaining their look for 4-6 weeks. A 2-year curl hold guarantee and a 1-month product quality warranty ensure these lashes meet high standards of performance and consistency for your brand’s offerings.

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These features collectively make 6D lashes by Vin Lash a premium choice for wholesale purchasers looking to offer their customers top-notch volume lash extensions with reliable performance.

Best length, thickness, curl for wholesale 6d lashes

For lash brands looking to source 6D fan lashes in bulk, here’s a simplified guide to choosing the right features for your inventory:

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  • – Length: The lashes vary from 8 to 15 millimeters (mm). To match the client’s own lashes and the shape of their eyes, pick a length that looks good on them. Offering a set with different lengths can help fit different looks.
  • – Thickness: The lashes should be between 0.05 mm and 0.07 mm thick. This size is light enough not to harm the natural lashes but still gives a full look. You should consider this range when buying wholesale 6d lashes.
  • – Curl: The most popular types of curls are C, D, and CC. A C curl is soft and natural, a D curl makes a bold statement with more curves, and a CC curl is in the middle, noticeable but not too sharp.

By providing a variety of lengths, a balanced thickness, and popular curl options, you’ll be equipped to meet the diverse needs of lash artists and their clientele.

Private label options for wholesale 6D lashes

For lash brands and salons buying 6D lashes in bulk, we’ve got you covered with private label services. You can get our high-quality 6D lashes in packaging that has your brand name and logo on it, making your brand really stand out.

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  • – Does Vinlash offer custom box design for wholesale 6d lashes orders?

Yes, for bulk buy eyelashes orders of our specialized 6D fan lashes, we provide a free custom box design that includes your brand logo.

  • – What is the MOQ for Vinlash’s 6D fan lash orders?

We have no MOQ for our 6D fan lash orders to support businesses of all sizes. Just note, smaller orders under 100 pieces have a higher price per custom box, but orders above 500 pieces come with a considerable discount.

  • – How do I initiate a 6D fan lash private label order with Vinlash?

To start your private label order for 6D fan lashes, you should:

  1. Send us your brand information.
  2. Choose your preferred 6D fan lash styles.
  3. Submit your high-resolution logo and any custom design instructions.
  4. We’ll assist with the design process and provide a step-by-step guide until completion.
  • – What’s included in the Vinlash 6D fan lash private label order cost?

The total cost covers the 6D fan lashes, the creation of custom packaging, and the shipping. Contact our sales for a precise quote based on your order’s specifics.

  • – Can I have sample of my 6D fan lash custom packaging before making a large purchase?

We recommend trying out the 6D fan lashes first. If you’re set on custom packaging, we can create a demo design to visualize your custom boxes before you commit to a large order.

Get a sample of 6D fan lashes

Discover the difference quality makes by trying a sample of our 6D fan lashes. Feel the softness, see the curl, and test the wear to understand why our lashes are a favorite for brands and their customers.