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Individual Eyelash Extension Wholesale

Individual eyelash extension wholesale are eyelash extensions that are applied 1:1 to customers. Vinlash offers natural, dense, soft & kink-free lashes.

In this article, Vinlash will explain every detail and address any questions you may have regarding individual eyelash extension wholesale. We will outline what they are, the services individual eyelash extension suppliers like Vinlash offer, as well as the key features of high-quality individual eyelash extensions.

What are individual eyelash extension wholesale?

Individual eyelash extension wholesale refers to the kind of eyelash extensions that are applied one-to-one, which specifically means one lash extension applied on one natural lash. Sometimes, they are also referred to as eyelash extensions that are not pre-fanned out.

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Individual eyelash extensions can be standard classic eyelash extensions, flat eyelash extensions, camellia eyelash extensions, and standard easy-fanning eyelash extensions. At Vinlash, besides their basic individual lash extensions, we also offer glitter individual lash extensions and diamond individual lash extensions.

What do individual eyelash extension suppliers like Vinlash offer?

Below, we will list the offerings of Vinlash for our individual eyelash extension category. In general, each supplier may have different offerings. But at Vinlash, we strive to provide the most comprehensive range of each product category so that customers can find anything they need from our product portfolio:

Types of individual eyelash extensions:

Standard classic eyelash extensions:

Standard classic eyelash extensions from individual eyelash extension wholesale suppliers are eyelash extensions that are applied one-to-one and have a round base.


Flat eyelash extensions:

Flat eyelash extensions are eyelash extensions that are applied one-to-one but have ellipsed (flat) bases and sometimes a split tip, making them much lighter than classic lashes.

Standard easy fanning:

Flat eyelash extensions are eyelash extensions that are applied one-to-one but have ellipsed (flat) bases and sometimes a split tip, making them much lighter than classic lashes.

Camellia eyelash extensions:

Camellia eyelash extensions are easy-fanning but with three different lengths in one fan created by the lash lines having multiple lengths layered on each other.

Glitter eyelash extensions:

Glitter eyelash extensions are classic eyelash extensions but coated with glitter on the top half of the lash body, catering to a glittering highlight effect.

Diamond eyelash extensions:

Diamond eyelash extensions are classic eyelash extensions but each lash strand is attached with a tiny, lightweight diamond, catering to sparkling lash sets.

Types of finishing for individual eyelash extensions:

Silk eyelash extensions:

Silk finish refers to a soft, feathery, and matte finish. Silk eyelash extensions are often tapered 2/3 of the body, making them more lightweight and fluffy.

Mink eyelash extensions:

Mink finish refers to a sturdier, glossier, healthy finish. Mink eyelash extensions are often tapered 1/3 of the body, giving them a less lightweight & bolder look.

Lash chart for individual eyelash extensions:


5-20mm & mixed






Black & Diverse colors

In conclusion, Vinlash is committed to offering a diverse range of individual eyelash extensions to cater to the unique needs and preferences of our customers. Whether you’re looking for classic eyelash extensions, flat eyelash extensions, camellia eyelash extensions, easy-fanning, glitter, or diamond eyelash extensions, we have you covered with our variety of finishes, including silk eyelash extensions and mink lash extensions, and an extensive lash chart featuring various lengths, curls, thicknesses, and colors.

Features of high-quality individual eyelash extensions

It’s essential to invest in high-quality products, especially when it comes to individual eyelash extensions. Each type of extension has its unique characteristics and functions, which contribute to its overall quality. Here, we outline the indicators of high-quality individual eyelash extensions:

  • – Natural-looking finish: High-quality individual eyelash extensions exhibit a natural-looking finish that closely resembles real lashes. This indicates that the supplier selects premium PBT fibers that mimic the appearance of natural lashes.
  • – Dense lash lines: High-quality individual eyelash extensions feature dense lash lines, offering more lash strands per line. This density provides more versatility and value, allowing for multiple uses per package and ultimately reducing costs while increasing profits.
  • – Straight & kink-free: High-quality individual eyelash extension wholesale is characterized by straight and kink-free lines, facilitating ease of use for buyers during application.
  • – Soft & lightweight: Crafted from soft and lightweight Korean PBT hairs, high-quality individual eyelash extensions offer a comfortable and lightweight wearing experience.
  • – Long-lasting: With Korean PBT’s unique properties of holding curl for an extended period and high elasticity, high-quality individual eyelash extensions maintain their shape and curvature over time.

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In conclusion, when selecting individual eyelash extensions, prioritizing quality is essential. The indicators outlined above serve as helpful guidelines to ensure you’re investing in products that deliver natural-looking results, durability, and ease of use. By choosing high-quality individual eyelash extensions, you’re not only enhancing customer satisfaction but also maximizing value and profits.

Why you should buy individual eyelash extension wholesale from Vinlash

Buying individual eyelash extensions from Vinlash can greatly benefit your lash business, ensuring product quality, competitive pricing, and excellent service. Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing bulk eye lashes from Vinlash:

  • – High-quality products: Vinlash offers individual eyelash extensions of superior quality like the prominent quality features outlined above.
  • – Sample testing: We allow customers to test samples before making individual eyelash extension wholesale purchases.
  • – Responsive customer service: Vinlash is prompt and professional in addressing customer inquiries and concerns.
  • – Reliable shipping policy: We have a dependable shipping policy to ensure timely and safe delivery of orders.
  • – Warranty options: Vinlash offers warranties on their products, demonstrating their commitment to quality.
  • – Knowledgeable support: We possess the expertise to answer all customer questions and provide guidance.
  • – Private labeling services: Vinlash Company offers convenient and professional private labeling services for customers interested in branding their own products.

In conclusion, partnering with a trustworthy individual eyelash extension supplier like Vinlash is essential for the success of your lash business. By ensuring high-quality products, detailed information, responsive customer service, and reliable shipping, you can confidently build your brand and meet the needs of your clientele.


In conclusion, we’ve provided comprehensive insights into individual eyelash extension wholesale, covering their classifications, key features of high-quality products, and the reasons why you should buy from Vinlash. We hope that you can confidently make rational decisions for your lash business. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to Vinlash.