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Flat Eyelash Extensions

Vinlash’s flat eyelash extensions are crafted with a unique, flattened base that enhances the contact area with the natural lash, providing a 120-degree bond, compared to the typical 60 degrees found in classic extensions. This increased bonding area ensures a more secure fit, longer retention, and natural looks.

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Notable features of Flat eyelash extensions from Vinlash

  • No-Shine Matte Finish: The flat eyelash extensions have a matte finish that mimics the natural lash, offering the most authentic look possible.
  • Extra Flat Base: The carved ellipse base allows for improved bonding and extended retention, differentiating these lashes from standard options.
  • 70% Lighter: Vinlash’s flat lashes are 70% lighter than traditional classic lashes, thanks to a precise tapering technique, ensuring comfortable wear.
  • Sophisticated Split Tip: Each lash features a split tip for a fluffy, textured look that adds dimension and a wispy effect.
  • More secure fit: The lashes are designed with a half-ellipse carved base at a 120-degree angle, wrapped around the natural lash for a snug fit that lasts.
  • Exclusive Curling Process: Vinlash Factory uses a specialized curling process with precise temperature control, refined through extensive testing, and double-heated to ensure the lashes maintain their curl for an extended period.
  • Precision Heating: The delicate split tips of the lashes are processed with high-tech drying equipment, ensuring the tips are finely treated without any damage or irregularities.

Compare flat eyelash extensions and classic eyelash extensions

Below is a comparison between flat lashes and classic lashes, which helps you understand the differences between flat and classic styles. Each offers unique benefits tailored to various customer preferences, from the appearance of volume to the weight and feel on the eyes.

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By featuring both flat and classic eyelash extensions in your product lineup, your brand stands out as a comprehensive source for lash professionals

Private label options for flat eyelash extensions

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Short Stem Premade Fans Category 5

Q&A for Private Label Options for Flat Eyelash Extensions by Vinlash

Yes, Vinlash provides free packaging design services. Our team works diligently to craft packaging that showcases your brand’s logo, integrates your creative ideas, and includes any specific customizations you desire.

At Vinlash, we don’t enforce an MOQ for our flat lash extensions wholesale (also known as cashmere lash extensions wholesale), giving you the flexibility to order according to your needs. However, we recommend purchasing 500 pieces or more to take advantage of significant cost savings per item.

Beginning a private label is simple. Contact our sales team with the details of your desired lash extensions, your brand information, and your packaging design ideas. Our process is straightforward and aimed at delivering satisfaction:

  • – Specify the type(s) of flat lash extensions you want.
  • – Provide your brand name and logo image.
  • – Share your website or social media accounts.
  • – Discuss your packaging design preferences.

The price includes the cost of the flat eyelash extensions, the creation of customized packaging with your brand details, and the shipping fees. For more comprehensive pricing information, please get in touch with our Vinlash team.

We provide visual designs of the private-labeled packaging to ensure it meets your expectations. While we can offer samples, be aware that they may come with higher shipping costs and individual item charges, so it’s important to evaluate the need for physical samples against these additional expenses.

Definitely. If you need help with your packaging design, our team is here to support you and make sure it fits your brand perfectly.

Lengths, thickness, and curls for flat eyelash extensions

Vinlash stands out among a lot of eyelash extension suppliers, offering a variety of options for flat eyelash extensions to help lash brands provide the best products for their lash technicians.

flat eyelash extensions category 3
  • Lengths: Available from short 4mm to long 20mm. Options: Trays with mixed lengths for different looks
  • Thicknesses: From very fine 0.03mm to thicker 0.25mm for varied styles
  • Curls: Includes J, B, C, CC, D, DD, L, L+, LD, M, and V to suit any eye shape or style preference

We understand lash brands need to supply their technicians with a range of high-quality flat lash extensions. Vinlash keeps up with the latest trends to make sure your brand offers what lash techs need. Choose Vinlash for extensions that meet your and your clients’ standards

Sample our flat eyelash extensions

Discover the quality of our flat eyelash extensions firsthand by requesting a sample before placing flat eyelash extensions wholesale order or cashmere lashes wholesale order today. Experience the variety and precision Vinlash offers, ensuring your technicians have the best tools for stunning lash applications, all available through our convenient lash extensions wholesale offer.

This information helps us understand you and support you in the best way, providing you with the most suitable and fastest solution.