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Classic Lash Extensions

Dense, matte, uniform lash line and stable curls

Indispensable in eyelash extensions; however, they are typically inconsistent in lash lines, have a greenish gloss, and lose curl easily.

Vinlash offers uniform classic lash extensions with consistent length, curl, and thickness to guarantee precise application and achieve desired results. Our classic lash extensions feature a dense, natural finish, uniform lash lines, and a proven 2-year curl retention, making them essential for any lash cart.

Key features of Vinlash classic lash extensions

  • Uniform, dense lash line: Each lash line in Vinlash classic lash trays is densely packed with uniform strands in terms of length, curl, and thickness.
  • No kink, easily separated: Through a precise PBT filament shaping process, our classic lash extensions have no kinks and are easily separated.
  • Stable curl: Our classic eyelash extensions can maintain curl for up to 2 years, thanks to being tightly rolled and heated at an ideal temperature.
  • Natural finish with natural sheen: Vinlash classic lash extensions offer a natural and non-greenish finish that seamlessly blends with natural lashes.
  • Easily picked without glue residue: Our classic lash extensions are designed to be easily picked up and leave no glue residue on the sticky lash strips.
  • Soft and lightweight: Vinlash classic eyelash extensions are soft and lightweight, thanks to being crafted from Korean PBT fibers.

Sheen options of classic lash extensions from Vinlash

Vinlash provides three finish options for classic lash extensions, all made from quality Korean PBT fibers.

Ultra matte black

Suited for: Offering a subtle finish with no gloss at all, suitable for daily wear, appealing to those who love minimalist style.

Semi-matte black

Suited for: Offering a polished and elegant appearance with a little glossy finish to enhance the natural beauty of lashes.

Ultra dark black

Suited for: Adding shine and sparkle with a noticeably glossy finish, ideal for clients who want their eyes to stand out.

In short, these three options are essential to add to your business due to their popularity and high demand. However, as a lash factory, we can tailor your order of classic lashes to meet your specific requirements for more sheen options on the lashes.

Glue tape options for Vinlash classic lashes

Glue tape is an essential factor to consider when you buy classic lash extensions as it considerably affects the quality of the lashes. Below are the glue tape options for classic eyelash extensions offered by Vin lash:


Choosing the right adhesive tape ensures that the lashes can be easily removed without leaving any residue and also guarantees their security during transportation. Additionally, our experienced team will assist you in resolving any confusion to ensure you receive the highest quality product.

Vinlash diameter options (lengths, thicknesses, curls) for classic lash extensions

To meet the extensive demands of lash businesses and from every corner of the world, Vinlash known as one of the most reputable lash suppliers provides a diverse and continuously evolving range of lengths, thicknesses, and curls for classic lash extensions.


Length, thickness, curl options for classic lash extensions from Vinlash

  • Lengths: 4-20mm | Mixed-length
  • Thicknesses: 0.03mm-0.25mm.
  • Curls: J,B,C,CC,D,DD,L,L+,LD,M,V.

Communicate your desired lengths, thicknesses and curls for classic lash trays with Vinlash. Our selection is consistently expanding, incorporating new choices to anticipate and respond to customer demand. Furthermore, we’re ready to customize any specifications regarding diameter options for your order.

Packaging and private labelling options for classic lash extensions

Vinlash provides a range of packaging options for customers making wholesale purchases of classic eyelash extensions. Here are our available options:


FAQS about our available private labelling services for classic eyelash extensions

Yes, we provide packaging design services and offer them for free. Our design team strives to create your desired packaging that reflects your brand logo, incorporates your ideas and accommodates any customization you require.

Vinlash doesn’t set an MOQ for classic lash extensions, allowing customers to purchase as many as they need. Nevertheless, ordering 500 pieces or more is beneficial for customers, as it reduces the cost per item considerably.

To initiate a private label for classic individual lashes with Vinlash, you just need to contact our sales team and provide the following details:

  • – The type(s) of classic lash extensions you intend to purchase
  • – Your brand name
  • – A picture of your brand logo
  • – Your website/ Instagram/ Facebook account or more
  • – Your ideas for ideal packaging design

We’ll handle the rest of the process and deliver the private label that meets your satisfaction.

The final price covers the cost of our classic eyelash extensions, customized packaging featuring your brand name and logo, and shipping expenses. For additional details, please reach out to our Vinlash team.

We consistently provide demo designs of the final private-labeled classic lash trays/boxes to ensure that what you receive aligns with your expectations. Consider carefully before requesting samples, as they may incur high shipping costs and per-item expenses.

Get samples of Vinlash classic lash extensions

Vinlash classic lash extensions, featuring dense, uniform lash lines and stable curls, are a vital addition to your product portfolio. Whether you’re a retailer or a beauty professional seeking wholesale eyelash extensions, our high-quality products are tailored to meet your needs. To enhance your purchasing experience with us and ensure the value of your investment, we offer product samples. Contact us for more details!

This information helps us understand you and support you in the best way, providing you with the most suitable and fastest solution.