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Short Stem Premade Fans

Short stem premade fans, although essential for lash tech to create wide fluffy fans for clients with sparse lashes, may have a higher risk of premature shedding or detachment from the natural lashes due to their shorter stem length. This can affect the overall longevity and retention of lash extensions.

Vinlash addresses this concern directly with our flat and thin base short stem fans for better adhesion and uses a specialized double-bonding technique to ensure a secure and lasting hold.

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Significant features of short stem premade fans from Vinlash

  • Soft, matte, and dense black finish: Vinlash short stem premade fansboast a soft, matte texture with a dense black finish.
  • Durable Thin Base: Our fans have a small thin, yet strong base for better bonding and long-lasting wear, thanks to unique mold techniques and double base bonding methods.
  • Fluffy and Wide Fans: They’re crafted to be fluffy and wide, allowing for an easy application and a voluminous final effect.
  • Perfect Symmetry: Each fan is consistently symmetrical, ensuring an attractive and professional lash set.
  • Optimal Stem Length: Our short-stem fans are meticulously designed with optimal stem length and adequate taper that ensures easy and secure attachment to the natural lash.

Distinctive Features of Vinlash Premade Fans: Short-stem versus Long-stem

Vinlash Factory presents two fan choices for lash extensions: long-stem for a standout look and short-stem for blending seamlessly. This picture below will help you differentiate them to better serve your customers’ needs.

Short Stem Premade Fans Category 1
Short Stem Premade Fans Category 6

Vinlash’s short stem fans stand out for their ease of use and durability, offering a reliable option for lash brand and technicians aiming for a natural-looking extension.

Private label for short stem premade fans by Vinlash

Vinlash, as a top lashes distributor, offers high-quality short stem premade fans with customized private label packaging to enhance your brand’s presence.

Short Stem Premade Fans Category 2
Short Stem Premade Fans Category 5

Vinlash offers high-quality short stem premade volume fans with personalized private label packaging to enhance your brand’s presence.

FAQs on Private label short stem premade fans

Our team assists you in developing custom packaging with your logo. Bulk orders of short stem premade volume fans include custom design services at no extra cost.

There is no minimum order requirement. Custom boxes for short stem premade volume fans wholesale pricing varies—less than 100 pieces are priced higher, while orders above 500 can reduce costs.

Provide your brand information, select the type of short stem premade volume fans you want, send us high-resolution logo, and any specific design instructions. We’ll guide you through the design and order process.

The price covers short stem fans, customized packaging, and delivery. Reach out via our contact options for a tailored quote.

Creating just a few custom boxes can be expensive, so we suggest trying samples of our super narrow fans first. We can make a sample design for your boxes so you can see how they’ll look before proceeding to bulk order.

Vinlash Lash Curl Guide for Short Stem Premade Fans

We offer a variety of curls to match any style preference:

Short Stem Premade Fans Category 3
Short Stem Premade Fans Category 4
  • Lengths: From 6mm to 20mm.
  • Thicknesses: Ranging from 0.03mm to 0.25mm.
  • Curls: Including J, B, C, CC, D, DD, L, L+, U, M, customizable to your needs.

Vinlash offers personalized curls for short stem premade fans, meeting the specific needs of each customer.

Try Samples of Our Short Stem Premade Fans

Request a sample of short stem premade volume fans to ensure you’re satisfied with the product before purchasing bulk eyelashes of short stem premade volume fans. Contact us for sample details and pricing.

This information helps us understand you and support you in the best way, providing you with the most suitable and fastest solution.