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Wispy Pre-made Fans

A big quality issue that lash brands may face with Wispy premade fans is lash shedding. Wispy lashes are typically made up of thinner and more delicate strands, which can be prone to shedding during the manufacturing process or when handled improperly. This can lead to a shorter lifespan of premade fans and a less durable final product

High-quality wispy premade fans offered by Vinlash are made from high quality PBT fibers, and are crafted meticulously by skilled artisans. That is why the spike does not shed or fall apart when picked up, assuring authentic wispy look.

Key features of wispy premade fans offered by Vinlash

  • Wispy effect: The fans are crafted to mimic the delicate and irregular pattern of natural lashes, ensuring an authentic wispy look.
  • Natural volume effect: A standout 2mm longer strand in the middle, known as the Spike, enhances volume effects.
  • Lightweight: Vinlash manufacturer offers wispy premade fans that are distinguished by their feather-light construction, high-quality, lightweight materials, ensuring they do not weigh down the natural lashes or cause discomfort for the client.
  • Durability: With strong glue at the base, Vinlash fans are made to last, keeping their shape and looking for an extended time.
  • Quality assurance: Each fan is rigorously checked, ensuring that lash brands can confidently guarantee professional-grade products to their customers.

Private Label for Wispy Premade Fans

Flat Pre-made Fans category 3

Vinlash specializes in providing private labeling for wispy premade fans, allowing you to offer superior lashes under your own brand.

Vinlash Private Label Wispy Premade Fans - Q&A

Vinlash specializes in providing private labeling for wispy premade fans, allowing you to offer superior lashes under your own brand.

Certainly, Vinlash accepts private label orders for wispy premade fans in any quantity, with pricing that are suitable for the size of your order.

Simply provide your brand name and other information, choose the desired wispy premade fan style, and supply a clear and quality logo along with your design specifics. We take care of the rest.

A custom order’s total cost includes the wispy premade fans, personalized packaging, and shipping fees. Contact us directly for a detailed quote based on your needs.

Variety in Dimensions, Curl, Thickness, and Length for Wispy Premade Fans

Vinlash offers a comprehensive selection chart for our wispy premade fans.

Wispy premade fans category-1
Wispy premade fans category-2
  • Balanced Fan Structure: The fans are designed with an odd number of lashes – 5D, 7D, 9D, or 11D—to ensure a balanced fan around the central spike.
  • Length Range: The length of wispy premade fans refers to the non-spike lashes, with popular lengths varying from 5mm to 18mm, accommodating different style preferences. The spike is 2mm longer than other surrounding lashes
  • Lash curl: Vinlash provides a comprehensive curl collection perfect for any lash brand, from the subtle J and B curls to the striking D and DD, along with distinctive L, L+, U, and M options. And if you’re after something extra specific, Vinlash customizes the curl angle to match your customize preferences.
  • Many Thickness Options: Vinlash wispy fans range from super thin 0.03mm up to thicker 0.25mm, so you can pick the perfect weight for every look.

Vinlash, as one of the leading wholesale lashes vendors, provides lash brands with an extensive selection of Camellia premade fans, featuring a variety of volumes, lengths, thicknesses, and curls. This allows brands to cater to a wide range of preferences and styles, ensuring they can offer lash artists the tools they need for any client look, from the most subtle to the most striking.

Sample Our Wispy Premade Fans

Experience the delicate yet durable quality of our wispy premade fans firsthand by requesting a sample. You’ll be able to assess their lightness, comfortable fit, and natural appearance, making them an ideal choice for bulk eyelashes orders. For sample requests and pricing information, please get in touch with us.

This information helps us understand you and support you in the best way, providing you with the most suitable and fastest solution.