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Premade Fans

Symmetric fans, pointy bases and a soft, naturally black finish

Regular premade fans are a must-have for any lash businesses for their popularity. These fans offer instant fans for rapid volume eyelash extensions.

They are often recognized for their wide opening and thick base due to glue bonding, potentially resulting in a less natural look. However, Vinlash addresses this concern by offering very thin and pointy base premade fans with minimal glue for optimal bonding, ensuring seamless integration with natural lashes.

Significant features of premade fans offered by Vinlash

  • Thin, pointy base with optimal glue bonding area from 1.8mm to 2mm
  • High-quality, certified and transparent glue ensures optimal bonding results, eliminating the risk of falling apart.
  • Clear, consistent V shape for neat and professional look.
  • Symmetrical and uniform fan in each lash box with even space and consistent length, thickness, curl.
  • No risk of falling apart due to double-sealed with heat-bonded method and a finishing transparent glue coating.
  • Can hold curls for 2 years: Our premade fans can hold curls for 2 years, backed up by our 2-year warranty policy for lash curls
  • Consistent quality in bulk order: With 100% of our premade fan batches undergoing 4 steps of quality control procedure, we assure consistently high quality premade fans in bulk order

Fan width of premade fans from Vinlash

To help you see the different sizes of our premade fans (regular or wide premade fans/narrow premade fans/super narrow premade fans), here’s a photo to compare them:


Remember, we can make the fans wider or narrower just how you like them. Just tell us the size you’re looking for and any other changes you need for your premade lash fans bulk orders.

Private label and custom packaging options for narrow premade fans

For lash brands looking for regular premade lash fans wholesale and customized packaging featuring your logo, Vinlash Company provides a variety of private labeling solutions as follows.



Our skilled design team specializes in custom packaging, ensuring your brand’s message shines. Once you place a bulk order for our regular premade fans, we design a custom box with your logo at no extra charge.

We offer flexibility with no MOQ for private label orders. However, for under 100 pieces, custom box prices are higher. Ordering over 500 pieces significantly lowers the cost.

  • – To launch your private label, get in touch with us, providing:
  • – Your brand name and website/Instagram link
  • – Your selection of regular premade fans for the private label
  • – Your logo in high resolution
  • – Your box designs (if you have, and it should be in high resolution) and any specific requests
  • – We’ll handle the rest, from design mockups to step-by-step guidance.

A private label order’s total cost includes the regular premade fans, custom packaging, and shipping. For precise pricing, fill out our contact form at Vinlash Contact Us, chat with us live, or message us on WhatsApp. Our sales team will provide a complete quote based on your order details.

Due to high costs for small batch custom packaging, we suggest sampling the premade fans first. We’ll create a custom packaging demo design to visualize the final packaging.

Vinlash lash curl chart and customization for narrow premade fans

With our background in partnering with brands from all over the world, as a trusted lash distributor, we understand that the curl preferences for regular premade fans can vary. To help your brand choose the right fans for your customers in your premade lash fans wholesale purchases, we provide a straightforward lash curl guide.


Here are the specifics for our range of regular premade fans:

  • Lengths Available: From a subtle 6mm up to an eye-catching 20mm.
  • Thickness Options: Starting at a fine 0.03mm to a fuller 0.25mm.
  • Variety of Curls: Including J, B, C, CC, D, DD, L, L+, U, M to cover all desired styles.

If your brand is after something unique, we’re ready to customize these curls to fit what you’re aiming for, making sure the regular premade fans you offer are spot-on for your customers.

Get samples of our regular premade fans

At Vinlash, we invite you to test the strength of our regular premade fans. See for yourself how they hold up during application and notice their neat, non-bulky bonding point for a smooth look. Each fan is consistently shaped and evenly spaced for a perfect set every time. Try a sample before you place a bulk eyelashes order for premade lash fans and ensure what you’re offering is top-notch. Contact us for sample and pricing information.

This information helps us understand you and support you in the best way, providing you with the most suitable and fastest solution.