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YY lashes and more

YY lashes collection (YY/W/3D W clover/4D W clover lashes) are known for their Y or W shaped design, which creates a fan-like effect and adds volume to the lashes. It is important to ensure that the Y-shaped design is consistent and well-executed throughout the lashes. Any inconsistencies in the design can affect the overall appearance and quality of the lashes.

Vinlash’s YY lashes, with their distinctive and consistent Y-shaped design, are meticulously crafted to offer lash brands a product that consistently delivers volume and a fan-like effect to any set of eyes.

Key features of YY lashes offered by Vinlash

  • Weaving Art: Vinlash YY lashes are knitted from single fibers, offering an instantly thick and seamless look that closely mimics natural lash volume.
  • Consistent Y-Shape: Each YY lash extensions is expertly crafted to maintain the signature Y-shaped design, ensuring a consistent fan effect across all applications.
  • Double tip: Vinlash’s YY lashes mimic the fluffiness of 2D double-tip flat lashes, offering a soft, full, and fluffy look.
  • Quality Consistency: Vinlash Vietnam prioritizes the quality of their products, ensuring that each batch of YY lashes meets high standards for lash brands requiring dependable wholesale options.
  • Long retention: Vinlash’s YY lashes feature thin and flat bases, ensuring a larger contact area for the adhesive and resulting in better retention
  • Lightweight and comfort: Made from high quality PBT fibers, Vinlash YY lashes are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Distinguish between YY , VV, 3D W, 4D W, Spike W lashes

As a lash brand, offering a variety of styles like YY, VV, 3D W, 4D W, and Spike W lashes allows you to cater to a wide customer base, each looking for a distinct lash look. These options range from natural volume to dramatic effects and are essential for a well-rounded product catalog.

yy lash category
  • YY Lashes: These feature two extensions per fan, creating a Y-shape that adds a fluffy volume and a seamless finish, ideal for a dense yet natural appearance.
  • VV Lashes: Similar to YY lashes, VV lashes have two extensions per fan but with a more open V-shape, providing a fan effect that is a bit more pronounced and textured.
  • 3D W Lashes: This style of W lash extensions includes three ultra-fine extensions per fan, resulting in a W-shape that offers multidimensional volume and a soft, natural fullness.
  • 4D W Lashes: An advancement from the 3D W, these lashes incorporate four extensions per fan for even more volume, while still maintaining a light and feathery look.
  • Spike W Lashes: These lashes are designed with varying lengths in a fan, creating a spiky, textured effect that adds edginess and drama to the overall lash look.

A selection of diverse lash styles ensures lash brands can meet the specific needs of professional lash technicians and their clients.

Range of lengths, thickness and curls of YY lashes offered by Vinlash

Vinlash, one of the leading lash extension vendors, carefully curates its YY lash collection, focusing on the most versatile and widely preferred specifications.

yy lash category
  • Thickness options: Vinlash YY lashes come in 0.05mm and 0.07mm.
  • Length variety: Available from 8mm to 14mm to suit different preferences.
  • Curl choices: Available in J, B, C, D, and CC.
By offering the most sought-after specifications, Vinlash ensures lash brands can deliver consistent, high-quality lashes for their customers.

Private label services for YY lashes offered by Vinlash

Explore Vinlash’s private label services for Y lashes wholesale, a perfect solution for businesses looking to offer quality lash extensions under their own brand.


Q&A about private label services for Camellia premade fans

Vinlash provides a service where you can sell our YY lashes under your brand name. We help you customize the packaging and add your logo to fit your brand’s style.

Yes, you can. We work with you to choose the right look and feel for your lash packaging for Y lashes wholesale that matches your brand’s image.

There’s no set minimum for ordering our YY lashes. We have flexible pricing based on how many you order – smaller orders have one price, and larger orders over 500 units are less expensive per unit.

To begin, you just need to give us your brand details, select the YY lash style you want, and provide a high-quality logo and any specific design instructions you have. We’ll handle everything from there to create your custom-branded lashes.

We suggest trying out the lashes first. For the custom packaging, we can create a sample design image for you to approve before you commit to a big order.

Definitely. If you need help with your packaging design, our team is here to support you and make sure it fits your brand perfectly.

Vinlash’s lash extension private label service for YY eyelash extensions is designed to help lash brands offer their customers quality products with a personal touch that stands out in the marketplace.

Get a sample of YY lashes

Request a sample of YY lashes from Vinlash – one of the most reputable lash manufacturers in Vietnam to experience their quality and style, whether you’re interested in bulk eyelash extensions or individual use. Obtain a sample easily by reaching out to us, and make an informed decision for your business or personal use with confidence.

This information helps us understand you and support you in the best way, providing you with the most suitable and fastest solution.