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Long Stem Premade Fans

Symmetrical long-stem fans with a long-lasting straight shape and consistency.

Long stem premade fans are popular for their bold look and dark eyeliner effect. However, they can be excessively narrow or closed fans, or even don’t stand up right and fall apart due to their longer base.

Vinlash expertly creates these fans to avoid such problems, ensuring straight, symmetrical fans that deliver a professional eyeliner effect and have long retention over time.

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Key features of long stem premade fans offered by Vinlash

  • Symmetrical opened fans: Vinlash long stem premade fans boast symmetrical opened fans that resist closing or leaning, and are not likely to fall apart.
  • Dense but thin, tiny fan base: Vinlash long stem premade fans feature uniformly dense, thin, and tiny bases.
  • Uniform straight standing: Vinlash long stem premade fans stand uniformly vertically without leaning to the right or left.
  • Natural black appearance: Available in matte or semi-glossy finishes, they blend naturally with the client’s lashes.
  • Soft and Lightweight: Crafted with quality Korean PBT fibers, ensuring a comfortable wear.
  • Secure Base Attachment: The base is firmly attached to the stem for durability during and after application.
  • Curl Retention Warrant: Vinlash guarantees the fan’s curl for up to two years, providing a 2-year warranty.

Distinguish between long stem and short stem premade fans

For lash brands, Vinlash Vietnam offers two types of premade fans: long-stem and short-stem. Both are designed for different styles and client needs. Here, we will outline the simple yet important differences between them to help you choose the right product for your brand.

Short Stem Premade Fans Category 1
Short Stem Premade Fans Category 6

To conclude, Vinlash’s long-stem fans create a bold, standout lash look and are easy for technicians to apply. The short-stem fans, meanwhile, give a softer, more natural look and are comfortable for wearers, using less glue. Choosing between them allows your brand to cater precisely to various customer preferences, making Vinlash a flexible choice among eyelash distributors.

Private label options for long stem premade fans

Vinlash offers high-quality short stem premade fans with custom private label packaging to enhance your brand’s presence.

Short Stem Premade Fans Category 2
Short Stem Premade Fans Category 5


Our design team works with you to create custom packaging that highlights your brand. Order our long stem premade fans in bulk, and we’ll design a custom box with your logo at no additional cost.

We offer the convenience of no MOQ. However, custom box prices may vary; under 100 pieces will cost more, while orders over 500 pieces can reduce costs significantly.

To begin, simply provide the following information:

  • – Your brand name and online presence (website/Instagram).
  • – Your choice of long stem premade fans.
  • – Your high-resolution logo.
  • – Any box designs (if available) and specific requests in high resolution.
  • – We’ll take care of everything from there, from design mockups to detailed guidance through the process.

The total cost includes the fans, custom packaging, and shipping. For an accurate quote, contact us through the Vinlash Contact Us page, chat live, or send us a message on WhatsApp. Our sales team will provide a detailed quote based on your specifications.

We recommend testing the fans first due to the expense of small custom packaging runs. We will create a demo of the packaging design so you can visualize the end product.

Curl, Thickness and Length Selection for Short Stem Premade Fans

We offer a comprehensive lash curl chart to assist you in selecting the perfect fans:

Short Stem Premade Fans Category 3
Short Stem Premade Fans Category 4

Our long stem premade fans are available in:

  • Lengths: Ranging from the subtle 6mm to the striking 20mm.
  • Thicknesses: Starting at a delicate 0.03mm to a more robust 0.25mm.
  • Curls: A variety from J, B, C, CC, D, DD, L, L+, U, M to suit all styles.

We can also tailor these curls to create a unique offering for your customers, ensuring your long stem premade fans are exactly what your customers are looking for.

Try Samples of Our Long Stem Premade Fans

Experience the quality of Vinlash’s long stem premade fans firsthand. Observe their strong application, clean bonding, and uniform shape. Request a sample before placing a wholesale eyelashes order to ensure you’re providing the best product available. Reach out to us for sample details and pricing.

This information helps us understand you and support you in the best way, providing you with the most suitable and fastest solution.