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Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003


Enhance your lash brand with Classic Eyelash Extensions Single-Color 16 Lines VLC003. Dive into creative lash design with top-quality single-color extensions.

Product information of Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003

As a manufacturer dedicated to excellence, we provide a premium product Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003 that caters to your diverse needs. Elevate your services and captivate your clients with eyelash extensions that embody timeless beauty and superior quality, ensuring satisfaction at every step of the lash journey.

Overview about Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003

Welcome to the world of Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003, where quality and versatility unite to enhance your lash services and captivate your clients. At Vinlash, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of options that cater to the dynamic needs of lash technicians, wholesalers, and academies.

  • What Are Classic Eyelash Extensions?: Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003 are the foundation of timeless beauty, meticulously applied to each natural lash to create a gracefully enhanced look. Let’s explore our diverse parameters and options that ensure every lash treatment is a personalized masterpiece below.
  • Color Palette: Choose from an array of captivating colors, including classic black, single-color, multi-color, mixed-color, glitter color, two-toned color, and even the luxurious diamond lashes, allowing you to truly customize each client’s look.
  • Thickness Variety: Tailor the extension’s thickness to perfection with options ranging from 0.03mm to 0.25mm, allowing for meticulous customization that suits every individual’s natural lashes and desired outcome.
  • Premium Material: Elevate your lash game with our premium quality Korean PBT extensions, available in both faux-mink and silk variations, ensuring a soft, natural feel and luxurious appearance that clients adore.
  • Length Spectrum: From a delicate 5mm to a striking 20mm, our range of lengths lets you craft a look that enhances natural beauty or makes a bold statement, all while maintaining comfort and wearability.
  • Curvature Diversity: Embrace the artistry of Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003 with various curvatures like J, B, C, CC (C+), D, DD (D+), L, LC, LD, U, and M, each creating a unique effect that suits different eye shapes and preferences.
  • Versatile Packaging Options: Elevate the presentation of your Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003 with a range of packaging choices. Select from our cardboard boxes featuring a printed label and lash card with metal foil, or opt for the practicality of our 4, 12, and 16-line trays. For a sleek and modern touch, explore our basic plastic boxes available in clear, white, black, and other captivating colors, ensuring your extensions are not only a visual delight but also easily organized and stored.

Whether you’re a lash tech aiming for precision, a wholesaler seeking variety, or an academy dedicated to teaching the art of lash enhancement, our Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003 empower you to create stunning looks that stand the test of time. Experience the synergy of quality, choice, and artistry with Vinlash.

Guides for choosing the right lengths, thicknesses and curls of Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003

When it comes to choosing the right lengths, thicknesses, and curls from our Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003, we’ve got you covered. Follow these steps to achieve desired lash style:

  • Determine the length: One of the recommendations when determining a client’s extensions is the 3mm rule. The 3mm rule states that it is best only to go 3mm length extra past the client’s natural lash length to avoid the risk of breakage. It is also helpful to ask clients whether they are looking for more length or curl. Another important way to determine the right extension type for each specific client is mapping. This technique allows lash stylists to add varying lengths and amounts, creating the perfect luscious look with maximum density for each client. Mapping also gives more space to lash stylists to experiment and create customized looks that bring  out the best possible results.
  • Choose the thickness: When establishing the thickness of Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003, start by determining how much weight an individual extension can bear on your client’s natural lash. To accomplish so, choose a diameter that matches or is thinner than the client’s natural lash thickness. You’ll be able to establish the weight and dimension of your Volume fans once you’ve determined the diameter of the Classic lash your client’s natural lash can handle.
    • 0.10mm or 0.12mm Classic lash is suitable for clients with thin natural lashes
    • For healthy lashes, it is good to go for 0.15mm Classic lashes
    • For clients with strong lashes, it is safe to go up to 0.18mm Classic lashes
  • Explore different curls: From natural-looking curls to dramatic and lifted ones, our Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003 offers a range of curl variations. Consider the shape of client’ eyes and your personal style to select the curl that accentuates your eyes and adds depth to your lash line.
    • J curl lash is pretty much straight at the base and then it slightly curls a little bit at the end. J curl is an ideal choice for clients with straight or upwards-pointing eyelashes who want to create natural eyelash styles.
    • B curl lash is quite similar to the J curl but a little curlier. B Curl lashes are perfect for customers whose natural lashes are straight and are not for those with downward-facing lashes or protruding eyes.
    • C curl is most commonly used. It has a short and straight base with a natural curl at the end of the extension. They are useful for bright, wide-open effects without looking too heavy and dramatic.
    • CC curl lashes are ideal if you want something similar to C curl lashes but curlier. CC curl is believed to be the best choice for clients with straight or downward-facing lashes.
    • D curls are half-circle shaped, which make them the curliest and dramatically open the eyes. D lash extensions are typically used for special occasions.
    • DD/D+ is a curlier version of D curl. It is created for customers who want a fluffy set of extra curly lash extensions. 
    • L curl is literally shaped like an L. They have a flat base, which allows a stronger and longer bond with the natural lashes, then slightly straight upright, giving the ultimate strip lash effect creating an edgy textured effect. L curls are best suited for customers who have straight and downward-facing lashes as well as bottom lashes. They’re suitable curls for cat-eye effect as well as perfectly creating a flick effect to the outer eye.
    • LD curls are D curl lashes with a straight base. While the straight base allows more attachment surface between lash extensions and natural lashes, the dramatic curl will create an open eye effect by a multiple. LD curl is a great choice for customers with hooded eyes, deep-set eyes or mono lids making a bigger and dramatic look.
    • LC curl lash has the same flat base as LD curls allowing it to bond really nicely to the straight natural lash, but lifts up with less bend than LD Curl.. Designed for an open eye look, with natural down eyelashes, LC curls are the life-saver for those with hooded eyes as it draws the lash outward and upward, creating a lot of lift.
    • U curl has a straight base, but lifts up with more bend. This eyelash is perfect for mono lids, hooded eyelids, downward-facing lashes or any clients who want to crimp their lashes with an eyelash curler. U curls will create dramatic vertical uplift that really open the eyes. It is mostly used for creating cat eye lash style.
    • M curl has a straight base for easier attachment and lifts up with more bend than L curl. It is designed to lift the appearance of downward-angled natural lashes. This curl is ideal for cat/fox eye styling as the shorter base allows to place even longer lashes in the outer corner without the fear of making the eye droopy. 

With our Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003, the possibilities are endless. Choose the right lengths, thicknesses, and curls to express your individuality and achieve stunning lash perfection.

Outstanding features of Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003

Experience the pinnacle of lash artistry with our Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003, meticulously crafted to offer a range of outstanding features that elevate both your services and client satisfaction.

  • Uncompromising Materials: Our extensions are the epitome of luxury and comfort. Crafted from premium quality Korean PBT Fiber, these extensions are soft, black, and available in a variety of matte and glossy options. With guaranteed latex-free and formaldehyde-free ingredients, you can trust in their safety and quality.
  • Exquisite Workmanship: Each extension undergoes a rigorous quality check process, ensuring a flawless finished product. The extensions are meticulously designed to be dense, gorgeously glossy, and free from any undesirable greenish undertones. The fine workmanship results in extensions that are neither kinked nor stiff, and they seamlessly blend without sticking to neighboring lashes or leaving any glue residue. The stable curl and uniform length guarantee a consistent and beautiful lash transformation.
  • Certified Excellence: Our Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003 holds international certifications, affirming their quality and safety. This not only ensures worldwide circulation but also streamlines import procedures, making them a reliable choice for lash technicians, wholesalers, and academies worldwide.

Conclusion about Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003

In the world of classic lash enhancements, our Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003 stands as a testament to craftsmanship, quality, and innovation. As your dedicated manufacturer, we take immense pride in offering you a product that transcends trends and provides timeless elegance. With a wide array of options in color, thickness, material, length, and curvature, along with meticulous attention to detail, international certifications, and versatile packaging choices, our Classic eyelash extensions single-color 16 lines VLC003 empower your business to create stunning results that leave a lasting impression. Trust in our commitment to excellence and partner with us to elevate your lash services and offerings, reaching new heights of success in the beauty industry.


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