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Human Hair Lash Wholesale

Human hair lash wholesale refers to any type of eyelash extensions that are made of human hair. These hairs are sourced from hair donors in Asian countries.

You have heard of human hair lash wholesale and want to know more about them. You are searching for reliable human hair lash vendors to obtain human hair lash extensions. Alternatively, you may be seeking an optimal type of eyelash extension that can serve as a perfect alternative to human hair lash extensions. This article aims to clear all of your confusion and provide you with insights to make more informed decisions.

What are human hair lash wholesale?

Human hair lash wholesale are any type of lash extensions made of human hair. These hairs are sourced from hair donors from Asian countries. Then they are sterilized and processed to make human hair lash extensions. However, because its cons outweigh its pros, most lash businesses nowadays don’t use and trade human hair lash extensions but primarily shift to universal synthetic lash extensions.

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Human hair lash vendors are vendors providing human hair lash extensions. But, as stated before, the demand for human hair lash extensions is not considerable, nowadays, you can hardly find a human hair lash extension vendor that solely sells human hair lash extensions.

Why you should not buy human hair lash wholesale

The natural rule points out that anything unsuitable for the progress of society will gradually become less popular and disappear. This rule precisely applies to human hair lash extensions. Below, we offer a comparison chart that outlines the pros and cons of human hair lash extensions, illustrating why they are now rare and not universally used, compared to synthetic lash extensions:

  • – Offers the most natural appearance, with natural movement and realistic texture
  • – Lightweight and exceptionally comfortable to wear
  • – Minimal likelihood of causing irritation or allergic reactions
  • – Significantly more expensive
  • – Human hair lash wholesale has limited supply, as materials are sourced from real hair brought to you by human hair lash vendors rather than mass-produced by machines
  • – Not long-lasting or durable, as human hair is fragile and prone to breakage
  • – Requires more maintenance
  • – Does not maintain curl after washing or wearing
  • – Non-uniform, as human hair naturally varies in texture and quality
  • – Inconsistent quality, as it depends entirely on the donor’s hair, which varies from person to person

Considering both the pros and cons, it’s evident that opting for synthetic lash extensions is more suitable. Nowadays, with advanced technology in the industry, synthetic fibers, such as PBT, can closely mimic the appearance of natural hair, offering a realistic black finish. Additionally, they are lightweight, comfortable, and strictly sterilized to minimize the risk of irritation or allergies.

Buy synthetic lash extensions from Vinlash

Synthetic lash extensions are undoubtedly a worthy investment over human hair lash extensions. If you’re uncertain about where to find high-quality synthetic lash extensions that outshine both the pros and cons of human hair lash extensions, Vin Lash is here to provide you with synthetic lash extensions boasting the following key features:

  • – Ultimate natural appearance: Vinlash’s synthetic lash extensions achieve the ultimate natural appearance by utilizing the most natural-looking PBT filaments.
  • – Realistic texture: Our synthetic lash extensions possess a realistic texture and natural flow, enhancing their overall natural appearance.
  • – Lightweight, soft, and super comfy: Vinlash’s synthetic lash extensions are lightweight, soft, and exceptionally comfortable, suitable even for those with delicate or thin lash conditions.
  • – Minimal risks of irritation or allergy: Selected PBT filaments undergo rigorous SGS, Jeston, and SDS certifications and sterilization processes, ensuring minimal risks of irritation or allergy.
  • – Stable and enduring curl: Unlike human hair lash wholesale offered by some human hair lash vendors, our synthetic lash extensions maintain a stable and enduring curl, with some customers reporting that the lashes retain their original curvature even after being left unnoticed on a shelf for two years.
  • – Consistent lash extensions: Vinlash’s synthetic lash extensions feature uniformity in specified length, curl, and thickness options, providing consistency across all lashes.
  • – Budget-friendly prices: Our synthetic lash extensions are offered at budget-friendly prices, providing excellent value for customers worldwide. Additionally, we provide cost-effective private labeling services for wholesale orders.

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In conclusion, when it comes to lash extensions, synthetic options offer a superior choice over human hair extensions due to their natural appearance, comfort, durability, and affordability. Vinlash is committed to providing top-quality synthetic lash extensions that boast ultimate natural appearance, realistic texture, lightweight, soft and super comfy as well as hypoallergenic and consistent lash extensions at lovely prices.


In sum, it’s crucial to source high-quality synthetic lash extensions instead of conventional human hair lash wholesale. Korean PBT is a great material for lash extensions as it excels human lash extensions in all aspects with its ultimate natural appearance, realistic texture, lightweight, soft and super comfy feel, and is hypoallergenic. Additionally, they offer consistent lash extensions at affordable prices.