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Vinlash offers Siberian mink lash extensions for wholesale purchase. Ideal for lash brands seeking to enrich their collection with soft, natural-looking lashes.

Siberian mink lash extensions

Siberian mink lash extensions are widely known for coming from the soft fur of Siberian minks. The fur, collected without harm during their natural shedding, gives these lashes a luxurious, natural feel. They’re popular with clients who want a high-end, realistic lash look.

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At Vinlash, we provide top-notch Siberian mink lash extensions wholesale using premium PBT fibers. These are designed to look and feel like Siberian mink fur but are 100% animal-friendly. Our lashes offer lash brands the perfect blend of quality and ethics for their customers.

Key features of Siberian mink lash extensions wholesale offered by Vinlash

Vinlash’s Siberian mink lash extensions, crafted with precision and care, offer a range of features for lash brands that prioritize both quality and ethics:

  • – Matte Black Finish: Each lash extension has a matte black color, providing a natural and sophisticated look that enhances the beauty of the eyes without appearing artificial.
  • – Curl Retention: Our lashes, including Siberian mink lash extensions, are designed to keep their curl for up to 2 years, supported by a 2-year warranty on lash curl retention.
  • – Softness and Flexibility: Made from premium PBT fibers, these lashes are not only soft to the touch but also flexible, allowing for a comfortable fit and a natural movement that mimics real lashes.
  • – Lightweight: Despite their durability, the lashes are incredibly lightweight, ensuring that they don’t burden the natural lashes and provide a comfortable wear experience.
  • – Easy Application: Designed with the lash technician in mind, these extensions offer an easy application process, saving time and ensuring a smooth experience for both the technician and the client.
  • – Consistency throughout bulk order: Vinlash Factory maintains high-quality siberian mink lashes wholesale in every bulk order through a detailed 4-step quality control system, ensuring consistent excellence across all lashes.

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Vinlash’s synthetic Siberian mink lash extensions combine the desirable aesthetics of real mink with an ethical, high-performance product, making them an excellent choice for lash brands.

Compare Siberian mink lash extensions with other materials offered by Vinlash

Vinlash offers a diverse array of lash extensions, including those labeled by market as Siberian mink, cashmere, faux mink, and silk. It is crucial to note that each of these categories is made from the same high-quality Korean PBT fibers, ensuring no animals are harmed in their production. The distinction between these lash extensions is not in their material composition but rather in their finishing and levels of sheen.

Here are the sheen options provided by Vinlash:

  • – Ultra Matte Black: This style has no shine at all, giving a very natural and understated look. It’s like the softness of Siberian mink fur but without using real fur.
  • – Semi-Matte Black: These have a bit of shine and add an elegant touch to the lashes. They are in the middle, not too shiny but not completely matte either, similar to the soft sheen of cashmere.
  • – Ultra Dark Black: For those who want their lashes to really stand out, this type has the most shine. It gives a glamorous, shiny effect, much like the glossy look of silk.

The terms Siberian mink, cashmere, faux mink, and silk are used to describe the desired effect and finish of the lashes rather than their actual fiber content. Vinlash’s commitment to quality and ethical standards ensures that customers can choose their preferred aesthetic without compromising on the values of cruelty-free beauty.

Private label options for Siberian mink lash extensions wholesale

For lash brands in search of Siberian mink lash extensions along with tailored packaging that showcases your branding, Vinlash offers an array of private label options to elevate your product line.

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FAQs on Private Label Siberian Mink Lashes by Vinlash

  • – Do you offer assistance with packaging design for Siberian Mink Lashes?

Absolutely. Vinlash, as a Siberian mink lash vendor, provides a complimentary packaging design service for Siberian mink lash extensions. Our professional design team will work with you to create packaging that not only highlights your brand logo but also resonates with the luxurious nature of Siberian mink lashes and aligns with your branding vision.

  • – What is the minimum number of sets I need to order for private labeling?

Vinlash offers a flexible minimum order quantity of Siberian mink lash extensions wholesale to accommodate your business needs. While there is no mandatory minimum, we recommend ordering at least 300 sets to benefit from our bulk pricing, which will lower the cost per unit and enhance your margins.

  •  -How can I initiate a private label partnership for Siberian mink lash extensions?

To begin a private label collaboration with Vinlash, please provide our sales team with the following details:

  1. The specific types of Siberian mink lash extensions you wish to order (classic/premade fans)
  2. Your brand name
  3. A high-resolution file of your brand logo
  4. Your online presence (website, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  5. Your desired packaging design criteria

Our team will manage the private label process to ensure your private label products fulfill your expectations.

  • – What costs are covered in the private labeling service fee?

The pricing for our private labeling services includes the luxurious Siberian mink lash extensions, custom packaging featuring your brand, and all associated shipping fees. For a detailed quote, our Vinlash representatives are ready to assist you.

  • – Is it possible to receive a sample of the Siberian mink lash extensions with my private label?

Vinlash is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. We provide digital mock-ups of your private-labeled Siberian mink lash packaging for your approval. Should you request a physical sample, please be aware that additional charges will apply due to shipping and the high-grade nature of the products.

  • – Can I customize the Siberian mink lash extensions?

Certainly. Vinlash offers a range of customization options for your Siberian mink lashes. You can select from various lengths, curls, and thicknesses to cater to your customers’ preferences.

  • – Lengths: A versatile range from 4mm to 20mm.
  • – Thicknesses: Select from fine 0.03mm to voluminous 0.25mm.
  • – Curls: Customize with an array of options: J, B, C, CC, D, DD, L, L+, LD, M, and V.

Vinlash can tailor curls and other specifications to your exact requirements, ensuring your customers receive the exact ones they are looking for.

Get samples before placing a bulk order of Siberian mink lash extensions

Vinlash offers samples of our Siberian Mink Lash Extensions to verify the quality of the lashes. Contact us to request specific sample options.