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Volume Lashes Wholesale

Volume lashes wholesale are actually individual classic eyelash extensions but with a thin thickness range of 0.05-0.1mm, specifically used in volume techniques.

Do you want to learn more about volume lashes wholesale? This product page will provide comprehensive details about volume eyelashes wholesale. We hope that the insights we offer about what volume lashes are, the types of volume lashes, comparisons among different types, and key features of high-quality volume eyelashes wholesale offered by Vinlash will help lash businesses understand these products and make better use of them.

What are volume lashes wholesale?

Volume lashes wholesale are actually individual classic eyelash extensions but with a specially thinner thickness range of 0.05-0.1mm, specifically used in volume eyelash extension techniques to create a voluminous lash effect. As the demand for volume eyelash extension sets is one of the highest on the market, volume lashes are an essential part of lash extension procurement.

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At Vin Lash, we provide volume lashes wholesale in a comprehensive range of lengths, thicknesses, curls, and colors to cater to the most detailed requirements of customers. In addition, we relentlessly strive to innovate our volume lashes with more advanced features.

Key features of volume lashes wholesale from Vinlash

As volume lashes play a crucial role in eyelash extension offerings, purchasing volume eyelashes wholesale is the preferred choice for most lash businesses to save both money and time. However, quality is paramount when considering buying volume eyelashes wholesale. A high-quality volume lash product from Vinlash possesses key features as follows:

  • – Dense & full volume lash lines: Vinlash’s volume lashes showcase dense and full volume lash lines, in which each lash strand stands straight and tightly adjacent to each other but does not tangle, ensuring smoothly kink-free lash lines.
  • – Meticulous & realistic finish: Our volume lashes wholesale achieve meticulous and realistic finishes using special PBT materials. With an authentic texture and natural black appearance, these lashes seamlessly blend into your lash lines, making it difficult to distinguish if a person is wearing volume eyelash extensions.
  • – Easy to create volume fans: Our volume lashes are super easy and convenient for lash artists to create volume fans. They are smartly arranged in lash lines so that their roots lean towards each other when picked out by lash artists, and they absorb adhesive so well that volume fans can be effortlessly made in just 1 minute.
  • – Burnt-free lash strands: Crafted from soft and seamless PBT fibers and heated at optimal conditions with precision and care, our volume lashes feature burnt-free lash strands.
  • – Uniform volume fans: Vinlash’s volume lashes boast uniform volume lash lines, ensuring consistent length, curl, and thickness along those lash lines sharing the same specifications.
  • – Enduring fan shape: Our volume lashes maintain their original design over time, with stable curvature and sturdy volume fans.
  • – Soft, lightweight & non-irritating: Vinlash’s volume lashes are crafted from SDS-passed selected PBT fibers, offering softness, lightweight, and non-irritating qualities, ensuring the highest comfort level for customers.

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Our meticulously crafted volume lashes offer dense and full lash lines, realistic finishes, and effortless fan creation, all while maintaining uniformity, enduring shape, and comfort. With a commitment to excellence in both product and service, Vinlash remains the premier choice for lash businesses looking for wholesale volume lashes orders.

Compare volume lashes vs premade fans

In this section, Vinlash will compare the two most common types of lashes wholesale – volume lashes and premade fans, so that lash businesses can weigh the pros and cons of each type, thus gaining detailed insights to make better decisions on which to buy wholesale:

Premade fans
Volume lashes
  • – Premade fans are pre-fanned volume lashes into specified volume dimensions (3D-25D).
  • – Premade fans make it much easier for lash artists to create volume lash extension sets as they just need to be picked up and attached to clients’ real lashes.
  • – Depending on how voluminous clients prefer and how much weight their natural lashes can carry, the volume dimension is identified.
  • – This means lash artists who use premade volume lashes wholesale to complete lash extension applications have to procure many dimensions (3D-25D) options based on their clientele’s needs.
  • – Premade fans are made following standard volume-weight conversion; therefore, they are not likely to harm natural lashes due to excessive weight.
  • – Volume lashes are made by artists themselves from classic lash extension trays of thin thickness (0.05-0.1mm).
  • – Volume lashes may save money because their prices are cheaper than premade fan trays, but not everyone has the skill to create handmade volume fans, and the creation of volume fans from volume lashes takes a longer time for each lash extension application.
  • – Volume lashes are more flexible as lash artists can create fans with the number of lash strands as they wish without having to buy different premade fans of different volume dimension numbers.
  • – However, lash artists need to have expertise in calculating the weight of the fans to identify what length and thickness they should use to not only deliver the best look but also be safe for natural lashes.

No matter which type you prefer, Vinlash offers both. We provide premade fans of various types, including regular, camellia, narrow, super narrow, long-stem, short-stem, wispy, YY lash, and W clover premade fans, as well as volume lashes used to create volume fans with 0.05-0.1mm thickness and various length and curl options.


With our detailed explanations of volume lash types, comparisons, and the features of high-quality options available from Vinlash, we hope that lash businesses can confidently make better purchases of volume lashes wholesale. Buy bulk eyelashes from Vinlash to enjoy uniformly dense and full lash lines, realistic finishes as well as effortless fan creation and utter comfort delivered by our high-quality volume lashes.