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Top 10 best lash trays to not miss in 2024

This article introduces the top 10 best lash trays in 2024 and provides an overview of different lash tray types as well as tips on buying and using them.

It’s crucial for any lash business selling eyelash extensions or offering eyelash extension services to purchase high-quality lash extensions. In this article, we will introduce lash businesses to the top 10 best lash trays in 2024. Moreover, we will provide you with an overview of different types of lash trays and guide you to select the right lash trays and to use them effectively.

An overall view of lash trays

Lash trays indicate any type of eyelash extensions, including classic eyelash extensions, premade fans, rapid eyelash extensions, spike eyelash extensions or color eyelash extensions. Each lash tray usually showcases key specifications, such as length, thickness and curl of the eyelash extensions inside the trays to help lash techs select the appropriate lash extensions. Below are some interesting facts and advantages of using lash trays.

Interesting facts and figures about lash trays

For those new to the eyelash extension industry, there are some interesting facts and figures about lash trays that you need to know. Here are some facts about the number of lashes contained in a regular lash tray and the number of clients each lash tray can serve:

  • How many lashes per tray: A classic lash extension tray usually contains from 12 to 16 lash lines, with each line approximately accommodating 250 individual lash extension strands, which results in the total quantity of 3000-4000 lash extensions in each lash tray. However, a premade fan tray usually contains less premade fans with the maximum number of 400 fans in an XL-sized tray.
  • How many lash trays per client: Human eyes have from 90 to 150 lashes on each eye. Thus, offering lash extension service to an average client requires 140-180 lash extensions for a whole lash set. Therefore, a classic lash tray with 16 lash lines can serve 50 clients, while a 3D XL-sized premade fan tray can only serve 10 clients at the maximum.

Interesting facts and figures about lash trays

Getting insights into the number of lashes in a regular lash tray and the average number of clients a classic lash tray and a premade fan tray can serve can help you properly calculate the number of lash extension trays you need based on the average eyelash extension application you cater to within a specific time period.

Advantages of using lash trays

Lash trays are invented to make lash application process more convenient and save more time for lash artists. Therefore, they are smartly designed to be organized with well-arranged lash lines lying tidily in the tray with lash specifications neatly printed right next to each line. Below are a few prominent advantages of using lash trays:

  • Saves Time: Using lash trays saves time lash artists spend on each eyelash application as they can look at the specification right next to the lash lines in the tray and know what kind of length, curl or thickness the lash extensions in that line are, then select the right parameter they’re looking for.
  • Consistency: Thanks to the printed specification in lash extension trays, lash extension application is created with the right length, thickness, curl and consistency as well as the consistency and symmetry of the whole lash set for both eyes are achieved. Therefore, the final look is more likely to satisfy both lash artists and customers.
  • Variety: Nowadays, lash trays are offered at a variety of length, thickness, curl and color options mixed in one single item by lash manufacturers, allowing lash artists to cater to any customized requests of clients and freely create any special lash sets they have ideas about.
  • Easy storage: The best lash trays must be compact and easy to store. The tray’s packaging should be sturdy and secured enough to keep the inside lash extensions free from dust and debris as well as ensure that the lashes are in hygienic and good condition.

Advantages of using lash trays

As you can see, the invention of lash trays is valuable to lash artists as they not only spend less time on each lash extension application set but also create more consistent and symmetrical lash sets. In addition, the smart design of mixed length, thickness and curl options in one single lash tray offers lash artists endless creativity and more possibility to create special lash styles.

Get to know different types of lash trays

There are many different types of lash trays and they can be classified in three ways, including the types of eyelash extensions they contain, the length options they offer and the packaging materials they use.

Based on the types of lash extensions contained in the lash trays

There are basically four types of lash extensions in a lash tray, thus we’ll have classic lash trays, loose fan tray, premade fan tray and colored lash tray. We’ll discover more detailed information of each type below:

  • Classic lash tray: Classic lash trays contain classic individual lash extensions whose length ranges from 6mm to 17mm. Lash extensions in a classic lash tray are organized in straight lines. Each separate lash line may differ in length options or curl options. They are used in classic eyelash extension style by lash professionals.
  • Loose fan tray: Loose fan trays are the best lash trays since they can contain the most quantity of lash extensions. A medium size usually contains 500 loose fans while a larger size can contain up to 1000 loose fans. Although it may be difficult for those not familiar with them to pick the fans from the messy fan pile, they are still chosen by many lash artists for the huge capacity they offer.
  • Premade fan tray: Wholesale premade fan tray consists of pre-made fans extension wholesale. In case you’re not used to this product name, they are lash extensions in fan shape. Their V shape is formed by 2 to 20 lash strands attaching together at their root and their tips bloom in vivid V-shaped fan. Based on the number of lash strands forming the fans, the volume dimension is defined (2D-20D).
  • Colored lash tray: A colored lash tray contains colored eyelash extensions in it. The array of color may be diverse as the technology employed in the making process has become much advanced. In addition to regular color options, some competent manufacturers nowadays can produce two-toned (ómbre) lash extensions and multi-colored lash extensions (many different colored lash strands in one line).

Based on the types of lash extensions contained in the lash trays

There are generally four types of lash trays when it comes to the type of lash extensions they contain. Classic lash trays are used in classic lash extension application, while loose fan trays and premade fan trays are used in volume eyelash extension application. Colored lash trays can be used in both with the aim of adding highlights to the whole lash set.

Based on the length options of the lash trays

In terms of length options in a lash tray, there are two main types widely distributed and used in the lash extension market, which are single-length lash trays and mixed-length lash trays.

  • Single-Length Lash Trays: Single-length lash trays only contain lash extensions of the same length. For example, if you’re buying an 8mm-length, 16-line classic lash tray, you’ll receive 16 lines of 8mm-length lash extensions in the tray. This type of lash trays is ideal for the wholesale purchase of the most-used length options as they cost less than mixed-length trays.
  • Mixed-Length Lash Trays: Mixed-length lash trays contain different lash lengths in one tray. They are the best lash trays for lash business which often cater to different special lash extension style requests from customers. They are also great for beginner lash techs to get familiar with lash length range and to practice putting different lengths in a suitable position to achieve the results they intend to.

Based on the length options of the lash trays

Usually a lash studio doesn’t buy solely single-length lash trays or mixed-length lash trays, but they buy both types of lash trays. The important consideration is to define the length option that runs out the most as well as the most versatile and demanded length range for the lash trays. Depending on how a specific length option is consumed, lash businesses can effectively make decisions on which type to buy more or less.

Based on the packaging of the lash trays

Based on the packaging of lash trays, there are several types available on the market, each with its own set of pros and cons. Here are some of the most common lash trays and their distinctive features:

If we classify lash trays based on the types of their packaging, there will be three types as below:

  • Plastic Lash Trays: Of all lash packaging materials, plastic lash trays are the most affordable, lightweight and easiest to clean. They can come in a variety of sizes and styles since plastic property makes them super flexible. However, plastic lash trays are usually flimsy, thus easily damaged, making them not reliable enough to protect the delicate lash extensions inside.
  • Acrylic Lash Trays: Acrylic lash trays are made of sturdier materials, therefore, they are universally used to make lash extension packaging. They are durable and not easy to get damaged by slight physical attack from transportation or caused by accidental actions. Although they offer great protection for lash extensions, there is increasingly less demand for them as consumers nowadays prefer eco-friendly products more.
  • Cardboard Lash Trays: Cardboard lash trays are the best lash trays because they are eco-friendly and still durable enough for lash extension storage. Moreover, cardboard material offers a great space for private labelling purposes as they can be easily printed on and freely tailored with multiple color themes and text fonts.

Based on the packaging of the lash trays

To conclude, if your need is to set your own brand for the lash trays, you should consider cardboard packaging as they are more cost-effective and easily disposable, but most importantly they deliver a professional look. If you don’t need to have your own lash brand, you can buy any kind of lash tray that you want. However, you should choose environment-friendly options.

Top 10 best lash trays to not miss in 2024

Setting trends and pioneering trends are very important for any businesses operating in the beauty field, so does lash extension field. As a lash business, you should be quick at spotting potential trends to be the first offering the increasingly demanded products or services. With rich expertise and industry insights, we have finalized the prediction of the top 10 best lash trays that will take spotlight in 2024 as below:

  1. Silk Classic Lash Trays: Silk classic lash trays are predicted to be in high demand due to their feathery, soft texture and matte finish. Because customers tend to turn to effortless beauty options, with increasing emphasis on comfort and natural beauty, these lash trays are sure to catch on in 2024.
  2. Easy Fanning Lash Trays: Designed to make the volume lash application effortless, these trays feature lashes that are easy to pick and automatically create fans, saving you precious time and effort.
  3. Camellia Easy Fanning Lash Trays: With a unique camellia shape, these trays provide lashes that effortlessly create beautiful volume fans resembling blooming flowers with multiple layers of length in one fan, resulting in stunning lash looks with added dimension.
  4. Flat Classic Lash Trays: The best lash trays for achieving a bold lash look, these trays feature flat-based lashes, providing extra volume and a striking impact, as well as enhancing retention as the ellipsed-shape bases allow more space for adhesive and make the lash line bolder like putting on eyeliner.
  5. Narrow Premade Fan Trays: Perfect for creating voluminous yet uniform lash extension styles, these narrow premade fan trays offer lashes pre-made in various fan sizes, allowing you to customize lash styles with ease.
  6. Wispy Premade Fan Trays: Offering wispy and fluttery lashes with a striking spike in the middle, these premade fan trays are perfect for clients who desire a harmonious effect of fluffy and bold outcomes.
  7. Two-Tone Classic Lash Trays: These lash trays add a pop of unique color to your lash designs. Featuring lash extensions with dual-tone shades and gradual, beautiful transitions of colors, they provide a unique and eye-catching look.
  8. Glitter Lash Trays: Add sparkle to your clients’ lashes with these trays featuring a touch of glitter in various colors as preferred by your clients.
  9. YY Lash Trays: YY lashes offer volume options without adding extra weight with their double Y-shaped fans formed from a single fiber meticulously knitted by lash artisans. Their non-uniform shape can bring a fresh wind to your clients’ lashes and the whole lash industry, where special things are predicted to take place in the new year.
  10. Spike W Lash Trays: Spike W lash trays are forecasted to be the best lash trays for clients favoring bold and edgy style. Their super-edgy W shape, accentuated by a sharp spike in the middle, makes it a must-have product for dramatic lash fans in 2024.

Top 10 best lash trays to not miss in 2024

Our aim of offering this prediction is to help you prepare in advance the products and skills needed to adapt to the trends. Besides, you should also try predicting what types of lash styles will become popular in your region based on the observations you get from your area and maybe your instinct, then equip your business with high-quality products and the skills needed.

FAQs about lash trays

To better guide you on buying and using lash trays in a sensible way, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions relating to lash trays. Particularly, we will discover more about where to buy the best lash trays, how to make them yourself, and how to remove lashes from tray efficiently and effortlessly in this FAQ section.

Where can I buy the best lash trays?

You can purchase lash trays from various sources, including online lash brands, eyelash distributors, or lash extension manufacturers. Each source offers a unique buying experience and caters to different lash tray needs.

  • If you seek the best lash trays in large quantities, customized to your preferences, such as with your brand name and logo on the packaging, consider contacting a reliable manufacturer. For instance, Vinlash company is known as one of the best wholesale eyelash vendors Vietnam.
  • Alternatively, if you are based in Australia, you can explore local options like wholesale eyelash extension Australia vendors for large quantities. Additionally, reputable Australian lash brands offer high-quality options for smaller orders.

Where can I buy the best lash trays?

In conclusion, when looking to purchase reliable lash trays, you have several options to consider. Whether you choose to buy from online lash brands, distributors, or manufacturers, it’s essential to assess your specific needs and preferences. For high-quality lash trays customized to your requirements, contacting a reputable manufacturer like Vinlash Vietnam or exploring local options in Australia can offer you the necessary solutions.

How to make your own lash trays?

Making your customized lash trays is a good way to bring all the lash length, curl and thickness you want into one lash tray. If you’re curious about How to make your own lash trays, here’s a guide to help you turn your ideas into well-organized trays with your selected lash parameters:

Choose the Right Materials:

  • Lashes: To make the best lash trays, you have to use the best quality lash extensions, such as Korean PBT. You should choose lash extensions with curl, length, and thickness that matches your clients’ preferences.
  • Trays: To make DIY lash trays, you have to purchase empty lash trays that are specifically designed to hold lash extensions. You can find these trays online or at beauty supply stores, but remember to buy high-quality and reuseable trays.

Prepare the Workspace:

  • You should find a clean area which receives a sufficient amount of light to work in.
  • Before you start, set up all the necessary tools and materials within reach, including the selected lash extensions, adhesive, tweezers, and a clean workspace for organizing the lashes.

Organize the Lashes:

  • You should start by removing your selected lash extensions from their original packaging.
  • Using tweezers or a lash pick to carefully separate and organize the lashes into different sections based on curl, length, and thickness. We suggest that you label each section for easy identification and minimal mistakes later.

Placement in Trays:

  • Take an empty lash tray and begin placing the organized lash extensions into their respective sections.
  • Then use the tweezers to gently pick up each lash line one by one and place them in the best lash trays, making sure they are neatly aligned. You should arrange them by curl, length, and thickness so that you can identify the right lashes later on.

Seal and Label (Optional):

  • If you want, you can seal the trays with an added protective cover to keep the lashes secure and prevent any potential damage or contamination. Or you can be careful in the beginning by using adhesive tape that has sufficient stickiness level.
  • You should also consider labeling each section with the specific curl, length, and thickness to make it easier to find the right lash extensions during application.

How to make your own lash trays?

Making your own lash trays can save time for you during application, but the process you make may be time-consuming. However, the good news is that some lash manufacturers cater to mixed-parameter lash trays with your requested length, curl, thickness and even color options. Therefore, if your demand for customized mixed lash trays is large, you should consider requesting a qualified manufacturer to do it.

How to remove lashes from tray efficiently and effortlessly?

Here are some tips for lash artists to remove lashes from trays efficiently and effortlessly:

  1. Grip the lash strip: When removing lash extensions from tray, you should hold the lash tray with one hand. The other hand holds tweezers and gently grasp a single lash strand at the point where the higher line of the adhesive tape meets the lash base.
  2. Lift and twist slightly: When picking the lash, you should lift them upwards with a gentle but firm grip and don’t forget to give it a slight twist the moment you pull to detach it from the tray.
  3. Use the lash primer (optional): Some lash artists recommend applying a thin layer of lash primer to the lash strip on the tray before picking up individual lashes. This can help improve grip and prevent damage.
  4. Use the lash primer (optional): A spread tip among lash artists is that applying a thin layer of lash primer to the lash lines before picking up individual lash extensions can help improve your grip and prevent damage to the lashes.
  5. Minimize pressure: Lash extensions are delicate and prone to damage, therefore, you should use light pressure when handling the lashes to avoid bending or breaking them.

Here are some additional tips for efficiency:

  • Pick up from the ends: Even lashes of the best lash trays are more delicate at the base. Try grabbing them at the point not close to the root for better control and to minimize the risk of damaging the lash.
  • Develop a rhythm: With practice, you’ll develop a smooth motion for picking up lashes.
  • Take breaks: A whole eyelash extension application can take up to 1 hour or more and you may strain your eyes or hands during the process. In such cases, it’s crucial for you to take short breaks to avoid stressing yourself out, which can lead to clumsy handling of lash extensions.

How to remove lashes from tray efficiently and effortlessly?

These tips have proved to be helpful for many lash artists having employed them. However, you should be patient as mastering this step takes time and practice. The more you practice with the right technique, the more you’re skilled at removing lashes from trays. Your progress may be slow, but the effort and patience you give out to do it right pays off in the long run.

How many lash trays should I buy?

As a lash tech or lash business owner, answering the How many lash trays should I buy directly impacts the profits you’ll receive. However, being able to answer this question in a strategic way is not easy as you have to take into account many aspects. In this part, we will help you answer this questions based on the three most crucial aspects below:

  • Client Demand: You should analyze your client base to collect information about the frequency of lash extension appointments, the average number of lash extensions each application requires, and the typical preferences of your clients. Besides, understanding the demand for different lash styles, lengths, curls, and thicknesses will guide you in determining the quantity of trays needed to cater to varying preferences.
  • Variety of Lash Styles: Then the next step is to consider the range of lash styles you offer, including classic, volume, and premade fans, even specialty options such as colored or glitter lashes to purchase the best lash trays for your lash businesses. Each style requires its own set of trays and your work is to rank the lash styles in the order of frequency to identify which lash trays to buy more and which ones to buy less.
  • Workload and Efficiency: Finally, assess your workflow and appointment scheduling to determine how quickly you go through lash trays. Factor in the time it takes to refill trays between appointments and the frequency of restocking to maintain a steady supply for your lash offerings. Additionally, consider the efficiency of your lash application process and how many trays you usually manage during a typical workday.

How many lash trays should I buy?

To define the number of lash trays, you need to thoroughly assess your client demand, the frequency of each lash style offered and your workflow efficiency. By carefully considering these factors, you can ensure you have a well-stocked inventory with the right types of lash trays to meet the needs of your clients while maintaining smooth operations in your lash extension business.


Finding the right lash trays at high quality and reasonable prices to buy in large quantities brings many benefits to your lash businesses, but they can be a daunting task. Understanding their different types then choosing the best lash trays that cater to your needs is the first crucial step. In addition, finding reliable sources to buy in large quantities can help you save time and money and operate your business more efficiently in the long run.

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