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Mink Individual Lashes Wholesale

Mink individual lashes wholesale are synthetic lash extensions applied 1:1 that feature a mink finish. They are known for dark black and healthy polished look.

Mink individual lashes wholesale are made from mink fur and worth boycotting? Then why are they so famous and popular and highly sought-after in this current period when everyone has been aware of animal cruelty issues? If you are confused about these lashes, continue reading to find out what they really are, as well as the prominent features they offer.

What are mink individual lashes wholesale?

Mink individual lashes are synthetic eyelash extensions applied one-to-one that feature a mink finish. They are known for their rich, dark black color, healthy polished appearance, and strong yet flexible and lightweight lash strands.

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The mink individual lashes wholesale offered by Vinlash not only embody these characteristic mink features but also come in a variety of types and parameters, including various lengths, thicknesses, curls, and color choices.

Get the best mink individual lashes wholesale from Vinlash

There are numerous individual mink lash vendors in the market offering mink individual lashes, but few provide them wholesale with high-quality standards and budget-friendly prices like Vinlash factory. Let’s discover the exceptional features of mink individual lashes provided by Vinlash:

  • – Premium Korean PBT: Vinlash exclusively utilizes the finest-grade Korean PBT fibers, renowned for their exceptional softness, flexibility, and lightweight texture. This guarantees a comfortable experience for your clients, replicating the natural feel of their own lashes.
  • – Natural-looking deep black: Our lashes feature a rich, deep black hue that seamlessly blends with natural lashes.
  • – Healthy, polished finish: Each lash fiber is meticulously chosen to ensure the “mink quality” attributes of the lash extensions, resulting in a smooth, glossy finish that emulates the natural shine of healthy lashes.
  • – Dense & uniform lash lines: Our skilled craftsmanship of eyelash extensions ensures full, dense, and uniform lash lines in every tray.
  • – Straight and anti-kink lashes: Our mink individual lashes wholesale undergo special treatment to maintain their straightness, remain free of kinks, and facilitate easy application.
  • – Effortless separation & detachment from trays: Seamless application is essential. Our lashes effortlessly separate from trays and are easy to detach, minimizing lash waste and simplifying your lash artistry process.
  • – Long-lasting for extended wear: Vinlash’s lashes retain their curl and shape beautifully due to the high-quality durable materials and meticulous craftsmanship of lash artisans.
  • – Warranty-backed curl retention: We’re so confident in the quality of our lashes that we offer a 2-year warranty on their ability to hold curl.

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And the best part is that customers can access all of these exceptional features with wholesale options for mink individual lashes offered by Vinlash. The more you purchase, the more cost-effective these highly desired lash extensions become, promising to enhance both the profitability and reputation of your brand with their quality and affordability.

Why you should buy from individual mink lash vendors like Vinlash

Working with a reliable individual mink lash vendor like Vinlash will make your wholesale purchasing journey smoother, easier, and lower risk. Here are some reasons why you select Vinlash as your reliable individual mink lash vendors:

Product Quality:

  • – Materials: Vinlash uses safety-certified, standard materials, with certification from SGS and the control quality organization in our countries for better assurance.
  • – Lash Styles and Lengths: We offer a variety of styles, curls, thicknesses and lengths to suit different preferences.
  • – Transparency: Vinlash clearly describes the lash materials, construction methods (e.g., hand-made, machine-made), and detailed lash specifications (e.g., 0.10mm, 10mm, D curl).
  • – Lash Photos: High-quality photos showcasing the detail, finish, texture, and curl of the lashes are presented on our website.

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Vendor Practices:

  • – Shipping and Return Policies: We provide clear information on shipping times, costs, and return/exchange policies.
  • – Pricing: In general, buying mink individual lashes wholesale saves both time and money, but it maybe tough and risky for beginners at first. But no need to worry as Vinlash provides competitive pricing with great quality.
  • – Communication: Our team is responsive and helpful to customers 24/7.

With the benefits Vinlash’s mink individual lashes wholesale offer above, you can increase your business’s profits and thus enhance business growth.


In conclusion, mink individual lashes are synthetic lash extensions applied one-to-one that feature a mink finish. Vinlash’s mink individual lashes wholesale are prominent within the market for their natural-looking dark black color, healthy polished finish, straight and anti-kink lash lines, long-lasting and lightweight, made from premium Korean materials.