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Promade Lash Fans Wholesale

Promade lash fans wholesale are pre-fanned volume fans with determined volume dimensions (3D-25D). Vinlash offers natural, symmetrical & pointy-based fans.

Are you interested in learning more about promade lash fans wholesale or searching for reliable sources to purchase them in bulk? Whatever your reason for visiting this page, we aim to provide you with comprehensive information about promade lash fans. This includes understanding what promade lash fans are, the key characteristics of those produced by Vinlash and important considerations when buying these lashes wholesale.

What are promade lash fans wholesale?

Promade lash fans are also called premade lash fans or volume fans. These are pre-fanned eyelash extensions into fans with specific determined volume dimensions (3D-25D). Simply put, 3D promade lash fans are fans formed by 3 individual lash strands having their roots secured together.

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Promade lash fans are sometimes referred to as innovative volume fans with pointy bases, compared to the bulky base of traditional premade lash fans. But the fact is that premade lash fans can also have pointy bases, and this is just a way that lash brands employ to boost their sales. Promade lash fans wholesale, at Vinlash, feature various kinds: Regular fans, camellia fans, wispy fans, short stem premade fans, long stem premade fans, narrow, super narrow…

Key characteristics of Vinlash’s promade lash fans wholesale

As a competent lash extension manufacturer in Vietnam, Vinlash sets high standards for one of our core products – promade lash fans. Let’s explore the qualities you’ll get when buying promade fans wholesale from us:

  • – Natural finish: Vinlash’s promade lash fans feature a natural finish of premium synthetic PBT hairs, blending seamlessly with human real lashes for a natural-looking appearance.
  • – Symmetrical fans: Vinlash’s promade lash fans boast symmetrical fans regardless of the volume dimensions, whether 3D or 25D. Each fan is handcrafted by Vinlash artisans to deliver seamless symmetry.
  • – Pointy slim heat-bonded bases: Vinlash’s promade lash fans have pointy slim bases that are heat-bonded twice and pre-pinched, ensuring they have a fine root but never fall apart.
  • – Standard fan width: Vinlash’s promade lash fans wholesale are pre-fanned volume fans with determined volume dimensions (3D-25D). Vinlash offers natural, symmetrical & pointy-based fans. maintain a standard fan width as stated on their specification labels, ensuring consistency with the product features introduced to customers.
  • – Consistent length, curl, and thickness: Vinlash’s promade lash fans feature consistent length, curl, and thickness within each fan and between fans within each packaging, ensuring uniform quality for customers.
  • – Enduring curls: Vinlash’s promade lash fans undergo a double heat process at specially-set temperatures to ensure they can hold curl for a longer period compared to similar products on the market.
  • – Seamless lash strands: Vinlash’s promade lash fans feature seamless lash strands without signs of breakage or rough spots along the lash strand’s body.

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In conclusion, when you choose Vinlash for your promade fans wholesale needs, you’re not just purchasing products; you’re investing in quality, consistency, and reliability with our natural-finishing, symmetrical fans, pointy, heat-bonded fan bases as well as enduring curls and seamless lash strands.

What you need to consider when buying promade lash fans wholesale?

Buying promade fans wholesale requires careful consideration, especially for those new to the lash industry. Here are some key aspects to ponder before making your purchase:

  • – Types of promade lash fans: Consider which types, such as regular, camellia premade fans, narrow, or wispy fans, are in high demand among your customers.
  • – Thickness and weight: Ensure you select a suitable thickness (0.03-0.07mm) to avoid fans carrying excess weight that could harm natural lashes.
  • – Volume dimension: Opt for volume dimensions (3D-20D) that align with your customers’ preferences & demands to avoid dead stock.
  • – Length range: Research the most in-demand length range (7-20mm) to cater to your customers’ needs effectively.
  • – Single or mixed length: Determine whether to purchase single or mixed lengths promade lash fans wholesale are pre-fanned volume fans with determined volume dimensions (3D-25D). Vinlash offers natural, symmetrical & pointy-based fans. based on usage frequency and customer requirements.
  • – Curl options: Offer popular curls like C and CC, while considering additional options to attract a broader customer base.
  • – Private labeling: Consider private labeling to enhance brand recognition and customer loyalty, leveraging Vinlash’s professional services for a seamless branding experience.

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In conclusion, purchasing promade fans wholesale requires thoughtful consideration to ensure you meet the demands of your customer base effectively. By considering factors such as fan types, thickness, volume dimension, length range, curl options, and private labeling, you can better cater to the demands of your customers while enhancing your sales and profits.


With a clear understanding of what promade lash fans are, the quality standards upheld by Vinlash, and the crucial factors to consider when making wholesale purchases, you’re better equipped to make informed decisions about buying promade lash fans wholesale for your lash business. If you have any further questions or are ready to explore our range of promade lash fans, feel free to reach out to us.