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Top 10 trusted wholesale eyelash suppliers USA 2024

Explore the top trusted wholesale eyelash suppliers USA, insights on the US lash extension markets, valuable tips to make informed choices for lash business.

As 2024 unfolds, the demand for premium eyelash extensions takes center stage, driving the search for the most reliable wholesale suppliers in the USA. In this dynamic realm of beauty, our guide, “Top 10 Trusted Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers USA 2024,” unveils the industry leaders setting the standard for quality and dependability. Tailored for entrepreneurs and lash enthusiasts alike, this compilation is your key to navigating the thriving landscape of eyelash extensions this year.

A brief insight on the eyelash extension market in USA

According to a report of Luxe Cosmetics, the US eyelash extension market value was 1.36 billion USD in 2020 and is estimated to reach 2.31 billion USD by 2028 with an average growth rate of roughly 7% CAGR. Here are the main characteristics of this thriving market.

An overview of the eyelash extension market in the USA

An overview of the eyelash extension market in the USA

  • The main driving factors for the constant growth are the social media influences and the growing emphasis on self-care. First, beauty influencers showcasing dramatic lash transformations and flawless makeup looks significantly impact beauty trends. This constant exposure fuels consumer desires for fuller, more voluminous lashes. Moreover, more and more clients are prioritizing convenient beauty solutions as lash extensions for achieving a polished look with little effort.
  • Primary customers: Women aged 18-34 are the primary consumers, making up over half of the market share according to Verified Market Research.
  • Popular materials: Synthetic lashes dominate the market, accounting for roughly 60% of the share. Mink, known for its luxurious feel and natural appearance, is the second popular option, taking roughly 30% of the share.

In short, the eyelash extension market in the USA is forecasted to grow steadily due to the social media impacts and the growing emphasis on convenience and beauty.

Understand different types of eyelash suppliers USA

The terms “lash suppliers” and “lash vendors” are often used interchangeably in the eyelash industry. So, are these terms the same? Let’s discover those distinctions in the table below.

Lash Vendors Lash Suppliers

Lash vendors refer to individuals or businesses that sell eyelash products to professionals or end consumers, such as lash artists.

Lash suppliers typically indicate businesses offering lash services and lash products within the supply chain.

Role in the supply chain

The main role of lash vendors are distributors of lash products. Common types of lash vendors are wholesalers or retailers.

Lash suppliers play a more important role than lash vendors in the supply chain. They often produce and deliver lash products to the next link in the chain. The wholesale eyelash suppliers USA can be manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.

Product range

The product range of lash vendors are diverse. It typically includes lash extensions, lash tools, and other related accessories.

Like lash vendors, lash suppliers feature a diverse product range, including eyelash extensions, eyelash trays, eye glues, and other eyelash tools.

Customization options

Some lash vendors like lash wholesalers can offer customization options. Those solutions include private labeling, customized packaging, or unique lash designs tailored to the buyer’s business.

Similar to lash vendors, lash suppliers can offer customization solutions for their products, such as OEM services.

The main difference between “lash vendors” and “lash suppliers” is their roles within the supply chain. Lash vendors often refer to distributors of eyelash products while lash suppliers refer to business producing and delivering lash products/ services. However, customers can use both terms interchangeably when looking for businesses providing lash products and services because their difference is quite small.

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Criteria you need to evaluate a wholesale eyelash supplier USA

We’ll provide top important factors to consider when assessing a wholesale eyelash supplier, covering aspects from product quality to communication and customer service.

Criteria you need to evaluate a wholesale eyelash supplier

Criteria you need to evaluate a wholesale eyelash supplier

  • Product Diversity: You can start by evaluating the range and diversity of eyelash products that the suppliers offer. Besides, look for innovative designs and high-quality options that stay on the forefront of market trends.
  • Quality: Along with the product range, evaluate if the suppliers use high-quality products, such as Korean PBT fibers or inferior acrylic fibers. Premium materials help enhance the overall appearance, comfort, and durability of eyelash extensions.
  • Willingness to share information: Besides, it’s a must to assess the supplier’s transparency concerning their products, manufacturing processes, material sourcing, pricing. A commitment to sharing information is the foundation for collaborative partnerships.
  • Communication and Support: Transparent communication and robust customer support are fundamental to addressing concerns efficiently. Thus, you’ll need to carefully evaluate the supplier’s responsiveness to inquiries and communication.
  • Assess the level of customer service and support provided by the supplier. A supplier committed to post-sale relationships contributes to a mutually beneficial and lasting partnership.
  • Cost: Don’t forget to take into account the cost of the eyelashes relative to the delivered quality. Prioritize quality and ensure products come with a natural matte appearance, softness, lightweight feel, and a durable, long-lasting curl. Also, consider additional costs when sourcing lash extensions, such as shipping fees.
  • Reliability: Before placing orders, assess the track record of wholesale eyelash suppliers USA for constantly delivering quality products. Reliability is important for maintaining a steady and dependable supply chain.
  • Capacity: Moreover, determine the production capacity of lash suppliers and lash vendors USA to ensure they can meet your business demands, especially during peak seasons.
  • Ordering process and Lead time: An efficient process and sensible lead times are important for the seamless operation of your business. Thus, you should opt for a supplier with the ability to provide swift lead times, a readiness to accommodate urgent orders, and prompt solutions to any unforeseen issues related to orders.
  • Location: The geographical location of the supplier is also an important factor for considering. That is because proximity can impact shipping costs, delivery times, and logistical considerations.
Consider the geographical location of the supplier in relation to your business

Consider the geographical location of the supplier in relation to your business

Consider these factors in mind when evaluating a wholesale eyelash supplier in the USA, such as the quality and pricing of wholesale eyelash extensions, and you’ll find the partner for your business with little effort.

Top 10 trusted wholesale eyelash suppliers USA

The journey of choosing trusted wholesale eyelash suppliers USA is always challenging and time-consuming. In this exploration, we navigate through a reliable wholesale lash supplier USA list that serves as guiding beacons, leading enthusiasts and professionals alike to discover the crème de la crème of suppliers. Join as we unravel the significance of choosing wisely from these curated lists and how it shapes the landscape of the eyelash industry.


Vinlash is a global supplier of eyelash extensions and is also an extremely prominent source for the USA market. As you explore the landscape of wholesale eyelash suppliers, Vinlash Manufacturer emerges as a compelling alternative, offering a symphony of quality, innovation, and reliable services. Let’s unravel why Vinlash stands as the best replacement for wholesale eyelash suppliers USA.


Vinlash is a global supplier of eyelash extensions and is also an extremely prominent source for the USA market

  • Vinlash extensions are made from high-quality Korean PBT fiber with meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring a matte black finish, a soft and natural feel, and lightweight characteristics. The lashes are easy to pick up from the eyelash extension trays with no residue, offering convenience and efficiency for lash technicians during application.
  • Private-Label Excellence: VinLash, in addition to standing among the top wholesale lash suppliers, also functions as a lash factory and lash company among wholesale lash vendors USA, is famous for its private-label manufacturing, offering customized branding and packaging solutions like the best private label lash suppliers and lash vendors wholesale USA offers. This allows businesses to have a unique identity on the market.
  • Vinlash offers a diverse selection of individual lash extensions and volume fans in various styles, including lengths ranging from 6-20mm, thicknesses from 0.03mm-0.25mm, and curls in J, B, C, CC, D, DD, L, L+, U, M. This extensive range allows lash technicians, spas, and lash brands to choose options that suit their clients’ preferences.
  • ISO Certification: Being ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified indicates a commitment to quality standards and environmental responsibility like wholesale eyelash suppliers USA.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The positive feedback from lash professionals, monthly output of over 1 million units, and the export to over 25 countries highlights customer satisfaction and global reach.


  • Website:
  • Factory Address at Tuong Binh Hiep Ward at Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province
  • Office 1 of Vinlash: CL15-21, Duong Noi Ward in Ha Dong District, Ha Noi Capital city
  • Office 2 of Vinlash: Hong Kong Tower, Lang Thuong, Ha Noi
  • Contact: +84 898 462 990 gmail is [email protected]

Vinlash isn’t just a replacement; it’s a transformative force in the wholesale eyelash industry of wholesale eyelash suppliers USA. With a commitment to quality, factory-direct pricing, and comprehensive solutions, Vinlash emerges as the best choice for those seeking a reliable eyelash supplier or eye lash vendor USA.

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Lash box LA

Embark on a journey into the dynamic realm of wholesale eyelash suppliers USA with the innovative offerings of Lash Box LA. This supplier stands as a testament to the fusion of quality and creativity, redefining beauty in the eyelash industry.


Embark on a journey into the dynamic realm of wholesale eyelash suppliers USA with the innovative offerings of Lash Box LA

  • Innovative Techniques: Pioneers in the industry with top ranking in the lash vendor list USA with exclusive Flower Bouquet and Mega Volume lash extension techniques from wholesale lashes suppliers USA.
  • Pro-Certified Products: Offering high-quality, professional-certified products for lash professionals.
  • Comprehensive Education: Dedication to education, empowering lash artists with knowledge and skills.
  • Thriving Community: Fostering a vibrant community for lash professionals to connect, learn, and grow together of wholesale eyelash suppliers USA.
  • Industry Leadership: Setting the standard as leaders in lash extensions, redefining the art and practice.
  • Many headquarters in many countries around the world
  • The product range is extremely diverse, from eyelashes with many materials to a variety of accessories


  • Location: LashBox Los Angeles, Torrance, California
  • Phone: +1 424 408 0400
  • Time: Monday – Friday 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM PDT

As you explore the beauty landscape, Lash Box LA emerges as a distinctive choice among wholesale eyelash suppliers USA. Consider the unique key features and diverse product range that positions Lash Box LA as a frontrunner in the industry.


GladGirl, a notable name among wholesale eyelash suppliers USA, invites you to explore a world where expertise meets innovation. Uncover the artistry and commitment to excellence that defines GladGirl in the eyelash industry.


GladGirl, a notable name among wholesale eyelash suppliers USA

  • Award-Winning Products: GladGirl has received multiple awards, highlighting the exceptional quality and popularity of their eyelash extension products, especially the Salon Professional and Signature Mink lines.
  • Commitment to Ethics: GladGirl is committed to vegan and cruelty-free products, with formal recognition and approval by PETA in 2020. This features make them a top choice for businesses looking for quality vegan products.
  • The GladGirl Rewards Program: This membership program provides customers with points for every purchase, which can be redeemed for discounts, free gifts, and special offers, fostering customer loyalty.
  • Long-Standing Industry Presence: GladGirl’s involvement in the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and their successful history suggests a stable and reputable presence in the lash industry.


  • Location: 19201 Parthenia, Northridge, USA headquarters
  • Phone: 888-688-9621 or [email protected]
  • Time: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST

GladGirl, with its commitment to excellence, sets a benchmark among wholesale eyelash suppliers. As you navigate the vast choices, consider quality assurance and innovative product designs that make this vendor for eyelashes USA a trusted partner in beauty.

Noval lash

Step into the world of Nova Lash, where quality control and innovative designs converge. As a prominent player among wholesale eyelash suppliers USA, Nova Lash invites you to explore a range that redefines lash beauty.


Step into the world of Noval Lash, where quality control and innovative designs converge

  • Industry Leadership: Nova Lash, one of wholesale eyelash suppliers USA, is recognized as a leader in the eyelash industry, consistently voted #1 more than any other lash company worldwide.
  • Commitment to Health and Safety: The brand is renowned for its dedication to maintaining the health of clients’ eyes and natural lashes. Nova Lash, recognized as one of the best lash vendors USA, prioritizes safety in every aspect of its products and services. Nova Lash products, physician-developed and meticulously crafted, adhere to the highest standards of quality. The application technique is not only designed for stunning results but is also committed to being damage-free, ensuring that beauty and safety go hand in hand for their customers.
  • Transparency: Nova Lash provides Material Safety Data Sheets for its products, demonstrating transparency about the health, safety, and quality of its entire product line.
  • Continuous Training: The brand offers continuous training opportunities, allowing lash artists to learn from top experts in the field and continually improve their skills.


  • Location: 6116 Skyline Dr #201, Houston, TX 77057
  • Contact: +1(713)520-5848
  • Time: Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm

Nova Lash, with its dedication to quality control and consistency, stands tall among wholesale eyelash suppliers USA. Consider the meticulous craftsmanship and rising industry standards that define Nova Lash.

Ilevel lab

iLevel Lab brings a unique blend of beauty and environmental consciousness to the landscape of wholesale eyelash suppliers USA. Discover the eco-friendly offerings that set iLevel Lab apart, creating a harmonious balance between beauty and sustainability.


iLevel Lab brings a unique blend of beauty and environmental consciousness to the landscape of wholesale eyelash suppliers USA

  • Commitment To Sustainable Products: Among the top lash extension vendors USA, iLevel Lab stands out for their vegan lashes products featuring PETA certifications. This makes them a great choice for lash business with brand positioning for sustainability.
  • Positive Customer Reviews: The majority of Ilevel lab reviews of wholesale eyelash suppliers USA are highly positive, with 97% of reviewers recommending the products to the others. Besides, positive testimonials for the eyelash supplier wholesale USA, such as the effectiveness of lash extensions and lash glues, contribute to building a favorable brand image.
  • Continuous Research and Development: Ilevel lab emphasizes continuous research and development, offering a wide selection of eyelash extension suppliers USA at affordable prices.
  • Global Distribution: iLevel Lab, based in Beverly Hills, has worldwide distribution, allowing customers globally to access its range of semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions and cosmetic supplies. 


  • Location: iLevel Lab, Beverly Hills, California
  • Website:
  • Contact: (310) 993-1644 or gmail [email protected]

iLevel Lab, with its commitment to eco-friendly practices, offers a distinctive choice among wholesale eyelash suppliers. Consider the transparent business practices and environmental sustainability that define iLevel Lab.

Jb lashes

JB Lashes, a family-driven business, empowers the beautiful landscape with quality and affordability. Explore the offerings that position JB Lashes as a unique choice among wholesale eyelash suppliers USA.


JB Lashes, a family-driven business, empowers the beautiful landscape with quality and affordability

  • Innovative Lash Material: The use of faux mink synthetic yarn PBT fibers with Micro-Pore Technology showcases innovation in lash material. The technology’s role in optimizing bonding and retention adds value to the lashes, meeting the need for both aesthetics and performance.
  • Diversity in Lash Types: Offering Ultra-Light Flat Matte Lashes, Pre-Made Volume Fans, and Multi Fans provides customers with a variety of options from lash vendors USA to achieve different looks. This diversity caters to the preferences of lash artists and their clients.
  • Compatibility with Lash Enhancers: The acknowledgment that their LASHFOOD Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer is formulated specifically for lash extensions indicates consideration for maintaining natural lash health, aligning with a holistic approach to beauty
  • Cruelty-Free Commitment: JB Lashes’ commitment to being 100% cruelty-free aligns with ethical and conscious consumer values of wholesale eyelash suppliers USA. This commitment can resonate positively with customers who prioritize cruelty-free beauty products.


  • Location: JB Lashes, Garden Grove, California
  • Website:
  • Contact: + 1 (714) 521-6200 and gmail [email protected]

JB Lashes, a family-driven venture, stands as a powerful choice among wholesale eyelash suppliers USA. Consider the competitive pricing strategies and girl power ethos that define JB Lashes in the beauty industry.


In the ever-evolving landscape of eyelash beauty, finding reliable suppliers is akin to discovering hidden treasures. Among these gems is Jemenow, a name that resonates with quality, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Join as we delve into why Jemenow stands as one of the best replacements for wholesale eyelash suppliers USA, offering a tapestry of options for lash enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Jemenow is one of the best replacement for wholesale eyelash suppliers USA

  • Extensive Industry Experience: With nine years of lash manufacturing experience, Jemenow brings a wealth of expertise to the eyelash extension industry.
  • Safe & Fast Shipping: Worldwide fast shipping options of wholesale eyelash suppliers USA, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Sea, ensure quick and secure delivery. Stocked samples can be sent out within 24 hours.
  • Diverse Product Range: Jemenow provides a wide range of eyelash extension products, including short-stem and long-stem premade fans, flat lash extensions, easy fan eyelash extensions, and more from wholesale lashes suppliers in USA. This diversity caters to different preferences and customization needs.
  • Private Label Service: Jemenow of wholesale eyelash suppliers USA supports private labeling, providing a customized eyelash brand solution, even for small retailers.
  • Cruelty-Free Certification: Jemenow adheres to cruelty-free standards, meeting the requirements of SGS, RoHS, and CNAS.


With a perfect blend of experience, innovation, and a commitment to quality, Jemenow stands tall, making it not just a replacement but a premier choice for lash enthusiasts and professionals in the USA and beyond. Elevate your lash game with Jemenow’s offerings, where quality meets innovation, and beauty knows no bounds.


In this section, let’s join us in exploring Meidear Eyelash – a significant player in the global eyelash industry, offering alternatives that mirror the excellence of wholesale eyelash suppliers USA.


Meideareyelash is one of the wholesale eyelash suppliers USA trusted

  • Professional OEM and Branding Services: Meidear Eyelash helps businesses produce lash extensions on their needs with the quality OEM services. This Chinese manufacturer also offer private labeling services, enabling customers to create their own brand identity with customized packaging and logos.
  • Mink Lashes: For those looking for premium mink lashes, Meidear Eyelash stands out as the top provider owing to their luxurious mink lash extensions.
  • Global Reach: Meidear Eyelash highlights its presence as a leader in China’s false lashes of wholesale eyelash suppliers USA production for over 20 years, indicating its experience and recognition in the global market.
  • Blog and Knowledge Sharing: The company shares knowledge about eyelash extensions through its blog, providing tips and information to customers and potential clients.


  • Location: Chengyang District, Shandong in China
  • Phone: 86 532 67760140 or +86 13256867839
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

This section has highlighted the global impact and expertise Meidear Eyelash brings to the table, making it a compelling choice for those seeking excellence beyond borders in the world of wholesale eyelash suppliers USA.

Bella Lash

Bella Lash shines as one of the most trusted wholesale eyelash suppliers in the USA since this supplier has consistently delivered top-notch products that have become a staple for lash artists nationwide.


Bella lash is famous as reputable wholesale eyelash suppliers USA

  • First, Bella Lash is famous for its innovative products designed to empower lash technicians and inspire them to grow their fruitful ventures.
  • Among the top wholesale eyelash suppliers USA, this brand offers accessible in-person and online training courses through its perfected curriculum curated by experienced lash professionals.
  • Bella Lash products undergo rigorous testing and approval by in-house teams of engineers and chemists, adhering to strict guidelines set by experienced lash professionals.
  • The brand strives to nurture a respectful and empowering community of lash professionals through its Bella Lash perks programs, providing opportunities to increase revenue and simplify lash supplies restocking.


  • Location: Unit A at Vineyard of Utah city in USA (373 E 1750 N)
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 8554235525
  • Email:[email protected]

With a commitment to quality, a rich history of success, and a dedicated community of lash professionals, Bella Lash continues to be an ideal option for those who seek quality products and long-term robust partnerships.

The Lash professional 

With a history dating back to 2006, The Lash Professional has grown to become a leader in the lash industry and one of the first choice for trusted wholesale eyelash suppliers USA.


The Lash professional is a good option of wholesale eyelash suppliers USA

  • Top-Quality Products: The Lash professional has geared their reputation for their premium lash solutions. Every product undergoes extensive testing and approval by industry experts before reaching the shelves.
  • Innovation and Evolution: Along with quality products, The Lash Professional invests a lot in developing innovative products. With constant research and development, The Lash Professional introduces new releases and stays ahead in the fast-evolving field of eyelash extensions.
  • Lash Kits and Training: The Lash Professional offers quality training courses and all-inclusive lash kits. Those will support amateur lash technicians to kickstart their careers.


  • Location: 2501 N Hayden Rd at Suite 104, Scottsdale
  • Website:
  • Phone: (480) 588-5160
  • Email: [email protected]

When you think of choosing wholesale eyelash suppliers in the USA, consider The Lash Professional since this company constantly provides quality products and training courses.

Steps to take when working with wholesale lash suppliers USA

Upon meticulous consideration of essential criteria, you may pinpoint several dependable wholesale eyelash suppliers in the USA for potential collaboration. To facilitate a successful transaction, this section outlines the steps to secure your deal and ensure a fruitful partnership:

Steps to take when working with wholesale lash suppliers USA

Steps to take when working with wholesale lash suppliers USA

  • Define Your Requirements Clearly: Clearly communicate your eyelash specifications, including lengths, thickness, curls, volume dimensions, black hue intensity, sheen, adhesive lash strip quality, texture, weight, and acceptable price range. Specify any customization or private labeling requests and outline explicit quality standards.
  • Request Samples for Evaluation: Upon supplier confirmation, request samples of each eyelash type to assess adherence to industry standards and your defined requirements.
  • Review and Provide Feedback: Evaluate the received samples for defects, appearance, consistency, material quality, and other crucial aspects. Provide constructive feedback to the supplier regarding your satisfaction and areas for improvement in their products and services.
  • Detailed Requirements Discussion: Engage in a detailed discussion with selected wholesale eyelash suppliers USA, combining your initial requirements with insights gained from the sample evaluation. Seek confirmation from suppliers on their ability to meet your specifications.
  • Initiate Orders with Specifics: Close the supplier selection process by placing orders with the chosen supplier(s). Clearly specify product names, quantities, quality requirements, and the desired delivery date.
  • Maintain Ongoing Communication with The Lash Suppliers: Stay in regular communication throughout the lash order fulfillment process. It is a must to carefully evaluate the eyelash supplier’s responsiveness, customer service, and willingness to address concerns promptly.
  • Thorough Inspection of the First Order: Carefully assess the first lash order upon delivery, demonstrating a strict compliance to your requirements. Provide detailed feedback to encourage continuous improvement or consider alternative suppliers if necessary.
  • Setting Quality Standards for Future Orders: Understand that the first order establishes the quality standard and communicates your expectations for subsequent transactions. Your meticulous inspection emphasizes the importance of product quality and adherence to agreement terms, holding the supplier accountable.

Take these steps to select, evaluate, and choose the right wholesale eyelash suppliers in the USA for your demands. Then, develop solid engagement to set the foundation for the beneficial business partnerships.


There are many questions lash technicians might have when finding their lash suppliers. This section will address some common queries and provide insightful answers to help you in the decision-making process.

Embarking on the journey of wholesale eyelash purchases brings about numerous questions

Embarking on the journey of wholesale eyelash purchases brings about numerous questions

  • Should I source wholesale eyelash extensions from a manufacturer?

Certainly. It’s a good choice to purchase wholesale eyelash extensions directly from a lash manufacturer. Manufacturers feature the capability to fulfill large wholesale orders at lower prices than those of wholesalers or retailers. Additionally, certified manufacturers can offer high-quality lashes and provide valuable insights, such as the on-demand lash extensions or innovative lash glues.

  • Should I work with one single reliable supplier or engage with multiple suppliers?

Both options have pros and cons. Working with a single lash supplier ensures more consistent product quality and potential discounts for large orders. Meanwhile, engaging with multiple eyelash vendors reduces the risk of dependence on a sole supplier and enables you to source more diverse products at competitive prices.

  • What steps should I take after receiving quotes from multiple eyelash suppliers to choose the best one?

After obtaining quotes from various wholesale eyelash suppliers USA, prioritize assessing the quality of products and services offered. Eliminate suppliers providing inferior quality. Once you identify suppliers with comparable quality, conduct a cost comparison considering product unit cost, ordering cost, delivery cost, holding inventory cost, payment terms, and potential costs related to late deliveries.

  • Is it possible to purchase wholesale eyelashes on a low budget in the USA?

While wholesale eyelash purchases typically involve a substantial budget due to large quantities, it’s not impossible to source them on a budget. Consider outsourcing from foreign manufacturers in eyelash-producing hubs like Vietnam or China for more reasonable deals, especially if dealing with lash supply vendors USA without the economy of scale.

  • What should I consider if I import extensions to the USA?

First, eyelash extensions are considered cosmetics by the FDA. They must be labeled with ingredients, manufacturer info, and warnings in English. Besides, request Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for safety information. This document details the ingredients, potential hazards, and proper handling procedures for the lash extensions and any accompanying adhesives or removers.

  • As a beginner lash brand, how can I establish trust and boost profits?

For a beginner lash brand, focus on building a positive reputation from the outset by creating a distinctive brand identity. Provide high-quality products that meet customer needs and demonstrate value for their money. Prioritize customer satisfaction to foster loyalty, gradually building a base of loyal customers that contribute to sustained profitability.

  • What prices should I set for my lash extensions services?

On average, a full set of lash extensions should range between 100 USD and 250 USD. You should evaluate several factors, such as technician experience, salon location, lash extension types, and lash materials, when setting your pricing.

As a beginner lash brand, how can I establish trust and boost profit

As a beginner lash brand, how can I establish trust and boost profit

These frequently asked questions provide valuable insights to guide you, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the eyelash industry. By addressing key aspects of sourcing and establishing trust, you can make informed choices that align with your business goals and ensure success in the competitive eyelash market.


The list of the “Top 10 Trusted Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers USA 2024” serves as a valuable guide, presenting reputable sources known for their commitment to excellence and industry credibility. Consider these manufacturers and choose the right ones for your business. We hope that this collaboration will take your business to new heights and earn fruitful results.

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