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Top 10 best lash extension trays vendors

This article shows the top 10 best lash extension trays vendors as well as essential tips on selecting high-quality trays and identifying reputable suppliers.

Lash extension trays are the core lash offering of any lash business. Therefore, lash businesses should offer high-quality lash extension trays as they can heavily affect their reputation and growth. In this article, we will recommend ten reliable vendors providing high-quality eyelash extension trays and guide you on how to select trays, identify dependable mink lash tray vendors as well as negotiate to get the best deals.

The importance of top-notch lash extension trays to lash businesses

Lash extension trays are the most essential supply for any eyelash extension application. They directly impact the result of the entire lash set and the satisfaction of clients. Therefore, lash studios pay a lot of attention to sourcing high-quality lash trays, leading lash brands and wholesalers to offer high-grade ones to meet their demands. Below are the reasons why top-notch lash extension trays are so important:

  • High-quality lashes: High-quality lash extension trays first contain lashes of good quality. These lashes need to be natural-looking black, soft, lightweight, vegan, safe to wear, and long-lasting. Offering lashes with these exceptional features helps lash businesses achieve a higher satisfaction rate, draw new sales and higher revenue, and boost sustainable business growth.
  • Professional appearance: High-quality lash trays easily and quickly attract customers because they usually look professional and visually appealing. Before testing the quality of the lashes inside, appearance is the first impression customers have about the products. Well-organized and clean trays can be a big plus point that affects whether or not they continue considering a product.
  • Durable lash trays: Lash extension trays of high quality are more durable, including long-lasting lash curls and lashes securely attached to lash strips, as well as sturdy packaging material, preventing lashes from being affected by transportation, dust, or weather conditions. Therefore, buying them can help save lash businesses from wasteful costs due to unexpectedly damaged lash trays.

The importance of top-notch lash extension trays to lash businesses

High-quality lash extensions are characterized by key features such as high-quality lashes, professional appearance, and durable lash trays. Because of these core values they offer, it is essential for businesses to purchase the highest quality ones, as they can lead to higher customer satisfaction rates, higher return rates, higher income, more sustainable growth, greater customer attraction, and reduced unwanted costs.

Key indicators of high-quality lash extension trays

In order to source high-quality eyelash extension trays wholesale, it is crucial that you recognize there are various lash trays to buy in bulk and know how to check their quality. When selecting eyelash extension trays, you should evaluate their quality based on essential standards listed below.

  • Consistency in specifications: High-quality eyelash extension trays should have every lash made with precise and consistent specifications (length, thickness, curl). A major issue with low-quality eyelash extensions is that they are not made in exact accordance with their specified diameter. When you use trays that have lashes of inconsistent lengths, thicknesses and curls, it is hard to create perfectly symmetrical volume fans. You may struggle when performing either wholesale classic eyelash extensions or volume lash extension service with low-quality inconsistent lash extension tray. As a result, finding eyelash extension trays with every single lash produced precisely and consistently according to their specifications is crucial.
  • Sheen: Lashes of matte or semi-matte finish are more preferable to shiny ones as they appear more natural. Clients aspire to this look the most. Shiny eyelash extensions offered by mink lash tray vendors can make the client uncomfortable and look very unnatural. Therefore, when checking lash extension trays, you should pay attention to the sheen of the lash inside.
  • Hue: Dark and true black lash extensions are those that lash technicians need as they bring out the most natural look for the clients. High-quality black eyelash extension trays should have lashes in pure black with no blue tint. The tint can be easily recognized under natural sunlight, resulting in a less natural look.
  • Soft texture: The softness of lashes inside lash extension tray is an important criteria as they affect the experience of the clients. Soft and flexible lashes can make the clients feel comfortable, even after a long period of time. As a result, you should look for lash trays that have lashes made from high-quality PBT with premium finishes such as silk, mink, faux mink.
  • Curl quality: High-quality lash trays in bulk should be able to retain the curl over time. No lash artists or clients would want lashes that are flattened after a short time. Poor curl quality can make the clients unhappy, and therefore, resulting in bad referrals and lost business opportunities.

Key indicators of high-quality lash extension trays

Packaging tray: Besides the quality of lashes inside a lash extension tray, the quality of packaging trays is also important. For volume fans trays, you should find trays that have sticky strips. They will facilitate the pickup and fanning process. Moreover, you should use trays with foil back stickers that enable you to remove the lashes quickly and easily.

Tips on choosing high-quality lash extension trays to buy in bulk

Reputable and reliable sources are essential to finding and purchasing high-quality eyelash extension trays wholesale. As a result, it is crucial to recognize different types of sources, where to find them and how to qualify them.

4 different types of vendors for wholesale lash extension trays

There are multiple types of wholesale lash tray vendors operating in the lash extension market. However, there are only four most common types that cater to different requirements you need to know:




  • Manufacturers are the type of vendors that directly produce lash trays and then sell them to wholesalers or retailers.
  • Buying from manufacturers can help bring about lower prices because there are no middlemen involved.
  • Direct communication with manufacturers results in better quality control and tailored-made requests available.
  • As manufacturers don’t deal with small orders, a high minimum order quantity is often required.
  • It’s hard to find an authentic lash extension manufacturer because many vendors claim themselves as manufacturers, but in fact are merely trading companies.

Wholesale vendor

  • Wholesale vendors offer a wide range of products because they procure lash trays and other lash supplies from a diverse variety of lash manufacturers. For example, wholesale mink lash tray vendors often have a diverse selection of mink lash trays from multiple manufacturers.
  • They offer wholesale deals, although the price is higher than the direct-factory price offered by manufacturers.
  • Quality control can be restricted when working with wholesale vendors.

Lash extension brand

  • Lash extension brands usually provide a comprehensive selection of lash extension trays and other lash supplies.
  • Lash brands usually cater to retail orders and may offer wholesale options for only a few specific types of lash trays.
  • The price offered by lash brands is much higher due to the “brand” they hold.
  • There are limited to no private labeling services when working with them.

From the comparison table between common types of lash tray vendors above, the suggestion is that the more you purchase, the more sensible it is to work with a manufacturer. If you’re planning to build your own lash brand, find a competent manufacturer who also offers reliable private labeling and customization to work with. If you’re a freelance lash tech, a reputable brand for high-quality lash trays may suit you better.

Channels to find reliable sources of lash extension trays in bulk

There are various ways to find vendors of lash extension trays in large quantities. Here are some suggestions:

  • Online search: Online search is the most effective and basic way to search for eyelash extension trays wholesalevendors. The key to taking advantage of this free, universal channel is to use the right keywords or maybe change the location of searching by using a VPN to better search potential lash tray vendors in more specialized locations, such as Vietnam or China.
  • Social media: Reputable and experienced lash extension vendors often have accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn as a way to reach a larger customer base, showcase their products, and prove their credibility. Social media is a great channel to help you find potential vendors. You should also join relevant groups or communities that offer connections with vendors.
  • Online wholesale platforms: There are many online wholesale eyelash extensions platforms available, but the most popular platforms with a tremendous number of lash extensions wholesale vendors are Alibaba, AliExpress, and Made-in-China. Among them, Alibaba is the most trustworthy one, accommodating wholesale displays from not only Chinese vendors but also Vietnamese vendors who are verified by a third party to be reliable enough.
  • Supplier directory: A supplier directory might be a tougher way to connect with vendors who offer best lash trays in bulk, as there are indeed few directories that cater to the search for eyelash extension vendors, and some may require fees to connect with better vendors. But they are still an option worth trying out, and Yellow Pages might be a good one to start with.

Channels to find reliable sources of lash extension trays in bulk

In addition to these recommended channels above, you should also pay attention to reviews and ratings of the vendors, especially those about their offered product quality and services. Besides, participating in industry expos or trade shows may be a great offline add-on to these online channels that may assist your vendor search.

Criteria to evaluate the sources of wholesale lash extension trays

When evaluating vendors of lash trays in large quantities, there are key factors to consider. Here are some key areas to assess:

  • Quality: Pay attention to quality first when evaluating any vendors providing wholesale lash extension trays. Check the material of the lash extensions as well as the consistency of the product. Carefully assess the sheen, hue, texture, weight, curl, packaging materials, and any defects or signs of inconsistencies in the products.
  • Certifications: Possessing certifications may prove that the lash tray vendors are reliable and their lash trays are up to industry standards. Look for reliable certifications, such as ISO, CE, or SGS, to have better assurance about the quality of the products and the reliability of the vendors.
  • Price: Conduct price comparisons between vendors offering the same or similar product quality to get the best price with the same value from the lash extensions. Remember that while price is worth considering, quality is much more important as it can have a huge impact on long-term profits and decide whether your business can stand long in the industry.
  • Delivery: Ask the vendors for information about their partnered carrier companies to check if the carriers are reliable and professional enough to transport your orders. Additionally, consider transportation costs to ensure that the costs of your orders don’t exceed the revenue you’d make from them.
  • Payment terms: Consider payment methods, payment deadlines, and payment security to minimize the risks of fraud activities from vendors who take your money and don’t deliver the quality you agreed upon.
  • Customer service: Partner with vendors who are good at communication in your language, responsive to any questions or issues you may have, and provide after-sales support. Customer service plays a significant role in your purchase experience.
  • Reputation: Look for reviews, feedback, and ratings left by customers who have worked with the vendors before to have a more authentic view of who you’re going to work with, thus staying away from potentially unreliable partners.

Criteria to evaluate the sources of wholesale lash extension trays

These are the must-have criteria to consider carefully before selecting any lash extension vendors as your partner for lash trays in bulk. If you’re buying in small quantities, you may not need to pay as much attention to your choice. However, when buying in bulk, the costs are bigger and thus the risks are bigger too. You have to consider more carefully to save yourself from wasting both money and time working with unreliable vendors.

Tips on negotiating and ordering from lash extension trays vendors

If you’re buying small quantities, you may have little to no advantage to negotiate your orders with your vendors. But if you’re buying large quantities and your orders add significant value to the vendors, you may have a better position at the negotiation table. Here are some tips to help you get the best deals from your negotiation with the lash vendors:

  • Determine your needs: You should determine what you have to get from the order and what you may be open to compromise on to get what you want, like identifying the priority of the deal. Besides, you should make it clear about the quantity volume of the order, the type of lashes you want, and the amount of money you’re willing to pay.
  • Highlight your business’s potential: You should highlight your business’s potential, such as the size of your business, the order volume you frequently stock, as well as potential for business growth. Showcase evidence for increased sales and growing demand for your products because it can encourage the vendor to offer better deals to secure your orders.
  • Start with a realistic offer: You should start by conducting thorough research from various lash tray vendors to get an overview of the price and service they offer for similar lash trays in bulk deals and base your negotiation on that to make a realistic offer.
  • Ask for volume discounts: You can ask for volume discounts if you purchase a large quantity, as the larger the order, the more benefits that mink lash tray vendors get from it. Thus, they’ll be more likely to accept your discount requests. Emphasize that the benefits they get from this deal outweigh the discounts you want them to offer, and you may have a better chance of getting more favorable deals.
  • Negotiate favorable payment terms: You should try requesting favorable payment terms that benefit you from your mink lash tray vendors, such as extended payment deadlines or early-payment discounts. This may not be something financially stable lash businesses might be concerned about, but for those not having enough money for large wholesale orders, they may save costs of capital.

Tips on negotiating and ordering from lash extension trays vendors

In addition to these tips, don’t forget to be polite and collaborative when negotiating by presenting that you’re willing to reach a win-win situation for both you and the lash vendor. Another important thing to remember is to put everything in writing by documenting all things precisely and fully in a formal contract to defend against any uncertainties later.

Top 10 best lash extension trays vendors

Reputable suppliers can help you cut down on the time and cost spent on purchasing lash trays in bulk. With their market know-how and expertise, they can also provide guidance and sharpen your competitive edges. Therefore, we recommend you find and work with top renowned suppliers listed below.


Vinlash is a Vietnam lash factory that provides high-quality lash extension trays in large quantities. They have a large selection of lash trays with various styles at all lengths, curls, and thicknesses. Lashes from this best lash vendors Vietnam are made of high-quality Korean PBT at premium finishes. You can get samples from them to test the quality.

  • Top-tier Korean PBT: Vinlash offers eyelash extension trays wholesale crafted from top-tier Korean PBT fibers. The quality of our PBT fibers are tested by SGS and have passed the tests. Besides, we make every raw material go through sterilization process to ensure that they are 100% safe and hypoallergenic for the end customers.
  • Extensive parameter choices: Vinlash provides a wide range of parameter choices for their lash extension trays, which encompasses a comprehensive 5-20mm length range, an extensive curl chart from the most subtle J curl to the most dramatic U curl, full thickness levels from 0.03-0.25mm and a variety of color hues.
  • Professional private labeling: Vinlash offers professional private labeling services with an efficient process and budget-friendly costs. Their comprehensive service includes free packaging design, printing, and the crafting of tailored packaging solutions that align with the lash technician’s brand and vision.

Contact information


Vinlash is a Vietnam lash factory that provides high-quality lash extension trays in large quantities

In conclusion, Vinlash is a leading Vietnam lash factory that specializes in providing high-quality lash extension trays in large quantities. With an extensive selection of lash trays available in various styles, lengths, curls, and thicknesses and lashes made from top-tier Korean PBT, they stand out for their offerings. Besides, Vinlash offers professional private labeling services, allowing lash techs and brands to create their own branded lash trays.

LashBox LA

LashBox LA is a popular brand in North America known for its premium lash trays and a diverse array of lash extension styles, including not only classic and volume but also mega volume eyelash extension trays.

  • High-Quality Products: LashBox LA is famous for high-quality lash extension trays made of premium synthetic materials. Their lash trays emphasize a natural finish, with soft and lightweight lashes. Additionally, their typical mint hard cardboard packaging is not only eco-friendly but also durable and secure enough to hold the lashes well, ensuring they maintain their shape for a long time while facilitating seamless lash application.
  • Wide Range of Options: LashBox LA offers lash trays in a wide range of options that deliver various styles, as well as multiple choices of lengths, curls, and thicknesses to cater to the extensive preferences of customers.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: LashBox LA states that their core values lie in their ability to satisfy customers. Therefore, with customer satisfaction as their first priority, they invest resources in forming a dedicated customer support team that is responsive, knowledgeable, and willing to assist customers 24/7.

Contact information


LashBox LA is a popular brand in North America known for its premium lash trays and a diverse array of lash extension styles

If you prefer to work with a reputable brand that offers high-quality lash trays together with an extensive product line and prioritizes positive customer experience, LashBox LA is a worth considering lash brand to buy from.


Novalash is a professional lash extension brand in the USA with prominent features recognized and respected by worldwide lash professionals, known for being lightweight, comfortable, and non-irritating lash extensions.

  • Pioneers in Lash Extension Technology: Novalash has been a pioneer in the global lash extension industry since their establishment in 2004, during the early phase of the eyelash extension field. With their rich expertise and experience, they have developed advanced techniques for eyelash extension design. Their lash extension trays are highly trusted by lash professionals for their highest quality standards.
  • Commitment to Safety and Health: Novalash places great emphasis on the safety aspect of their lash supplies. Therefore, they subject their lashes to multiple strict tests to ensure that the lashes they offer meet international safety standards.

Contact information

  • Website:
  • Phone: +1 (713) 520-5848

Novalash is a professional lash extension brand in the USA with prominent features

Thanks to the abundant expertise in both technology and techniques of an industry pioneer, Novalash has earned a global reputation as a professional and innovative lash extension brand. If you are looking for lash trays that are 100% safe and have the highest quality standards, Novalash is the optimal option to select.

Sugarlash PRO

Sugarlash PRO is a wholesale eyelash supplier in the USA with the main focus on providing lash technicians and lash professionals across the world with a high-quality lash line excellent in both quality and diversity aspects.

  • Premium Quality Products: Sugarlash PRO offers professional lash extension trays guaranteed by the brand for being made from premium lash fibers and completely cruelty-free. The first impression customers recognize from the first look at their lash extension trays is that they are filled with dense, consistent, and kink-free lash lines.
  • Innovative Tray Designs: They have smart ways of arranging lash extensions with mixed specifications of curls, thicknesses, and lengths in a well-organized lash tray. Sugarlash PRO’s lash trays are characterized by professional-looking packaging, accompanied by vivid and high-quality printing to assist lash techs in effortless lash extension application.
  • Strong Industry Reputation and Support: Not only providing professional lash supplies, Sugarlash PRO also offers prestigious academic courses on eyelash extension skills and grants certifications for lash techs passing the tests. For customers purchasing from them, they ensure customers get prompt responses and expert consultations relating to lash extension products.

Contact information


Sugarlash PRO is a wholesale eyelash supplier in the USA with the main focus on providing lash technicians and lash professionals

With notable offerings such as a professional lash extensions selection and expert assistance in eyelash extension skills as above, Sugarlash PRO is undoubtedly the optimal choice for beginner or professional lash techs.

Xtreme Lashes

Founded by Jo Mousselli in 2005, Xtreme Lashes has become one of the most respected lash extension brands in the global scope. Their continuous research and innovation to bring better eyelash extensions to the market has contributed to their success nowadays.

  • Established brand: Xtreme Lashes is a well-established and leading lash extension brand with a strong reputation in the industry for their expertise and innovation in eyelash extension supplies distribution.
  • Extensive product range: Xtreme Lashes’s offerings include both basic lash extension types and specially-designed lash extension trays exclusive to the brand. They offer five curvature options for their lash extensions, including 30, 35, 40, 50, and 90-degree curls, as well as a range of thicknesses from thin to super thick levels and a rich color selection.
  • Comprehensive customer support: They provide regular customers with specially designed savings discounts, of which the more the accumulated receipts customers buy from them, the bigger the discounts they’ll receive after a specific time period. Furthermore, pro accounts can receive online education and live lash support hotline from their team.

Contact information


Xtreme Lashes has become one of the most respected lash extension brands in the global scope

With all these lash professional-directed programs, together with their long-year expertise in eyelash extensions, partnering with Xtreme Lashes is helpful for customers like lash techs or lash studios. Xtreme Lashes is also sensible in all their service strategies aiming to retain lash techs keep buying from them.

Paris Lash Academy

With a focus on maintaining control over their products’ quality, PLA manufactures their own lash extensions in Vietnam, ensuring the use of high-quality materials, including Korean PBT. Alongside their products, PLA offers valuable educational resources, making them a valuable resource for lash technicians seeking to enhance their skills.

  • Quality and Control: PLA manufactures their own lash extension trays in Vietnam. This allows them to directly control the quality of materials and production process. They claim to use Korean PBT material, known for its quality in lash extensions.
  • Focus on Education: PLA offers educational resources alongside their products, focusing on lash application. This can be helpful for lash technicians who are new to the brand or want to improve their skills.
  • Affordability: PLA positions itself as a vendor offering quality lash extension products at affordable prices. This can be attractive to lash technicians looking for good value for their money.

Contact information


PLA manufactures their own lash extension trays in Vietnam

For lash technicians seeking reliable lash extension products backed by a commitment to quality, education, and affordability, Paris Lash Academy is the perfect choice. With their direct control over production processes and materials, PLA guarantees the quality of their lash extensions. Their educational resources provide valuable guidance for both newcomers and experienced professionals, allowing for continuous skill improvement.

Flawless Lashes by Loreta

Flawless Lashes by Loreta is a reputable lash tray vendor that offers several compelling reasons for lash professionals to work with them. Here are three key reasons:

  • Quality products: Flawless Lashes commits to delivering premium lash extensions crafted from high-standard materials that offer a natural appearance and durable retention.
  • Variety of options: They offer a variety of lash extension options, including three main categories of classic, L-curl lash extension trays, and premade fan trays. Their premade fans range from 3D to 10D, while classic lash extensions come in various thicknesses and two choices for length, encompassing single-length and mixed-length trays.
  • Trusted brand: Flawless Lashes by Loreta is a well-known brand not only in the UK but also in Europe because of the exceptional product features, as well as the professional customer services they provide to customers.

Contact information

  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +44 1293 541444

Flawless Lashes by Loreta is a reputable lash tray vendor that offers several compelling reasons for lash professionals

Flawless Lashes by Loreta is absolutely a reliable lash extension brand for lash businesses to work with. By partnering with this brand, lash businesses can be at ease knowing that they receive premium product materials with diverse product types and a comfortable buying experience.


LashJoy has garnered a reputation as a reputable vendor in the lash extension industry for several reasons. Here are two compelling reasons that make LashJoy worth considering for professionals seeking high-quality lash extension trays:

  • High-Quality Products: LashJoy uses premium lash fibers like Korean PBT, known for softness and durability. Positive customer reviews also compliment their lash quality.
  • Variety and Availability: They have a wide range of lash extension trays, including diverse curl types (J, B, C, D), thicknesses (0.03mm, 0.05mm, etc.), and lengths to ensure customers can find every option they need from their website. Consistent availability ensures lash businesses don’t run out of stock when working with them.

Contact information


LashJoy has garnered a reputation as a reputable vendor in the lash extension industry for several reasons

LashJoy’s focus on providing customers with high-quality products together with their comprehensive product line makes them a valuable partner for both lash artists and salons.

Lash Galore

There are several reasons why Lash Galore is a worth-working-with lash tray vendor. Here are three key reasons:

  • High-Quality Products: Lash Galore is reputable for selling high-quality lash trays made from high-grade materials that can endure through a long time of transporting and stocking. Their lash extensions are carefully designed and crafted with MSDS-certified standards to meet both industry requirements and customer satisfaction.
  • Wide Variety of Options: Lash Galore offers mainly classic lash extension trays as they emphasize on quality specialization of their core product instead of trying to widen their offering range. However, they provide multiple lash supplies in addition to lash extensions, such as tweezers, lash liquids, and other lash extension tools.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Lash Galore strives to provide customers with exceptional customer service by adding a free shipping policy for orders over $75 and education discount programs for long-term customers.

Contact information


Lash Galore is reputable for selling high-quality lash trays made from high-grade materials

Overall, Lash Galore stands out as a reputable and worth-working-with lash tray vendor due to their commitment to quality, extensive product range, and exceptional customer service.


Thousand Lashes stands out as a valuable partner for lash extension professionals for several compelling reasons:

  • Comprehensive Product Offering: Thousand Lashes provides a wide array of lash extension trays, including their 3D pro-made volume fans mix length, which caters to clients seeking more volume, length, and definition. Their extensive product line also covers essential tools and accessories like lash tweezers and adhesive, ensuring that lash artists have access to everything they need from a single vendor.
  • Quality and Innovation: Thousand Lashes stresses the use of a diverse range of high-quality materials like cashmere, faux pro-silk, and mink, which are all known for their soft, lightweight, and comfortable characteristics, to make eyelash extensions.
  • Support and Education: Beyond just supplying products, Thousand Lashes is dedicated to the performance of lash artists by providing a free education blog containing rich knowledge of creating various eyelash extension styles on their website. Moreover, they also offer in-person training for paid customers. Their customer support department is online 24/7 to resolve any issues from customers with professional communication.

Contact information


Thousand Lashes provides a wide array of lash extension trays

These factors collectively make Thousand Lashes an attractive option for lash extension professionals seeking a reliable, quality-focused vendor that supports their business needs comprehensively.

To conclude, lash businesses should be careful and smart in their approach to purchase lash extension trays in bulk to secure the best deals from the reliable lash vendors that they partner with as these deals enhance not only their profits but also their reputation as a high-quality and trustworthy lash business. We hope that the information above can effectively assist you in working with the right vendor.

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