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An ultimate guide to locating lashes factory and steps to work with factories


Overview of lashes factory in today’s eyelash market

The eyelash business has changed dramatically in recent years. The market is now undergoing a surge in the introduction of new goods and processes by producers. This development has been spurred by the ever-increasing demand for excellent services, which has resulted in numerous businesses joining the field and looking for lashes factory worldwide. 

Definition, types, and characteristics of lashes factory in the world 

A lashes factory is a type of industrial facility that manufactures eyelashes and other related items. There are various sorts of lashes factory, each with its own product offering and production procedure. If divided by geographical location, there are 2 main types of eyelash factories:

  • Lashes factory that is located in the material area. They source the input material right from within the country or the vicinity, use the advantage of domestic workers to produce eyelashes and then export them to other areas. Thanks to both geographical and cost advantages, although the product quality is still up to standard, lashes factory offers a price that is said to be the cheapest on the market.
  • Lashes factory that is not located in the material area. These eyelash factories often import semi-finished products from factories in raw material areas to their home countries. Here they carry out the design and production of packaging, product packaging, and sale to the market. Therefore, the cost of products from these lashes factory is usually more expensive. However, in return, the buyer can receive the goods faster and avoid the risks in the transaction

Wispy Clear Band False Eyelashes

Each type of lash manufacturer has its own set of advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed before selecting a provider. 

Types and characteristics of eyelashes that lashes factory provide

Fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions are the two main types of eyelashes that lashes factory offers. Each type has distinct qualities and the potential to produce enormous sales.

  • Fake eyelashes or falsies and their potential: Fake eyelashes are pre-made bands of lashes that are adhered to the eyelids with adhesive glue. These can be worn for up to 24 hours but must be removed before going to bed. Because of their short shelf life, end users can acquire a large number of strip lashes and use them for a variety of special occasions. The market share of fake eyelashes in the eyelash market was 36.76% in 2021; however, estimates from lashes factory show that the market share of human hair will grow at the fastest rate, 4.22%. As a result, obtaining eyelashes in bulk and then selling them to clients might result in a substantial profit.
  • Eyelash extensions and their potential: Eyelash extensions, as the name implies, are simply extensions of natural lashes. Suppose you’re looking to buy wholesale eyelash extensions. In that case, you need to know that real data suggests that buying wholesale eyelash extensions has become a market trend because the product has a larger market share than other kinds of lashes. It is not advisable to install eyelash extensions yourself; only certified lash artists at beauty salons should do so. As a result, beauty salons or lash specialists may have a strong demand for eyelashes, particularly eyelash extensions. Women nowadays generally value the comfort and quickness of everyday makeup, thus they frequently visit beauty clinics for eyelash extensions. 

Benefits you can get when working directly with lashes factory

There are many benefits you can get when working with an eyelash factory directly, which will include some of the below outstanding points:


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  • First of all, you can avoid the dangers of scams by dealing with intermediaries instead of dealing directly with the lashes factory. The most simple and important thing is that you just need to verify that it is a real factory, then you can freely execute the transaction according to the predetermined contract
  • Secondly, your eyelashes will be manufactured specifically for you. There are many various varieties of eyelashes, and you may want something different for your personal or business purpose. Besides, you can also purchase eyelash packaging wholesale with your logo printed on them. When buying eyelashes and packaging boxes, it is critical that you fully grasp what you want for your eyelashes so that the lashes factory will make them precisely how you want them to look. In other words, you can change the size, shape, and color of your own eyelashes.
  • You will receive precisely what you pay for. When purchasing from intermediaries, it is easy for a corporation to sell low-quality items and fail to meet client expectations. But, by ordering directly from the lashes factory, you may assure that your goods are of great quality and exactly what you want.
  • You can learn about new industry advances before they hit the market or become widely available on other websites and retailers. This implies that if someone wants to buy items from a lashes factory but doesn’t know where to start, they will be able to learn about new products before everyone else, ensuring they receive exactly what they need at a fair price.

Plentiful of lashes factory located all over the world

You may find lashes factory in a variety of places. Nevertheless, in this blog, we will examine the market share of eyelashes and associated goods by country so you can have an overview of eyelash factory in the world:

  • China is the largest manufacturer of eyelashes, accounting for 50% of all lashes sold globally. The reason for such a big amount is because of the normally low salaries offered to Chinese industrial employees.
  • The United States: Almost all lashes factory in the United States import semi-finished items and only do the final step of manufacture. The argument is that the US is not a country with inexpensive enough raw resources and labor to compete in the industry
  • Vietnam is the fastest expanding market for lashes factory to grow, accounting for 25 – 30% of the global market share of eyelashes due to reduced pricing and a high-quality source of the material. They carry practically every type of eyelash, the most common of which are: wholesale 3d mink lashes, and mink individual lashes,…
  • South Korea: South Korea accounts for 5% of the worldwide market for eyelashes. They specialize in the production and distribution of eyelash extensions.

Colored 3D Mink lFake Eyelashes

As indicated by this blog, Vietnam is well-known for its lashes factory, and as more people become interested in eyelashes, the expansion of the eyelash sector in Vietnam is developing. We have a huge lash factory with over 50 trained lash staff, and we are glad to aid small lash enterprises for clients from all over the world.

Considerations while selecting a lashes factory with whom to collaborate

There are a few factors to consider when you research and pick the lashes factory for your eyelash extensions business or falsies store.

Don’t forget to double-check the lashes factory’s validity 

We will aid you in avoiding frauds that are common in the eyelash industry. You should investigate the factory’s website to ensure its dependability by evaluating the following points:

  • Business license: The name of a lashes factory includes the location, name, principal product, and kind of partnership.
  • Business type: Lashes factory may work in manufacturing or even commerce. Although some firms just manufacture or sell, others have factory and export permits.
  • The number of years a lashes factory has been on the market: This may demonstrate the supplier’s dependability and stability.
  • Certificates of Organization: Check if the provider has the necessary quality and regulatory certifications.
  • Customer of the lashes factory: Look to see whether the factory has any large or well-known customers in the market. This is also significant while checking the validity.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

In addition, consider data like response rate and client endorsements. To find out more, Google the manufacturer’s name. You may use search phrases like “scam,” “bad reviews,” etc. to discover the name.

A suitable lash factory should have reasonable pricing

When discussing “reasonable pricing,” it is essential to assess the cost of the transaction versus the value you obtain. The first and most important thing to remember is that you don’t want to lose loyal clients who are unhappy with the quality of your salon’s eyelashes or run out of supplies because you can’t rely on your lashes factory to deliver on time. Yet, all of this is subjective and depends on your strategy and positioning when entering the eyelash industry. In this post, we will show you the average price range for each common variety of eyelash.

Eyelash extensions Classic lash extension, thickness 0.03mm – 0.2mm Single length 12 – 20 rows $2.24 – $2.57 / tray
Easy fan lash extension, length 7-20mm Single length 12 – 20 rows $3.33 – $3.8 / tray
Flat eyelash extension Single length 12 rows $3.73 – $4.2 / tray
Colored lash extension, length 8-20mm Single length 12 rows $2.68 – $3 / tray
Pro-made fans, 3D – 14D (500 fans at average) Single length 12 – 20 rows $7 – $11 USD / box
Real mink fur eyelash extensions, length 7-20mm Single length 12 – 20 rows $5 – $7 USD / tray
Camellia eyelash extensions, length 8-15mm Single length 12 – 20 rows $3.5 – $3.9 USD / tray
Strip lashes Regular mink lashes Length 8-20mm $2.74 – $5 / pair
Faux mink lashes Length 8-20mm $2.74 – $5 / pair
Color lashes Length 8-20mm $2.74 – $5 / pair
Half lashes Length 8-20mm $2.74 – $5 / pair
Silk lashes Length 8-20mm $2.74 – $5 / pair
Related tools Lash adhesive with fruit scented 5ml $3.15 – $3.5
Eyelash extension primer 15ml $10 – $13
Lash shampoo 100ml $12.69 – $14.99

Currently, end users who use eyelash extensions favor B curl and C curl in fake mink material the most, therefore we recommend purchasing these two varieties of eyelash extensions in bulk, although J-curl real mink false lashes are in demand since they may be used on occasion.


Wispy Black Band Fake Eyelashes

Collaborate with a lashes factory that can provide you with a clear supply of materials.

The most crucial part of any eyelashes is the strands of the lash themselves. Choose lashes made of non-irritating materials. Nonetheless, the ideal lashes factory should either demonstrate the origin of the material used or provide a number of additional eyelash material options. Lashes made from natural materials may be itchy. Also, some purchasers may oppose purchasing items made from animal fur. Fake animal fur and synthetic substitutes provide the same aesthetic appeal as real mink while providing less risk of discomfort, and they are vegan and cruelty-free.

Collaborate with a lashes factory supplier that provides good communication

While lashes factory look to be of exceptional quality, not all lash vendors can guarantee the highest standard of items. Here are all of the data and advice to remember when searching for the top eyelash suppliers.

  • Prepared to communicate: Professional lashes factory is always ready to respond to your inquiries. Any respectable eyelash company will undoubtedly have the necessary skills and responsibilities to do this task.
  • Professional demeanor: Another factor in determining dependability is the behavior of eyelash providers’ personnel. Scammers may disregard your specifications in order to take your money.

3D Silk False Lashes

Evaluate the lashes factory’s industry experience in providing eyelashes.

Expertise is what distinguishes genuine eyelash providers. In an ideal scenario, you would look for a lashes factory that has at least five years of experience. These lash providers are reputable and capable of creating high-quality items. Websites with information about these vendors’ operations and company registration information in the host nation are available. Their track record implies that their clientele is pleased as well.

As a consequence, you can rely on these lashes factory to give you low-cost eyelashes. Yet, in this market, manufacturers with less than five years’ worth of expertise are regarded as newbies. If you don’t want to risk your things, focusing on the experience is a better idea.

Channels to find lashes factory (step-by-step; pros and cons; which specific channel)

You may find possible lashes factory in a variety of methods. You can get benefits from using both offline and online materials (via Google, Alibaba, social media, and Youtube). After your investigation, you may create a list of all the lashes factory you’ve collected and utilize it as a supplier database for your ongoing certification process.


Spike combines with wispy eyelash extensions

Offline sources might assist you to identify lashes factory 

Intermediaries, government offices (Embassy and Ministry of Industry and Trade), trade exhibitions, and conferences are some common offline sources you should contact.

  • Intermediaries: You may locate lashes factory by contacting intermediaries, also known as commission agents. They are compensated for introducing and facilitating a transaction between a buyer and a supplier.
  • Government agencies (Embassy and Industry and Trade Ministry): You may ask them to propose a prominent lashes factory because they have access to local news and all suppliers in the region. They can make direct contact with suppliers on your behalf and give you information about them. However, keep in mind that they are not responsible for completing comprehensive research on the seller’s legality.
  • Trade events and conferences are excellent venues for learning more about various lashes factory. Visiting tradeshows allows you to view the items in person, meet the vendors, and ask any questions you may have. You will also be kept up to speed on industry news and eyelash trends. Doing a Google search or visiting trustworthy industry websites such as ReferenceUSA,, and WorldWide Brands may help you locate relevant information about trade-shows.

Online channels can help you identify lashes factory.

Google search, B2B platforms like Alibaba, and other social media channels are common ways to identify lashes factory online.


Worker at a random eyelash factory

  • As more lashes providers build their online presence, Google search is a fantastic place to start. You may start your search with a broad term, such as “lashes factory,” and then browse the list of manufacturers that shows in the search results.
  • B2B marketplace platforms like Alibaba are excellent locations to locate a wide range of items and lashes factory for your company. Their approach is to assist small businesses in growing, thus there is a good assortment of eyelashes and various providers there. Begin by putting your keyword phrase into the search field, such as “eyelashes” or “3D mink lashes”, and you will see photographs, pricing, and other information about the suppliers and their items in the search results.
  • Social media platforms: As you browse social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin, you will notice a plethora of lashes factory. On Facebook, you may search for the relevant keyword phrase or join eyelash-specific groups. On Instagram, the ideal technique is to utilize hashtags (for example, #lashesfactory), which will bring up a slew of vendors. YouTube functions similarly, but you have the extra benefit of receiving pertinent videos that may show much more effectively than words or photographs. LinkedIn is also searchable, and because the network focuses on business, it’s easy to identify wholesalers, factories, and B2B companies.

Procedures to make a deal with lashes factory 

Once you’ve done the search and scan of the eyelash factories, you’ll have a list of suppliers. So the question is how can you use the information provided to locate the top lashes factory and make a deal with them? The answer is as simple as the following steps:

Get in communication with the lashes factory

The preceding phase is merely your skewed opinions. After that, you must communicate with, visit, and engage with those lashes factory to see whether your assumptions and judgments regarding eyelash sellers are true.


A pair of Human Hair strip lashes

Contact the merchants through email or phone to begin a conversation about eyelashes. Prepare for language barriers by making every attempt to keep talks short and brief. Consider using an interpreter or translator if required to help you communicate correctly. Keep an eye out for lashes factory that appears to be dishonest when it comes to wholesaling eyelashes.

Discuss pricing, payment conditions, and delivery policies

Negotiate the cost and conditions of your deal once you’ve found a lashes factory you want to work with. Minimum order quantities, payment conditions, and delivery fees may all be included. Read the terms carefully; if necessary, have a lawyer review them.

Aside from that, pick on a payment method and delivery arrangements that work for both you and the lashes factory. To protect yourself in the event of a problem, consider utilizing a secure payment option such as PayPal.

Make a contract and place an order with a lashes factory 

Sign a contract with the lashes factory to formalize the arrangement once you’ve agreed on the cost, conditions, and quality of the goods. This protects both parties and ensures that the terms of the agreement are clear. These are some things to keep in mind at this stage:


Mega Volume Fans Eyelash Extensions

  • Remember to produce a confirmed invoice. If you are satisfied with the pricing and quality of the eyelashes wholesale factory’s product, you must make a confirmation payment. Examine the receipt closely for all essential information surrounding the order, such as the types of bulk eyelashes you ordered, the agreed-upon quantity, price, additional fees spent either by the lashes factory, and so on.
  • Make a deposit with the eyelash factory. Check the invoice again before proceeding with the payment. The deposit for wholesale eyelashes may range from 50% to 70% of the entire wholesale purchase price, according to the vendor’s restrictions.

Get the package from the lashes factory, inspect the quality, and finalize the payment.

You will finish the processes for your eyelash deal at this time, so keep the following factors in mind.

  • Examine the condition of the eyelashes. Have a live video interaction with the eyelash provider to examine the quality. You could request photographs or videos of products from the lashes factory to confirm their veracity.
  • Pay the balance to the factory for the eyelashes to obtain the consignment of eyelashes.
  • If you did not make a full payment in advance, you will need to make a payment after you are certain you want the eyelashes and are satisfied with them. The lashes factory will subsequently deliver your lashes to your address.

Wispy Strip Lashes

Some suggested websites for you to look for lashes factory

If you are still unclear about which one to trust, we recommend the following list of the best eyelash manufacturer with whom you may work to build a profitable lashes wholesale business.

Vinlash Vietnamese Eyelash Manufacturer

Region: Hanoi, Vietnam


Company classification: Manufacturer

Year of establishment: 2020

Major Products: Eyelash Extension

One of the well-known lashes factory websites, Vinlash, eyelash supplier vietnam. You can find the best lash providers on the internet. If you’re seeking the best lash producers and suppliers, look no further.

You should look for a lash maker in Vietnam. Because of their unique production technique, Vietnamese lashes manufacturer provides top-quality luxury mink lashes at reasonable wholesale costs. They are the only ones that make the best hand-crafted premium mink lashes.


Wispy False Lashes Tray

Qingdao Hongking All-Win Technology Co. (

Region: Qingdao, China

Company classification: Manufacturer

Year of establishment: 2021

Major Products: Mink lashes, faux mink lashes, magnetic lashes, eyelash extension, and lash box.

They are skilled and specialist eyelash makers with 15 years of expertise that provide a wide choice of creative items. The lashes factory has a monthly capacity of 100,000 hair-weaving pieces and 300,000 pairs of eyelashes.

Charmlash China Eyelash Manufacturer

Region: Hanoi, Vietnam


Company classification: Manufacturer

Year of establishment: 2018

Major Products: Eyelash Extension

Charmlash is a lashes factory located in Vietnam, that provides top-quality items in the eyelash extensions market. CharmLash has been in business from 2018, and they have expanded to accommodate the changing needs of their clientele. They specialize in 100% crafted eyelash extensions produced to order (OEM/ODM and Private Labeling), particularly unusual curls such as L, L+, M, and V. Their high-quality raw materials are sourced from Korea directly and are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. They have serviced thousands of consumers and helped their partners (eyelash techs, MUAs, false eyelash wholesalers, and salon owners) create their companies and achieved success with our high-quality eyelash extension supplies. 


A pair of Human Hair Mega Volume Lashes


Region: China


Company classification: Manufacturer

Year of establishment: 2020

Major Products: Eyelash Extension

Vavalash is a web-based retailer. They are dedicated to offering their consumers a one-of-a-kind, excellent, and attentive online buying experience. They have high-quality manufacturers and suppliers, and they are always refining their purchasing and production procedures to assure the quality of our products. You can feel free to purchase the items from their website directly.

Focus Lashes

Region: China


Company classification: Manufacturer

Year of establishment: 2015

Major Products: Eyelash Extension


YY Eyelash Extensions Tray

To lash specialists, MUAs, aestheticians, cosmetologists, and owners of spas and salons in China, Focus Lashes is one of the most reputable lash extension suppliers. They sell premium lashes, glue and removers, tweezers, and other accessories. A one-stop bespoke eyelash extensions service, including design, material, production, packing, and delivery, may be offered by the lashes factory. A robust supply chain is their defining characteristic because it enables them to provide clients with premium goods at reasonable costs.


Choosing a lashes factory is a critical step in starting a successful lash company. You may save a lot of money if you go immediately to the store and get your eyelashes. In addition, you may examine the eyelashes quality in person. As a result, there is no potential for scams or fraud from such lashes factory. All of our practical experiences as prominent eyelash manufacturers in the industry are listed above. Then again, who doesn’t? As a result, please consider it and share it with your loved ones in your lash company.


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