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Why Are My Eyelash Extensions Falling Out and How To Prevent

Struggle with the client’s question, “Why are my eyelash extensions falling out?”. This article will equip you with insights to deal with this issue.

Eyelash retention is important in delivering lash services. Sometimes, it can be a problem. Imagine your clients come back to you after an application and ask: ‘Why are my eyelash extensions falling out? What happened?’ Sometimes, they can be frustrated as the lash extensions fall out so easily. So how should you answer them?

In this article, we will explain the root causes of why lash extensions fall out fast and offer practical prevention tips. Keep reading until the end – you will gain insights to ensure your clients leave with beautiful and lasting lashes.

Lash Extension Falling Out and Things You Need To Know

Lash extensions falling out sooner than expected can confuse and even frustrate clients. This section will explore the basics of lash extension loss: is it normal for extensions to shed, and how the natural lash growth cycle plays a crucial role in this process? This foundation will prepare us to delve deeper into the reasons why lash extensions fall out and solutions.

Is it normal to lose extensions?

When lash extensions start to fall out, clients might worry if it’s a severe issue with their lashes. They might get worried and frustrated. Understanding this lash loss situation helps you calm your clients and provide timely support.

  • Natural Lash Growth Cycle: Human eyelashes go through a natural growth cycle, including the shedding stage. Therefore, losing a few extensions and the natural lashes they attach to is entirely normal, especially during the lash shedding season.
  • Average Lifespan of Eyelashes: The lifespan of an eyelash is typically around 90 days before it falls out naturally (and the extension goes with it as well). This natural shedding is to be expected.
  • Excessive Lash Loss: In this case, it’s not normal. If your client comes back with the question, “Why are my eyelash extensions falling out?” and she is losing lots of extensions before the natural lash sheds, there’s something wrong here. We’ll explore them in the next section.
  • Aftercare Importance: After application, lash extensions need proper aftercare from clients. Incorrect aftercare practices can lead to premature falling out.

Is it normal to lose extensions?

So, is it normal for lash extensions to fall out?”. It can be Yes and No. It’s normal if that lash loss is a natural part of the eyelash’s lifecycle. However, excessive fallout may indicate a need to revisit application methods or client aftercare instructions.

The natural lash growth cycle and its impacts on lash extensions

What is the natural lash growth cycle? It is the process that the natural human lashes grow, shed and regrow. This section will introduce three key phases of that cycle and how they influence lash extensions’ longevity.

  • Phase 1: Anagen (Growth): Lashes are actively growing. Extensions attached during this phase have the most extended lifespan.
  • Phase 2: Catagen (Transition): Lashes stop growing in this stage, and the lash follicle begins to shrink. Extensions attached at this stage may have a shorter lifespan.
  • Phase 3: Telogen (Resting): This is the final phase, where lashes rest and begin to shed out. Extensions attached to those lashes will also naturally fall out during this phase. This is when your client may wonder, “Why are my eyelash extensions falling out?”
  • Cycle Understanding: Knowing these phases helps lash technicians plan maintenance schedules more effectively, ensuring clients have fuller lashes for more extended periods.

By understanding the natural lash growth cycle, technicians can better explain to clients why lash extensions shed and help set realistic expectations for maintenance and fills. This knowledge demystifies the process, ensuring clients remain informed and less worried about the normal shedding of their lash extensions.

Common Reasons Why Lash Extensions Fall Out from Techs and Clients

The eyelash extension loss issue can happen due to errors from both lash techs and clients. This section will help you answer the question “Why do my lash extensions keep falling out” for your clients by exploring those two main groups of causes.

Lash Technicians’ Mistake Causing Lash Extensions To Fall Out

There are a few common errors lash technicians can make that lead to abnormal lash extension loss for clients:

  • Poor Application Techniques: Precision is key. An inaccurate application, where extensions aren’t correctly attached to natural lashes, can prompt shedding.
  • Using Low-Quality Products: The quality of glues and lashes significantly affects extension lifespan. Inferior products compromise retention and the overall look and health of eyelash extensions.
  • Inadequate Aftercare Advice: Providing clients with comprehensive aftercare instructions is crucial. Failure to do so can lead to improper handling and early loss of extensions. Addressing their concern of “why are my eyelash extensions falling out?” begins with ensuring they are fully informed on maintaining their lashes after application.
  • Overlooking Client’s Natural Lash Health: Besides aesthetics, lash extensions should match the client’s natural lashes. Extensions that are too heavy or long can cause undue stress and damage and are more prone to falling out. In this case, clients may ask “Why are my natural lashes falling out with lash extensions?”.
  • Neglecting Hygiene and Safety Protocols: Maintaining strict hygiene practices is essential in lash application. If you neglect them, they can cause infections, which are among the top lash retention killers.

Lash Technicians’ Mistake Causing Lash Extensions To Fall Out

During the lash application process, you can accidentally make mistakes such as improper techniques and the wrong choice of products. Those practices can affect the lifespan of eyelash extensions.

Common Causes of Lash Extensions Falling Out from Clients

Explore common client-related factors that can lead to premature falling out of lash extensions below.

  • Poor Aftercare Practices: Clients might not follow the aftercare instructions you provide them. This can result in the loss of lash extensions.
  • Using oil-based Skincare Products: Oil from skincare or makeup products that clients use near the eye area can harm the adhesive bond and cause extensions to slip off.
  • Physical Disturbances: Activities in clients’ everyday lives, such as eye rubbing or sleeping face-down, can put increased physical pressure on the extensions, leading to their early departure. This situation often makes them ask, “Why are my eyelash extensions falling out?”
  • Other factors: Some other causes, such as extreme humidity or dry heat from the living environment, can negatively affect the durability of the lash adhesive. This makes the lash extensions fall out faster than expected.

Remember to educate your client about these factors to remind them of their essential role in keeping the lash extensions last.

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Best Tips to Avoid Lash Extensions Falling Out

Ensuring the longevity of eyelash extensions for your clients is the top priority. Besides perfecting application techniques, you should also adopt practices that prevent premature fallout for your clients. Learn practical tips by Vinlash manufacturer to avoid the issue of eyelash extensions falling out earlier than expected below:

  1. Clean the client’s natural lashes thoroughly before applying extensions. This removes oils and residues that could interfere with the glue’s bond.
  2. Perfect your lash bridge technique in placing lash extensions to ensure a stronger hold and longer-lasting results.
  3. Applying the right amount of lash adhesive is critical for securing the extensions. Using either too much or too little lash glue can negatively affect the longevity of lash extensions.
  4. Carefully evaluate each client’s natural lashes. Choose extensions that match their lash strength and length to prevent undue stress and fallout.
  5. Implement the highest cleanliness and safety standards in your lash room to prevent infections that could affect lash retention.
  6. Choose high-quality adhesives and lash materials to ensure the longevity and appearance of lash extensions.
  7. Provide your clients with detailed aftercare instructions. Don’t forget to stress the importance of adherence. This practice is crucial in addressing the common question, “Why are my eyelash extensions falling out?”

Following these guidelines will help you ensure your clients’ lush and beautiful extensions stay in place as long as possible.


In conclusion, understanding why eyelash extensions may fall out is crucial for both lash technicians and clients. From mastering application techniques to navigating aftercare, every aspect ensures extensions last their intended span. We hope this guide helps you clearly address the question “Why are my eyelash extensions falling out?” and provide the best service for your clients.

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