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A Detailed Tutorial On How To Become A Lash Tech In Michigan

How to become a lash tech in Michigan? Let us lead you through the state requirements and show you detailed steps to becoming a licensed lash artist.

The demand for lash extension services in Michigan has been growing rapidly. This leads to the increasing demand for skilled lash techs which translates to potentially good income, especially if you master advanced techniques like Russian volume lashes or glitter lashes. So, how to become a lash tech in Michigan? Follow our article to discover detailed guidance.

A Brief Understanding Of Becoming A Licensed Eyelash Technician In Michigan

First, let’s uncover the mandatory requirements for getting a lash license in Michigan. Then, we’ll show you some fantastic benefits you’ll have working as a licensed lash artist in this state.

The Michigan Requirements For Becoming A Licensed Eyelash Artist

Michigan classifies lash technicians as estheticians. While the focus is on skincare, it encompasses eyelash applications. Here‘s a breakdown of the legal requirements by Michigan law to become a lash technician in Michigan:

  • Background: You need to be 17 years old or older and have a clean history of serious crimes or immoral behaviors. You must finish at least ninth-grade education to take the exam.
  • Experiences: You have to complete 400 hours of training at a licensed cosmetology school. You can also work as an apprentice for at least six months in a licensed cosmetology facility to meet training requirements.
  • Examination: You need to pass both theory and practical exams to gain an esthetician license.

Overall, you must have an esthetician license to perform lash services in Michigan. This requires 17+ age, a clean background, basic education, and 400 hours of training or 6 months apprenticeship at a licensed salon. You must also pass a licensing exam.

The Benefits Of How To Become A Lash Tech In Michigan

Becoming a licensed lash technician in Michigan offers various advantages compared to working non-certified as follows:


Discover the advantages of getting a Michigan lash license

  • Increased confidence: A lash license helps increase your confidence since you’ll have the knowledge and skills to offer a professional lash service.
  • Career opportunities: Quality salons and spas typically only hire licensed lash techs. Thus, getting a license opens doors to better job prospects and potentially higher income. The average hourly pay for a licensed lash tech in Michigan is $19.62/ hour according to ZipRecruiter.
  • Credibility: Another benefit of how to become a lash tech in Michigan, is to earn client credibility. Clients prioritize licensed technicians for peace of mind, knowing they’ve received proper training and can trust the service.
  • Professional networks: After gaining a license, you can join a network of licensed lash techs and learn from professional artists. Besides, you’ll gain valuable information, such as top trendy lash trends or reliable suppliers for sourcing lash products.

In short, a lash license is the key to securing a good lash career and robust income stream in Michigan.

Detailed Steps On How To Become A Lash Tech In Michigan

The journey to becoming a licensed eyelash technician in Michigan includes three main stages: joining a quality entry-level training program, practicing diligently, and taking an Esthetician exam. Here, let us guide you through those stages.

The First Step Is To Join In A Lash Certification Program

First, you’ll need to participate in an eyelash extension training program at an accredited school. Here are the main considerations for your program decision.


Participating in a good training program is the first step to becoming a professional lash tech

  • School reputation and experience instructors: Look for accredited schools with a good name to impress future employers. Also, research your teachers’ backgrounds and their credentials and connect with previous students for lash tech certification Michigan program reviews. These will help you choose a quality training program on how to become a lash tech in Michigan.
  • Minimum topics included in a good course: A good course needs to cover the foundation knowledge, including the eye anatomy, natural lash growth cycle, etc, and the basic application techniques, including preparing for lash application, applying extensions using classic techniques, etc. It also needs to provide detailed lash product instructions and safety guidelines. Besides, some training programs offer strategies on pricing your services or marketing yourself to stand out and gain a higher income.
  • Recommend lash training academies: The first name to consider is Lady Red Lash Academy which specializes in lash certification Michigan and offers small classic sizes, robust student support, and qualified instructors. Another great choice is Michigan Lash and Brow Academy, offering both classic and volume eyelash extension certification courses with certified trainers.

In short, researching and joining a suitable lash certification program is the first step to becoming a licensed lash tech in Michigan.

Practicing Is The Vital Stage On How To Become A Lash Tech In Michigan

How to become a certified lash tech in Michigan after signing for a training program? Well, you’ll need to buy a starting lash kit and practice lash application diligently.

  • Buying a starter kit is necessary on the journey on how to become a lash tech in Michigan. A lash starter kit usually includes lash extensions, and supplies such as scissors and lash glue. You can buy a starter kit right at the academy to get a student discount. While this is optional, it is a well-worth investment as you can get all the essentials at once at the most affordable price.
  • A typical lash extension course will be divided into theory and practice. In theory lessons, you’ll learn about lash growth cycles, tools, and application principles through manual and instructor explanations. Later, you’ll move to the practice segment where you’ll learn proper techniques like holding tweezers, isolating lashes, applying extensions, and checking your work.

In short, practicing is the key to mastering lash application techniques and getting a lash extension certification Michigan. Thus, it would be best to invest in a starter kit and study diligently during the program.

Taking The Exam Is The Final Step On How To Become A Lash Tech In Michigan

After obtaining the basic knowledge and techniques for performing lash services, you’ll need to apply online for those examinations via Michigan’s online licensing system, which is offered by the PSI test center. The exam features two sections: theory and practical. And, here are the main points of the exam to go through.


It is necessary to take an esthetician license exam

  • Exam fee: You might have to pay $167 once your license application has been accepted. Note: this fee is non refundable.
  • The practical exam: This hands-on test assesses your ability to apply extensions, separate lashes, and check your work. You’ll have 95 minutes to complete it on a doll head. A score of 75 or higher is required to pass. You’ll receive your results by email within a week.
  • The theory exam: This online test covers theories learned in class, such as lash growth cycles, tools, and application techniques. You’ll have 120 minutes for the theory exam and need a 70% or higher to pass. You’ll get your results immediately following the exam.
  • License requirements: You only earn the Esthetician license, if you pass both sections. This license will be the final stage of your journey on how to become a lash tech in Michigan, and enable you to work in almost any Michigan spas or salons.
  • Additional resources for test preparation: You can visit the PSI online store to purchase practice packages. Taking a practice test will help you get used to the questions and pressures when taking the real test. You also acknowledge your strengths and pinpoint areas with in-depth practice test analysis by PSI’s custom-trained AI.

In short, you’ll need to pay $167 to apply for the two-part exam in Michigan and pass both practical and theory sections to secure an Esthetician license.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Become A Lash Tech In Michigan

In this section, we’ll help you solve relevant questions about becoming a licensed lash tech in Michigan.


Discover frequently asked questions about how to become a lash tech in Michigan

  • Licensed vs certified lash tech Michigan – how are they different from each other?

Certifications, from private schools, focus on training and knowledge in lash extensions. While valuable, they don’t allow you to work legally. This means certified lash technicians can’t work legally in salons or spas despite the experience they have. A license, however, is issued by the state and requires passing a specific exam. This is mandatory for lash technicians in Michigan. Licensed lash techs can work legally and potentially expand job opportunities.

  • How often do I have to renew my Michigan esthetician license?

You’ll need to renew your esthetician license every two years online using an e-check, credit card, or debit card. There’s a $48 fee associated with renewal.

  • How much does it cost for the lash extension training program in Michigan?

The cost of a training program on how to become a lash tech in Michigan depends on the level you prefer. Entry-level programs focusing on classic lashes are cheaper, ranging from $700 to $1500. Advanced volume lash courses cost more ($1000 to $3000) but allow you to potentially charge more per client with your premium lash services.

Hopefully, our answers help solve your wonders about becoming a licensed eyelash technician in Michigan and growing your lash career.


How to become a lash tech in Michigan? Well, you’ll need to have a qualified lash certificate, an Esthetician license in Michigan, and a lot of practice to become a skilled lash artist. Fortunately, compared to other careers, the training time (400 hours) to become a licensed lash technician can be shorter, allowing you to enter the field quicker and earn a solid income due to the high demand for lash extension services.

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