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Hybrid Lash Extension Mapping Guide For Lash Technicians

Discover the uniqueness of hybrid lash extensions. Learn lash tech’s detailed guidelines on hybrid lash extension mapping for flawless results.

If a client comes into your beauty studio requesting “wispy, natural, or spikey” lash extensions, she might want to have a set of hybrid lash extensions. So, what are hybrid lashes, and how can you build a lash map for this lash style?

Learn to master hybrid lash extension mapping with our comprehensive guide for aspiring lash technicians. Discover techniques for precise mapping, application, and aftercare to enhance your lash application services.

An Overview of Hybrid Lash Extensions

Before learning hybrid eyelash extensions mapping, you should have a glance at hybrid lash extensions. Below are some characteristics of this lash style.

  • Hybrid lash style is a blend of classic and volume lash extensions. It is denser than classic lashes but less dramatic than volume lashes.
  • In hybrid lashes, classic and volume lashes are mixed in a certain ratio. The typical ratio for this lash style for a naturally balanced look is classic-volume of 70:30 (or 70% classic and 30% volume lashes).
  • The ratio to building a natural hybrid lash map depends on the specific lash look from clients. For example, if she wants a textured or dense lash look, you should add more volume lashes to the hybrid lash mapping. But if she prefers a wispy or natural look, you can increase the percentage of classic lashes to 65 or 80%.
  • Hybrid lashes can last fairly long, up to 4-6 weeks with proper care. The lashes are ready for a replacement if there are lash twists and closed-off fans.

An Overview of Hybrid Lash Extensions

In sum, hybrid lash extensions give women the best of both worlds, from classic and customized volume lash fans. This lash style is ideal for clients who want to have a boldly natural look but not too dramatic or fake. Understanding the definition and characteristics of this lash style helps lash artists and lash salons to customize hybrid lash extension mapping that fits their clients’ desired looks and demands.

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Step-by-step Guidelines on How To Do Hybrid Lashes Mapping

Learn how to map hybrid lashes precisely with our detailed guidelines for lash artists and lash salons. Explore how to discuss with your client the mapping results, what to prepare for hybrid lash extension mapping, strategic application techniques, and optimal drying time for flawless results.

Discuss With Your Client On Hybrid Lash Mapping Results

The first and most important step in hybrid eyelash extensions mapping is to clarify the lash mapping results with your client.

  • Why: You must have a thorough consultation session on the lash application result with your clients to help them understand the expectations and maintenance of the mapping. This extra step is to ensure everyone is on the same page about expectations of the lash application process and at-home aftercare and maintenance.
  • How: Ask your clients to show photos of their desired lash look, especially when the final result hasn’t existed for interpretation. In this work, you should point out some differences in their eye shape and natural lash density that can affect the desired lash look and lash mapping for eye shape.

Discuss With Your Client On Hybrid Lash Mapping Results

Discussing with your clients the hybrid lash extensions mapping results acts as a guideline for the whole lash application process. Assisting lash artists in understanding the client’s expectations and desired lash look, also minimizes misunderstanding and discomfort during and after the process.

Preparation For Hybrid Lash Extension Mapping

The next step in mapping hybrid lashes is to prepare for the lash properly, including natural lash cleanse, lash isolation, and lash fan application.

Proper Preparing Natural Lashes

  • You should clean your client’s natural lashes before lash application. This cleanse helps to create a clean, solid foundation for an effective lash application process and avoid unwanted mistakes.
  • After cleaning natural lashes, add a layer of primer or foam to remove oil or makeup residue.

Isolate Individual Lashes

  • There are two reasons for individual lash isolation. First, lashes are easily stuck with others, especially when doing hybrid lash extension mapping. Plus, some clients can pause the application in the middle if they have a sudden appointment or health problems. So, always remember to isolate their lashes.
  • You can choose to isolate each lash in two order types, either isolating each lash in the inner, then middle, and outer corners. Or, you can isolate one lash on the left eye, and then one lash on the right eye. These orders help you focus on one lash at a time for perfect precision and attention to detail.

Apply lash fans

  • Handmade Fans: Handmade fans add a personal touch to your client’s hybrid extensions. First, two handmade volume fans are glued on two separate natural lashes based on the mapping and desired effect. Then, a classic extension is added on two sides of the fans. Repeat this work until the full set of hybrid mapping lashes is completed.
  • Pre-made Fans: Pre-made hybrid lashes are an excellent add-on for your lash salon. They are convenient for busy clients who want a fluffy look. Plus, they can save a lot of your lash application time while providing full customizations of lengths, curls, thicknesses, and number of lashes per fan. Apply lash fans by placing them directly on the top or under your client’s natural lash line.

Preparation For Hybrid Lash Extension Mapping

Preparation for hybrid lash extension mapping involves a thoughtful process of cleaning and isolating lashes properly before placing lash fans on your client’s natural lashes. While this extra step takes time, it can ensure a flawless application process and extended durability for your client’s hybrid lash sets.

Strategic Application Based On Hybrid Lash Mapping Styles

Hybrid lashes have an ideal balanced ratio of 70 % classic and 30% volume lashes. Yet, you can customize this ratio based on your client’s demand. There are three popular lash mapping hybrid styles for hybrid lashes, including wispy, doll eye, and cat eye. Let’s discover with Vinlash the desired effect, ratio, and how to implement each of them.

Wispy Lash Hybrid Mapping Style

  • The wispy lash style has a ratio of 70% classic and 30% volume lashes. In wispy lashes, volume fans are spikes, and there are 2 to 6 individual lashes of varied lash sizes on each eye.
  • Wispy lash mapping offers a fluffy and furred look, which is an ideal option for a theatrical makeup look with prominent lashes. These lashes can last for 3-4 weeks.
  • You can customize wispy lashes by changing fan lengths and amount of spikes. Shorter fans result in a more subtle look, and vice versa.
  • To implement this map, first you need to apply spiked points first with fans with packed “v” to create an illusion of spikes

Doll Eye Hybrid Lash Mapping Style

  • The doll eye hybrid lash extension mapping style has two ratio options, either 50% classic and 50 volume lashes for a naturally balanced look OR 70% classic and 30% volume lashes to make the look more dramatic.
  • This hybrid lash mapping style is suitable for individuals who want to broaden their eyes, or who want to have rounder, energetic eyes.
  • You should keep the lash fans wide for this map to cover more space and crisscross each other to create a perfect mix of classic and volume lashes. Longer lashes are put in the middle of the eyes with a typical length of 12mm, then 11mm for the ones towards the inner corner. The lash lengths for the corneas are 10mm, 8mm, and 9mm to create the doll effect.
  • A pro tip for applying this hybrid lash extension mapping style is to switch back and forth from left to right eye, OR from one section to another frequently to give enough time to dry the lash fans.

Cat Eye Hybrid Lash Style

  • The cat eye hybrid mapping style is ideal for people who want to lift the outer corners of their eyes or to have a smoked look. It is also suitable for those with a winged (or cat) eyeliner to enhance their liners. Yet, this mapping style is a big no-no for small or hooded eyes, as it will close their eyes off or hide lashes under their eyelids.
  • The ratio for this mapping style is customizable from case to case. But it’s not too voluminous on the outer corners, otherwise, you will end up in a turned-down look, or the lashes in the outer corners will fall off easily.

Cat Eye Hybrid Lash Style

In a nutshell, you can choose a hybrid extension mapping style that matches your client’s desired look and natural lash condition – wispy, cat eye, or doll eye. Applying lashes based on a predefined mapping style saves your time and achieves perfect lash looks for your clients while avoiding mistakes.

Spend Sufficient Drying Time For Hybrid Eyelash Mapping

Your client’s perfect lash look is about to be completed! But be patient. You need to spend time to let them dry sufficiently.

  • Why: Proper adhesive drying time with no rush after hybrid lash extension mapping and application allows all lashes to dry evenly. Shortening or skipping the hybrid lash application process can make the glue not dry completely, affecting the overall lash appearance and durability.
  • How: Dry the lash strategically. Start isolating each lash from the inner to middle and outer corners. You can also isolate one lash on the right eye and then switch to another one on the left eye. This lash isolation technique allows enough time to let all lashes dry evenly.

Spend Sufficient Drying Time For Hybrid Eyelash Mapping

By spending enough time and patience, all lashes can be dried evenly with no bad effect on the overall lash appearance and durability.

Proper Hybrid Lash Aftercare And Maintenance

A hybrid lash set can last from 4 to 6 weeks with proper aftercare and maintenance. Here is what you need to consult your clients on extending lifetime usage for their hybrid lash.

  • Gentle Cleansing: Clean hybrid lashes daily with gentle cleansing products, especially the ones that are designed for lash extensions, like lash-safe shampoo or a makeup remover. These products can effectively remove dirt, oil, and makeup residue for a clean and healthy lash set. Frequent lash cleanses will also keep the fans open widely, thus preventing damage from heavy oil and dirt buildup.
  • At-Home Hybrid Lash Maintenance: After the application process, lash artists should give helpful advice to their clients, like keeping new extensions dry for the first 24 hours after the application, brushing lashes with a soft eyelash brush, avoiding rubbing or picking lashes, etc. These routines will prevent lash breakage and premature shedding of your client’s lashes.
  • Regular In-fills: Natural lashes will grow with time and might affect hybrid lashes. Thus, you should advise your clients to schedule in-fill bookings every 2-3 weeks to maintain the appearance and quality of their hybrid lashes. This lash fill booking ensures that their lashes always look new while reducing the need and cost for a full set of hybrid lash extension mapping.

Proper Hybrid Lash Aftercare And Maintenance

Following these proper aftercare and at-home maintenance can improve the appearance and quality of hybrid lashes. It will also ensure that their lashes are long-lasting and beautiful for an extended period.

In conclusion, this comprehensive guide equips lash technicians and lash salons with expertise in hybrid lash extension mapping. We hope that this useful advice on the process, from consultation, preparation, and strategic application, to aftercare and maintenance, can help you master precision in lash artistry or elevate your lash application service for your salon.

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