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Making the most values from purchasing mink lashes wholesale

Because of rising consumer demand, buying mink lashes wholesale is becoming increasingly popular. This guide will offer some tips on how to get the most value out of it, such as how to find, qualify, and make the best deals with reputable suppliers.


Mink lashes wholesale can help you take advantage of eyelash market growth

Your first and most important step should be to understand the growth of the mink lashes wholesale market and to gain a general understanding of mink eyelashes, including their types, traits, and prospects, as well as the most likely markets for their purchase.


Eyelash market is growing at a rapid rate

The expansion of the eyelash market and how buying mink lashes wholesale can benefit your business

  • In recent years, the eyelash market has grown significantly. As a result, there are numerous opportunities for you to grow your company. The following are some specific figures about the eyelash market’s potential.
  • The eyelash market has expanded dramatically in recent years and has the potential to expand even further. The global market for false eyelashes was valued at USD 1.62 billion in 2021, and it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2% from 2022 to 2030. It is estimated that over 40 million pairs of fake eyelashes are purchased in the United States each month. At this level of demand and sales, the lash industry has tremendous profit potential, and purchasing mink lashes wholesale gives you a great opportunity to profit.
  • Mink eyelashes are one of the most popular eyelashes that suppliers offer. They are lightweight, bring out a natural-looking style, and are also comfortable for the eyes.

With this prospect, purchasing mink eyelashes in bulk could be a profitable venture. It does not imply that doing business in this industry is simple, but it is worth a shot. It is advised that you begin small and keep your prices low. You can raise your prices and profit margins once you have a solid customer base.

Working with the right suppliers of mink lashes wholesale can help boost your brands

As the eyelash market is growing at a fast pace, working with suppliers of mink lashes wholesale can bring you a lot of benefits, as they offer potential best-selling items for the market and can help you customize the designs of fake eyelashes and strengthen your brand. Credible suppliers can also help you cut costs.

Reputable suppliers of mink lashes wholesale can offer you potential best-selling items on the market

Well-known suppliers of mink eyelashes are those who have market knowledge and experience doing business with both prestigious and small mink eyelash retailers. With their expertise, they can offer you potential mink eyelashes that can become hot sellers in the market. They can also provide expert advice and tips on buying mink lashes wholesale, which can be incredibly helpful for your business. You should take this chance to ask for their consultations as well as mink eyelash selections.

Professional suppliers of mink lashes wholesale can help you with OEM/ODM and private-label packaging

Professional suppliers of mink lashes wholesale typically offer OEM and ODM services, allowing you to request mink eyelashes that are tailored to your specifications. Private label for custom eyelash packaging wholesale are other common extra services provided by most suppliers. Below is a more detailed explanation of the terms and how they can benefit you.

  • OEM is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. You may require this service if you already have mink lashes wholesale ideas and designs and need suppliers to produce the items precisely in accordance with your designs. With OEM, you can own the intellectual property of your products and have your original ideas for mink eyelashes launched in the market. Throughout the process, you can rely on the expertise of your suppliers to customize your designs so that you can have potential best-sellers.
  • ODM is an abbreviation for original design manufacturer. This term is frequently used to refer to a product rather than a service. Eyelash suppliers with strong research and development Departments that can come up with market-ready product ideas can brand themselves as ODM manufacturers. If you are new to the market, you can purchase their ODM mink lashes wholesale and sell them directly or under your own brand. You can launch the product faster and get market feedback with ODM. Sales will increase rapidly if the suppliers have strong R&D capabilities.
  • Private-label packaging is a popular service offered by suppliers to their customers. It means you can have your company’s logo printed on the packaging of mink lashes wholesale before they are delivered to you. With private label packaging, you can deliver mink eyelashes directly to your customers under your own brand. It reduces the cost and time spent on self-printing, allowing you to get your products to market faster.

Trustworthy suppliers of mink lashes wholesale can help you cut down the cost

Credible mink eyelash suppliers should offer competitive pricing as well as reasonable shipping and payment terms because they value long-term relationships with their customers. As a result, working with vendors of mink lashes wholesale can help you save money and time when purchasing bulk mink eyelashes. Mink lashes wholesale range in price from $2.74 to $5, depending on the style and specifications. Mink eyelashes are priced in the retail trade between $25 and $45. Join me as we explore how aligning with trustworthy suppliers not only elevates the quality of your offerings but also streamlines your costs, ensuring a successful and sustainable venture in the world of mink lashes wholesale. Our mink eyelash price ranges are listed below:

Type Price (USD) Quantity
B Curl Mink Extensions 2 – 4 1 tray (15 rows)
C Curl Mink Extensions 2.15 – 4.5 1 tray (15 rows)
D Curl Mink Extensions 2.3 – 4.5 1 tray (15 rows)
J Curl Mink Extensions 2.3 – 4.5 1 tray (15 rows)
B Curl False Lashes 3 – 5 1 pair 
C Curl Mink False Lashes 3 – 5 1 pair 
D Curl Mink False Lashes 4 – 5.5 1 pair 
J Curl Mink False Lashes 4 – 5.5 1 pair 
C Curl Mink Lashes 4 – 6 1 tray (15 rows)
D Curl Mink Lashes 4.5 – 7 1 tray (15 rows)
C Curl Mink False Lashes 5 – 7 1 pair 
D Curl Mink False Lashes 6 – 7.5 1 pair 

Choosing potential mink lashes wholesale for your business growth

There are various types of mink eyelashes you can earn a profit from. You can take a closer look at their lengths, looks, materials, and price ranges to decide which ones are suitable for your business.

  • Based on the materials: “mink lashes wholesale” can be used for both lashes made from real mink fur and faux mink materials. Real mink eyelashes are obtained from a live animal. The furs are strung together and adhered to human eyelashes in the wholesale market for a “fuller and thicker” appearance. Mink fur is extremely fine, smooth, and silky, with a naturally curly texture that makes it ideal for eyelash extensions. However, if your customers are allergic to animals, real mink eyelashes are probably not for them. With the advancement of technology, faux mink lashes were created as a man-made alternative to real mink that feels similarly lightweight. It is unquestionably more cost-effective. There are now some exceptional quality faux mink lashes that appear so natural that it’s difficult to tell them apart.
  • Based on the look: There are multiple effects of mink lashes wholesale that you might need to pay attention to. Most popular ones are 3D, 5D and flat mink eyelashes. Nonetheless, their enhanced definition causes them to flip slightly more, resulting in a bouncier, fuller-looking lash. 5D lashes are three-banded, 5-dimensional synthetic fiber lashes made of mink. Your customers can apply these individual strands to their bottom and top lashes for a double dose of glam.
  • Based on the length: There are a variety of lengths of mink eyelashes offered by suppliers, the most popular include 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 25mm. 16mm is for everyday wear while 22mm and 25mm bring out a dramatic look. You should include various lengths of mink lashes wholesale in your selection as customers might wear them on different occasions. As a result, they would like a wide selection of mink eyelashes that meet their needs.

There are different types of mink eyelashes you can make a profit from

As there are a lot of options for you to consider, you should ask the suppliers to recommend you the hot-selling or trending styles. Reliable mink eyelash suppliers should have enough market knowledge to guide you on that.

Tips on finding and qualifying suppliers for your mink lashes wholesale

Finding the right wholesale mink eyelash suppliers is critical to the success of your business. Some tips for finding potential suppliers include acknowledging that there are many different types of suppliers and then searching for them through both offline and online channels.

Recognizing different types of suppliers that offer mink lashes wholesale and their characteristics

Individuals or businesses that sell mink lashes wholesale to retailers, beauty salons, or lash technicians like you are wholesale mink eyelash suppliers. As a result, it is critical to understand the various types of lash vendors and the benefits and drawbacks of working with them.

  • You can buy mink lashes wholesale from factories: Eyelash factories have production facilities where they manufacture and sell eyelashes. They are the best option for retailers, beauty spas, or lash technicians because of their low prices, strict quality control process, large capacity, industry expert knowledge, and OEM/ODM capabilities. Nonetheless, they may be unwilling to accept small quantities, causing major problems for small retailers.
  • You can buy mink lashes wholesale from factories from trading companies: Trading firms do not have manufacturing facilities. They purchase items such as mink eyelashes and resell them to retailers. Their distinct advantage is that they specialize in offering a diverse selection of fake eyelashes. If they have strong competencies, they can find different and unique eyelashes from hard-to-find factories. They can also carry out some level of quality control. You will have less control over the manufacturing process, however, and their wholesale prices are usually higher than those of factories.
  • You can buy mink lashes wholesale from factories from Wholesalers/Distributors: After storing them in warehouses, wholesalers buy large quantities of wholesale eyelashes from factories and resell them to retailers (beauty shops and stores), lash studios, or beauty salons. They provide excellent customer service and are flexible with order minimums. They can be a good option for small retailers who want to start buying. It is important to note that they frequently deal with warehouse stock items and do not provide customization. Because they are middlemen, their prices are higher than those of traders and factories.

It is difficult to say which are your best options because it depends on the qualities you seek in a wholesale mink eyelash supplier. You can consider selecting the suppliers who best meet your needs. Commonly, retailers prefer working with eyelash factories as they provide high-quality mink eyelashes at lowest prices.

Vinlash, as a factory, provides high-quality mink lashes wholesale at low MOQ and reasonable prices. We work hard to bring the best service and an easy experience to our website so that you can proceed easily and have the best-finished eyelashes.

Best channels to find suppliers of mink lashes wholesale

You can find potential mink eyelash suppliers in a variety of ways. You can benefit from both offline and online sources (via Google, Alibaba, social media, and Youtube). Following the research, you can compile all of the names into a list, which can serve as a supplier database for your long-term qualification process.

  • Intermediaries (also known as commission agents) can help you find suppliers. They are paid for introducing and facilitating a transaction between a buyer and a supplier.
  • You can request that Government agencies (Embassy and Ministry of Industry and Trade) recommend and contact reputable mink lashes wholesale suppliers on your behalf because they have access to local news and all suppliers in the region.
  • Attending tradeshows allows you to see real products in person, meet the suppliers, and ask any questions you may have. You will also be kept up to date on the latest industry news and mink eyelash trends.
  • B2B platforms like Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made-in-China are excellent places to find a wide range of products for your company. You can find a wide variety of mink lashes wholesale there because their strategy is to support the growth of small businesses. Begin by typing your keyword phrase into the search bar, such as “wholesale mink eyelashes” or “20mm mink eyelashes,” and you’ll see pictures, prices, and other information about the suppliers and their products in the search results.
  • Google search is a good place to start because more and more suppliers are building websites and focusing on improving customer experience. You can start your search with a broad term, such as “mink lashes wholesale,” and then browse the list of suppliers that appears in the search results.
  • Social media channels: Social media platforms: You can search for the relevant keyword phrase on Facebook or join eyelash-related groups. Using hashtags (for example, #minkeyelashsupplier) is the best way to find suppliers on Instagram. YouTube functions similarly, but you have the added benefit of being able to showcase mink eyelashes in various dimensions.

There are various channels for you to find suppliers of mink lashes wholesale

You have numerous options to search for potential mink eyelash suppliers at your advantage. As more and more credible suppliers are establishing their online presence and it cost you less than finding through offline sources, you should spend more time scanning through online channels. You will find a considerable number of reputable eyelash suppliers to add to your list.

Considerations when working with suppliers of mink lashes wholesale

When working with mink eyelash suppliers, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to get good quality mink lashes wholesale at competitive prices and avoid the costs of working with the wrong suppliers.

  • Whether suppliers of mink lashes wholesale are legit or not: The first and most important factor to consider is whether the suppliers are legitimate. Working with unqualified suppliers could waste your time and money. You can investigate their business license (which includes their name, location, primary product, and type of partnership), online presence (which should clarify who they are, the product types they offer, wholesale terms and conditions, and so on), and clear contact information. You can contact mink eyelash suppliers directly to confirm the necessary information.
  • Whether suppliers of mink lashes wholesale are reputable or not: In the long run, reputable wholesale eyelash extension vendors can be dependable and stable strategic partners for your company. You can evaluate their reputation by scanning through their established year (a reliable supplier should have been active in the industry for a few years), customer reviews and ratings available on online platforms, some prestigious customers they have worked with, and whether they are listed in a reliable online source. If they are not available through online channels, contact them directly for more information.
  • The products and services offered by mink lashes wholesale suppliers: The best mink eyelash suppliers to work with are those who can provide you with a diverse range of products, OEM and ODM services, design customization, and private label packaging. In terms of product offerings, they should be able to provide you with a wide range of mink eyelashes for testing the market and increasing sales. Competent vendors should also be able to customize the lengths, curls, and thicknesses of mink eyelashes. You may also want to work with vendors who can provide you with various types of eyelash tools needed for your business, such as eyelash glue, tweezers, remover, and so on.
  • The customer service of mink lashes wholesale suppliers: Customer service is an important factor to consider when evaluating and selecting mink eyelash suppliers. They can walk you through a lengthy and complex sales cycle, from initial contact to bulk delivery of finished mink eyelashes. A good and dependable supplier should respond quickly and clearly to your questions, demonstrate a willingness to form long-term partnerships, and be willing to accept responsibility for damaged goods.

You should take time to qualify suppliers of mink lashes wholesale based on following crucial criteria

Credible suppliers can help you increase your revenue, cut down total cost and become strategic partners in the long run. Therefore, you should take enough time to qualify them. We suggest you follow above advices to find the most reliable mink eyelash suppliers.

How to make a deal with suppliers of mink lashes wholesale

To receive good offers and work with qualified suppliers, you can follow a step-by-step process for making a deal for mink lashes wholesale: first you start searching for potential suppliers, then contacting and negotiating prices order a sample for quality check and signing the contract.

Search for potential suppliers of mink lashes wholesale

You can use both online and offline sources to search for potential suppliers. After that, we recommend you put all the names you found on a list. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do that:

  • As mentioned above, there are many ways for you to find potential suppliers of mink lashes wholesale. You can ask intermediaries or government agencies such as the Embassy & Ministry of industry and trade to find the suppliers on your behalf. You can also research online via Google, Alibaba, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. as there are more and more suppliers establishing their online presence.
  • After your research, you should come up with a list of potential suppliers. You should list those that have an online presence or verified contact information to avoid scams. The list can become your supplier database. Once a supplier does not pass your qualification process, you can come back and check on another one.

Send inquiries to suppliers of mink lashes wholesale.

After you have a list of potential suppliers, you can contact them directly to gather the necessary information. Below is the guideline on how and which information to collect:

  • How to send inquiries: You can contact suppliers via WhatsApp, email, or directly on the websites. You can also list your questions in an RFI (request for information) form and then ask suppliers to fill the form for you. You should also request a Catalogue and price list to see their offerings. If you have found potential items, you can ask for a quote.
  • Information you should gather after contacting suppliers of mink lashes wholesale: You should know which types of fake eyelashes they are offering, the MOQ, and their price range. Information regarding their terms and policy, their ability to handle OEM/ODM and private label orders, their capacity, and lead time should also be collected for long-term relationships.

Compare prices & terms of mink lashes wholesale among multiple suppliers.

To get the best deal possible from eyelash suppliers, it is crucial that you compare offers among several suppliers and proceed with the most competitive one. Below are important criteria to base your comparison on

  • MOQ, lead time, prices, and delivery: After receiving quotes and other information about their terms and policy, MOQ, and lead time, you should calculate all the expense and time it takes to buy mink lashes wholesale, from placing an order to receiving actual products. Comparing these prices, time, and terms among multiple suppliers to find out which one offers you the most favorable solution.
  • Communication: During the process, you should observe the following factors: their prompt response; their ability to answer your questions; willingness to develop the partnership to consider who is the most suitable supplier for you to buy mink lashes wholesale from.

You should compare price and terms among multiple suppliers of mink lashes wholesale

Weighing prices, terms, MOQs and other factors that can affect your financial stability as well as your business performance is important. You should choose suppliers who can give you the most competivie advantages.

Order a sample from shortlisted suppliers of mink lashes wholesale

Sampling is a determinant step in negotiating and making a deal with suppliers of mink lashes wholesale. Before the sample-making starts, we recommend you double-check this information:

  • Product specifications and other requirements: Remember to state your requirements clearly and clarify all the specifications and details of fake eyelash samples.
  • You should double-check the total cost you pay for the sample (total sample cost = sample fee + shipping cost) and the time you receive the sample (time to receive sample = lead time + delivery time) before proceeding.
  • Payment method: When verifying their payment terms, do not accept unreliable payment methods. After they send samples, you can ask them to send you a tracking code to see if they actually ship a sample to you.

Check the sample quality you receive from suppliers of mink lashes wholesale

Sample quality is a critical factor in evaluating if the suppliers are credible and capable of handling bulk orders or not. When receiving samples, we suggest you examine the following factors:

  • When receiving samples, you should check whether they send you the right lash styles that you request. You should pay attention to the lash shapes to see if they are undamaged. You can also smell or wear these lashes to make sure they have good quality and are made from the right materials you have approved.
  • If the samples are intact, have good quality, and are delivered on time, it is likely that the suppliers of mink lashes wholesale are credible and you can consider proceeding to finalize the terms and price with them.

You should check mink lashes wholesale samples carefully

As mink eyelash samples are crucial to evaluate the credibilities and competencies of suppliers, we suggest you carefully investigate the quality and proceed with those who provide highest quality with on-time delivery.

Sign the contract with the selected supplier of mink lashes wholesale

After the sample is delivered and passes your qualification, you can proceed to finalize the price and other terms with the selected supplier. Below are some important factors you should pay attention to

  • Terms & policy: During the process, you can negotiate favorable terms including payment terms, shipping terms, and return or refund policy. Do not forget to double-check the payment terms (the most common ones are deposit or TT at sight).
  • Bulk order discount: You can renegotiate the prices based on the sample quality. If you have plans for the next order, you can ask your selected supplier to give you a discount for a promising fruitful partnership. It may be hard for the first order as it takes time to build trust between both sides. But if things go well, you can ask for a discount for your next order of mink lashes wholesale.
  • The legitimacy of the contract: You should sign a formal contract with your supplier as it protects the right of both parties. You can ask a lawyer to look into the contract if necessary.
  • Production risks: Before mass production starts, you can ask the supplier to notify you of any foreseen risks concerning the eyelash quality or lead time so that you can plan accordingly.

Top eyelash suppliers of mink lashes wholesale in the market

There are numerous potential suppliers of mink lashes wholesale you can find in the market. They can be factories that have facilities to manufacture fake eyelashes or wholesalers selling fake eyelashes in small MOQs to retailers. In whichever type, they should offer good quality eyelashes at competitive prices and be dependable in the long run. Below are our recommendations for the top 5 suppliers:

Vinlash Vietnam – a reliable manufacturer of mink lashes wholesale from Vietnam

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Product range: Eyelash Extensions (Easy fans, pro-made fans, individual lash) & fake eyelashes (human hair lashes, mink lashes, synthetic lashes)

Why work with Vinlash Vietnam: As a lash vendor list vietnam of mink lashes wholesale, we are committed to providing you with a positive experience, first-rate services, and high-quality goods at competitive prices. We work hard to bring the best service from and an easy experience to our website so that you can proceed easily and have the best-finished eyelashes. Vinlash is on the  lash vendor list vietnam ready to provide excellent services, especially private label according to your needs.

Whether you’re a skilled lash technician or a salon owner, partnering with Vinlash Vietnam ensures access to top-tier eyelash extensions, adhesives, tools, and more. As a reputable manufacturer of wholesale eyelash extension supplies, Vinlash stands out for its commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and a wide range of premium products. Elevate your business with the best in the industry – choose Vinlash Vietnam for a seamless experience and stunning lash results. With an emphasis on cost-efficiency, Vinlash Vietnam becomes more than a supplier; it becomes a strategic ally in your business endeavors. Elevate your beauty enterprise, streamline your costs, and indulge in the excellence of Vinlash Vietnam—a name synonymous with unparalleled quality and success in the artistry of eyelash extensions.


Vinlash is a reputable eyelash manufacturer from Vietnam

Qingdao Hongkong All-Win Technology Co., Ltd – a leading manufacturer of mink lashes wholesale from China

Location: Qingdao, China

Product range: They have a strong product portfolio of mink lashes, faux mink lashes, magnetic lashes, eyelash extensions, and lash box.

Why work with them: They are expert and specialized eyelash manufacturers with 15 years of experience, offering a wide range of innovative products. They have a monthly capacity of 100,000 hair weaving pieces and 300,000 pairs of eyelashes.

>>See more: Top 10 suppliers of eyelash extensions wholesale China

Bio Takara – a reputable vendor of mink lashes wholesale from Indonesia

Location: Central Java, Indonesia

Product range: They provide handcrafted custom-designed original fake eyelashes, along with personalized white label packaging services.

Why work with them: They have a strong reputation as a leading manufacturer of mink lashes wholesale in Indonesia. They provide exceptional customer service and premium quality products.

Ardell – a leading supplier of mink lashes wholesale from the United States

Location: United States

Product range: They provide a wide range of mink lashes wholesale in various styles and made from different materials such as faux mink, eco fibers, magnetics and so on.

Why work with them: They have a considerably large selection of fake eyelashes on their websites. They also offer free standard shipping and have a lot of offline locations where you can shop and buy small quantities directly. They distributed fake eyelashes to Target, Walmart, and Kmart so you do not need to worry about their reliability.

Luxury Mink Eyelashes – a reputable supplier of mink lashes wholesale from China

Location: Qingdao, China

Product range: False eyelashes

Why work with them: Choosing to work with Luxury Mink Eyelashes as your wholesale mink lash supplier from China is a strategic decision driven by their unwavering commitment to excellence. Positioned in Qingdao, the heart of eyelash craftsmanship, they aspire to be China’s most reputable false eyelash supplier. Their dedication to high performance ensures that each lash not only meets but exceeds the expectations of both beauty professionals and clients, contributing to increased revenue and long-term client retention. Beyond the aesthetics, their range of false eyelashes is a testament to precision and durability. What sets them apart is not just their premium products but also their practical approach—offering low-cost domestic and international shipping options.


The eyelash market is expanding, and there are numerous opportunities for you to expand your business and profit by purchasing mink lashes in bulk. To capitalize on the opportunity, consider which types may be hot sellers, how to find the right supplier, and how to make the best deal with them. We also recommend the top five wholesale mink eyelash suppliers with whom you can collaborate.

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