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The ultimate guide to buying 3D mink lashes wholesale for your eyelash business

There has been increased awareness about 3D lashes among consumers due to their ability to make one look younger without having negative side effects. Therefore, the 3D mink lashes wholesale in the eyelash market is a rapidly growing market.

Overview of 3D mink lashes wholesale in the eyelash market 

Basic knowledge about the product for 3D mink lashes wholesale on the market 

3D mink lashes wholesale, also known as 3D mink lashes, are some of the most current falsies to hit the market and have lately made quite a stir in the cosmetic industry. Not only are they exceptionally lovely, reaching astonishing lengths and created to embrace elegance and beauty, but they are also unlike any other fake lashes you’ve ever seen. 3D mink lashes are a far more beautiful and elegant form of mink lash than ordinary single-strip mink lashes. This mink lash style combines three natural lash stripes into one, producing a fluffy and gorgeous effect. 3D mink lashes wholesale is vivid and glossy, making you stand out. They will focus on the client’s eyes while. Because of the softness of the mink hairs, they will bring attention to the client’s eyes while staying natural. The materials used to produce 3D mink lashes wholesale are either real mink fur or a synthetic polymer called Korean PBT.


Basic knowledge about the product for 3D mink lashes wholesale on the market

When 3D lashes initially became popular, they were extremely pricey and exclusively worn by high-profile celebrities. Jennifer Lopez was one of the first to be spotted wearing them, thereby launching the trend. After a few years, 3D lashes have become more inexpensive and widely available through a range of beauty retailers. Everyone may now wear and afford them.

Some ways to buy 3D mink lashes wholesale on the market, its pros and cons 

Some providers may supply 3D mink lashes wholesale to stores, spas, or lash specialists. As a result, it’s essential to grasp the many types of 3D mink lashes wholesale sellers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of dealing with them.

3D mink lashes wholesale can be gotten directly from factories or manufacturers

Eyelash companies have production facilities where they make and sell wholesale 3D mink lashes. The followings are some advantages and disadvantages of purchasing 3D mink lashes wholesale from them:

  • Pros: Among other sorts of suppliers of wholesale eyelash extensions, manufacturers provide the cheapest 3D mink lashes wholesale. They have a robust quality control mechanism in place and can manage high volumes. They are well-versed in the tools and technologies they use. Furthermore, most factories have the capacity to produce brand-new eyelashes or alter original designs through their R&D department.
  • Cons: Many local factories fail to connect with clients in English or other languages, making commercial operations challenging. Small merchants that wish to start buying 3D mink lashes wholesale from them may face significant difficulties because many producers refuse to accept modest orders.

3D mink lashes wholesale can be gotten from trading firms

Trade firms do not have manufacturing facilities. They buy things in bulk, such as 3D mink lashes, and then sell them to shops. Dealing with them may provide you with both rewards and problems, as seen below:

  • Pros: Trade firms specialize in providing a broad range of artificial eyelashes, including 3D mink lashes wholesale. They can locate unusual and unique eyelashes from hard-to-find factories if they have high skills. They are also capable of doing some kind of quality control.
  • The disadvantage of using a trading firm is that you will have less control over the production process, and their wholesale costs for 3D mink lashes wholesale are normally more than those of manufacturers.

3D mink lashes wholesale can be gotten from trading firms

3D mink lashes wholesale can be gotten from trading companies wholesalers or distributors

After purchasing vast amounts of 3D mink lashes wholesale from factories, wholesalers resale them to retailers, lash studios, and beauty salons after keeping them in warehouses.

  • Pros: The most significant advantage of working with this sort of 3D mink lashes wholesale supplier is that their items are displayed on a nice website, which improves the client’s shopping experience. They offer exceptional customer service and are prepared to work with modest order minimums. They might be an excellent alternative for small merchants wanting to start buying wholesale 3D mink lashes.
  • Cons: They typically deal with warehouse stock products and do not provide customization. Because they operate as intermediaries, their wholesale rates for 3D mink lashes are greater than those of dealers and factories.

It’s tough to determine which are the greatest because it depends on the attributes you’re looking for in 3D mink lashes wholesale. Most merchants and beauty salons may prefer to collaborate with factories since they give high-quality artificial eyelashes at low pricing.

Vinlash is a manufacturer that offers competitive rates and high-quality 3D mink lashes wholesale with a low MOQ. We work hard on our website to give the greatest service and a straightforward experience so you may move through quickly and have the best-finished eyelashes.

Plentiful of sources for 3D mink lashes wholesale from all over the world

You may find wholesale 3D mink lashes in a number of regions. Yet, in this blog, we will investigate the market share of 3D mink lashes wholesale by nation so that you can get a sense of the situation.

  • China is the world’s largest wholesaler of 3D mink lashes, accounting for 50% of all lashes sold internationally. The reason for such a large sum is the generally low wages paid to Chinese industrial personnel.
  • The United States of America: Virtually all 3D mink lashes wholesale providers in the United States import semi-finished materials and only complete the final manufacturing phase. The argument is that the United States does not have cheap enough raw materials and labor to compete in the industry.
  • Due to lower prices and a high-quality source of the material, Vietnam is the fastest-growing market for 3D mink lashes wholesale, accounting for 25 – 30% of the worldwide market share. They sell almost every variety of eyelash, the most popular of which are mink individual lashes and 3D mink lashes,…
  • South Korea accounts for 5% of the global wholesale market for 3D mink lashes. The country is also famous for the manufacturing and marketing of its eyelash extensions suppliers.

Plentiful of sources for 3D mink lashes wholesale from all over the world

As this blog indicates, Vietnam is well-known for its lashes factory, and as more people get interested in eyelashes, the eyelash business in Vietnam is expanding. We have a large 3D mink lashes wholesale factory with over 50 professional lash technicians, and we are happy to assist small lash businesses serving clients from all over the world.

Ways to check the quality of 3D mink lashes wholesale shipment

3D mink lashes wholesale quality is essential, so you can not forget to check them when receiving them. Numerous companies on the market mimic mink hair by using other artificial fiber eyelashes. We’ve compiled a list of elements to assist you to tell the difference between real and fake mink hair eyelashes.  

  • To evaluate false eyelashes, a magnifying glass is useful: Real mink tail hair is thicker and thicker as you move closer to the root, while mink eyelashes are unevenly thick and thin. In terms of texture, it is finer towards the top and rougher at the bottom. The back has the purest and most costly mink fur since it is real.
  • Put the eyelashes in boiling water that is 80 degrees Celsius. Just boil the 3D mink lashes wholesale for a few minutes to determine if they are real or synthetic. They are not mink hair if they do not become straight after being boiled in water. Yet, the real mink hair eyelashes will become straight after a few minutes of boiling water.
  • Burning alongside the fire. You could use fire to burn a few mink lashes that were cut off. The scent of burnt human hair will be present in the natural mink hair after burning. It can also be powdered with just your hands. Genuine ones do not get powdery when squeezed by hand and have a plastic taste.

Criteria to qualify 3D mink lashes wholesale source

3D mink lashes wholesale supplier’s legitimacy 

We will aid you in avoiding frauds that are common in the 3D mink lashes wholesale market You should investigate the factory’s website to ensure its dependability by evaluating the following points:

  • Business license: The name of a 3D mink lashes wholesale source includes the location, name, principal product, and kind of partnership.
  • Business type: 3D mink lashes wholesale supplier may work in manufacturing or even commerce. Although some firms just manufacture or sell, others have factory and export permits.
  • The number of years a 3D mink lashes wholesale supplier has been on the market: This may demonstrate the supplier’s dependability and stability.
  • Certificates of Organization: Check if the provider has the necessary quality and regulatory certifications.
  • Customer of the 3D mink lashes wholesale source: Look to see whether the supplier has any large or well-known customers in the market. This is also significant while checking the validity.

3D mink lashes wholesale supplier’s legitimacy

In addition, consider data like response rate and client endorsements. To find out more, Google the manufacturer’s name. You may use search phrases like “scam,” “bad reviews,” etc. to discover the name.

3D mink lashes wholesale suppliers’ reputation

In the long term, 3D mink lashes wholesale vendors with a high reputation might be dependable and steady strategic partners for your organization. Examine the following characteristics to establish a supplier’s trustworthiness and dependability:

  • Experience years: A well-known wholesale provider of 3D mink lashes should have been in the business for a few years. They can assist you to manage the processes and give professional advice so that your business is lucrative.
  • Customer comments and ratings: If a large number of consumers have purchased 3D mink lashes wholesale from them and given favorable feedback, it is probable that they are trustworthy. Many clients are not scared to leave both good and bad feedback on Google or in online forums. As a consequence, reading customer evaluations online may provide you with a better understanding of the vendors’ credibility.
  • Is it possible to find 3D mink lashes wholesale suppliers in any reference sources: Industry magazines, a supplier listing platform, or something else might be the source. If they are mentioned in these trustworthy sources, they have a good reputation and can be trusted.

3D mink lashes wholesale suppliers’ reputation

3D mink lashes wholesale suppliers’ price

When discussing “price,” it is wise to evaluate the cost of the transaction you must pay with the value you obtain. Yet, all of this is subjective and depends on your strategy and positioning when entering the mink eyelashes industry. We will show you the average price range of 3D mink lashes wholesale for popular forms of curls and each substance in this post.

Type Price (USD) Quantity
B Curl 3D Faux Mink Lashes 3 – 5 1 pair 
C Curl 3D Faux Mink Lashes 3 – 5 1 pair 
D Curl 3D Faux Mink Lashes 4 – 5.5 1 pair 
J Curl 3D Faux Mink Lashes 4 – 5.5 1 pair 
C Curl 3D Real Mink Lashes 5 – 7 1 pair 
D Curl 3D Real Mink Lashes 6 – 7.5 1 pair 

Currently, end users who use fake eyelashes favor B curl and C curl in faux mink material the most, therefore we recommend purchasing these two varieties of false lashes in bulk, although J curl real mink false lashes are in demand since they may be used on occasion.

3D mink lashes wholesale suppliers’ communications

While many fake lash factories appear to be of great quality, not all lash vendors wholesale can guarantee the best quality of products. Here is all of the information and advice you should keep in mind when looking for the best 3D mink lashes wholesale providers.

  • Ready to communicate: A professional wholesale supplier of 3D mink lashes is always available to react to your inquiries. Any reputable eyelash firm will definitely have the required abilities and duties to complete this work.
  • Professional appearance: The behavior of 3D mink lashes wholesale suppliers’ workers is another component in assessing trustworthiness. Scammers may neglect your requirements in order to steal your money.

Top 3D mink lashes wholesale suppliers in the market from all over the world

Vinlash – 3D mink lashes wholesale Factory in Vietnam

Region: Hanoi, Vietnam

Company classification: Manufacturer

Year of establishment: 2020

Major Products: Eyelash Extension and False Eyelashes


Vinlash – 3D mink lashes wholesale Factory in Vietnam

Vinlash, a well-known lashes manufacturer website, provides you with the best Vietnamese eyelashes. The top lash suppliers may be found on the internet. Go no further for the top 3D mink lashes wholesale manufacturers and suppliers.

In Vietnam, you should search for a lash manufacturer. Vietnamese lashes maker offers high-quality luxury mink lashes at low wholesale prices due to their unique production process. Vinlash  – the best wholesale eyelash vendors Vietnam are the only ones that produce the highest quality handcrafted premium 3D mink lashes wholesale.

Luxury Mink Eyelashes

Region: China

Company classification: Cooperated Manufacturer (Wholesaler)

Year of establishment: 2019

Major Products: Eyelash Extension


Luxury Mink Eyelashes

This is one of the fashion industry’s leaders. They have created approximately 500 different styles of trendy eyelashes. Luxurious mink eyelashes cooperation factory is China’s leading manufacturer and supplier of eyelash extensions and strip lashes. 3D mink lashes wholesale is the most natural-looking lashes provided by Lashes. Long lasting – 20 applications on average for each lash Cotton thread band created by hand for easy application Soft SILK provides for lightweight and pleasant wear. Multi-layered lashes with tapered tips that mix seamlessly with your lashes for an enhanced 3D look are technology.

Ace Lashes 

Region: China

Company classification: Manufacturer

Year of establishment: 2021

Major Products: Eyelash Extension


Ace Lashes

Acelashes is one of largest suppliers of eyelash extensions wholesale china and has been exporting and producing real mink strip lashes, silk lashes, faux mink lashes, wholesale magnetic eyelashes, and other eye beauty items for over 15 years. Natural styles, wispy styles, dramatic styles, fluffy styles, fuller styles, colorful styles, and so on are available to fulfill the demands of diverse eye shapes and circumstances. Their 3D mink lashes wholesale are all handcrafted and cruelty-free.

Chiway Lash

Region: China

Company classification: Manufacturer

Year of establishment: 2015

Major Products: Eyelash Extension

Qingdao Chiwaylash is an eyelash manufacturing company. They are experts in fake lashes and other eyelash items. Chiway Eyelash Factory was founded in 2015. They have a 3000 square meter facility and around 200 trained eyelash manufacturing staff. Chiwaylash eyelash factory may be an excellent choice if you are seeking a professional 3D mink lashes wholesale factory. They will also start you on a new path in the eyelash industry. In a nutshell, Chiwaylash will always adhere to the “integrity-based, service-first” philosophy.


Chiway Lash

Detailed steps to make a deal with 3D mink lashes wholesale suppliers 

When you’ve completed your search and scanning of 3D mink lashes wholesale sources, you’ll have a list of providers. So, how can you use the information supplied to choose the best eyelash factory and strike a contract with them? The solution is as easy as the following steps:

Get in communication with the 3D mink lashes wholesale sources

The previous step was simply your biased ideas. Following that, you must speak with, visit, and interact with those 3D mink lashes wholesale sources to see whether your assumptions and judgments about eyelash sellers are correct.

To start a conversation about eyelashes, contact the retailers by email or phone. Prepare for language problems by making every effort to keep conversations short and to the point. If you need help communicating appropriately, consider hiring an interpreter or translator. Keep a watch out for 3D mink lashes wholesale suppliers that look to be dishonest about wholesale eyelashes.

Discuss pricing, payment conditions, and delivery policies 

If you’ve chosen a 3D mink lashes wholesale provider you wish to work with, negotiate the price and terms of your agreement. Minimum order quantities, payment terms, and shipping fees are all possible. Read the terms carefully and, if required, get them reviewed by a lawyer.

Apart from that, choose a payment method and shipping arrangements that are convenient for both you and the 3D mink lashes wholesale provider. Consider using a secure payment option such as PayPal to safeguard yourself in the event of a problem.

Make a contract and place an order with the 3D mink lashes wholesale provider

Once you’ve agreed on the price, terms, and quality of the items, finalize the agreement by signing a contract with the 3D mink lashes wholesale provider. This protects both parties and ensures that the agreement’s provisions are apparent. Here are a few things to keep in mind at this point:

  • Don’t forget to create a confirmed invoice. You must make a confirmation payment if you are happy with the cost and quality of the 3D mink lashes wholesale. Check the receipt carefully for any relevant information about the order, such as the types of 3D mink lashes wholesale you ordered, the agreed-upon quantity, price, any additional costs incurred by the lashes manufacturer, and so on.
  • Pay a deposit for your 3D mink lashes wholesale. Before proceeding with the payment, double-check the invoice. According to the vendor’s constraints, the deposit for wholesale eyelashes might range from 50% to 70% of the total wholesale purchase price.

Make a contract and place an order with the 3D mink lashes wholesale provider

Get the shipment inspect the quality, and finalize the payment.

You will finish the processes for your 3D mink lashes wholesale deal at this time, so keep the following factors in mind.

  • Examine the condition of the eyelashes. Examine the quality via a live video chat with the eyelash supplier. You might ask the eyelash factory for images or videos of their items to establish their authenticity.
  • To acquire the consignment of 3D mink lashes wholesale, pay the remainder to the factory.
  • If you did not pay in full in advance, you will need to pay when you are certain you want the eyelashes and are delighted with them. The lashes factory will then ship your lashes to your address.

Overall, 3D mink lashes wholesale is becoming a beauty trend among women all over the world, so buying 3D mink lashes wholesale can become a huge source of profit for your lash business. Our above article has helped you better understand the origin of 3D mink eyelashes and some notes and tips when buying 3D mink lashes wholesale.

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