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Top reputable mink lash vendors for your businesses

Discover mink lash vendors in this article. Gain insights into the mink lashes market, tips to select reliable vendors and top reputable mink lashes vendors.

Finding the greatest mink lash vendors is also essential if you want to promote your lash brands or salons on this competitive market. This post will provide you with helpful knowledge as well as the solutions to some often-asked queries about mink eyelashes wholesale.

Overview of mink eyelash activity and mink lash vendors on the market

Currently, the customer demand for mink eyelashes is increasing day by day. Therefore, the mink eyelashes business is currently a fast-growing industry. In order for you to get a grasp of mink eyelash activity and mink lash vendors, it is crucial to have basic understanding about different types of mink lashes and mink lash vendors in the market, as well as how to locate them.

Types of mink lashes and mink lash extensions offered by mink lash vendors 

The term “mink lashes” refers to eyelash extensions made with either real mink animal fur or synthetic material called PBT. To distinguish between 2 types of eyelashes made from these 2 materials, people call them real mink lash extensions and faux mink lash extensions respectively. It is worth noting that most of the mink lashes vendors provide both types.

  • Real mink lash extensions: Real mink lash extensions offered by real mink eyelash extensions suppliers, also known as mink eyelash extensions, are individual lashes made from the fur of minks. Mink fur is known for its natural and soft texture, which closely resembles human eyelashes. These lash extensions are popular for their lightweight and natural appearance.
  • Faux mink lash extensions: Faux mink lash extensions offered by mink lash vendors, also known as synthetic mink lash extensions, are a popular alternative to real mink lash extensions. These mink lashes are made from synthetic materials designed to mimic the appearance and feel of real mink fur. While they may not be made from natural animal fur, they offer similar benefits and a luxurious look.
Top reputable mink lash vendors for your businesses-1

Types of mink lashes offered by mink lash vendors

Overall, there are various mink lashes you can get from a mink lashes vendors. Not all vendors provide all these types, as some may focus on real mink lash extensions, while others have strength in faux mink lash extensions. Therefore, you should contact the mink lash vendors directly to enquire about their products and check if their offerings match your needs.

Types of mink lash vendors you should know about

In general, there are five different types of mink lash businesses when we consider their role in the supply chain. Gaining insights into each type may be beneficial for you to select the right one that aligns with your demands:

  • Factories: Mink eyelash extensions manufacturers are the core producers of mink lash extensions, where the manufacturing process takes place. Factories handle everything from sourcing raw materials to crafting the final product. A mink eyelash manufacturer often has in-house design and production teams to ensure quality and consistency. Factories often provide additional services such as private labeling or customization as well.
  • Mink Lashes Suppliers: Mink eyelash extensions suppliers act as intermediaries between factories and other businesses in the supply chain. Real mink eyelash extensions suppliers may source real mink lashes from multiple manufacturers and offer a range of products to meet diverse customer needs. Mink eyelash extensions suppliersoften focus on building relationships with factories to ensure reliable and high-quality supply.
  • Mink Lashes Vendors: Mink lash vendors are businesses that sell mink lashes directly to consumers or retailers. They may operate online stores, physical boutiques, or both. Vendors curate their product selections, often focusing on trends, quality, and customer preferences. They play a crucial role in connecting manufacturers with end-users.
  • Mink Lashes Wholesalers: Wholesalers specialize in selling mink eyelashes extensions wholesale to retailers, vendors, or other businesses. They offer discounted prices for bulk orders, making them attractive options for businesses looking to stock up on inventory.
  • Mink Lashes Distributors: Mink lash distributor are key players in the distribution network, facilitating the movement of mink lashes from manufacturers to retailers or vendors. They often manage logistics, warehousing, and shipping, ensuring efficient delivery to end destinations. Distributors may work with multiple manufacturers to offer a diverse range of products to their clients.
Top reputable mink lash vendors for your businesses-2

Types of mink lash vendors you should know about

Each business type plays a crucial role in the mink lash extension supply chain. Depending on the type of mink lash business you’re running, as well as your business scale and other considerations, it’s important to carefully decide which business type works best for you.

Locating reliable mink lash vendors from all over the world

In this section, we will present the market share of mink eyelashes and related items by country. While there may be scattered regions selling mink lash extensions, the four countries listed below are the primary contributors to the mink lash market:

  • China: the biggest country exporting mink eyelashes, accounting for 50% of all mink lashes sold worldwide. The reason for such a huge figure is because of the generally low wages given to Chinese mink eyelash extensions manufacturers workers.
  • Vietnam: the country is seeing the fastest growing faux mink lash industry, especially the 3D mink lash extensions wholesale market, which accounts for 25 – 30% worldwide market share of mink lash extensions because of the advantage of lower prices and high-quality source of the material. They have almost every kind of eyelash, the most common being: mink individual lashes wholesale, and 3D mink lash wholesale, …
  • The United States: almost all US mink lash vendors import semi-finished products from mink eyelash extensions manufacturers in other regions and only do the final stage of production. The reason is that the US is not a country with cheap enough raw materials and labor to compete in the industry
  • South Korea: Among the global market share of mink lashes, South Korea holds 5% of it. They specialize in manufacturing and wholesale eyelash extensions.
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Locating reliable mink lash vendors from all over the world

Among these, Vietnam is well-known for its mink eyelash extensions manufacturers, as evidenced by this blog, and as more and more people get interested in lashes, the growth of the mink lashes wholesale business in Vietnam is maturing. We have a large mink eyelash manufacturer with over 50 skilled lash employees, and we are pleased to help small lash businesses for clients from all over the world.

Mink lash vendors help lower costs and increase efficiency

Purchasing mink lashes wholesale is generally less expensive than purchasing them retail. You generally purchase items in bulk at a larger volume but lower per-unit cost from manufacturers, producers, wholesalers, or other kinds. You can negotiate the best deals possible if you build a friendly relationship with the wholesaler. Below, we present some benefits of working with mink lash extensions vendor:

  • Mink lash vendors allows creating your own brand: You may encourage significant collaborations with businesses and customers in your region by selling your own items. When mink lashes wholesale are delivered, they are typically marketed under the wholesaler’s own label. But, the fact is that you can always request custom packaging for mink eyelashes from the wholesalers.
  • Working with mink lash extensions vendor makes simpler operations for your own business: Manufacturers and merchants alike benefit from the efficiency of mink lash vendors. You can get your supplies from just a few quality suppliers instead of dealing with numerous individual manufacturers, which simplifies ordering and lowers shipping costs.
  • Buy mink lash extensions from mink lashes vendors is profitable for beauty businesses: Several smaller stores may not have had access to manufacturer promotional programs since they have been reserved for bigger national chains. When you buy wholesale mink lashes from mink lash extensions vendor, you save a lot of money since you get big reductions on the product’s price. You save money on shipping, handling and more.
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Mink lash vendors help lower costs and increase efficiency

In the next section, we will learn where to identify mink lash extensions vendor you can trust and work with, as well as some suggested mink eyelash factories that offer good hair extension items at a reasonable price.

Things to consider when choosing reliable mink lash vendors

There are a few things to consider when you evaluate and select the mink lashes vendors for your mink lashes. These factors include legitimacy, pricing, product quality, and communication.

  • Business legitimacy: You should examine the online presence of mink lash vendors to ensure their reliability by checking their location, primary product offerings, type of business, business license, experience in the lash industry, organizational certifications, and customer feedback.
  • Reasonable prices: Conduct market research to understand the average prices for mink lash extensions, then compare quality versus price and seek out wholesale pricing options from mink lash vendors.
  • Quality: Choose real mink eyelash extensions suppliers that prioritize sourcing high-quality materials, employ skilled craftsmanship in creating meticulous mink lashes, conduct thorough product testing, and maintain consistency in product quality.
  • Effective communication: Partner with experienced mink lash extensions vendor who are responsive and always prepared to address any inquiries. They should maintain a professional attitude when communicating with customers.
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Things to consider when choosing reliable mink lash vendors

Overall, there are many factors to consider when choosing who you will work with. However, these are the first and most important aspects to carefully take into consideration in order to identify unreliable mink lash vendors. Remember to review their legitimacy, pricing, product quality, and services carefully before making a decision.

Procedures to make a deal with mink lash vendors

You should think about whether the mink eyelashes supplied by mink lash extensions vendor are of the finest quality, as well as which wholesale mink eyelash supplier to choose for the best financial outcomes. How can you utilize the offered information to find the best wholesale mink eyelashes supplier? The answer is as simple as the following steps:

Search for the mink lash vendors

To get as many suggestions for reputable mink lashes vendors as possible, you must make the most of the internet and your relationships.

  • Google Search, E-commerce websites, Social media: Do some research online to find potential mink lash extensions vendor. You may search for wholesale mink lashes or wholesale mink lash extensions, You can use some keywords, such as “mink lashes wholesale” or “mink eyelash extensions suppliers” to obtain some suggestions. Look for reviews and ratings from other customers to help you narrow down your list.
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Attend beauty trade shows and exhibitions where you can connect with mink lashes vendors directly. These events often bring together industry professionals and provide an opportunity to see and evaluate different vendors’ products firsthand.
  • Referrals and Recommendations: Seek recommendations from other professionals in the beauty industry, such as lash technicians, salon owners, or fellow lash distributors. They may have experience working with reliable real mink eyelash extensions suppliers and can provide valuable insights and referrals.
  • Industry Networks and Associations: Join professional networks and associations related to the beauty industry. These networks often have resources and directories that can help you connect with reputable mink lash vendors. Additionally, networking with industry professionals can lead to valuable recommendations and introductions.
  • Social Media Platforms: Utilize social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to discover mink eyelash extensions suppliers. Many vendors showcase their products and connect with potential customers through these platforms. Search relevant hashtags, join industry-related groups, and engage with posts and comments to connect with vendors.
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Search for the mink lash vendors

There are many sources, both online and offline, for you to search for potential mink lash vendors. You should utilize all necessary resources to expand your search and build your own list. After that, you can contact the vendors and negotiate with them.

Contact the mink lash vendors

The step above is simply your prejudiced viewpoints. Following that, you must speak with, visit, and interact with those mink lash vendors to establish whether your assumptions and judgments about eyelash sellers are correct.

  • Contact the merchants via email or phone and start a dialogue for mink lashes wholesale.
  • Prepare for language obstacles and make every effort to keep conversations simple and succinct. Consider employing an interpreter or translation if necessary to help you communicate properly.
  • Note to keep a look out for providers providing mink eyelashes that appear to be deceptive.
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Contact the mink lash vendors

When contacting mink lash vendors, you should follow above step-by-step guide to have clear and effective communication. This will help navigate the negotiation and build up long-term partnership between you and the vendors.

Negotiate pricing and terms of payment and shipping policy

Once you’ve identified mink lash vendors you’re interested in working with, negotiate the pricing and terms of your agreement. This may include

  • Minimum order quantities
  • Payment terms, and shipping fees
  • Other return and refund policy

Examine the terms carefully; have a lawyer look them over if needed.  Apart from that, decide on a payment method and shipping arrangements that work for both you and the supplier. Consider using a secure payment method, such as PayPal, to protect yourself in case of any issues.

Sign a contract and place an order with the mink lash vendors

Once you’ve agreed on the pricing, terms, and quality of the product, sign a contract with the supplier to formalize the agreement. This will help protect both parties and ensure that the terms of the deal are clear. These are some points to remember in this stage:

  • Do not forget to create a verified invoice. You must provide a confirmation payment if you are pleased with the mink lash vendors’ price and product. All relevant information regarding the order is included on the receipt, such as the kinds of bulk mink lashes you purchased, the agreed-upon quantity, price, additional costs incurred either by mink eyelash extensions manufacturers and so forth, examine it thoroughly.
  • Deposit money with mink lash vendors that sell eyelash extensions. Before proceeding with the payment, double-check the invoice. According to the vendor’s rules, the deposit may range from 50% to 70% of the total wholesale purchase price for mink eyelashes.
Top reputable mink lash vendors for your businesses-8

Sign a contract and place an order with the mink lash vendors

Signing contract is an important steps in the ordering process. You should review the contract, invoice carefully before proceeding to the deposit. Have a lawyer review the terms and contract if necessary. It will help avoid risks and facilitate the ordering process.

Receive the shipment and check the quality and complete the payment 

In this stage, you are going to complete the procedures for your buying mink eyelash in bulk, just keep these points below in mind.

  • Verify the condition of mink eyelashes. To inspect the mink eyelash’s quality, have a direct video conversation with the mink eyelash supplier. If these real mink eyelash extensions suppliers do have factories, you should also request images or videos of them in order to verify their legitimacy.
  • Get the mink eyelashes by paying the remainder to mink lash vendors.
  • When you didn’t make a complete payment beforehand, you’ll need to make a payment after you’re certain you want to have the eyelashes and are pleased with them. These mink eyelash extensions suppliers will then supply your mink lashes to your location.
Top reputable mink lash vendors for your businesses-9

Receive the shipment and check the quality and complete the payment

When receiving the shipment, remember to check the condition, quality of products carefully before proceeding to the remaining payment. Remember to evaluate the quality of first order carefully and consider whether the mink lash vendors are suitable for repeating orders or not.

Some reputable mink lash vendors recommended for you

If you are still unsure about which one to trust, we propose the following list of the greatest mink lash vendors with whom you may collaborate for a successful mink lashes wholesale company. 

Vinlash ( 

Specializing in mink eyelash extensions private label, Vinlash has earned a reputation as the best mink eyelash manufacturer in Vietnam. Their commitment to delivering the highest quality mink eyelash supply is reflected in their high-quality materials, strict mink lash testing, and meticulous lash crafting process.

  • What sets this best wholesale eyelash vendors Vietnam apart is not only the diversity of their offerings but also their dedication to providing top-notch product quality at factory-direct prices. The perfect uniformity, symmetry, and soft, fluffy textures of their mink lashes result from being crafted from premium PBT materials, allowing them to hold curl for an extended period.
  • Vinlash’s willingness to offer a 2-year warranty for lash curl further underscores their commitment to the durability and quality of their products, making Vinlash one of the best wholesale eyelash Vietnam sources fo for those seeking reliability and excellence in wholesale mink lashes from Vietnam.

Vendor’s Information:

  • Region: Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Company classification: Manufacturer
  • Major Products: Eyelash Extensions
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +84 898 462 990
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Vinlash has earned a reputation as the best mink eyelash manufacturer in Vietnam

In conclusion, Vinlash stands out as a premier wholesale mink eyelash manufacturer in Vietnam, renowned for its commitment to superior quality, diverse product offerings, and exceptional customer service. With a dedication to using premium materials and employing meticulous crafting processes, Vinlash ensures that their mink lashes exceed expectations in uniformity, durability, and softness.

Mink Lash Bar

Mink Lash Bar, located in New York City, USA, has established itself as one of the most reliable mink lash vendors, specializing in eyelash extension products. Since its inception in 2012, Mink Lash Bar has prioritized quality and customer satisfaction, leveraging over a decade of experience in the industry.

  • Premium Synthetic Mink Lashes: Mink Lash Bar exclusively uses Premium Synthetic Mink lashes for all of their extension services. These lashes are known for their superior attachment and longevity, as they are gentle and lightweight on the natural lashes.
  • Customization Options: Mink Lash Bar offers customization options to meet the unique needs of each customer. With a team of experts dedicated to ensuring top-notch quality, customers can expect personalized service tailored to their preferences.
  • Cost-Effective Pricing: Despite their commitment to quality, Mink Lash Bar ensures that all of their products are delivered at cost-effective rates. They strive to offer competitive pricing that aligns with the superior quality of their products, making them favorite mink lash vendors by customers across every town and city in the USA.

Vendor’s Information:

  • Region: New York, USA
  • Company Classification: Wholesalers
  • Major Products: Eyelash Extensions
Top reputable mink lash vendors for your businesses-11

Mink Lash Bar, located in New York City, USA, has established itself as one of the most reliable mink lash vendors

In essence, with a strong focus on quality, customization, and affordability, Mink Lash Bar has earned a reputation as a trusted mink lash distributor of eyelash extension products. They provide a comprehensive solution tailored to meet lash businesses’ needs.

Luxury Mink Eyelashes

Luxury Mink Eyelashes, based in Qingdao, China, is a prominent player in the lash extensions industry. Specializing in a variety of styles including 3D, fluffy, and voluminous lashes, this company prioritizes high performance to enhance revenue and ensure client satisfaction.

  • Luxury Mink Eyelashes operates as mink lash vendors with a commitment to delivering top-quality mink lashes to meet the diverse needs of customers. With a focus on innovation and style, their extensive range of lashes ensures that clients can find the perfect fit for any occasion.
  • Their dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond product quality. Luxury Mink Eyelashes offers convenient shipping options, both domestically and internationally, ensuring that clients can easily access their desired products without hassle.

Vendor’s Information:

  • Region: Qingdao, China
  • Company classification: Wholesalers
  • Major Products: Eyelash Extension
Top reputable mink lash vendors for your businesses-12

Luxury Mink Eyelashes, based in Qingdao, China, is a prominent player in the lash extensions industry

In summary, Luxury Mink Eyelashes stands out as a leading mink lash distributor in the eyelash extension industry. With a diverse range of high-quality products and a commitment to exceptional service, they continue to meet customers’ satisfaction.

Lashes By Ann

Lashes By Ann, based in Houston, USA, stands as one of the premier eyelash extensions wholesale usa. Established by Ann Pham in 2013, this company specializes in providing high-quality eyelash extension treatments. With a focus on supporting the eyelash extension business, Lashes By Ann is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and products to clients.

  • At Lashes By Ann, the team is committed to meeting client expectations with top-tier mink lashes and professionalism. Every appointment is approached with sincerity and attention to detail, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.
  • Among mink lash vendors dedicated to client convenience extends to their shipping services, whether locally or internationally, Lashes By Ann ensures efficient, prompt, and affordable shipping without compromising the quality of their products.

Vendor’s Information:

  • Region: Houston, USA
  • Company classification: Wholesalers
  • Major Products: Eyelash Extension
Top reputable mink lash vendors for your businesses-13

Lashes By Ann, based in Houston, USA, stands as one of the premier mink lash vendors in the region

In conclusion, Lashes By Ann is a trusted mink lash distributor in the eyelash extension industry, providing top-quality products and exceptional service to clients in Houston and beyond. With a focus on customer satisfaction and efficient shipping, they continue to uphold their reputation as a reliable partner for eyelash extension businesses.


Matsuken, based in Japan, is recognized as one of the top eyelash extension suppliers Japan in the industry. Specializing in high-quality eyelashes, this company is committed to showcasing the essence of the Japanese cosmetics industry. With a focus on meticulous attention to detail, Matsuken prioritizes quality throughout the manufacturing and quality control process.

  • Matsuken’s team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality in every aspect of their operation. From manufacturing to quality control, each step of the process is closely monitored to ensure consistency and excellence. While machinery plays a limited role in their process, certain mink lashes are expertly handcrafted by skilled mink lash vendors to achieve the desired level of quality.
  • In addition to their commitment to quality, Matsuken offers international shipping services that are both affordable and reliable. Clients can trust that their orders will be delivered safely and efficiently to their desired destination.

Vendor’s Information:

  • Region: Japan
  • Company classification: Manufacturer and suppliers
  • Major Products: Eyelash extension
Top reputable mink lash vendors for your businesses-14

Matsuken, based in Japan, is recognized as one of the top eyelash extension suppliers Japan in the industry

In summary, Matsuken stands out as a leading manufacturer and mink lash distributor of eyelash extensions, embodying the essence of the Japanese cosmetics industry. With a focus on quality and attention to detail, their high-quality products or reliable shipping services, Matsuken remains a trusted partner for businesses seeking top-tier mink eyelash extension solutions.


Finding reliable mink lash vendors is really useful. You can save a lot of money as you can visit and buy the mink lashes directly without any intermediary. In addition, you can check the mink lashes quality in person. Therefore, there is no possibility of fraud and scams. Above are all our practical experiences of us as a prestigious mink lashes wholesale vendor in the industry. You may not read it anywhere else. Therefore, please think about it and share it with your beloved ones in the mink lashes wholesale business! 

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