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A comprehensive guide to purchasing wholesale lash glue

Wholesale lash glue is of great importance to any spa or beauty salon. Therefore, it is crucial to find the suitable and high-quality lash glue from reliable suppliers to buy in bulk. This guide will also offer some tips on working and ordering from lash glue suppliers.

Get to know various types of wholesale lash glue supplies and their benefits to your spas

Eyelash glue is an important lash supply for any spa or studio. Hence, it is crucial that you understand the types of eyelash glue and its supplies available in the market. Besides, buying lash glue in bulk can benefit your beauty business in terms of both operational and sales performance.


Wholesale lash glue is of great importance to any spa and beauty business

For that reason, it is important that you recognize different types of lash glues as well as other supplies then choose the high-quality and compatible lash glue for your business.

Recognizing different types of wholesale lash glue and other supplies

Before finding lash glue supplies, you should be aware that there are various types of lash glue wholesale. Besides, there are some supplies you should consider for your bulk purchase, as they are needed together with the application of glue.

Types of wholesale lash glue you should be aware of

To get started, there are different types of lash glue based on their applications and effects. Each of them has its own characteristics and can be used for different purposes. Therefore, you should be able to distinguish between different lash glue types and select the right one to buy in bulk.

  • Based on their application: There are strip lash glue and individual lash glue. Both strip lashes and lash extensions do involve the use of lash glue. However, they require different types of lash glues. Strip lash glues will last until they are taken off, whether it is at the end of the night or right after the photoshoot.On the other side, individual lash glue is specially formulated to use in lash extensions only and it is supposed to last for weeks, even months. Therefore, you can not apply individual lash glue when using strip lashes as its strength is much greater than strip lash glue. You should consider the application of the glue – whether it is for strip lashes or lash extensions before buying wholesale lash glue.
  • Based on their effects: There are black lash glue versus, clear lash glue and white lash glue. Clear lash glue dries clear, which makes it suitable for clients who prefer light volume and natural looks. Whereas, black lash glue dries to a dark color and can add depth to your client’s lashes. Therefore, it makes them look more dramatic and intense. White lash glue is less commonly used than clear or black lash glue. It dries white, allowing you to see where you’ve applied the glue, and it’s ideal for use with colorful or glittery false eyelashes. You should pay attention to your client’s preferences and choose the suitable wholesale lash glue.

Different types of wholesale lash glue

Most spas and salons will have all types of glues available for clients to choose from. It will depend on who their main customers are and their preferences when they decide on the quantity of wholesale lash glue they need from suppliers. Therefore, you should understand your client’s needs and preferences to determine which type you need to buy in large quantities.

Other wholesale lash glue supplies you should consider

You might need other tools and supplies along with lash glue to perform lash extensions well. Some wholesale lash glue supplies to consider buying in bulk are glue removers and other after-care treatment supplies.

  • Lash glue remover: Lash glue remover is as important as lash glue. Lash glue remover is formulated specially to dissolve the lash glue used. There are various glue removers you should consider: Based on the formulas they use, there are soy-based, citrus-based, and solvent-based removers. As each type of lash glue has a different effect, you should buy removers that can correspond with the wholesale lash glue your spa is buying.
  • Pre-treatment supplies: Before applying lash extensions and glue, pre-treatment care is of great importance. That is why we suggest you consider adding various pre-treatment products such as primer, lash cleanser,
  • Aftercare supplies: The quality of wholesale lash glue that your spa is buying, is one crucial factor that affects the lash retention rate. Yet lash health and retention rate is also significantly influenced by aftercare treatment. Besides glue, it is crucial that you purchase wholesale lash shampoo as it is essential to keep your client’s lash clean and healthy. Additionally, you can also consider adding other lash supplies like lash growth serum, etc. to your product ranges as they can help increase clients’ satisfaction.

Other wholesale lash glue supplies you should consider

To sum up, the performance of lash extensions does not only depend on the technique of lash technicians or the quality of lash extensions and lash glue but also on the pre-treatment and after-treatment care. Hence, we suggest you look into these mentioned lash supplies as they can make your clients happier and increase their return rate.

The importance of wholesale lash glue to your business

Lash glue is a type of adhesive that is used to adhere false eyelashes to natural lashes. It is available in a variety of colors, including clear, white, and black, and can be found in both liquid and solid forms. Lash glue is an essential product for any spa or studio performing lash extension services. Therefore, buying wholesale lash glue is of great importance for your beauty business, and buying in bulk can help you operate your spa more efficiently.

Wholesale lash glue is essential when performing lash extension service

Lash glue is an essential item for spas that provide wholesale eyelashes extensions services. Eyelash extensions have grown in popularity in recent years, with many people turning to spas for these services. Lash glue is essential for keeping extensions in place and looking natural and hence, buying wholesale lash glue is essential to any beauty spa or salon. Here are a few reasons why lash glue is important to spas:

  • Quality results: Using high-quality lash glue helps ensure that the eyelash extensions stay in place and look natural, which is essential for achieving the desired results. When the extensions are properly attached, they look seamless and beautiful, and clients are more likely to be satisfied with their experience.
  • Safety: Lash glue that is designed specifically for use on the eyes is typically safer than using other types of adhesives, which can cause irritation or damage to the eyes. Buying high-quality wholesale lash glue and using them helps ensure that the application process is safe and that the client’s eyes are protected.
  • Efficiency: When using a high-quality lash glue, the application process can be more efficient and quicker, which is important for busy spas that need to serve multiple clients in a day. Using a lash glue that dries quickly and has a stronghold can help reduce the time it takes to apply the extensions, while still achieving the desired results.
  • Reputation: Using high-quality lash glue can help spas build a positive reputation for their eyelash extension services. When clients are satisfied with the results, they are more likely to recommend the spa to others and leave positive reviews online.’

Wholesale lash glue is essential when performing lash extension service

Overall, lash glue is an essential product for spas that offer eyelash extension services. Using high-quality lash glue can help spas achieve the best possible results while ensuring safety and efficiency.

Purchasing wholesale lash glue can help benefit both your operation and sales performance

As lash glue is a crucial product for spas and studios, buying it in bulk can benefit both your operation and your sales. Some of the main benefits are as below:

  • Increase your revenue: Good and compatible wholesale lash glue can make your clients happy in the long run and increase their return rate. As a result, you have more opportunities to increase your sales.
  • Increase your profit margins: Buying wholesale lash glue usually means a lower unit price, which can save you money in the long run compared to buying smaller quantities more frequently.
  • Strengthen your brands: Buying lash glue in large quantities means that you can request private-label packaging for your products. As a result, they can help leave good and lasting impressions on your clients and help you build a strong brand.
  • Operate your spa more efficiently as there are always enough glue supplies available in the stock: If you use lash glue frequently, buying in bulk ensures that you always have a supply on hand and are ready to serve any client walking into your spa.

Overall, buying wholesale lash glue can be a cost-effective and profitable option for any beauty business in the long run. If you can find compatible and high-quality lash shampoo from reliable suppliers, it can add a lot of extra value to the services your spa is providing and increase your total revenue.

Factors to consider when choosing wholesale eyelash glue for your spa

When finding and buying lash glue wholesale for your business, there are some important factors to consider. They include finding high-quality lash glue, choosing suitable and compatible types of glue, and paying attention to their packaging.

Finding high-quality wholesale lash glue for your spas

The quality of the lash glue will influence the overall impact of the lash extension service. As a result, we recommend that you investigate their ingredients and glue strengths to determine whether they are of high quality.

  • Ingredients: Almost all lash glues you can find on the market are made of three components: Cyanoacrylate (bonding agent), coloring pigment, and additives. The percentage of cyanoacrylate is probably the most important factor to consider, as it directly correlates with retention and drying time, but also with adverse reactions.
  • Strength: The glue strength is what determines how long the adhesive holds the extensions in place. While strip lash glues are designed to last only a few hours, individual lash glue is supposed to last for weeks, even months. PMMA is the cornerstone to lash extension bond strength because it reinforces and assures that the bond between the extension and the natural lash remains intact until the natural lash sheds naturally. When choosing wholesale lash glue, remember to check the ratio of PMMA to know more about its strength.

Buying wholesale lash glue can help increase your sales and operation efficiency

The quality of lash glue is important to your beauty business as it affects the safety and retention rate of lash extensions. Therefore, you should find high-quality lash glue to buy in bulk so that you can make your clients happy and increase their return rate.

Choosing suitable and compatible wholesale lash glue

As there are various types of lash glue available in the market, finding the right lash glue is not easy as it depends on the spa conditions, the skills of your lash technicians, and the preferences of your clients. Therefore, you should consider their drying time, viscosity, and your client’s preferences before buying wholesale lash glue.

Choosing wholesale lash glue with a suitable drying time

Drying time is the amount of time it takes for the glue to dry completely before lash artists continue to attach the lash extension to another lash. The fast-drying glue can be set after 1-2 seconds, while the slow-drying glue will set after 3-5 seconds. In order to choose lash glue with a suitable drying time, consider the following factors:

  • Humidity and temperature: The glue will dry faster in conditions of higher humidity and temperature. Therefore, if your spa is operating in a humid climate, buy wholesale lash glue that has a longer drying time. For example, if your spas usually need a fast-drying glue that dries after 1-2 seconds, then you should choose a slower drying glue that set after a 3-4 second. It is worth noting that whichever glue you are using, it is best that you adjust the temperature and humidity of the room to optimal standard by using an air-conditioner or a dehumidifier.
  • The speed and skills of lash technicians: The drying time of lash glue should be in accordance with the speed of lash technicians performing lash extensions. For example, if it takes 3-4 seconds for lash technicians to apply lash extension to one natural lash, using fast-drying lash glue that sets after 1-2 second would decrease the retention as the glue has already dried. Therefore, you should review the speed of your lash technicians before buying wholesale lash glue.

It is important to choose the right wholesale lash glue

Humidity and lash technicians’ speed are two critical factors you should evaluate when finding and buying lash glue in bulk. The right type of lash glue can help lash technicians perform lash extensions more efficiently and increase the satisfaction of your clients.

Packaging for wholesale lash glue is important

Packaging is important for any beauty business as it impacts the client’s first impression. Besides, it also helps differentiate your brands from the crowd. Below are some tips for you to create the most effective private-label packaging for your lash shampoo wholesale

  • Choosing suitable wholesale lash glue packaging types: Lash glue packaging can vary depending on the brand and product. However, most wholesale lash glue come in small tubes or bottles with an applicator brush or wand attached to the cap. Some lash glues may also come with a separate applicator or brush for precise application.
  • Paying attention to the label for wholesale lash glue packaging: The packaging may also include information on the ingredients, usage instructions, and safety precautions. Some lash glue packaging may have a transparent window or packaging, allowing customers to see the product inside.
  • Investing time and money on wholesale lash glue packaging designs: Creative and beautiful designs in the beauty industry can leave a lasting impression on your clients and convey your brand’s message. As a result, when designing your private-label lash shampoo packaging, you should collaborate closely with your suppliers.

Different types of wholesale lash glue packaging

As packaging is critical to any beauty business, you should invest time and money on lash glue packaging make sure they convey sufficient information and leave good impressions on your clients.

Tips on finding and qualifying reliable wholesale lash glue suppliers

Finding and working with reliable lash glue suppliers is critical to your business success. Therefore, you should acknowledge different types of lash glue suppliers, channels to find them and which criteria you can use to evaluate them.

Acknowledging different types of wholesale lash glue suppliers

There are several types of lash glue suppliers available in the supply chain. Each one of them has a different set of benefits and challenges you should be aware of.

  • Lash glue manufacturers: These are companies that produce wholesale lash glue and sell them in bulk to distributors or retailers. They have large capacity and expert industry knowledge. Therefore, working with them can earn you a lot of benefits.
  • Lash glue wholesalers: These are companies that purchase lash glue in large quantities from manufacturers and sell them to retailers at a discounted price. As they act as intermediaries, there prices can be higher than factories. Yet, large wholesale lash glue portfolio and good customer service are their main strengths.
  • Lash glue private label suppliers: These are companies that allow businesses to create their own branded lash glue by providing custom packaging and labeling services. Working with them can help boost your brands and increase your sales.

There are different types of wholesale lash glue suppliers

Depending on your needs and preferences, you may choose to work with one or more of these types of lash glue suppliers. It’s important to research and compare different options to find a supplier that meets your specific requirements in terms of quality, price, and customer service.

Channels to find reliable wholesale lash glue suppliers

There are a lot of ways and channels for you to find lash glue suppliers. You can expand your research on both online and offline channels to find suitable eyelash extensions vendors. We recommend you utilize the following ways:

  • Search online: You can use search engines like Google to find lash glue suppliers. Make sure to use specific keywords like “wholesale lash glue supplier” and include your location to get more targeted results.
  • Check industry directories: There are many industry directories that list suppliers of lash glue. Some examples include ThomasNet, Alibaba, and Global Sources.
    Attend trade shows: You can attend beauty or cosmetics trade shows to connect with lash glue suppliers. This can be a great opportunity to network and learn about new products.
  • Ask for recommendations: Reach out to other lash artists or beauty professionals to ask for recommendations on where to find a reliable wholesale lash glue supplier.
  • Check social media: Many lash glue suppliers have social media accounts where they showcase their products and connect with potential customers. You can check platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to find suppliers in your area.

There are various online channels for you to find suppliers of wholesale lash glue

These mentioned channels might bring you a lot of potential lash glue vendor names. You should put them on a list and update it on a regular basis. It would help you have alternatives if the supplier you work with does not pass qualification process.

Criteria to qualify wholesale lash glue suppliers

Working with unqualified lash glue suppliers can put you through a lot of risks, wasted time and money. Therefore, in order to find the right wholesale eyelash suppliers, you should evaluate the suppliers carefully before proceeding. To qualify lash glue suppliers, you can follow these steps:

  • Check for their reputation: Look for reviews and feedback from other customers who have used their products. You can also check their social media pages to see how active they are and how they respond to customer inquiries.
  • Quality of their products: Check the quality of the wholesale lash glue they offer. Make sure they meet your desired standards in terms of adhesive strength, drying time, and durability.
  • Certification: Ensure that the lash glue supplier has the necessary certifications and approvals to produce and distribute their products. Check if they have a proper quality control process and if their products have been tested and approved by regulatory agencies.
  • Availability of products: Check if the supplier has a consistent supply of wholesale lash glue you need. It’s important to work with a supplier who can provide you with the lash glue you need on a consistent basis.
  • Price: Compare the prices of the lash glue from different suppliers and choose one that offers a competitive price without compromising quality.
  • Customer service: Ensure that wholesale lash glue supplier offers excellent customer service. They should be responsive to your inquiries, provide accurate information, and be willing to resolve any issues that may arise.

You should have some criteria to qualify vendors of wholesale lash glue

If you could find and work with reliable lash glue suppliers, it would benefit your business a lot and help you operate more efficiently. As a result, working with these suppliers can be a lot easier.

How to negotiate and make an order with wholesale lash glue suppliers

After your research and qualification process, you should now have a list of dependable suppliers to work with. In order to make a deal with lash glue suppliers, you should follow a step-by-step guide below:

  • Negotiate terms: Once you’ve identified a potential wholesale lash glue supplier, negotiate the terms of your agreement, including pricing, payment terms, delivery times, and minimum order quantities.
  • Place orders: Place orders based on your agreed terms, ensuring that you order sufficient quantities to meet your customer demand.
  • Communicate regularly: Maintain regular communication with your wholesale lash glue supplier to ensure that they are aware of your needs and any changes in demand. You may also need to communicate any issues or concerns that may arise.
  • Track and monitor deliveries: Keep track of your orders and monitor their delivery to ensure that they arrive on time and in good condition.
  • Provide feedback: Provide feedback to your supplier on the quality of their wholesale lash glue supplies, customer service, and delivery times. This will help them improve their services and ensure that you receive the best possible experience.

Comparing quotes, terms and lead time among vendors of wholesale lash glue is important

Working and making an order with lash glue suppliers can be a long and complicated process. Hence, it is important to communicate regularly and build trust between both sides so that the process can produce the best result.

Top wholesale lash glue suppliers in the market

As working with reputable lash glue suppliers can enhance your efficiency and scale up your business, we recommend you to look into these 5 top suppliers of wholesale lash glue in the market.

  • Vinlash vietnam – a reliable factory of wholesale lash glue: Vinlash is a dependable Vietnam lash factory that offers lash glue in high quality and custom private label packaging. With large capacity and expert knowledge, we can handle all your requirements from product consultancy, customization to OEM and ODM. It is worth noting that this best wholesale eyelash vendors Vietnam have a large portfolio of lash extensions and lash supplies for you to choose from.
  • House of Lashes – a reputable brand of wholesale lash glue: House of Lashes is a professional eyelash wholesale distributor in the USA that offers a variety of eyelash glues, including a clear adhesive that dries quickly and a black adhesive that blends seamlessly with eyeliner. Their glues are known for their strong hold and waterproof formula, making them a favorite among makeup artists.
  • Eyelash Glue Manufacturer – a trustworthy manufacturer of wholesale lash glue: Established in Korea and now with its Chinese branch, Eyelash Glue Manufacturer is an experienced lash glue factory with a wide range of lash extensions and lash supplies. They are also capable of handling private-label orders, both at large capacities and small quantities.
  • London Lash – a strong professional wholesale lash glue brand: London Lash has more than 10 years of experiences in lash supplies industry. With a team of professionals, they are able to develop innovative, high-quality lash glue and other supplies. Their products have been reviewed and tested by a lot of influencers, which makes them a credible professional wholesaler for any spa or salon.
  • Muraken Co. LTD, – a well-know eyelash extension wholesaler UK: Established in 2009, Muraken has been providing their customers with high-quality and innovative lash glue. With the application of ISO 9001:2015 certified management system, they have high standards of quality control. And therefore, they are reliable source for buying lash glue in bulk.


Wholesale lash glue as well as other lash supplies is of great importance to your beauty business’ success as they affect the overall performance of lash extension services and the return rate of your clients. As a result, you should find the high-quality and compatible lash glue from trustworthy suppliers to buy in bulk.

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