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Why are my lash fans closing and tips to avoid

Discover the reasons behind “Why are my lash fans closing prematurely”. Learn expert tips to maintain open, beautiful lash extensions. Find solutions now!

If you’ve ever found yourself puzzled about “why are my lash fans closing” while you’re working your magic, you’re not alone. It’s a common challenge that can make the lash extension process a bit tricky.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the reasons behind why your lash fans might be closing unexpectedly. From environmental factors to technical tweaks, we’ll explore the various culprits behind this phenomenon. Understanding these reasons is the first step to mastering the art of keeping those fans wide open throughout your lash extension journey.

So, let’s uncover the mysteries behind those elusive closing lash fans and discover the tips and tricks to keep them fluttering beautifully!

Understanding about lash fan closing

Closed lash fans are like shy little lashes that huddle together instead of staying spread out. When lash extensions stick together after application instead of staying beautifully fanned out, that’s what we call closed lash fans.

Understanding about lash fan closing

Understanding about lash fan closing

When lash fans close, here’s what you might notice:

  • Sticking Together: Instead of staying apart and fluttery, closed-lash fans stick to each other, losing their individual charm.
  • Less Volume: When the fans close, it reduces the overall volume and beauty of the lash extensions. This decrease in volume might leave you puzzled, wondering “Why are my lash fans closing” despite your careful application techniques.
  • Not Fluffy: Closed lash fans lose their fluffy and open appearance, looking more like a clump instead of a beautiful set of lashes.

Recognizing these characteristics helps in identifying when lash fans have closed and need attention to maintain that gorgeous, wide-open look!

Lash fans close during the application

Lash fans closing during application happens sometimes. Imagine your beautifully fanned lashes suddenly huddling together. It’s like they want a group hug when they spread out!

But no worries, there are reasons behind this.

Why do my lash fans close during application?

Vinlash company can guide you about this. Here are some reasons why lash fans might close up during application:

Why do my lash fans close during application?

Why do my lash fans close during application?

  • Adhesive Application: Using too much or too little adhesive can cause premature closure. Sometimes, leftover adhesive or insufficient drying time can cause lash fans to stick together after application. This frustrating occurrence might leave you wondering “why are my lash fans closing” despite your careful application process.
  • Natural Lash Movement: Client’s natural lashes shifting or moving during application can unintentionally close the fanned extensions.
  • Improper Isolation: Failure to isolate natural lashes properly can cause them to stick together, leading to closed lash fans.
  • Room Conditions: The room’s humidity and temperature can play tricks, making lashes curl up or stick together.
  • Environmental Influences: Air circulation or even the air quality in the room can cause lash fans to close up unexpectedly.

Understanding these reasons helps us figure out how to make those lash fans behave and stay open throughout the application!

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What measures can I take to keep lash fans open during application?

Lash application thrives in the right environment. Creating the ideal conditions sets the stage for beautifully open lash fans:

  • Ensure the workspace humidity is optimal (40-60%) to prevent rapid adhesive curing that can cause fans to close.
  • Keep the temperature moderate, as extreme heat or cold can affect the adhesive’s performance and cause premature closure.
  • Good airflow in your workspace is crucial. It keeps the air fresh and prevents any buildup that might cause lash fans to close up unexpectedly.
What measures can I take to keep lash fans open during application?

What measures can I take to keep lash fans open during application?

Besides the environment, mastering the right techniques can make all the difference in ensuring those lash fans stay beautifully open.

Let’s dive into some savvy techniques to prevent lash fans from closing:

  • Use the right amount of adhesive to prevent excessive moisture that can cause premature closure.
  • Apply adhesive evenly and thinly along the lash strip for a secure but lightweight bond.
  • Instead of dipping the fan base too deeply into the adhesive, simply pick up a small amount of glue—just about “1⁄2 mm of adhesive at the very base. Controlling the adhesive quantity ensures you avoid situations where you’re left pondering “Why are my lash fans closing”.
  • Extend the time you hold the fan on the natural lash by a few seconds after attaching it. This can contribute to keeping the fan open for a better result.
  • Ensure each natural lash is properly isolated before applying the lash fan to prevent lash stickies to adjacent lashes.
  • Use precision tweezers to isolate individual lashes effectively.
  • Experiment with different lash extension materials to find ones that are more resistant to premature closure.
  • Educate clients about minimizing excessive eye movement during the application to avoid disturbing the lash fans.

Mastering these techniques and creating the perfect environment sets the stage for flawless lash application with wide-open, stunning lash fans!

Lash fans close after the application

After the lash application, it’s quite common for lash fans to unexpectedly close up. Here are some reasons why this might happen and what you can do about it.

What causes lash fans to close prematurely after application?

Lash fans closing prematurely after application can happen for several reasons:

What causes lash fans to close prematurely after application?

What causes lash fans to close prematurely after application?

  • Adhesive Quality: Low-quality or expired adhesive may not hold well, resulting in lash fans closing sooner than expected. You should choose glue from eyelash glue suppliers. The reputable eyelash glue suppliers can ensure quality of glue that you use for your client
  • Natural Lash Movement: Movements or shifts in the client’s natural lashes can unintentionally close the fanned extensions post-application.
  • Excessive Moisture: High humidity or contact with moisture too soon after application can cause the adhesive to reactivate, leading to fan closure.
  • Client Aftercare: Incorrect aftercare practices, such as excessive moisture, rubbing, or manipulation of the lashes, can lead to closed lash fans.

These factors can cause lash fans to close earlier than desired, affecting the overall appearance of the lash extensions.

What aftercare practices help prevent lash fans from closing post-application?

Maintaining lash fans post-application is essential for their longevity. Here are aftercare practices to prevent lash fans from closing:

  • Post-Application Check: After applying the lashes, meticulously inspect the set to ensure each fan remains separate and open. If any fans have closed, gently separate them using a tweezer.
  • Aftercare Instructions: Educate clients on proper aftercare practices to prevent excessive moisture, rubbing, or manipulation that could cause lash fans to close prematurely.
  • Scheduled Follow-Up: Schedule regular touch-up appointments every few weeks. This ensures any closed lash fans are addressed promptly, maintaining the desired look. Regular touch-ups help combat the issue of “why are my lash fans closing” by addressing closures before they become more extensive.
  • Environmental Awareness: Advise clients to avoid extreme conditions immediately post-application, such as excessive heat, steam, or humidity, as these can impact the adhesive and lead to lash fans closing prematurely.

By understanding these causes and taking proactive steps, you can minimize the chance of lash fans closing prematurely after the application, ensuring a lasting, beautiful lash extension result!


Understanding why your lash fans are closing can be the key to ensuring those stunning extensions stay flawless. We’ve taken a deep dive into the factors that might cause these mysterious closures, and armed you with valuable insights to combat this pesky problem.

Remember, it’s a delicate dance between humidity, adhesive application, technique, and more. By paying attention to these details, you’re well on your way to keeping those lash fans wide open and picture-perfect.

So, whether it’s mastering your isolation technique or fine-tuning your adhesive application, the little adjustments can make a huge difference. Keep experimenting, keep practicing, and soon enough, “Why are my lash fans closing?” will be a question you’ll confidently answer with a smile. If you want to know how to make volume lash fans, Vinlash can also help you

Armed with this knowledge, you’re on your way to becoming a lash extension pro. So, don’t let those sneaky closures discourage you. Embrace the challenge, practice your skills, and keep those lash fans fluttering beautifully!

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