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Tips to do and take care Kylie Jenner lash extensions

Unlock expert tips for applying and maintaining Kylie Jenner lash extensions. Elevate your look with professional care techniques for stunning results.

Kylie Jenner is a celebrity who has a major impact on the beauty market. There are a lot of products used by her that have become famous and sold out quickly in an unimaginable way. She always appears with eye-catching and gorgeous eye appearance. So, you may wonder:” Does Kylie Jenner have eye lash extensions?” And we would say yes, of course she does.

Eyelash extensions have become one of indispensable parts of her appearance whenever she appears in public. And her lash extensions are always trendy and popular in the world of beauty and cosmetics. If you want to lead your business to success, providing services with many options of lash treatments that are especially designed based on Kylie Jenner lash extensions will set your lash brands to the next level.

About Kylie Jenner lash extensions

When it comes to running a lash business and leading it to success, understanding the latest trend is really necessary. Therefore, before investing in Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions, we will help you clarify what is Kylie Jenner lash extension is and how to bring your clients the best services with the most suitable eyelash extension types.

What are Kylie Jenner lash extensions

Before diving into understanding the application process and how to maintain them on clients’ lashes, it is really necessary for you to learn about the definition of Kylie Jenner eyelash extension.

  • Many clients wonder:” What eyelash extensions does Kylie Jenner use?” However, in fact, there isn’t any specific style of Kylie Jenner lash extensions. She uses a variety of eyelash treatments and enhancements. Her eyelash extensions are signature and easily become very trendy. So, many beauty lovers form a new style of lash called Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions inspired by her lash treatments.
  • With her influence, many beauty businesses, lash brands are dedicated to design, produce, and serve clients with Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions type services. Clients can go to her social account, scroll her posts, choose the best look with their favorite eyelash extensions and ask for their lash businesses to create an attractive, eye-catching and trendy look like her.
  • Therefore, whether you’re a lash technician or lash business, you should consider providing lash extensions inspired by Kylie Jenner to attract more clients to purchase for your services. This is a very potential investment if you want to enhance brand reputation in the lash industry.
What are Kylie Jenner lash extensions

What are Kylie Jenner lash extensions

Because of Kylie Jenner’s impact, her inspired lash extensions styles will contribute a lot to your business’s success. You can diverse your lash services by offering clients design their favorite lash extensions that depend on their desired look.

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What is the best Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions type for your clients appearance

To create the most natural and attractive look for your clients’ eyes, Kylie Jenner lashes will be one of the go-to inspirations for you. You can be flexible by offering your clients to seek their favorite look inspired on her social media and choose the best lash types for them. For better options, we provide you with some factors to determine when it comes to creating the best look with Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions .

  • Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions length: The most popular eyelash extensions length is 10-12mm. This length will deliver a natural and subtle enhancement to clients’ lashes. For a more dramatic look, you can offer them 12mm lash extensions. With the length can range from 13 to 14mm, this long and voluminuous type of lash will be an ideal lash treatment for clients with round eyes.
  • Materials of Kylie Jenner lash extensions: Because Kylie Jenner is a celebrity, she may change her eyelash extensions regularly. However, the materials of her eyelash extensions will always be the best supplied from the top source of raw materials. They can be real silk, faux silk or mink. You can ask your clients, create a pros and cons table to help them make the right choice for their lash extensions.
What is the best Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions type for your clients appearance

What is the best Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions type for your clients appearance

When it comes to operating a lash business, the adaptability to the latest trend and clients’ specific needs plays a significant role in the business’s success. You should reference Kylie Jenner’s interviews, shows or post on social media as much as possible to keep up to date and assist any of clients’ requests.

Tips to create Kylie Jenner lash extensions map

Before diving into offering a Kylie Jenner lash extensions map to your clients, you need to prepare by clearly discussing with them about their favorite lash extensions. Some clients may prefer a dramatic look while others may want a natural eye appearance. Here are some Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions references:

  • Wispy Kylie Jenner lash extensions: For the bottom layer, you can start with 7mm extensions and increase each extension by 1mm. With the top layer, to achieve lash extensions like Kylie Jenner, start with 9mm extensions and increase each extension by 1mm. Moreover, if your clients want a more natural look, you can reference Kylie Jenner lash look combining extensions with different curls from straight, J-curl to C-curl.
  • Wet Kylie Jenner lash extensions map: To make a wet Kylie lash extensions map, when it comes to applying the top layer, it’d be better to use 0.07 spikes with 9mm-13mm from the inner corner to the outer one. For the bottom one, 0.05 spikes with 7mm-11mm from the inner to the outer corner will help you to create a wet lash set inspired by Kylie Jenner. CC-curl can be a good option for clients’ final eye appearance.
  • Wet wispy Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions: For this type of Kylie Jenner lash extensions map, you can use 0.0.7 spikes with 10-15mm for the first layer and 9-13mm for the second layer. Wet wispy lashes will help your clients achieve the look like wearing the classic but with more volume.
Tips to create Kylie Jenner lash extensions map

Tips to create Kylie Jenner lash extensions map

Applying these lash extensions requires a lot of high technique of lash technicians. Therefore, while implementing these steps, be as careful as possible, don’t forget to pay attention to every detail and adapt to clients’ eye shape as well as requirements.

About Kylie Jenner lash extensions maintenance

Applying Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions may be challenging, but knowing how to maintain and take care of them is really a big deal. After providing lash treatments to your clients, it is really vital to give them some tips to take care of lash extensions, especially in winter, and help them last longer to make sure your clients will experience the best services with top-notch products.

Tips for your clients to take care of Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions in winter

There are a variety of problems your clients have to deal with when wearing Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions in winter. Vinlash can guide you to to the best Kylie Jenner. Here are some must-known tips to make sure that your clients will take care of their lash extensions in a proper way.

  • Keep hydrated eyelash extensions: Similar to skin, lash extensions like Kylie Jenner lash extensions also need to keep hydrated to stay longer, especially in winter. You can offer your clients to use lash boosting serum which will nourish and condition your lashes. It is also possible to use it on their brows.
  • Avoid extreme heat: In winter, your clients will tend to blow-dry their hair more often or enjoy gathering around the campfire. However, they should know that extreme heat and lash extensions don’t mix well. Therefore, don’t forget to tell them to stay away from the heat because it can break down the adhesive and dry out their natural lashes.
  • Follow a healthy diet: A healthy diet will have a great impact on your skin, hair and even lashes. Let’s educate your clients to get all the vitamins and minerals they need in winter.
  • Visit lash businesses regularly to fill: To keep lash extensions looking great all season long, don’t forget to tell your clients to schedule their fills.
Tips for your clients to take care of Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions in winter

Tips for your clients to take care of Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions in winter

You need to bear in mind that clients’ experience will mainly come from the quality of your products and services. That’s why it’s important to make sure that they are taking care of the lash extensions properly and your products will maintain the best condition for as long as they can.

Tips for your clients to make Kylie Jenner lash extensions last longer

Running a lash business is not only about providing high-quality services with high-quality products but also knowing how to guide your clients to keep the lash extensions stay longer. These are some tips for your business to guide them and make Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions last longer.

  • Clean and brush them daily: Your lash extension base can collect oils which lead to weakening the lash adhesive. That’s why cleaning lashes is a crucial factor that helps your lash extensions last longer.
  • Say no with mascara: Although there are a few types of mascara that your clients can wear with eyelash extensions, it’d be better if you avoid using it.
  • Be gentle with them: This is one of the best ways to help Kylie Jenner lash extensions last longer. You should tell your clients avoid rubbing, tugging or plucking as much as possible.
  • Use oil-free products: In fact, thick eye cream and greasy makeup removers don’t work well with lash extensions. To help the lashes last longer, it’d be better to use water-based products.
  • Sleep on your back if possible: You need to know that friction of any sort can put stress on your natural lashes and so do the lash extensions your clients are wearing.
Tips for your clients to make Kylie Jenner lash extensions last longer

Tips for your clients to make Kylie Jenner lash extensions last longer

To make clients’ lashes last longer, before guiding them these tips, it is really important to be careful and pay attention to every detail of the lashes when applying them. Therefore, you have to continuously research and update your technique to higher clients’ satisfaction.


In a nutshell, Kylie Jenner lash extensions are becoming more trendy than ever. Whether you’re a start-up or a long-time business, providing this type of lash service will bring a lot of benefits involving profitability and the brand’s reputation. A little adjustment for specific requirements of your clients will set your brand to the next level in this competitive industry.

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