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3 facts about mega volume lashes and tips on making perfect ones

In the world of beauty and cosmetics, mega volume lashes are an unlackable part of many beauty lovers. So, dive into them and elevate your clients beauty.

With the continuous development of the lash industry, there are more and more types of lashes that are innovated and delivered to meet every specific needs of clients. One of the most popular lash extension styles in the world of beauty and cosmetics is mega volume eyelash extensions. As a result, if you want to pave the way to success and set your business to the next level, mega volume lashes are a considerable investment.  Understanding your curiosity, we provide you with this information to learn more about the mega volume set, how to make them and their application process.

Must-known information about mega volume lashes

Mega volume eyelash extensions are one of the popular lash treatments in the lash industry. Before investing in this type of lash service, learning about mega volume lash extensions and the difference between volume and mega volume lash extensions is really necessary.

What is mega volume eyelash extensions

Before diving into understanding how to make mega volume lash extensions and their application process, it is really important for you to learn about the definition of them.

  • Mega volume lashes refer to an advanced technique in eyelash extensions where an exceptionally high number of ultra-fine extensions are applied to a single natural lash. This technique takes the principles of volume lashes to an extreme level to deliver an incredibly dense and voluminous lash look.
  • The primary appeal of mega volume lashes is the dramatic and bold effect they provide. This technique is popular among those who desire an intense, full lash line for special occasions or a standout everyday look.
What is mega volume eyelash extensions

What is mega volume eyelash extensions

Mega volume eyelashes extensions may require a high technique of lash technician. However, if your business is able to deal with the challenge, this type of lash service will help you pave the way to success as well as attract more clients to purchase for your services.

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What’s the difference between volume and mega volume lashes

Volume vs mega volume eyelash extensions are quite similar, which sometimes leads to confusion between them. Therefore, we’ll help you distinguish the difference between mega volume and volume lash extensions through the three below factors.

  • Volume fans: When using volume lashes, the number of extensions per natural lashes can range from 2 to 6 extensions per fan while mega volume lash extensions with exceptionally high number of lash extensions can range up to 20 or more extensions per fan.
  • Thickness: The individual lash extensions used in volume sets are often slightly thicker than classic lash extensions but thinner than mega volume eyelashes. So, volume lashes will deliver a soft and natural eye appearance, differing from the intense and more glamorous look that volume lash extensions give.
  • Density: Mega volume lashes deliver an extremely dense and dramatic look, resulting in a more noticeable and bold effect compared to volume lashes.
What's the difference between volume and mega volume lashes

What’s the difference between volume and mega volume lashes

Besides, you may be confused about what the difference between Russian volume and mega volume lashes. You should know that mega volume lashes will give the final look similar to the Russian, but with longer lashes extensions. This information will help you distinguish three common eyelash extensions and diversify your offerings to clients.

Who should use mega volume lashes

If you want to be successful in the lash market, it is really important to determine who is suitable for mega volume eyelash extensions. Vinlash vietnam guide you to make the best, so that you can give your clients better advice when it comes to introducing your lash services.

  • Clients who are interested in having a bold look: As we mentioned before, mega volume lashes are an ideal lash treatment for those who want an intense, standout appearance.
  • Special occasion: Mega volume lashes are often chosen for special occasions such as weddings, parties, photoshoots and so on. The dramatic look that mega volume eyelash extensions deliver will create an attractive and glamorous appearance for your clients.
  • People with healthy natural lashes: Because this is an eyelash treatment in which an exceptionally high number of ultra-fine extensions are applied, they will be generally suitable for individuals with healthy natural lashes that can support the weight of multiple extensions.
Who should use mega volume lashes

Who should use mega volume lashes

Mega volume eyelash extensions play a significant role in enhancing the beauty of many clients. You can adjust the length and styles of them depending on clients’ desired look and their natural lashes condition. In this way, you can meet their needs and improve your brand reputation in this competitive market

How to make mega volume lashes and how to apply them

Mega volume eyelash extension is a common eyelash treatment for clients from all over the world. That’s why your business will go to the next level if you’re able to provide this type of lash extensions. However, the first thing you should do is deep understanding of how to create them and the application process.

Calculate the safe diameter and weight for a mega volume set

In the world of beauty and cosmetics, particular eyelash extensions, safety and comfort when wearing them is the first priority. Here are some factors you need to consider when calculating the safe diameter and weight for a mega volume eyelash extensions set.

  • Consultation with Clients: During a client consultation, discuss their preferences and consider factors like the client’s natural lash health, eye shape, and the desired look. This will help in choosing the appropriate diameter and weight for the lash extensions mega volume.
  • Material Selection: Choose lightweight and high-quality materials for the lashes. Common materials include synthetic fibers like mink, silk, or faux mink lashes. The material should be soft, flexible, and comfortable for the wearer.
  • Weight Calculation: The weight of a lash is usually measured in grams. The total weight of a mega volume lashes set will depend on the number of lashes used and their individual weights. It’s crucial to keep the overall weight within a comfortable range for natural lashes.
Calculate the safe diameter and weight for a mega volume set

Calculate the safe diameter and weight for a mega volume set

The safe diameter and weight of a mega volume lash extension set will directly affect your clients’ experience when applying your products. That’s why you must stay focused on this factor as much as possible to serve your clients the best lash services.

Choose the right length for a mega volume lash set

If you want to choose the right length for clients’ mega volume lash set, there are various factors to consider to make the choosing process go in an efficient way. Here are some suggestions:

  • Client Consultation: To create the best look of mega volume lashes, begin with a thorough consultation with the client to understand their preferences, different lash styles, and expectations. Discuss their desired lash look, whether it’s a natural enhancement or a dramatic, voluminous effect.
  • Eye Shape and Size: Consider the client’s eye shape and lash sizes. Different lash lengths can enhance or balance certain features. For example, longer lashes in the center can make eyes appear larger, while longer lashes at the outer corners can create a cat-eye effect.
  • Lifestyle and Preferences: Take into account the client’s lifestyle and daily activities. Clients with an active lifestyle may prefer shorter, more practical lengths, while those looking for a glamorous look might opt for longer lengths.
Choose the right length for a mega volume lash set

Choose the right length for a mega volume lash set

Remember that lash lengths are subjective. The real one who can affect them is your clients. Therefore, it is extremely important to communicate with them about their desired lash extensions and adjust the length to suit their requirements.

How to apply mega volume lash extensions

Creating mega volume eyelashes requires advanced skill and precision. Here is a general guide on how to do mega volume lash extensions:

  1. Determine the favorite type of mega volume lashes of clients: You should ask detailedly about their desired look, lengths and styles. Moreover, it’d be better to give them advice about the most suitable mega volume set for their eye shape and daily style.
  2. Prepare for the application: Before it comes to applying mega volume eyelashes extensions, ensure that there’s no makeup, oil or residual left on clients’ eyes. You can use water-based removers to implement this step.
  3. Isolation: In this step, you can use your tweezers to isolate a single natural lash. You need to ensure it is separated from each other.
  4. Creating volume fans: The perfect volume lash fans must have equal spacing between the individual lashes. If your clients like a light and fluffy look, you can offer them a wide fan. For a more uniformed and denser look, narrow fans is the perfect way to go.
  5. Brushing and checking: At the end of the application process, it is important to recheck again the lash extensions to see whether they stick with the adhesive. And don’t forget to brush them to deliver the best look and get rid of any spare adhesive.
  6. Wait for drying adhesive: When everything is done, wait for 3 to 5 minutes for the newly adorned lashes to dry. A super bonder to cure the adhesive bond will be a good idea to improve retention. Remember to use a lash fan to dry the lashes.
  7. Educate aftercare routine for clients: This step will decide the experience of your clients when applying your lashes. This is because if you don’t guide them on how to aftercare and keep mega volume eyelash extensions last longer, they may complain about the quality of your products. Therefore, it’d be better to tell them to keep the extensions hydrated, be gentle when washing their face and sleep on their back if possible.
How to apply mega volume lash extensions

How to apply mega volume lash extensions

Applying mega volume lash extensions is quite difficult. As a result, you should be careful as much as possible and pay attention to every detail while implementing this process, ensuring clients will have comfortable and eye-catching mega volume eyelash extensions. To bring higher clients’ satisfaction, it is necessary for you to keep up-to-date about the latest trends, continuously research and improve your skills.


In conclusion, mega volume lashes have huge potential for your lash business’ development. With the increase of clients’ demands, your business can enhance profitability and improve reputation in this competitive and crowded industry. However, to be successful with mega volume eyelash extensions, it is really necessary for you to continuously research, practice more technique or hire well-trained workers to assist with the advanced technique they require when applying mega volume sets.

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