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Top 10 best eyelash extensions suppliers France in 2024

Find top 10 eyelash extensions suppliers France offering quality lash extensions with our guide. Gain market insights and criteria to evaluate these vendors.

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Dive into the world of beautiful eyelashes with our article, “Top 10 Best Eyelash Extensions Suppliers France in 2024.” Imagine it as a guidebook to finding the perfect eyelash magic. In the land of beauty, eyelash extensions are like secret weapons to make your eyes pop.  France has some amazing suppliers, and we’re here to introduce you to the top 10. These are the folks known for making eyelashes that are not only stunning but also top-notch in quality. Whether you’re into classic styles or something more unique, our list has something for everyone. Get ready to discover the best eyelash extensions that eyelashes France has to offer!

Overview of the French Eyelash Extension Market

Let’s discover features, regulatory framework, and popular eyelash extension types from French lash suppliers. This section also points down some important information that lash salons and lash techs should notice when working with French eyelash suppliers.

The Prominent Features Of The French Eyelash Extensions Market

The eyelash extensions France market has a unique and vibrant landscape. This market landscape is shaped by the European country’s rich cultural heritage and unwavering dedication to beauty. From boutique salons to the meticulous craftsmanship of lash artists and reputable lash suppliers in France, the French eyelash extensions market exhibits distinctive features that set it apart in global beauty aesthetics.

The prominent features of the French eyelash extensions market

The prominent features of the French eyelash extensions market


  • French Tradition: The rich history of beauty and aesthetics fuels the popularity of eyelash extensions. Known for their elegance, French women’s attention to detail creates a perfect environment for the industry.
  • Boutique Salons: France hosts numerous boutique salons and lash studios specializing in personalized experiences. Skilled artists tailor lash designs to each client’s preferences, ensuring precision and luxury.
  • Quality Focus: French lash suppliers prioritize premium materials like synthetic or natural lashes for comfortable, natural-looking results. Attention to detail ensures precise application for a flawless finish.
  • Natural Enhancements: In eyelash extension France market, subtle and natural-looking extensions are preferred, enhancing the eyes’ beauty without appearing exaggerated. Skilled artists seamlessly blend lashes for a soft, beautiful look.
  • Professional Training: Some vendors offer comprehensive training programs for lash artists, maintaining industry standards. These programs enhance skills and ensure knowledgeable professionals provide top-notch service.
  • Sustainable Practices: France emphasizes sustainability and ethics in the beauty industry, with many suppliers using cruelty-free and eco-friendly materials. Ethically sourced lashes appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.
France is home to numerous boutique salons and lash studios that specialize in eyelash extensions

France is home to numerous boutique salons and lash studios that specialize in eyelash extensions

The French eyelash extensions market not only reflects a commitment to beauty but also embraces sustainability, ethics, and professional excellence. From the artistry culture ingrained in French traditions to the focus on natural-looking enhancements, this market embodies a unique blend of sophistication and conscientious practices, making it a fascinating and distinct hub within the global beauty industry.

The Strict Regulatory Framework For Lash Extension Products In France

All lash extension suppliers in France must follow the EU Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009, a compulsory regulatory framework for lash extensions and cosmetic products. This regulation framework was established by The European Union (EU), ensuring usage safety for all lash clients within France and overseas.

Some noticeable points in the EU Cosmetics Regulation applied for eyelash extensions:

  • Safety Assessment: EU regulations require a thorough assessment of lashes from the best eyelash extensions suppliers France before being distributed in France. This assessment includes evaluating potential risks associated with lash ingredients and ensuring the final eyelash extensions are safe for your clients.
  • Positive List of Ingredients: The EU maintains a list of approved ingredients for lash extensions. Any ingredient not on this list is prohibited for use in cosmetics sold within the EU.
  • Restrictions and Bans: The EU enforces stricter limitations on certain ingredients than other regions. This might include complete bans on specific ingredients deemed harmful or restrictions on their concentration levels in lash products.
  • Animal Testing: The EU has implemented a ban on animal testing for finished lash products and most lash ingredients since 2013. Alternative testing methods are required. (Source:

The strict EU regulatory framework for lash products is a quality benchmark for all French lash suppliers. In other words, lash suppliers in France always maintain high standards for their lashes and lash-related products, thus ensuring the safety, comfort, and quality of lash extensions within this EU market.

Types of Eyelash Extension Suppliers in France

Beyond market trends and insights, lash salons should have a glance at the lash supplier types within France to find a trusted partner within this thriving lash industry. There are three primary types of lash extension suppliers in France:

  • French Brands: French brands are established and maintain their businesses within French territory. They are often prioritized when looking for the best eyelash extensions suppliers France thanks to their convenience in shipping and return, and communication. Lash salons and lash techs should look for well-established French beauty brands that might have ventured into the lash extension market.
  • International Brands with French Presence: While local providers are more convenient for communication, international brands with a distributor network in France are highly recommended for their reputation in the worldwide industry and their large-scale production capacity. However, this supplier type might require a high MOQ for bulk lash orders.
  • Independent Suppliers: These independent suppliers could be independent French lash artists or entrepreneurs who have launched their own lash extension lines. They can provide lash extensions with high affordability and low MOQs. When working with this supplier type, you should clarify product quality standards.

Understanding the characteristics of these lash extension suppliers in France helps lash salon owners choose appropriate partners for their businesses and achieve their business goals at all stages of the business cycle.

Important Notice When Working With Lash Extension Suppliers In France

Below is some important information every lash business should understand when partnering with a lash supplier in France.

  • EU Cosmetics Regulation: All cosmetic products sold in France, including lash extensions and adhesives, must comply with the European Union Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009. Request the necessary documentation from your French eyelash supplier before making your final decision.
  • French Product Labeling: Labels on lash extensions, including ingredient lists, warnings, and usage instructions, must be in French. When looking for the ideal French supplier, make sure that it can provide compliant French labeling.
  • French Product Safety: French authorities may have additional national product safety requirements for eyelash extensions. Check with the relevant French authorities for any specific guidelines related to lash extensions.

By following this information when working with French lash suppliers, lash salon owners can avoid wasting money and time on unwanted issues in the partnership. Thus, you can save your resources to widen your customer base, reinforce your business’s reputation in your target market, and more.

Top 10 best eyelash extensions suppliers France

Welcome to our guide highlighting the top 10 best eyelash extensions suppliers France. These suppliers are known for providing excellent eyelash extensions and lash-related products. Let’s discover the best wholesale eyelash suppliers in France. Learn the pros and cons of each supplier to choose the ones that are perfectly aligned with your business goals and budget.


Vin Lash, situated in Vietnam, stands as a respected manufacturer of eyelash extensions with substantial experience in the field. Their objective is to assist lash brands and studios in constructing their image and attaining success. Vinlash is committed to delivering top-notch items at economical factory-direct rates, coupled with outstanding services.

Vinlash stands as a respected manufacturer of eyelash extensions with substantial experience in the field

Vinlash stands as a respected manufacturer of eyelash extensions with substantial experience in the field

  • A Wide Array Of Lash Extensions: Vinlash presents a broad array of eyelash extensions, spanning from traditional to premade fans, promade fans and easy fans, catering to lash enthusiasts globally. Their aim is to simplify the shopping process, diminishing costs and logistics for clients procuring from them, including eyelash extensions suppliers France.
  • Large-Scale Production Capacity: Vinlash is among the most reputatble eyelash extensions suppliers France, thanks to its large-scale production plant. It boasts a sizable facility in Binh Duong, Vietnam, and a proficient in-house crew, Vinlash can manufacture over 1 million units of eyelash extensions each month. This magnitude enables this supplier to offer competitive prices without compromising on quality.
  • Private-labeling Service: This supplier features a specialized team for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) services, prepared to tailor lash packaging designs and brand logos according to clients’ preferences. Share your visions with them, and they’ll transform them into reality with eye-catching and long-lasting eyelash extension packaging.
  • Difficulties In Communication: Vinlash hasn’t had a distribution branch in France, thus there might be some delays in communication and bulk order shipping to businesses in this country.
  • Moreover, Vinlash offers premium materials for eyelash extensions such as: “siberian mink lash, faux mink eyelash extensions and individual mink lash, enhancing customers’ lash products to a more luxurious level.

Vinlash Contact Information

  • Head Office: No.07, Lot 15A Trung Yen New Urban Area, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam
  • Email: [email protected]
  • WhatsApp/ Tel: +84 898 462 990
  • Website:

In conclusion, Vinlash emerges as a trustworthy ally, delivering superior products, a diverse range, competitive costs, and adaptable services to aid you in crafting your envisioned lash brand.

Carroussel Boutique

Caroussel Boutique, or Carousel Beauty/Carousel Boutique, has been a supplier and an eyelash extensions wholesaler in France since 2013. Located in the core of France lash extension, in Clermont-Ferrand. Mady, the founder, transformed her vision into reality, establishing a reputable French eyelash extension brand. Driven by an unwavering enthusiasm for eyelash extensions, Mady expanded her enterprise to encompass comprehensive training for budding lash artists.

  • Various Lash Choices: Carousel Boutique provides an extensive array of eyelash extensions and necessary lash provisions, including eyelash extension kits conveniently accessible for direct purchase on their website. Their eyelash extensions are meticulously categorized into four primary product classifications: classic eyelash extensions, Russian volume, colored lashes, and premade fans.
  • Top-Notch Product Quality: Remarkably, unlike other eyelash extensions suppliers France, Carousel Boutique touts an impressive rating of 9.8/10 for their products and services, assessed by Société des Avis Garantis, a reputable French entity specializing in customer reviews. This exceptional rating mirrors the superior quality of Carousel Boutique’s products, exceptional services, and the contentment of customers opting to acquire wholesale eyelash extensions manufacturer France from them.
  • Sustainability Mindset In Production: Illustrating a dedication to sustainability, Carousel Boutique manufactures all its eyelash extensions from PBT synthetic fibers, ensuring a cruelty-free approach by abstaining from animal testing. This positions them as a favored choice for customers seeking vegan lashes and ethical alternatives.

Carroussel Boutique Contact Information

  • Address: Carroussel Boutique, 130 av de la république, 63118 Cebazat, France
  • Email: [email protected]
  • WhatsApp/ Tel: +33 6 63 55 49 70
  • Website:
Carousel Boutique emerges as a distinguished French eyelash extension enterprise that initiated its journey in 2013

Caroussel Boutique emerges as a distinguished French eyelash extension enterprise that initiated its journey in 2013

Caroussel Boutique stands as a reliable name in the French eyelash extension sector, delivering a diverse selection of top-notch products, outstanding training prospects, and a dedication to sustainable practices.

Cils France

Cils France, founded in 2006, emerges as a groundbreaking and enduring eyelash extension enterprise established by Andrea, a seasoned makeup artist in New York. After relocating to Paris to contribute to renowned cosmetics brands like Lancôme and L’Oréal, Andrea’s expertise laid the groundwork for Cils France. The term ‘Cils’ translates from eyelash extensions wholesalers France to English as ‘eyelashes.’

  • High Rating For Their Expansive Product Catalog: Cils France offers classic lashes, volume lashes, colored lashes, and premade fans. This supplier has a remarkable rating among its rivals, of 9.8/10 for its products and services. This rating makes it one of the best eyelash extensions suppliers France.
  • Cruelty-Free Approach: This French lash supplier uses synthetic fibers for its lashes, ensuring a cruelty-free approach. Customers appreciate its dedication to sustainability and ethnicity.
  • Limited Product Range: Cils France might offer a smaller number of lash products compared to large-scaleinternational suppliers.

Cils France Contact Information

  • Address: 616 North Sweetzer Ave. LA. Ca.90048, United States
  • Email: [email protected]
  • WhatsApp/ Tel: 818.401.5334
  • Website:
Cils France is propelled by a mission to deliver optimum quality and service excellence to customers

Cils France is propelled by a mission to deliver optimum quality and service excellence to customers

Cils France stands as a pinnacle of quality in the eyelash extension industry, presenting an extensive product range, competitive pricing, and accessibility for customers on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Store Lashes

Store Lashes is a prominent eyelash extension distributor France. This wholesale supplier is committed to consistently broadening its product selection to align with the changing needs of its customer base. Positioned as the foremost wholesaler of eyelash extensions in the region, Store Lashes presents its customers with a diverse and all-encompassing assortment.

  • Expansive Product Catalog: The product spectrum at Store Lashes is expansive, covering eyelash extensions, adhesives, eyelash care items, and professional kits. Its eyelash extensions are classified into two primary types: silk eyelash extensions and synthetic eyelash extensions.
  • Creative Lash Options: Store Lashes strives to stand out among many eyelash extensions suppliers France by providing exclusive lash options, such as Russian volume, easy fans, eyelash ellipse, and colored lashes.
  • Convenient Purchase: Boasting an extensive array of lash supplies, a wide selection of eyelash glues, and a presence in Bordeaux, a lively port city in the southwest of France, customers have the convenience of in-store pickups or online purchases through their user-friendly website.
  • Sustainability In Production: Store Lashes underscores dedication to cruelty-free practices, ensuring that none of their products undergo animal testing.
  • Lack Of Certifications: On its website, I can’t find details on Store Lashes’s manufacturing process, sourcing of lash materials, and certifications for its product safety and sustainability practices. If you plan to partner with this supplier, contact it directly to ask for this information before making your first bulk purchase.

Store Lashes Contact Information

  • Address: Parc Ecchobloc – Q5, 166 bis Av. Marronniers, 33700 Merignac, France
  • Email: [email protected]
  • WhatsApp/ Tel: (+33) 05 57 21 62 94
  • Website:
Store Lashes, a prominent eyelash extension distributor France

Store Lashes, a prominent eyelash extension distributor France

Store Lashes distinguishes itself as a premier wholesaler of eyelash extensions in France, presenting a diverse range of top-quality products, a steadfast commitment to cruelty-free practices, and convenient shopping options for customers in Bordeaux and beyond.

Velvet Extension

Velvet Extension, an esteemed eyelashes vendors French eyelash extensions, specializes in delivering both eyelash extensions and comprehensive training courses designed for lash professionals seeking expertise in classic eyelash extensions, volume eyelash extensions, and lash lift services.

  • Ease In Product Browsing: Presenting a varied selection, Velvet Extension furnishes customers with classic eyelash extensions, flat lashes, easy fans, Russian volume, lash bouquets, and lash fan boxes.
  • Many Lash-Related Products: Their product lineup differs it from other eyelash extensions suppliers France and extends to encompass glues, lash liquids, lash kits, and various other essential lash provisions, all readily accessible on their website for customers to buy.
  • Clear Product Sourcing And Testing: Velvet Extension places significant emphasis on product quality, meticulously sourcing all eyelash items primarily from Korea to ensure adherence to European standards. The company assures that each product featured and sold on its website undergoes laboratory testing and receives authorization from European authorities, accompanied by compliance certificates such as MSDS, DIP, and Cosmetic SPC.

Velvet Extension Contact Information

  • Address: 0 bis chemin du Moulin, 33440 Ambares et Lagrave, France
  • Email: [email protected]
  • WhatsApp/ Tel: 05 47 30 74 36
  • Website:
Velvet Extension, an esteemed supplier of French eyelash extensions

Velvet Extension, an esteemed supplier of French eyelash extensions

Velvet Extension emerges as a reliable ally for both lash professionals and enthusiasts, presenting a diverse array of high-quality products and training opportunities, all underpinned by a steadfast commitment to European standards and compliance.

London Lash France

London Lash France is not an eyelash extension manufacturer France. Yet, it still distinguishes itself as a leading provider of professional eyelash extension products in France. It boasts a lot of high-quality products, inclusive of lashes, adhesives, primers, and removers. As a reputable entity, it extends its services to include training courses for individuals aspiring to obtain certification as eyelash extension technicians.

  • Broad Array Of Products: Compared to other eyelash extensions suppliers France, the array of products at London Lash France is broad, covering classic, volume, and pre-made fan lashes. Customers seeking wholesale eyelash extensions in France have the flexibility to select from a variety of lash lengths, thicknesses, and curls, ensuring a personalized assortment to cater to diverse preferences.
  • Convenient Lash-Related Products: Beyond eyelash extensions, London Lash France introduces an assortment of adhesives, encompassing options like cyanoacrylate and resin-based alternatives. Their adhesive collection caters to varying drying times, accommodating a spectrum of needs and preferences.
  • Possibly High MOQs: The MOQs for bulk orders from London Lash France might be relatively high, due to its global brand reach and large-scale production capacity. You should confirm this information with the supplier before signing the agreement.

London Lash France Contact Information

  • Address: 9, rue do Quatre Septembre, 75002, France
  • Email: [email protected]
  • WhatsApp/ Tel: +44 7940 149 313
  • Website:
London Lash France, in spite of not being an eyelash extension manufacturer France

London Lash France, in spite of not being an eyelash extension manufacturer France

In essence, London Lash France emerges as a foremost choice for both professionals and enthusiasts, delivering a diverse range of top-notch products and training opportunities, underpinned by certifications and a steadfast commitment to industry standards.


CharmLash, situated in Vietnam, despite not being an eyelash extension factory France, functions as a specialized factory dedicated to the manufacturing of eyelash extensions and associated products. They address the requirements of both beauty professionals and consumers through an assorted product range.

  • Various Lash Options: CharmLash’s offerings include classic eyelash extensions, volume eyelash extensions, lash adhesives, and eyelash tweezers. CharmLash is definitely among the best eyelash extensions suppliers France you should not neglect!
  • Private-Labeling Services: CharmLash extends private labeling services for its clients in France or anywhere around the world. This customization service allows your business to establish your personalized eyelash extension brand with top-notch product quality.
  • Focus On Lash Quality: Quality constitutes a central focus for CharmLash. It affirms to its customers that all itseyelash extensions are meticulously crafted from high-quality Korean PBT fibers, recognized for their vegan and cruelty-free attributes. Furthermore, a stringent inspection process is implemented to ensure the quality of all items before dispatch.
  • Possible High Shipping Fees: Since CharmLash doesn’t have an office or factory in France, the shipping costs for wholesale orders from Vietnam to France might be relatively high compared to those of French-based suppliers.

CharmLash Contact Information

  • Address: 5th Floor, Sky Tower, No 19 -21 Pho Hue Street, Hang Bai Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Email: [email protected]
  • WhatsApp/ Tel: +84 944 185 000
  • Website:
Quality constitutes a central focus for CharmLash

Quality constitutes a central focus for CharmLash

CharmLash emerges as a trustworthy collaborator for those in search of quality eyelash extensions and associated products, presenting a diverse range and the option for personalized branding.


Jemenow, a well-established eyelash extension manufacturer situated in China, specializes in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of eyelash extensions. With a wealth of experience in the industry, Jemenow has cultivated a robust reputation, collaborating with nearly 2000 customers worldwide and gaining recognition for the quality of their products and services.

  • Diverse Array Of Extensions: Jemenow’s export repertoire encompasses a diverse array of eyelash extensions, including classic eyelash extensions, ellipse flat lashes, easy fans, premade fans, and colored eyelash extensions. The factory goes above and beyond by providing eyelash extensions suppliers France and beyond with complimentary lash supplies, encompassing eyelash glues, removers, and tweezers.
  • OEM/ODM Service For Wholesale Clients: Jemenow extends OEM/ODM services, enabling wholesale clientsfor eyelash extensions in France to personalize their lashes with their own name and logo. Its excels in this service, presenting options ranging from logo design to customized business cards and tailor-made eyelash extension packaging.
  • Slow Delivery Time: Due to limitations in production facilities in France, it can take a longer time for bulk order delivery from China to France. And if an order needs to be returned to its Chinese factory for any reasons, the total order costs can be relatively much higher.

Jemenow Contact Information

  • Address: No.20, Xianshan Road, Chenyang District, Qingdao, China
  • Email: [email protected]
  • WhatsApp/ Tel: +86 13296393506
  • Website:
Jemenow, a well-established eyelash extension manufacturer situated in China

Jemenow, a well-established eyelash extension manufacturer situated in China

In summary, Jemenow emerges as a reliable ally for eyelash extension needs, providing a comprehensive array of products, OEM services, and establishing a solid reputation for quality in the global market.

Focus Lashes

Focus Lashes, a reputable eyelash extension manufacturer based in China, prides itself on extensive experience and a solid reputation within the industry. A key forte lies in its efficient supply chain, allowing it to provide customers with the highest quality products at competitive prices.

  • All-In-One Stop For Lash Businesses: The product lineup offered to fulfill the eyelash extensions wholesale needs in France by Focus Lashes is expansive and comprehensive, covering not only eyelash extensions but also lash liquids and lash tools. Their array of eyelash extensions includes volume and classic lash extensions, flat eyelash extension, easy fans, color lashes, and premade fans, making them distinguished from other eyelash extensions suppliers France.

  • Quality-Centric Mindset: Quality takes center stage for Focus Lashes, evident in its meticulous practices. From the careful sourcing of high-quality synthetic fibers and natural-looking materials to the application of Korean techniques in eyelash shaping, and culminating in stringent quality inspections, each step is approached with an unwavering commitment to excellence.
  • Lack Of Certifications: There are no certifications for product safety on Focus Lashes’s website. Thus, you need to ask the supplier for this documentation.

Focus Lashes Contact Information

  • Address: Plage Mansion, Qingdao, China
  • Email: [email protected]
  • WhatsApp/ Tel: +1 (347) 627-0017
  • Website:
Focus Lashes, a reputable eyelash extension manufacturer based in China

Focus Lashes, a reputable eyelash extension manufacturer based in China

Focus Lashes stands as a dependable and quality-focused option for those in search of eyelash extension products, showcasing a commitment to excellence through their diverse offerings and rigorous quality practices.

Hani Beauty

Hani Beauty, a well-regarded eyelash extension distributor France based in Vietnam, has garnered a reputation for excellence through its dedicated service to both retail and wholesale customers, both locally and globally. The products featured by Hani Beauty primarily originate from Korea, Japan, and Thailand.

  • Hassle-Free Product Browsing: On the Hani Beauty website, customers have the opportunity to explore and acquire a varied range of products, encompassing classic eyelash extension trays, premade fans, adhesive, removers, and tweezers. Its assortment of eyelash extensions spans various curls, colors, lengths, and thicknesses, accommodating a broad spectrum of preferences.
  • High Affordability In Wholesale Purchase: Positioned in Ho Chi Minh City, Hani Beauty capitalizes on logistical advantages, ensuring convenient and cost-effective access to high-quality wholesale eyelash extensions for customers spanning over 150 countries worldwide, including the USA, eyelash extensions suppliers France and other Asian countries.
  • Lack Of Information On Material Sourcing: There is little to no information on material sourcing, making it hard for wholesale clients to learn more about its products, especially for those who aims to sustainability and cruelty-free lash distribution.

Hani Beauty Contact Information

  • Address: No 161 Hoa Lan Street, Ward 02, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Email: [email protected]
  • WhatsApp/ Tel: +84899194998
  • Website:
Hani Beauty, a well-regarded eyelash extension distributor based in Vietnam

Hani Beauty, a well-regarded eyelash extension distributor based in Vietnam

Hani Beauty stands as a reputable distributor, presenting a diverse array of high-quality eyelash extension products, coupled with the added advantage of efficient logistics for customers globally.

Factors To Evaluate Eyelash Extensions Suppliers France

Among many suppliers in France, which is the most appropriate one for your business? Below are some factors to evaluate the suitability of a French eyelash extension supplier.

  • Lash Product Quality: Product quality is the first and also the most important criterion when evaluating the best eyelash extensions suppliers France. To evaluate lash quality, you should look for certifications like CE Marking for French suppliers. You can also browse for positive reviews regarding lash material, retention, and safety of your potential suppliers.
  • Pricing: Compare everything related to pricing, like product prices, MOQs, shipping fees, payment methods, payment terms, etc., to find a supplier that fits your budget and business needs. Don’t forget to as if your supplier has a late-payment policy.
  • Product Selection And Customization: Evaluate all dimensions regarding lash extensions, including lash types, lengths, thicknesses, and customization options. Discuss with your supplier to ensure the two parties have agreed to this information before making your first bulk purchase.
  • Supplier Reliability And Customer Service: Ensure timely deliveries, clear communication, and responsive customer service. This confirmation ensures a long-term, smooth partnership between the two parties and avoids wasting money and time on unwanted issues.
  • French Regulations: Ensure the supplier adheres to French regulations for cosmetics and eyelash extensions, including Incoterms and French VAT. Include these regulations in the contract terms.

By applying these factors in eyelash extension supplier evaluation, you can eliminate the waste resources for the wrong ones while having more chances to boost your sales volume, expand your client base, and more.

FAQs on Eyelash Extensions Suppliers France

  • What are the dominant types of eyelash extensions sold in the French wholesale market

The wholesale French market features various types of lashes, including classic, volume, and hybrid lash extensions. These lashes cater to different preferences for a natural, dramatic, or fuller look. Regarding lash materials, lashes made of synthetic fibers like silk lashes are gaining popularity beyond mink extensions.

  • What are the typical minimum order quantities (MOQs) for eyelash extensions from French wholesalers

MOQs can vary depending on the wholesaler and product line. Some might offer lower MOQs for new customers or smaller businesses. You should contact your potential wholesalers directly to inquire their MOQs.

  • Are there any French certifications or quality standards for eyelash extension products?

While there might not be specific certifications solely for eyelash extensions, some manufacturers might seek certifications relevant to product safety or quality management. Look for certifications such as ISO 9001 (a globally recognized standard for quality management systems) or CE Marking (indicates conformity with EU health, safety, and environmental requirements).

  • What are the payment terms typically offered by French eyelash extension wholesalers?

A wholesale order can be paid in 3 payment terms, including Prepayment (Pay 100% of the order before order shipping), Net-30 (Pay the order amount within 30 days of receiving the invoice), and Letter of Credit (LC) (A bank financial guarantee for large orders, ensuring payment to the seller).

Payment terms can vary depending on the wholesaler, your creditworthiness, and order size. Lash salons should inquire about specific payment terms directly from the wholesaler.


In conclusion, the eyelash extensions France market is steadily growing, with these top 10 eyelash extensions suppliers France. These suppliers offer a comprehensive range to meet the demands of their wholesale clients, from lash artists looking for premium lash materials to salon owners searching for affordable wholesale options.

As the French eyelash extension market continues to flourish, these suppliers stand out for their excellence, making them go-to partners for businesses seeking to enhance and elevate their lash game.

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