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How to applying bottom lash extensions and other tips

Discover the art of perfecting bottom eyelash extensions. Master techniques, choose the right extensions, and enhance your lash artistry skills effectively.

Bottom eyelash extensions have emerged as a game-changer in the world of lash artistry. These delicate extensions bring balance to the overall eye appearance, accentuating the natural beauty of the lower lashes. Mastering the technique of applying bottom lash extensions can set you apart and meet the increasing demand from clients seeking a complete lash transformation.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the details of bottom eye lash extensions, exploring what differentiates them from their top lash counterparts. From understanding the significance of these extensions to mastering the application technique, this guide aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this specialized area of lash artistry. Let’s get started.

Things You Need to Know About Bottom Eyelash Extensions

In this section, we’ll delve into the essentials of bottom eyelash extensions, exploring their definition, differences from top lash extensions, and considerations for suitability. Discover how these extensions enhance the eye’s allure and who benefits most from this specialized lash artistry technique.

What Are Bottom Eye Lash Extensions?

Bottom eye lash extensions refer to the meticulous application of individual eyelash extensions to the lower lash line. These extensions, made from synthetic fibers or natural materials, adhere to the natural lashes, providing length and volume to the lower lashes. These extensions hold immense significance in the realm of lash artistry, offering numerous benefits:

  • Balanced Aesthetics: Creating a harmonious, symmetrical appearance between upper and lower lashes is a key advantage. By adding length and volume to the lower lashes, these extensions provide a more balanced overall look, enhancing natural beauty.
  • Enhanced Eye Definition: Beyond balance, bottom eyelash extensions offer a subtle yet impactful definition to the lower lash line. This enhancement complements the eye’s appearance, accentuating its allure without overpowering the natural aesthetic.
  • Eye Enlargement Effect: Applying lashes extensions on lower lashes can make the eyes appear larger and more open. When combined with longer extensions towards the middle of the eye, a more dramatic, bright-eyed effect is achieved, enhancing the overall gaze.
  • Face Elongation: Long and voluminous lower lash extensions can aid in visually elongating the face, particularly beneficial for individuals with rounder facial features. This effect helps in achieving a more slender appearance, adding another dimension to the overall look.
What Are Bottom Eye Lash Extensions?

What Are Bottom Eye Lash Extensions?

These extensions cater to a nuanced approach in lash artistry, offering both aesthetic enhancement and the opportunity for personalized styles that complement diverse eye shapes and facial features.

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What Are the Differences Between Top And Bottom Lashes Extensions

While both top and bottom lash extensions aim to enhance the lashes, they differ significantly in their application and impact:

  • Placement: Top lash extensions are applied to the upper lash line, focusing on enhancing the upper lashes’ length and volume, while bottom eyelash extensions are delicately affixed to the lower lash line.
  • Effect: Top lash extensions often create a more dramatic effect, whereas bottom lash extensions contribute to a softer, more natural enhancement of the eye area.

These differences cater to diverse preferences, allowing lash artists to create customized looks that suit clients’ desired outcomes.

Perfect Fits To Get Lower Eyelash Extensions

Determining who should and shouldn’t get lash extensions on bottom lashes is crucial for achieving both aesthetic satisfaction and maintaining eye health.

  • Who might not be suitable: Upward-pointing lower lashes may not blend naturally with extensions, reducing their suitability for application. Very thin lower lashes are at risk of damage or poor retention with extensions, potentially compromising overall lash health. Age-related changes, such as drooping eyes due to aging, might not complement the aesthetic outcome of bottom eyelash extensions, resulting in less favorable results.
  • Who might be a good fit: Strong upper lashes paired with lower extensions create balance and enhance the overall look. Wide-set eyes benefit from longer upper and bottom extensions at the center, elongating the eye’s appearance for a flattering effect. Mascara lovers find lower lash extensions reduce dependency on mascara, simplifying daily makeup routines and ensuring cleaner retention for upper lashes.
Perfect Fits To Get Lower Eyelash Extensions

Perfect Fits To Get Lower Eyelash Extensions

Bottom lash extensions suit various needs, but certain conditions might make them unsuitable or especially beneficial, ensuring a tailored approach for a better aesthetic and lash health.

Best Tips On How To Apply Bottom Eyelash Extensions

Discovering the best techniques and precautions for applying lash extensions on bottom lashes is crucial for achieving a flawless and safe application. Vinlash company guide from proper prepping techniques to essential isolation methods, mastering these tips ensures a professional and stunning result while prioritizing client comfort and lash health.

  • Proper Prepping: Lift the upper lashes using micropore tape to prevent interference with the lower lashes. Layer two strips of tape to create a barrier, ensuring minimal stickiness at the ends to avoid affecting upper lash extensions.
  • Eye Pad Placement: While placing an eye pad under the lower lashes for application, ensure the positioning is underneath the lash line to support the lower lashes during the procedure. Alternatively, use tape or a soft patch for clients with prominent eye bags.
  • Under-eye Protection: Always place something beneath the client’s lower eyes, whether it’s an eye pad or tape. This precautionary step prevents accidental poking of the client’s face with sharp tweezer ends during lower lash application.
  • Eyes Must Remain Closed: Clients must keep their eyes shut during the application process. This prevents exposure to glue fumes, minimizing potential irritation or allergic reactions.
  • Lash Priming: Use a lash primer specifically designed for bottom eyelash extensions to counter the impact of facial oils, ensuring a durable extension hold. Follow the priming procedure similar to the upper lashes for consistency.
  • Application Technique: When applying lower lashes, pick them up upside down, positioning the lash tip to curl downward towards the skin. Always isolate the natural bottom lash before attaching the extension to prevent lash clumping.
  • Isolation is Key: Bottom lashes are sparser than top lashes, making it tempting to skip isolation and apply the lash directly. However, you must isolate the bottom lashes to prevent them from sticking together and creating a messy outcome.
Best Tips On How To Apply Bottom Eyelash Extensions

Best Tips On How To Apply Bottom Eyelash Extensions

Remember, these precautions and tips ensure a smooth and professional application, enhancing the client’s natural beauty while prioritizing safety and quality.

Choose the Best Lash Extensions for Bottom Eye Lash Extensions

Selecting the right lash extensions is pivotal in achieving impeccable eyelash extensions for bottom lashes. Considerations for length, lash extension thickness, and curl play a significant role in creating a seamless and natural look.

  • Length Matters: The optimal lengths, typically ranging from 5 to 7mm, ensure that the extensions enhance the eyes without overpowering the natural lashes. This careful selection maintains a subtle yet noticeable enhancement, contributing to a balanced appearance.
  • Thickness Consideration: Aiming for extensions within the 0.10 to 0.15mm range ensures a lightweight feel and impeccable integration with the natural lashes. Thinner extensions prevent any discomfort or heaviness, offering a comfortable and natural look that seamlessly blends in.
  • Curl Choices: Opting for J or B curls for bottom eyelash extensions provides a gentle lift, creating a natural and eye-opening effect. These curls offer just the right amount of enhancement without appearing excessively dramatic, contributing to a naturally captivating look that complements the eyes beautifully.

Careful consideration of length, thickness, and curl type when choosing lash extensions for bottom eyelash extensions is fundamental. It ensures not only a seamless application but also a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing outcome that complements the natural lashes flawlessly.


Here are some common questions clients might ask. Let’s see how to tackle them:

How Long Does It Take To Do Bottom Lash Extensions?

The application time for eyelash extensions for bottom lashes typically falls under 30 minutes due to the fewer lashes involved, significantly less than upper eyelash extensions.

  • Time-efficient procedure: Takes notably less time compared to upper lash extensions.
  • Convenient add-on service: Once mastered, it seamlessly integrates into existing appointments, allowing clients to request bottom eyelash extensions without extending the duration significantly.

Mastering this technique can efficiently enhance your services, allowing for quick and seamless extensions that complement the usual upper lash appointment.

How Long Do Bottom Lash Extensions Last?

Bottom lash extensions come with shorter durability than their upper lash counterparts.

  • Lifespan: Typically lasts only 1-2 weeks due to various factors, such as natural rubbing.
  • Maintenance challenges: Unlike upper lash extensions, bottom eyelash extensions tend to have a shorter life span and might not undergo refill procedures; often, new lashes are applied instead.
How Long Do Bottom Lash Extensions Last?

How Long Do Bottom Lash Extensions Last?

It’s crucial to inform clients beforehand about the relatively shorter retention of bottom lash extensions, usually lasting 1-2 weeks, owing to their positioning and possible rubbing factors.

How Do You Maintain Lower Eyelash Extensions?

To provide your clients with the best advice on maintaining their lower eyelash extensions, consider these vital care tips and guides:

  • Avoid Oil-based Products: Refrain from using oil-based facial products, including cleansers, moisturizers, makeup, and makeup removers. These products can compromise the glue’s integrity and weaken the lash structure.
  • Handle with Gentleness: When removing eye makeup, be incredibly gentle to avoid tugging on the lashes. Treat the eye area delicately, preventing unnecessary stress on the extensions.
  • Sleeping Position: Advise your clients to avoid sleeping on their stomachs to protect their bottom eyelash extensions. This position can cause friction against the pillow, potentially damaging or causing the loss of lashes. Encourage them to change sleep positions to preserve the integrity of their lash extensions.

Effective maintenance practices are key to prolonging the life and allure of your lower eyelash extensions, preserving their beauty for longer periods.


Mastering the art of bottom eyelash extensions is pivotal in delivering exquisite and balanced lash transformations. It’s a skill that not only enhances a lash artist’s repertoire but also meets the rising demand for personalized and complete eye enhancements.

Keep practicing and improving these skills to give clients amazing results and keep them coming back. Learning and perfecting techniques will open up so many possibilities in the lash art world.

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